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Chapter 682 - Peak Showdown

Both sides opposed each other sharply with neither side prepared to give an inch. The two great young experts faced each other!

The first was Immortal Palace's young great one, a youth rumored to suppress his peers in the higher realms until they couldn't raise their heads. The other was the newly risen young devil king that continuously killed exceptional talents. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor held the great halberd with one hand. The snow white halberd blade released blinding radiance. It was icy cold. Within the ancient palace that was filled with primal chaos, it was especially terrifying. 

Shi Hao stood on the golden dao platform, calm without any fluctuations in his emotions. His eyes were deep. His left hand held the pill furnace as he stared at this young supreme being that was known to be impossible to defeat. 

The atmosphere here became extremely tense and heavy. As these two faced each other, it greatly affected everyone's mental states. 

"Those that spoke to me like that are all dead." Immortal Palace's inheritor spoke. He didn't show anger, only a type of coldness. There was a formless pressure being exerted from him as well. 

He didn't get angry. His expression was stable from start to finish like a boulder. His essence energy was like a rainbow. He wasn't purely arrogant, but instead because he nurtured an unrivaled will. 

"Do you really think you are the supreme being of the younger generation? In a bit, I'm going to remove your head and hack apart that opinionated face!" Shi Hao shouted. 

Even though he knew that his enemy was powerful and that his name shook the higher realms, he didn't have any way out. He needed that golden sheet and could not miss this opportunity.

He had a feeling that the impact of that golden sheet was tremendous!


The void trembled. Immortal Palace's inheritor moved the great halberd, hacking it downwards. It was as if snow white lightning hacked down, illuminating the void. 

Shi Hao's hair flew about. His eyes incomparably clear. His body and dao harmonized, adjusting his state to the peak. With the pill furnace in hand, he faced his opponent. 


In this heaven and earth, it was as if immortal thunder blasted apart, shaking the ancient palace until it trembled. The golden dao platform released weng weng sounds.

Both individuals collided!

The others backed up, opening up a large enough space for them. 

Fairy Yue Chan's white clothes were spotless. Her skin was as white as snow, fine and sparkling. Her beautiful eyes swirled with divine multicolored light as she stared at the two people that fought. The area between her brows shone brightly.

On the other side, Zhen Gu's entire body was golden, forming a tough layer. Behind him was even more so a pair of golden wings. In his hands was a blood red battle spear that made others feel reverence. 

Exchanging attacks with Shi Hao proved that he was powerful and terrifying enough. The congealed blood that he was born with could pierce through anything!

Everyone glared at each other like tigers. It was as if flames were shooting out from their eyes, ready to take action at any moment to fight over that blue-green bone book on top of the praying mat. 

Finally, the youth that held the golden lamp was the first one that took action. How could he miss this opportunity when two great experts were fighting? It was going to fight for the cyan bone piece. 

The witch's clothes fluttered about. She looked like a fairy that walked out from the darkness. She joined hands with him to advance towards the praying mat.

"Take action!"

Fairy Yue Chan and the others lightly shouted. They unexpectedly worked together. Zhen Gu was the first to stop them. The blood spear in his hands released frigid radiance, piercing towards the golden lamp male. 


This strike unexpectedly caused blinding scarlet multicolored light to erupt. It was as if thunder struck down, shaking this entire dao palace. This was clearly a spear, yet it was as if heavenly judgment descended. A tremendous explosion sounded. 

At the same time, the powerful creatures from the secret realm itself also moved. The blue scorpion's tail stood vertically. It was sharp and blue. It linked up the void and reached forward! 


The Child of Lightning also erupted with power, throwing himself forward to stop them from obtaining the inheritance. 

Qing Xian, Taotie, Black Orchid, Child of Light, Teng Yi, and the others' bodies were surrounded by symbols. Radiance erupted. They immediately took action, and all of them fought over the bone book.

Exceptional talents and deities fought fiercely against each other. This place became chaotic, and a muddled battle broke out.

Of course, the most intense area was still where Shi Hao and Immortal Palace inheritor fought. The two were fighting a life and death battle. Even though everyone was fighting a chaotic battle, they still held back, leaving behind enough space for those two. 

Many people wished for both of them to fight until neither side won!

Between both individuals, cold light flickered. Battle intent rushed into the heavens, intertwining together. The great battle continued incessantly. 

Meanwhile, everyone else snatched this moment to seize the inheritance.


It had to be mentioned that the golden lamp youth was terrifying. When he opened his mouth and blew out, an expanse of symbols flew out from the center of the lamp. It burned even more ferociously than a flame and more dazzling than lightning. 

He joined hands with the witch. They released the most powerful symbol light to resist the golden dao platform's pressure. Their speeds were extremely fast as they closed in on the praying mat and bone book.


Sword radiance overflowed the skies. There were actually wisps of chaotic energy moving about. At the critical moment, the little fatty Cao Yusheng took action. His body had a portion of the third killing formation's symbols carved within. 

Sword energy and the golden lamp collided. Sparks flew everywhere. It was extremely terrifying. 

"Just this bit of skill? Hand over your life!" Immortal Palace's inheritor released a low roar. Even with the tremendous pressure he faced on this golden dao platform, he still leapt up. He swept the great halberd in his hands forward. 

The halberd blade that was bright as snow released radiance, cutting off a bit of Shi Hao's hair. It made his body feel great pain. This was a formless killing intent. 

Shi Hao remained extremely calm. His feet shifted outwards, avoiding this shocking strike. The void halberd brushed past his body and struck down on the golden dao platform. With a honglong sound, light erupted, and this place began to tremble.

A few people couldn't stand still. They almost fell off the tall platform. 

Shi Hao opened up his only heavenly passage to block the radiance that was almost within reach. He struck to the great halberd as he moved, sending a fist smashing towards Immortal Palace inheritor's face in a forceful and tyrannical manner. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor leaned backwards like a bamboo. Even in this chaotic battle, he possessed a terrifying flexibility, avoiding this punch.

Then, he suddenly moved his shoulders. Symbol radiance erupted. His right arm was incomparably thick. White light rushed into the heavens, smashing into Shi Hao's body. It possessed a wave of chaotic energy. 

At this moment, everyone was shocked. They couldn't help but turn around. This was definitely a terrifying precious technique. 

White Tiger arm!

One could vaguely feel a tiger roaring. An enormous white tiger appeared over there. It struggled free from the void, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws as if it was going to destroy this world. 

The White Tiger was not an ordinary vicious beast, nor was it just a white colored vicious tiger in the mountains and fields. It was one of the true spirits that were comparable to the Vermilion Bird, a creation of the world's slaughtering energy that formed a demonic body. It was the most terrifying type of existence. 

At this moment, the Immortal Palace's young inheritor's shoulders moved. His right arm was incomparably bulky. White light rushed into the heavens and shocking fluctuations rippled outwards. This was one of the White Tiger's killing methods, the White Tiger arm. 

Shi Hao's expression changed. The other party's flesh was pushed to the pinnacle. Blinding white light erupted. That arm smashed over with a power that could simply break through all things!

It was clear that Immortal Palace's inheritor was arrogant and conceited, not believing that there was anyone in this world that could contend against him. Even if it was a battle of a flesh, he wouldn't accept a draw!

Last time when the two fought a great battle, the area between his thumb and index finger was broken through. His flesh wasn't able to suppress Shi Hao. However, this time, his blood energy roiled. He revealed the White Tiger arm to use this pinnacle fleshly power to suppress Shi Hao. 

His target was almost within reach, and there was no way to avoid this attack. 

Shi Hao released a long roar. He erupted with endless lightning symbols and clashed against him head on. 

His flesh shone. In that instant, the Kun Peng power within his body frantically circulated and supported his body. This was especially true for the golden and black patterns on his shoulder that interweaved. His blood energy overflowed into the heavens. 

Under the cover of lightning, it became momentarily difficult to detect the unusualness of this symbol light. 


Following this strike, the void distorted. Like a tattered war drum, a strange rumbling sound rang through the air. Quite a few people were sent flying from the golden dao platform, making them fall off the high platform. 

It could be seen just how terrifying this strike was. Just the fluctuations of this attack were already so intense. No one could block it. 

At this moment, even the Lunar Jade Rabbit, Heavenly Scorpion, and other deities' expressions changed. Was this the path of those that took their flesh to the divine level? The limit of flesh and bone?!

Inside the battlefield, both individuals backed up. There was blood flowing from the corners of their lips. It was clear just how shocking the collision that just happened was. They collided purely with strength, leaving both sides wounded.

This was a confrontation at the peak, one that represented fleshly power at its limit!

In this world, at this ream, nothing could surpass this in physical power. 

The White Tiger killing method possessed terrifyingly great offensive power. It was difficult to defend against, yet the power between the two was equal. Both sides were wounded, and both of them suffered.

This left others shocked!

The expressions of both individuals present focused. They stared at each other, both of them revealing bewilderment and killing intent. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor moved again, this time faster than a divine arrow. He erupted with purple symbols. His foot trampled on the void as he threw himself at Shi Hao. 

The divine ability changed. It was no longer the White Tiger's precious technique, and instead another type of terrifying power. In that instant, his entire body turned purple in color, especially his feet. The void was about to collapse beneath his feet.

What kind of divine ability was this? Many people sucked in a cold breath of air. 

"Qilin foot!" An exceptional talent said softly, revealing a grave expression.

Immortal Palace was terrifying after all, their backing shocking!

Regardless of whether it was the White Tiger arm or the Qilin foot, they both weren't complete dao creeds and were only world-shaking killing methods from the two races. 

However, it was precisely because of this that Immortal Palace was terrifying. 

They collected a few true spirits' killing methods, all of them wondrous methods that shook both past and present. When they were combined like this, it was too terrifying. It would definitely make the other sects feel restraining fear. 

Otherwise, how could it be called Immortal Palace? 

They had the White Tiger arm and Qilin foot like types of unmatched races' 'loose move". When they were displayed like this, it could be considered a forbidden precious technique. 

The void rumbled, as if it was on the verge of collapse. 

Purple scales appeared on Immortal Palace's young inheritor's legs. They became incomparably large as they descended from above, trampling down onto Shi Hao's skull. 

He was wild and tyrannical!

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance. Endless scarlet multicolored radiance appeared behind his back. A pair of wings appeared that were brilliant and translucent. This was the True Phoenix killing method he learned from Yue Chan's second body. It was also just a method. 

However, this was not the True Phoenix Race's most powerful 'loose move', and was instead just a method. 

Shi Hao read and re-read the True Primordial Record. Recently, his gains from it were tremendous, allowing him to possess the rotten to miraculous profound mysteries. He used his own insights to make up this method.

His arms moved about. All types of birds and beasts appeared within the scarlet red divine wings. Terrifying aura overflooded the heavens. With a honglong sound, it smashed together with that Qilin foot. 

This time, both sides were blasted backwards, and they coughed out blood in succession. 

The two individuals were shocking!

Both sides reached the pinnacle with their flesh, yet there was still this type of result. Their gaze became deeper. They stared at each other, and killing intent pervaded the air. 

"Great yin finger!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted. His right arm reached out and pointed forward. Dense great yin energy pervaded the air, pitch black like ink. Then, it exploded into action, suppressing towards Shi Hao. 

It was a simple finger, yet it could pierce through many divine objects and destroy all things. From within the chaotic battle the crowd was fighting not too far out, an experts' magical artifact flew over, entering this battlefield. However, with a pu sound, this finger pierced through this secret treasure, causing it to explode. 

"Great yang fist!"

Shi Hao shouted. His body unfolded. This time, he used the forceful side of the Kun Peng technique. Sun god power erupted, and that entire fist turned golden.


Both sides smashed together. The great yin and great yang collided, releasing miraculous changes. Chaotic energy erupted, and a crack appeared in the void. It shook one down to their soul. 

It was clear that this was an evenly matched stage. Both sides possessed the highest 'loose moves'. When they collided, the entire world trembled in response.


Shi Hao erupted into action. He took the initiative to attack. In that instant, he formed three heads and six arms. His entire body became golden, brandishing the great yang fist. There was a great omnidirectional killing power. 


The fist and finger faced off. His entire body shone. Golden divine multicolored light surged. His entire body was like a great furnace that suppressed all directions. 


Immortal Palace inheritor's shoulder was struck. If not for the White Tiger arm shining and stopping it, his entire arm would have exploded. 

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