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Chapter 681 - Highest Palace

"The lightning secret's writing is in the depths of this place!" Shi Hao remained completely calm and collected, restraining the emotions stirring within himself. 

The ancient palace was extremely vast. Chaotic energy pervaded the air. It was as if he arrived at the end of this world. 

He could feel an aura of times past, as if the flow of time went backwards. He saw the changes of the ancients, the prosperity and decline of ten thousand races, and then ultimately back to the calm of nothingness. 

After walking for not that long, a silver metal ancient monument appeared in the void. It had chaotic energy curling about it and shone brilliantly. There were two words on it: Mound of Soldiers!

The so called Mount of Soldiers was an ancient grave, one with crystals as the tomb earth. A magical artifact was buried within, and a set of armor rested within. It was a faint cyan color, dull and lightless. It was covered in cracks. 

"What kind of precious clothes are these?" Shi Hao was shocked. He couldn't feel much power from it, but based on his intuition, he knew that it was definitely not ordinary. 

"This is heaven fault stone that was refined into magical clothes. This type of divine material is an extremely precious treasure!" The Great Demonic God's eyes were full of greed. He recognized the materials of these battle clothes.

"Heaven fault stone, known to be able to repair the heavens and refine the clear sky, that unmatched immortal material?" The little rabbit's eyes widened, shining like cornelians. 

Shi Hao was a bit apprehensive. This type of material was too rare. Even though it was called a rock, it was more like a cyan metal. It was one of the best divine materials for refining precious artifacts.

Unfortunately, it was too rare. Since the ancient times, not many pieces had been found. It was known to be able to mend the sky, a rare and precious divine object. 

There was unexpectedly a set of magical clothes that were refined by it. Origin Sky Supreme Being was formidable after all. 

"Can it be brought away?" The little rabbit's large eyes spun about. It was leaping and frisking about as it surrounded this crystal tomb. 

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God were moved as well. They gave each other a look, and then they were about to make a move. 

The little rabbit was quite clever. With a sou sound, it spat out a streak of white light to seize it first. 


Suddenly, a scorpion tail drew out a streak of azure light. It hacked over with extreme speed. The heavenly scorpion that had slaughtered exceptional talents before appeared. It hacked towards the Lunar Jade Rabbit. 

Shi Hao took action, charging into the crystal tomb. 


A great halberd filled the sky, flickering with cold radiance. Immortal Palace's inheritor was imposing and domineering. The halberd in his hands hacked down, cutting Shi Hao off.


Shi Hao activated the pill furnace. The two collided, producing an ear splitting sound that shook one down to their souls. 

In that instant, others also appeared. They all rushed towards the Mound of Soldiers. 

Immortal Palace inheritor wore immortal feather battle clothes. It flickered with radiance, producing a sprouting feathers and ascending to immortality type of effect. He was surrounded by a rain of light. He held the void halberd in his hand, exuding an intimidating pressure. 

At his side was fairy Yue Chan. Her white clothes fluttered about, and her style was exceptional and unmatched. The two people came together. 

Zhen Gu, Qing Xian, Child of Lightning, Teng Yi and the others all appeared as well. Apart from this, there was the Purple Heaven Centipede, Golden Elephant, Jade Mantis and others. They were all deities!

Everyone had only just entered, yet another great battle was about to break out.


A golden lamp floated in the air, scattering down endless flames. A youth carried out an indiscriminate attack that covered everyone, all for the sake of obtaining the heaven fault battle clothes. 

Everyone retaliated. They all erupted with precious techniques, and in that instant, lightning erupted and multicolored light shot out in tens of thousands of streaks. 

In addition, there was still a few even smaller characters that described a few hidden details of the past. 

Origin Sky Supreme Being's so-called rebirth had to be carried out because there was a battle in the uninhabited region where he encountered a mysterious creature. He was only able to narrowly escape, and he had no choice then but to carry out a rebirth. 

Unfortunately, he still wasn't able to recover, and ultimately died in a seated posture. 

Everyone was shocked. In the past, Origin Sky Supreme Being's power had shaken up the higher realms and dominated three thousand provinces. There was actually this type of secret to his failed rebirth. 

Everyone became quiet. This was an archaic supreme being that shocked past and present, a figure that was like a glorious heavenly sun that could illuminate both past and present. He was a world-shaking figure, yet he unexpectedly fell to this state. 


Suddenly, multicolored lights flew out in tens of thousands of streaks, and multicolored radiance flew out in the thousands. This burial ground enlarged, and then sets of armor appeared one after another. There weren't a lot, nor were there too few. There were exactly nine sets.

The silver metal monument had writing on it. Origin Sky Supreme Being's battle clothes were already damaged, so they were buried here with him, not passed down to descendents. He left the other armors he collected over his middle-aged years here for those fated to have them in the future. 

Everyone's eyes immediately became red. These were all treasures. They all took action, fighting over the precious clothes. 

However, these armors were all releasing divine might that shone incomparably brilliantly. They possessed a spirituality, and when grouped up together, it made it difficult for others to approach them. They were like blazing suns.


Everyone took action. The precious artifacts in their hands attacked outwards, but these armors were too powerful. They were all heavenly deity ranked armors. 

These were all armors Origin Sky Supreme Being collected during his middle-aged years. This meant that he was a heavenly deity at that time!

Everyone became speechless. They were unexpectedly unable to make a single set of armor yield. Any one of them possessed strength a level higher than what they currently possessed. 

"There are divine materials too!" Someone cried out with shock, abandoning the magical clothes and rushing down to seize the divine materials. 

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God were speechless. Origin Sky Supreme Being's test was too ridiculous. These heavenly deity battle clothes clearly didn't wish to leave, so one could only forcefully subdue them. However, who here could do such a thing?

They also went to look for divine materials. Shi Hao discovered a broken armor that was covered in rust stains and in tatters. If it floated in the void, it would be the tenth armor. 

He tried to pick it up, and as a result, a bunch of rust came off. 

Originally, there were still others glaring like a tiger watching prey, wishing to come over and fight over it. However, when they saw that it was like this, they immediately stopped.

"Such a tattered armor was left here too?" Shi Hao truly didn't know what to say. He lightly moved it, and then rust fell from the golden armor with hua hua sounds. It was too unreasonable. 

The little rabbit squatted on the ground, laughing until its body swayed back and forth. Its ruby like large eyes were like great crescent moons, laughing until its small feet were twitching.

"Hand it over!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted softly. He moved the great halberd and hacked it towards Shi Hao. He continuously stared at this armor, not wishing to miss out on anything. 

"Get lost!" 

Shi Hao immediately got mad. Being ridiculed by a rabbit was one thing, yet he was even being forced by an enemy. He directly activated the pill furnace, sending out lightning and attacking indiscriminately. This place became chaotic. 

Originally, he wanted to just throw these battle clothes away, but now, he directly collected it just so Immortal Palace's inheritor wouldn't be able to have it. 


The two clashed. The entire Mound of Soldiers began to sway about. 

Suddenly, great dao divine sounds rang through the air. Someone was chanting scriptures up ahead in the chaotic mist, clearing it up.

Everyone stopped their battles. They all rushed forward into the depths. This was a golden dao platform that was large and imposing. It shone brilliantly and had chaotic energy curling about it. 

This was simply like a mountain. It was just too large and tall. 

In the surroundings of the dao platform were several hundred praying mats. Many people could sit here and listen to the dao. 

Everyone rushed over, revealing looks of puzzlement. No matter how they listened, they couldn't capture the true meaning. They could only sense that this was a supreme being ancient scripture. 


The little rabbit did anything it wanted. It jumped onto a praying mat. At first, it looked like it was still rather comfortable, but immediately after, it became serious. It unexpectedly seemed like it was comprehending the dao here.

Everyone revealed looks of shock. None of them were ordinary people. They immediately understood what was happening and sat down on the praying mats one after another. 


Everyone cried out in alarm. They heard ancient scriptures that were extremely difficult to understand. This was definitely a difficult study. 

Soon after, everyone understood. They listened respectfully to Origin Sky Supreme Being's great dao. In order to go any further, they needed to comprehend the initial writing. Those that succeeded could ascend the golden dao platform and obtain the complete inheritance. 

In addition, even if they couldn't get to the very top, every segment they climbed would bring them some benefit, obtaining the corresponding rewards. 

All of the exceptional talents and deities became serious. They earnestly comprehended the writing, and soon after, there were people who stood up one after another. They looked at each other, discovering that the first writings couldn't stop exceptional talents. There wasn't that great of a difference between them. 


There were immediately people who ascended the golden mountain. A tremendous wave of pressure appeared, crushing down on everyone until they felt suffocated. 

Everyone began to move. Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God both made steady progress, resisting the pressure while comprehending the dao and listening to the scriptures. 

This direction was full of dangers. Apart from the tremendous pressure, there were battles that broke out between each other as well. The exceptional talents and powerful creatures of this secret realm all took action.


Firegold Race's Teng Yi's hands merged together. A resplendent precious vase appeared above his head. It released undying divine might. Meanwhile, the Child of Lightning clashed with him. Resplendent light erupted between the two individuals. 


Immortal Palace's young inheritor clashed with the youth who held the golden lamp. The two were formidable opponents, and both of them shouted as they engaged in an intense battle. 


In just an instant, blood erupted from Immortal Palace inheritor's shoulders. Not even the immortal feather battle armor had a chance of being used, so it could be seen just how fast the other youth was. He blew at the wick flame, breaking through the other party's protective symbols!

Wind surged behind Shi Hao. An azure tail hacked over, making him shiver coldly inside. Without uttering a single word, he raised the pill furnace and faced it, capturing it inside the pill furnace. 

The furnace entrance enlarged. As soon as the tail reached in, lightning erupted. However, this heavenly scorpion was too formidable, an extremely powerful deity. It quickly backed up and gave up on him.

The golden dao platform was extremely large, but with so many people trying to climb it, conflict was still unavoidable. Soon after, the Golden Luan and Shi Hao clashed. No one was willing to retreat, and so a great battle erupted. 


Shi Hao wouldn't hold anything back. He attacked at full force, using the Kun Peng power within the lightning to exchange attacks with it. 


In the end, the Golden Luan released a long and miserable cry. After exchanging over a hundred blows, it had its head removed by the bone blade in Shi Hao's hands. Its entire body fell from the dao platform. 

The only fortunate thing was that it still had its life symbol. The light wrapped around it and brought it away from this place. 

This place was extremely chaotic. Everyone comprehended the dao while climbing up and dealing with competitors. 


The Golden Elephant was covered in blood, unknown as to who it fought against. It was heavily injured. Its blood energy was in steep decline as it fell towards Shi Hao's side. It flipped out, and with bloodshot eyes, it attacked the grandfather and grandson pair. 

Another chaotic battle erupted. With a pu sound, Shi Hao's bone blade pierced between its brows. With a peng sound, the divine level magical blade fractured, but the Golden Elephant also released an angry roar. It fell down with its head raise to the sky. A rain of blood showered down as its life faded into nothing. 

It was an extremely bitter and desperate situation. The golden dao platform was full of blade radiance and sword shadows. There was no way to fly, and one could only face the tremendous pressure as they ascended. In the blink of an eye, many people were caught up in a bloodbath. 

Suddenly, a streak of blinding scarlet radiance appeared, so dazzling Shi Hao found it hard to open his eyes. He knew he encountered a terrifying opponent. This person's weapon was too sharp.


It brushed past two people. Blood immediately blossomed into the air. 

Shi Hao turned around. He finally noticed that it was a Spirit Race expert with golden wings. It was Zhen Gu!

In his left hand was a scarlet red spear. Just now, it was precisely this weapon that pierced through his palm, causing blood to flow out.

Zhen Gu possessed congealed blood. He was a formidable exceptional talent. That congealed blood ultimately formed a spear that was known to be able to pierce through anything. 

"The name is not in vain." Shi Hao said to himself. 

The two quickly charged forward, fighting a great battle again.


This time, Zhen Gu bled. A part of his golden wings had been torn off by Shi Hao. 

With a shua sound, both sides brushed past each other.

Shi Hao's eyes were deep. This was an opponent that had been greatly underestimated. He was greater than Underworld Child, Golden Luan, and Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent. The slightest carelessness could result in a huge problem. 


After having a piece of its golden wings torn off, it didn't continue fighting, choosing to retreat and ascend from a different direction. He clearly understood that Shi Hao wasn't easy to provoke, not wishing to fight to the death now. 


Shi Hao's eyes became ice cold. He encountered Demonic Sunflower Garden's person. This was an exceptional talent with a tall figure. Hair scattered down and dark light was released from both eyes. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao did not have the slightest good impression of Underworld Earth, Demonic Sunflower Garden, or Heavenly Country. Now that he encountered someone from this clan, he directly and ruthlessly took action. 

This person was extremely formidable. Its black clothes fluttered about. The Demonic Sunflower Race's black sun appeared, illuminating the void and twisting space. It became incomparably hot, almost making Shi Hao suffer an injury. 


However, this person was still not a match, blasted to death by a fist, exploding here into a bloody mist. 

Without a doubt, this was as path dyed in blood. Everyone engaged in vicious battles.

The Great Demonic God and Lunar Jade Rabbit were covered in blood as well. They rushed upwards, forming a triangular formation with Shi Hao as they tore open a bloody path, continuously approaching the highest point. 

In the end, they successfully arrived, but the pressure was even greater. Only now did they find that that the dao platform was densely covered in symbols. 

At the center was a praying mat. There was a piece of bone book on its surface that swirled with a cyan luster. Symbols covered it densely. 

This was Origin Sky Supreme Being's inheritance!

Shi Hao stared fixedly at the praying mat. There was something he needed! A golden sheet was crushed underneath, he could sense it!

This time, it wasn't just a single person that came. Shi Hao, Immortal Palace's inheritor, golden lamp male, little fatty Cao Yusheng, Zhen Gu, and others, as long as they weren't dead, they all hurried over.

"The one with the greatest strength is the one that can obtain the scripture text!" Immortal Palace's inheritor said coldly. 

"Then you can get out of here!" Shi Hao stood out and directly faced him. This was not the time to mince words.

"You are talking to me?" Immortal Palace inheritor's long hair scattered about. His eyes were cold and emotionless. The great halberd pointed over, aiming between Shi Hao's brows. 

"You aren't worth jack shit!" Shi Hao replied. He walked forward with large steps to face this person. 

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