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Chapter 680 - Perfection

At the entrance of the secret realm, while everyone cried out in shock and fervent discussions were breaking out, Qin Changsheng was completely expressionless. He sat in the void, his pupils incomparably deep. 

However, everyone could feel a wave of coldness that was bone-chilling. It was as if a metal spear was pointed at the back, making one’s body produce a layer of goosebumps. 

The other sect masters all revealed looks of shock as well. Stellar rivers swirled about within their pupils, vast and boundless. Silent and destructive auras spread outwards, making the onlookers fearful. 

“Just what kind of ancient sect’s disciple is he from? This is a bit too unrestrained.” An old woman in golden battle clothes spoke. She was a Golden Luan. As she sat there, even her pupils became golden.

Even the authoritative figures here felt waves stirring inside of them, but they looked calm like petrified rocks. One could vaguely see chaotic energy curling about their bodies. The atmosphere was not good. 

Could it be that it was one of the secret ancient inheritances’ disciples? However, if he was their disciple, there should be some kind of information. How could they not even send their greetings to the masters here?

Those inheritances made one fearful, but the current matters left them bewildered. 

“Regardless of who he is, he has to come out eventually, right?” Zi Meng said. He was skinny and shriveled up, appearing quite indistinct in the void. He was quiet like a boulder. This was the Hou Race’s old ancestor. 

His voice was extremely calm, but it gave others a feeling of reverence. It was quite clear that once the people within the secret realm came out, everyone would be questioned. There was no place to escape to. 

He was a great vicious that had lived from the archaic era until now. If he truly took action, no matter who it was, they would be terrified!

Innate spiritual essence was blown out from his mouth and nose. His eyes were incomparably cold. He felt like this was a challenge against his prestige, one that required an explanation. 

The deities that the Qin Clan sent in were killed; this was like a loud and clear slap to the face, striking down on the faces of everyone from Immortal Mountain with pa pa sounds. 

Regardless of who it was, as long as they exited from the secret realm, they would be investigated thoroughly. This so-called young devil king wouldn’t be able to escape!

Biting cold killing intent pervaded the air. Everyone broke out into cold sweat. The entire world seemed to become colder. This was an embodiment of Immortal Heavenly Deity’s change in mood!

He felt a wave of anger inside, feeling like this was a provocation directed at him. 

The crowd was all discussing this event. News of this matter would definitely spread to every province. The young devil king -- Huang, this name will definitely sound within every great sect. 

Within the depths of the secret realm, the nine sacred mountains. 

The great battle ended, and things became peaceful again. Everyone returned to their enormous palaces to comprehend the experiences and understanding Origin Sky Supreme Being left behind. 

Everyone from the Qin Clan backed away from the sixth sacred mountain. The Great Demonic God sat down and continued his comprehension.

Shi Hao wandered about, making the creatures that stayed behind feel rather flustered. They were all on guard. Shi Hao had already comprehended the experiences and insights, so he didn’t have to continue his isolated cultivation. 

Purple energy surged on the mountain. Old medicines released their fragrance. Shi Hao walked out from the palace hall and found a clear spring that had dense spiritual essence wafting about. He began to prepare food. 

He held the divine level magical artifact -- Bone Blade, in his hands. His movements were swift and efficient as he skinned a Purple Golden True Hou and drained its blood. It was sparkling and shining, roiling with spiritual essence. 

Upon seeing this scene, quite a few people widened their eyes with shock. What was he doing?

“Heavens, it is the young talent from the Purple Golden True Hou race. It was slaughtered just like that? It looks like he is treating it like a wild beast and about to eat it!”

Everyone’s eyes became vertical. How terrifying was the Hou Race? That race’s younger generation figure actually fell to becoming food. 

Shi Hao’s movements were fast. He skinned and cleaned the flesh. It was sparkling and releasing purple multicolored light. Auspicious energy surged. This was the purist direct line of descent of the Hou Race Bloodline. 

“The meat quality really leaves one speechless.”

His movements were skilled as he butchered up the True Hou, only leaving behind four shining Hou Legs. He placed the brilliant flesh chunks into the purple bone cauldron, added a bit of spiritual spring, and then began to stew it. 

“When one eats, one should eat happily. I won’t save the other one either.” Shi Hao said to himself. 

Soon after, everyone opened their eyes again, looking like they were seeing a demon. They saw him pluck a Scarlet Feathered Crane’s feathers, bleed it, and then wash it clean in the spiritual spring. 

“Heavens, this is a deity! It actually fell to this extent!” 

Everyone became speechless. Fire Devil Palace’s experts were treated like food, also slow cooked, becoming the young devil king’s meal. 

“That is a creature that ignited its divine flame, yet it is now food for someone else!”

The group of people’s expressions became as strange as they could get. This was just too ridiculous!

“I haven’t tried a deity yet.” Shi Hao said to himself. 

The bone blade in his hands spun about, cutting off the crane’s wings and legs. The other parts were broken down and thrown into the purple bone cauldron as well. The meat was sparkling with radiance. 

“Good stuff!” He began to refine his own dao flame, slowly cooking a pot of shining meat and bones. 

How powerful was Shi Hao? In the supreme expert realm, the dao flame he activated was especially burning hot. Soon after, the water in the cauldron began to boil. The contents gushed with auspicious multicolored radiance and erupted with brilliance. 

There was even more so a type of enticing medicinal fragrance wafting out that made one drool with desire. 

The meat in the cauldron was too special. It was sparkling and tender. It wasn’t like food at all and instead more like rare treasure as it released gorgeous radiance.

“How fragrant!”

Shi Hao was incomparably infatuated. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. 

For ordinary people, if this was immortal meat, a single bite was enough to provide longevity. Meanwhile, for him, it was great flesh medicine. After all, what he was stewing was a pure-blooded True Hou and a deity!

This type of fragrance and brilliant multicolored light pervaded the air. The others here couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. 

Everyone knew that the effects of this cauldron of precious flesh medicine were shocking!

“Only by slow cooking could the meat quality become the best!” Shi Hao said to himself. 

Then, he began to clean up the four Hou legs, as well as the Scarlet Feathered Crane’s sparling wings. He supported them on the flames to roast them. 

“Wu, how fragrant!”

Shi Hao’s eyes shone brightly. The Hou leg and crane wing were roasted until they were golden and shining with oil. Rich medicinal fragrance wafted through the air. Oil dropped down into the flames, releasing chi chi sounds. 

Soon after, everyone became speechless. As a cultivator, this fella actually carried honey on him! He smeared it on the golden crane wing and Hou leg skillfully.

Was this really an exceptional talent? No matter how they looked at him, wasn’t this just a good-for-nothing foodie?!

“Grandpa, let’s eat while discussing the experiences and insights left behind by the archaic supreme being.” Shi Hao called over his grandpa. 

“Okay!” The Great Demonic God replied joyfully. He was very outspoken and straightforward. He even brought out several jars of strong alcohol. He removed the opening, and then wine fragrance assailed the nostrils, making one feel intoxicated. 

“This is too great. So much meat, so much alcohol, it really is a joyous thing!” Shi Hao laughed. 

The fragrance in this place was too rich. The bone cauldron was boiling, the meat inside already cooked soft. Multicolored light flew about chaotically. 

Shi Hao directly removed a piece to have a taste. It was incredibly satisfying. The fragrance assailed his nostrils. 

“Add a bit more seasoning, and I think the taste will be even more perfect, enough to make one’s tongue melt off.” 

Shi Hao fetched a divine vine that released golden light. The broken end had golden liquid trickling that carried a sweet fragrance. It was precisely the Sun God Vine. 

It was quite regretful that he couldn’t obtain this plant race’s precious technique. Those symbols had been self destroyed.

“Even though this race aren’t medicinal herbs, it is still rare plants that possess great spirituality. The medicinal characteristics it possesses might not be weaker than that of a holy medicine!” The Great Demonic God commentated. 

Shi Hao didn’t hold back. He tossed the golden divine vine into the cauldron, stewing it together. 

Everyone became stupefied. This was simply never heard of before. Who had ever eaten like this before? How powerful of a race was the Sun God Vine, yet it was used as seasoning, treated like medicinal herbs!

“Alright, let’s start!”

The grandfather and grandson quickly moved their mouths, eating to their heart’s content.

They each grabbed a crane wing that was shining with oil, eating until their mouths were covered in grease. Then, they drank a large bowl of wine, continuously releasing groans of satisfaction. 

Everyone became speechless. Was this still a power struggle and exploration in the secret realm? No matter how they looked at it, it became a picnic gathering. These two people were just too ridiculous. 

“Grandpa, have a try of the stew meat. After the Sun God Vine was added, the taste is just too delicious!”

Shi Hao closed his eyes, enjoying the aftertaste. Then, with a gudong sound, he drank another large mouthful of wine. All of his pores were gushing with spiritual essence. Multicolored light curled about his body.

It was because this cauldron of great flesh medicine really supplemented him with too much. The medicinal characteristics were too powerful. After all, there was a deity inside, a stalk of holy medicine, as well as a pure-blooded True Hou. 

The Great Demonic God was also like this. Every pore of his body was gushing with multicolored light. He was surrounded by symbols. 

“Eating it like this is a bit wasteful. Why don’t we add some more spiritual medicines and refine a furnace of divine precious medicines. We can use it to cultivate in the secret realm,” Shi Hao said. 

It was because the medicinal characteristics were too strong. As long as a bit more medicinal herbs were added, it would definitely become a pot of rare precious medicine. 

“Good, that’s how it ought to be.” Grandpa Fifteen nodded. 

Soon after, Shi Hao tossed spiritual medicines into the cauldron one after another. Things like golden ginseng, scarlet jade lotus, and purple golden mushroom were all thrown into the cauldron and refined together. 

The medicinal fragrance was sparkling, and multicolored light rushed into the heavens. The scene was extremely shocking. 

The grandfather and grandson pair drank the strong alcohol while eating the deity flesh. They also enjoyed he medicinal soup. This place was immediately covered by holy radiance, as well as accompanied by fragrance and symbols. It was incomparably terrifying. 

Meanwhile, they were also studying the experiences and insights left behind by the archaic supreme being. 

Everyone blinked their eyes. Are they really not scared of the consequences by doing this? There were just too many divine substances!

Of course, even more people felt jealous. This was just too much of a waste and unreasonable! What normal person dared to do this?

At the foot of the holy mountain arrived a palm sized rabbit. It was entirely snow white and sparkling. Its eyes were red like gemstones. Its nose moved around, smelling the medicinal france and climbing the mountain.

When it saw the precious medicines in the cauldron, as well as that stalk of Sun God Vine, its fiery eyes immediately widened. 

“So many good things. How could you cook holy medicines? It has to be eaten raw!” It was furious, staring with its eyes widened. 

Then, it looked at the meat in the cauldron. It immediately jumped, and then continuously backed up. It patted its own little stomach and said, “Too terrifying… meat eating monsters!”

“Little rabbit, you came too? Do you want to have a taste of the Sun God Vine?” Shi Hao naturally noticed it. He began to tempt it. 

The Lunar Jade Rabbit was fuming with anger. It really wanted to eat that golden divine vine, because something like that was very useful for it. However, it had already been refined with meat, leaving it feeling conflicted.

“Come, have a taste.”

“Why would I want something like that!”

“This is good stuff. You are a Lunar Jade Rabbit and should replenish some solar essence. It will be greatly beneficial for you.” Shi Hao said with a laugh.

The little rabbit was at a loss.

“Have a taste, I guarantee that you will advance greatly in your dao.” Shi Hao guided her patiently and systematically. 

“I am vegetarian!”


An hour later, the snow white little rabbit stared with its large eyes, finally unable to hold back anymore. It had a taste, and then it immediately became stupefied.

“How is it?” Shi Hao asked.

“The taste is so strange.” The snow white jade rabbit muttered. 

“That’s what it tastes like. Try some more.” Shi Hao chuckled. He gave it some rolled up golden vine liquid. 

“The taste is not bad, only… a bit strange.” After speaking up to this point, the little rabbit’s eyes widened. It saw that there was a trace of blood in the golden leaf, and it already… ate most of it!”

“Ah, I am going to kill you!” The little rabbit screamed out. Its eyes were completely red. 

“Give me a break! It was you who willingly ate it. Didn’t it taste good just now?” Shi Hao laughed loudly. 

“Heavens, I ate meat! Heavens, I ate meat…” The little rabbit’s eyes were completely red. It cried out while jumping everywhere, continuously repeating those words. 


However, what made others speechless was that two hours later, a completely drunk rabbit was belching from intoxication while hugging a wine jar, fighting over the meat with Shi Hao and his grandfather. 

“Aiya, meat really tastes good. So fragrant!” The rabbit was eating meat!

“It’s done for, such a pure little rabbit… fell to depravity just like that.” There was someone who held the sides of his head as he spoke. 

“Just let it go. Do you know who it is? Lunar Jade Rabbit, a ridiculously powerful individual. You should stop randomly sympathizing with it.”

Even Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God were speechless. They originally wanted to tease the rabbit a bit, but in the end, this fella actually got drunk and fought with them for the meat.

Fortunately, the True Hou and deity were enough for all of them to eat after being cooked together. 

This was quite the interesting scene. The little rabbit was a crazy drunk, jumping about crazily, almost falling into the cauldron and being cooked together with everything else.

In the end, Shi Hao didn’t pay it any attention. After he ate enough of the precious medicine, he closed his eyes and began to reconstruct his Formation Arrangement Realm. His entire body shone.

Meanwhile, the Great Demonic God was also like this, refining the medicinal strength to cultivate again. 

They didn’t fear an enemy attack, because they could awaken at any time. 

Back then, for the sake of defeating seven deities, he ate a little rebirth pill, breaking through from the Formation Arrangement Realm into the Supreme Expert Realm. He always wanted to reconstruct it, making this realm more stable.

After his revival, he always polished and researched, and had long comprehended all of the profound mysteries of this realm. 

He was now reconstructing it. When conditions were right, success followed naturally. It went surprisingly smoothly!

In the Engravement Realm, he engraved the True Primordial Record’s bone texts into his flesh. When it came to the Formation Arrangement Realm, he carved the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagrams into his body one after another, using it to match this realm. 

Meanwhile,  there were his own insights and other things engraved here too!

There was no way he would leave out the Kun Peng technique and reincarnation symbols. He displayed them one after another, merging them with his flesh and bones one after another. Ths was extremely shocking. 

The little fatty Cao Yusheng had the higher realms’ third killing formation, carving this in his flesh. Its power was boundless. 

Shi Hao felt that by carving the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagrams, together with the True Primordial Record from before, from a long-term perspective, it shouldn’t be any inferior, perhaps even able to turn the rotten to miraculous. 

Of course, after entering the Supreme Expert Realm and Divine Flame Realm, he still had to continuously carve formations in his body. When the time came, if he could obtain a killing formation that emerged with the opening of the heavens, it wouldn’t be too late to engrave it then.


Finally, all of Shi Hao’s efforts resulted in success. 

All of the great cultivation realms he had cultivated before were completely reconstructed. They were fully perfected. As for the supreme expert realm, because he had just entered it, he could advance step by step. 

Within pi pa sounds, his body shone brilliantly. His entire being was bright and faultless, becoming more otherworldly and immortal-like. However, every time he opened and closed his eyes, there would be divine light that erupted, and a powerful aura would seep out. 

He was like a true immortal, but also like a demonic god. This was a powerful and mysterious aura, one that was even strengthening, making him appear more and more profound. 

Grandpa Fifteen had long awoken. He opened his eyes.

The two both laughed. The little rabbit was intoxicated, sprawled on its back as it laid on the ground. Pressing down on its body was a wine jar. Its current position really didn’t help its image much, drunk to a rather unsightly level. 

“This rabbit is enough to refine a bowl of soup.” Shi Hao laughed and said. 

When it heard this sentence, the little rabbit became strangely vigilant. With a gu lu sound, it sat up, its red eyes staring at them. 

Then, the Great Demonic God sorted out the insights Origin Sky Supreme Being left behind. 

Time passed quickly. Two days later, the nine sacred mountains shone, and a great sound sounded. Many people disappeared from this place. 

“Five days of time was provided in total, allowing everyone to comprehend it. The suitable people were transported to the highest palace!” Someone exclaimed in shock.

Most people were left behind in their original spots. Comparatively speaking, only a few people passed the test and entered the highest palace!

From the sixth sacred mountain, Shi Hao, Grandpa Fifteen, and the little rabbit succeeded. They were transported into an ancient palace that had chaotic energy curling about. 

As soon as they entered, Shi Hao was shaken. The golden paper in his chest shone, and lightning appeared, shaking him until his body went numb!

“As expected, the mystery’s lower segment is here! This is definitely an unsurpassed forbidden method!” He could already make this speculation. 

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