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Chapter 679 - Splendid Battle Success

At the entrance, everyone was waiting. They knew that the battles in the depths of the secret realm were most likely ending soon, and that there would finally be a result. 

It was clear that most people thought the Qin Clan was going to be the biggest winner. Their clan sent in so many deities, and none of them even died. They had not been brought back by the life symbol, so their benefits were definitely going to be incomparably tremendous. 

Even the old sect masters revealed strange looks. They conversed with Qin Changsheng, wishing to observe and study the archaic supreme being's inheritance through the Qin Clan. 

All of the unhappiness disappeared. These people became easy-going, and their words became friendly as they waited calmly for the secret realm's exploration to end. 

Within the little thousand world's depths, the battle on the elevation continued, but it was already one without any suspense. Shi Hao's black hair flew about chaotically and his eyes were intimidating like a divine lamp as he slaughtered in all directions. 

From the moment he ascended the elevated arena to now, he already killed several Divine Flame Realm experts. Blood splashed out everywhere. He was like a demonic god that intimidated all those around him!

"Junior, I am going to stake it all against you!" An expert from the Qin Clan with dishevelled hair and a face covered in blood rushed forward. He was forced into this critical situation without any way out. He could only go all out.

Symbols erupted in his surroundings. Bone swords of all different colors appeared in the void one after another, shining brilliantly. Seven or eight precious artifacts displayed their might at the same time, and then they turned into a divine rainbow, shooting outwards. 

"Let me help you speed things up. Just go on your way!" Shi Hao shot him a look of disdain. His eyes erupted with azure radiance, and then a lake took form.

Upon closer inspection, one would find that this was lightning! It turned into an azure lake that was incredibly gorgeous. It was something like a fantasy, sparkling and deep blue. 


The great blue lake surged, and in an instant, lightning came crashing down, turning into the most terrifying lightning. It interweaved in the void, filling every inch of space!

The bone sword and precious artifacts were all shot down. Symbols and firework-like fiery light erupted here. 

Not even Divine Flame Realm experts could refine every precious artifact into divine magical artifacts. Having one was already not bad. The reason there were so many was because they came here with a mission, and as a result brought the sect's magical treasures with them. 

Azure thunder erupted with boundless power. It destroyed the precious artifacts and submerged everyone here. 


He only released a miserable cry, and then his entire body flew outwards, because he was pierced by a terrifying streak of electricity. His skull was directly blasted flying and scorched black. 

In addition, his body was quickly scorched black. It cracked apart into pieces before exploding in midair. 

This was the power of the lightning dao four extremes' divine might. Everyone's expressions changed when they saw this. Being able to threaten even exceptional talents, Shi Hao could naturally kill other experts at the supreme expert realm.


On the sixth sacred mountain, the Qin Clan's cultivators were crying out. This bitter scene was difficult for them to accept. Their clan's experts were being killed just like that!

The elevated arena was an utter mess. The Qin Clansmen were all lying on their stomach, and several of them even had their bodies ruined. 

"Hm, you're still alive, quite persistent." Shi Hao revealed a look of ridicule. He stared at one of them. 

Even though this person was lying in a pool of blood, he was still alive. He was just hiding his aura. 

"I recall that you barged into the sacred mountain palace I was in not too long ago, stopping me from comprehending the dao. It was an extremely lowly act. You even wanted to kill me then, not wishing for me to enter Origin Sky Supreme Being's highest inheritance palace. Why are you lying here and pretending to be dead? Where did your previous domineeringness and power go?"

When these words were spoken, it was as if Shi Hao had delivered a clear and resounding slap, one that firmly landed on the Qin Clansmen's faces. 

This person's face fell. He crawled up from the pile of corpses and said coldly, "I am going to stake it all against you. You little dog, go to hell!"

"Garbage like you don't even have the privilege of making me stake it all. If you want to die, then I'll satisfy your wish." Shi Hao spoke indifferently. With a raise of his hand, a bone sword appeared in his hands, picked up from the ground. 


It was just too fast. Only a streak of white light flashed past. The pure white and sparkling bone blade then moved past this person's head, hacking him into two. Blood splashed outwards.

 Meanwhile, Shi Hao already moved over through the corpses all around him, and like a streak of light, he immediately killed a great expert.

The main thing was that this person was already wounded without much battle strength left. Together with Shi Hao being unmatched in this realm, sweeping through all enemies and overlooking all exceptional talents, it was naturally not difficult for him to quickly end his life!

Everyone on the nine sacred mountains were shaken.

Even the young supreme beings, the most powerful deities' eyes flickered with radiance, revealing a grave expression. The young devil king was tyrannical and decisive. In the future, he would definitely be a formidable opponent.

"The two of your really are calm. Your former allies are being killed, yet you are quietly standing there. Your self-restraint really isn't bad." Shi Hao ridiculed as he stared at Fire Devil Palace's two experts.

Chi Lingkong's face became white. He didn't think things would develop to this state. It all happened too quickly! Even mighty Divine Flame Realm experts, in front of this younger generation junior, unexpectedly felt fearful, with their hearts trembling!

Shi Hao raised the bone blade, and then he walked over with light and graceful steps. He didn't erupt with power. His hair was sparkling, and his face was delicate and pretty. He looked like a jade sculpture, extremely intelligent and bright. 

However, right now, this extraordinary temperament appeared especially terrifying in everyone's eyes. This was a devil king that was like an immortal!

"Going to stake it all!" Fire Devil Palace's other individual shouted. He knew there was no way other and that he could only fight to the death.

Who could have predicted this type of conclusion?

Fire Devil Palace's army was practically annihilated, with only two great Divine Flame Experts remaining. The disciples were all beheaded by Shi Hao, with the other two great experts killed by the Devil Blood Ghost Tree. 

"Deity, I haven't tasted one yet." Shi Hao licked his lips, appearing a bit different from his extraordinary appearance. 

In the void, flower petals appeared one after another. There was also stalk after stalk of vegetation that took root, quickly growing and flourishing with vitality. They all surrounded Shi Hao. 

This place was full of life force. Plants flourished with vitality. 

Everyone else was shocked. The Child of Lightning was the only one that gasped. The other party actually comprehended lightning to this level, understanding the life profound mysteries within a law of destruction. 

He was an expert of this field, so he deeply understood just how difficult and terrifying reaching this level represented!

"Heaven and earth into chaos!" Fire Devil Palace's expert shouted. At this moment, scarlet multicolored light surged, and tens of thousands of red feathers appeared. They turned into divine swords, and all of them rushed at Shi Hao. 

Zheng zheng rang out continuously. Divine arrows exploded!

Unfortunately, it was still useless in the end. After dropping out of the Divine Flame Realm, they weren't Shi Hao's opponents at all.

Vegetation grew exuberantly. They all reached out, stopping the tens of thousands of arrows. Lightning exploded streak after streak, smashing apart all of the scarlet divine arrows in the air, turning them into pieces.

"You should go on your way!"

An enormous ancient tree dropped down from the sky, crushing down on this expert's body, taking root in his body. 

"Ah…" A blood-curdling shriek rang endlessly through the air. 

This was a lightning precious tree that took root in his body, turning his body into dried up coal on the spot. 

"What a pity, I didn't control the power properly. The deity's flesh was ruined." Shi Hao felt regretful. He then looked at Chi Lingkong.

Chi Lingkong's eyes became red. Early on, he chased after Shi Hao, and he had even entered that enormous palace not too long ago with a lofty attitude, looking down on the other party. He wanted Shi Hao's life, wishing to stop him from entering the highest palace. 

Who would have expected that he now became the 'weak' being overlooked by this youngster. The situation had changed too quickly, and he had now become the prey. 

"This time, I am going to control it properly!" Shi Hao said to himself. He walked over step by step and took action carefully. 

"You…" Chi Lingkong was seething in anger. The other party was treating him like food that had to be carefully hunted.

Dang, dang...

Sounds rang out continuously. Both sides used their precious artifacts to fight an intense battle. The spoils of war Shi Hao obtained -- Bone Sword, was extremely unordinary. Soon after, the other party's divine grade magical artifact was hacked apart into more than ten pieces. 

This battle didn't have any suspense. With a pu sound, a head flew out. Chi Lingkong's head was removed. He was full of unwillingness, releasing his final roar as his body fell. 

A hong sounded. He turned back into his original form. This was a red-crowned crane that flickered with scarlet multicolored light. It was a pure-blooded scarlet feathered crane. 

Only now did the battle end. Apart from Shi Hao standing on the elevated arena, there were no other creatures that were alive. They had all been executed. 

Shi Hao stored the shining scarlet feathered crane flesh inside the heaven and earth pouch. He had never tasted a vicious bird that had ignited its divine flame, so he was quite excited. This was a delicacy, and even more so a great flesh medicine. 

"Ah ah ah…" Qin Clan's people cried out again and again, unable to accept this reality.

A shua sounded. Multicolored light flickered about. Shi Hao was sent back to the sixth sacred mountain through the transport formation, thus leaving the elevated arena. 

"Grandfather!" Shi Hao transmitted mentally. Then, his eyes became cold. 

The Qin Clan had taken action to deal with the Great Demonic God. 

However, there weren't any Divine Flame Realm experts here, so it was hard for others to do anything to Grandpa Fifteen. Even though Qin Hao was terrifying, he had been pulled away by the others and did not stay here. 


A streak of white light flew past. Shi Hao's blade hacked through two experts, and both of them were sliced at the waist. Upon seeing this, the others all backed up in retreat and rushed in all directions. The entire palace became calm. No one else dared to bother the grandfather and grandson pair. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, on the altar. 

Symbols flickered. Two figures appeared, their faces drained of color. Their expressions were extremely ugly to look at. With sobbing voice, they cried out here.

"Brother Qin, these are your descendents. Not simple, after all this time, only two were killed. Not a single cultivator from the Divine Flame Realm had fallen yet," said a sect master.

Qin Changsheng nodded, revealing a faint smile. If nothing unexpected happened, the Qin Clan would become the greatest winner. 

"Who killed you two?" A senior elder from the Qin Clan spoke, asking these two disciples. 

"Elder, old ancestor, a major disaster happened!" The two screamed out in a heart tearing voice. 

"Don't lose your head. If there is something to say, say it slowly!" That senior elder berated. He swept his eyes over them and said, "What exactly happened? Who killed you two?"

"The young devil king -- Huang!" One of them cried out in pain, grabbing at his head of long hair. 

"It's him again!" Everyone revealed looks of shock. This young devil king really was shockingly bold, even daring to kill Qin Clan's people without hesitation. 

"Don't worry. With several divine level experts overseeing things, he will not be able to stir up any waves. You two do not need to feel vexed. There will be people who will eliminate him," the senior elder said calmly, consoling these two. 

In midair, several sect masters nodded. Qin Changsheng was even more calm. He knew 'Huang' was formidable, but he didn't believe he alone could deal with all of those deities. 

In his opinion, not even Immortal Palace's inheritor was enough. This was simply an impossible task!

The best proof was that those people were still alive, because not a single one was brought back by the life symbols. If they moved together, they could sweep through all enemies. 

"That's not how it is, those great ones… they…" The two disciples were choking with sobs. 

"What about them?" A sect master personally asked. 

"They were all killed, struck down by the young devil king! Not a single one of them is alive!" The two of them wept, falling down on the altar.

"What?!" At the entrance of the secret realm, many people were shocked, finding this hard to believe.

Even Qin Changsheng couldn't stay calm anymore. The faint smile that was on his face froze, becoming rigid. It was as if he was petrified by a curse. 

"Is this true?" A sect master asked. 

"Yes!" Both individuals replied with difficulty.


Outside the secret realm, it was unknown just how many cultivators there were. When they heard this, there wasn't a single individual who wasn't shaken up. An uproar immediately erupted!

This kind of battle success already couldn't be described just by the world glorious. 

This… was like something out of a legend. It seemed a bit unreal!

"Heavens! How did the young devil king do this? It's inconceivable, too powerful!"

"Brilliant like the sun, battle success shocks the heavens!"

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