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Chapter 678 - Devil King's Harvest

One expert that ignited his divine flame exploded, dying here. Shi Hao rushed over while bathed in blood. He stood on the elevated arena. 

This scene was extremely shocked. A deity was killed just like that!

The elevated arena looked like a segmented mountain. The broken off side was flat and spacious. It suspended itself in midair, allowing everyone to watch this battle. They all saw this scene. 

With just a single attack, the young devil king -- Huang, could kill a deity?

Those that entered the secret realm were all experts. There were no mediocre people, but there were still quite a few people who cried out, feeling greatly shocked inside. This battle success was just too incredible!

"This is a formidable opponent. If this continues, who can face him?" There was an exceptional talent that said in a quiet voice. 

"This elevated arena can put out a divine flame, making deities return to being normal. Their superiority is completely erased." Someone still seemed to be confident, his voice sounding calm. 

Soon after, everyone noticed that something wasn't right. When Qin Clan's Divine Flame Realm expert was killed, his bones and flesh didn't return to his body. They were not brought away by the life symbol. 

Even Shi Hao was surprised. This elevated arena was quite strange, actually able to restrict everything!

Specks of blood rested on the ground. There were a few bottled containers and weapons, as well as a spotlessly white beast tooth. It was precisely the so-called life symbol. 

"Yi, did you prepare this for me?" Shi Hao laughed. He stooped down and picked it up, studying it in his hand. It was warm like jade and flickering with warm radiance. 

At this moment, the sixth sacred mountains' Qin Clan cultivators' faces all became pale. Enormous waves stirred up within their heart. Did this mean that a Divine Flame Realm expert had his body and dao wiped out here?"

"Martial Uncle!" Someone cried out in grief. 

"How could it be like this? The life symbol that the heavenly deity refined actually lost its efficacy, ah…" The Qin Clan cultivators that had known this expert all felt this to be difficult to accept. 

"Hehe…" He laughed, looking just like a devil king. His black hair scattered about him. He took large steps forward, facing all of the Divine Flame Realm experts on this elevated arena. 

His gaze was incomparably sharp. He looked at every single one of them as if he was looking at prey. He licked his lips, revealing an evil smile. 

This made Chi Lingkong and Qin Clan's group of cultivators furious. This youngster's eyes were incredibly disgusting, as if they were looking at a wild beast about to start a hunt. 

For them, this was a type of humiliation!

"Didn't you all come specifically for me, disturbing my comprehension of the dao not too long ago, preventing me from entering the highest palace? All of you were willing to stoop to any level, so why are you all so quiet now?" Shi Hao said. 

He immediately exposed everything, berating them like this. Their faces immediately fell. 

"Qin Clan really is formidable! They could send in so many people in the Divine Flame Realm alone." On the elevated arena, there were two experts from Fire Devil Palace, as well as five experts from the Qin Clan. 


At this moment, a great battle erupted. The experts on the platform all rushed over together. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, outside the altar.

Endless cultivators were waiting, wishing to understand what was going on. They longed for the results.

In the void, several old sect masters sat around, their bodies all indistinct and habitually silent. They didn't move at all, as if they were fossils that had been buried for endless years. 

During these past few days, great battles broke out continuously in the secret realm. It was extremely serious. Underworld Child and Holy Feather Race's exceptional talents died one after another. They were all killed by the young devil king!

Apart from this, there were other exceptional talents that fell. There were those that were killed by deities in the secret realm, as well as by young supreme youths who could overlook all of their peers. 

This triggered a huge sensation, because they truly died in battle. The beast tooth life symbol could only be used once. Now that they were killed again, they didn't have a life symbol to save them. 

Apart from this, there were other experts from different sects that fell. This wasn't that big of a deal, but the deaths of exceptional talents would have long lasting effects. This touched upon the fates of several provinces!

Exceptional talents, a boundless province might not even produce one of them. This meant that they were rare and powerful. For several of them to die in a single battle, how could those inheritances be willing to lose them?

Exceptional talents meant the means to overlook a province, the ability to make a sect prosper and reach its greatest glory. It could protect that inheritance's prosperity for endless years. 

The death of any exceptional talent was a tremendous loss!

It was a pity, the ones that died were too stubborn, not willing to listen to warnings. After dying once, they insisted on going back. It couldn't be blamed on the guardians of the secret realm's entrance.

However, this matter would not definitely result in grudges. 

Qin Changsheng sat there, his expression cold, because this was all because of his invitation, and it ended up leading to the deaths of exceptional talents. He would definitely be caught up in quarrels. 

Not even those ancient sects could say anything, but they felt flames of anger that could not be calmed!

Those individuals were too stubborn. After being killed once and revived on the altar, they didn't listen to any advice or their seniors' shouts, insisting obstinately on entering again. 

Perhaps it was because they were 'exceptional talents', normally having all of the stars revolve around them like a moon, this type of title of never being defeated before made them unable to accept this result. 

It was also because of this that even the elders' orders were refused, and they chose to enter the secret realm again. 

"Brother Qin, this cannot be blamed on you. That descendant of mine can only blame himself. His strength wasn't great enough, so it isn't anyone else's fault." The Purple Golden True Hou Race elder spoke. 

He was dried and shriveled up. He sat there, not becoming angered at all. He had berated his own descendant before, saying outright that this Purple Golden True Hou youngster of this generation was too inferior. 

Hearing his words, Qin Changsheng's face became a bit better. At least this powerful race didn't blame him.

This was especially since the Hou in front of him had lived from the archaic era until now. It was known as an 'ancient great vicious' together with the Taotie Race's ancient ancestor; they were individuals that were the most terrifying. 

Then, he thought of Underworld Earth. This inheritance was extremely mysterious, and their race's most powerful creatures were mutated from strange corpses. They were not normally birthed creatures.

For example, when ancient heavenly geniuses fell and unmatched exceptional talents were buried in yellow earth, after endless years, they would develop intelligence. When they were found, they could be nurtured into world shocking experts!

"That race's background is deep and difficult to fathom!" Qin Changsheng said inwardly. The relationship he had with Underworld Lord was still okay, so they shouldn't become enemies. 

After this, the crisis shouldn't be that severe. It was unlikely for those ancient sects to become hostile. He released a breath of air.

"Brother Qin, your Immortal Mountain hasn't had many important disciples use their beast tooth. They are clearly all okay. Your sect really is formidable…"

Someone broke through the silence and said. 

"It seems like the Qin Clan's benefits will be great. Perhaps even Origin Sky Supreme Being's unmatched inheritance can be obtained." Another person nodded.

When Qin Changsheng heard this, he revealed a faint smile. Even though several exceptional talents fell and it affected his mood, this was still something that would definitely make him incomparably joyous. 

In fact, he was alway waiting. He was hoping, longing for that ancient supreme being's inheritance!

He laughed calmly and said, "That might not necessarily be the case. The supreme being's forbidden inheritance land is quite strange. There are some restrictions and battlefields that are extremely terrifying. Perhaps they cannot be treaded upon."

"Brother Qin is joking, in my opinion, your sect's harvest will be the greatest this time."

"If my clan truly has benefits and obtains the secret realm's forbidden inheritance, I am willing to share it with fellow dao friends. Let's comprehend it together." Qin Changsheng said. 

He wasn't willing inwardly, but he had no choice but to do this. It was for the sake of pacifying the angry hearts towards the exceptional talents' deaths as much as possible.

"Hahaha… then let's first wish the Qin Clan success." Someone laughed loudly.

The others also agreed. Qin Clan had the most Divine Flame Realm experts that entered, and to this day, not a single one of them fell. They would definitely obtain the greatest harvest. These people truly wished to inspect the forbidden inheritance. 

Qin Changsheng laughed and nodded. He felt that if nothing unexpected happened, Qin Clan would come first and obtain the greatest natural luck.

"I hope it ends a bit earlier. I am hoping to see the geniuses of the secret realm return." This was what he thought inside. 

In the depths of the secret realm, above the nine sacred mountains. 

Everyone was watching the battle, all of them finding it too hard to calm down. This was especially true for the Qin Clansmen, whose faces were all pale. They clenched their fists.


On top of the elevated arena, the Qin Clan's people's pupils released silver beams of light. If this landed on one's body, it could make their movements sluggish. This was a secret method passed down from the ancient generation, but the symbols were damaged. 

Shi Hao laughed coldly. He had even fought against the true dual-pupiled individuals, so how could he fear this type of damaged eye technique? He opened up his only heavenly passage, and all of these symbols were immediately wiped out.

He turned into a streak of lightning and rushed over. With a raise of his hand, his palm surged with lightning radiance. A rumbling sound rang through the air, submerging this person within. 

This was the power he gained from comprehending the lightning dao four extremes. It was boundless and shocking, and it could even deal with exceptional talents. How could ordinary cultivators resist this power?

This person was immediately struck by the lightning radiance. Half of his body was scorched black, and his flesh separated. He flew outwards. 

Shi Hao was fast to the extreme. He turned into a human streak of lightning, and with a peng sound, his foot trampled downwards, smashing him to pieces.

"Ah…" The other four Divine Flame Realm experts from the Qin Clan roared out angrily. Their divine flame vanished, making them feel inwardly sullen. They lost their most powerful backing. Right now, they all rushed forward together. 


Shi Hao stood in the battlefield. With a raise of his hand, his palm shone, condensing a golden spear. It flickered with ice-cold luster and curled with lightning. 


His pupils were intimidating. His hair flew about chaotically as he rushed forward. 


Ear-splitting metal sounds rang through the air. This lightning turned into a spear to face these individuals. It erupted with tens of thousands of streaks of lightning. Its divine might was shocking.

In that instant, Shi Hao blasted three people flying. He held the spear as he rushed forward, and with a pu sound, it pierced through one of these people's brows. Blood splashed high into the air, killing that person here.


Lightning radiance erupted. The battle spear turned into lightning, blasting this person apart, ending his life in a miserable manner. 

At the same time, a qiang sounded. A divine sword appeared in Shi Hao's hands. It swirled with purple electrical radiance. It was still produced by lightning, and right now, it was hacked outwards. 

"I am going to stake it all against you!" Someone roared angrily. 

At this moment, Shi Hao turned into a devil king. His body was dyed red with blood. He held a purple divine sword that was accompanied by lightning radiance while swooping downwards to attack these enemies. 

Within the zheng zheng sword cries, he raised his hand, sending the sword hacking out. A head was removed, bringing with it a large expanse of blood. It flew outwards, ending a life on the spot.

"Heavens! My Qin Clan's senior experts are going to die one after another just like this?"

On the sixth sacred mountain, a few of Qin Clan's eyes became red. This was just too terrifying. Divine Flame Realm experts were actually falling like this one after another. For this clan, this was a loss that was difficult to even weigh. 

This was a streak of electrical radiance that was accompanied by an extremely sharp sword. Shi Hao weaved through the skies, hacking a person into two. He moved through the blood and killed in a berserk manner.

"Devil king… this is a devil king!" Qin Clan's people roared. They clenched their fists, finding it hard to calm down. Their eye sockets felt as if they were going to split open. 

"Does heavenly deity know about the things that are happening? The life symbols are actually ineffective. Hurry up and report back!" Someone roared, his face full of unwillingness. He felt great anger and resentment inside. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, several old sect masters were discussing harmoniously. Qin Changsheng sat there like a boulder, personally guarding the entrance and waiting for the result. 

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