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Chapter 677 - Harming Others Without Benefiting Oneself. 

By now, those with the greatest strength had already ascended the mountains. They were dispersed within the nine enormous palaces. 

The great palace was simple and unadorned. Regardless of whether it was the walls or the thick pillars, they were both covered in bone texts and the supreme being's insights. They glistened brilliantly. 

This was not only a precious experience for Shi Hao. For everyone else, this was also precious writing. The supreme being's comprehension and everything he learned, any small part would be a priceless treasure if it got out. 

Those that entered the enormous palace all revealed happy expressions. Their benefits were extremely great. 

The nine sacred mountains became quiet. After entering the palace, everyone began to meditate and comprehend, studying the writing that had been passed down from the archaic era. 

Shi Hao read it carefully, and starting from the Blood Transformation Realm, all the way until the Supreme Expert Realm, everything went smoothly. He was completely infatuated. When he reached the Divine Flame Realm, everything came to a grunting stop. There was nothing else.

"This isn't right, the Golden Elephant and Jade Mantis are still comprehending. Their divine flames are jumping about. They clearly obtained the Divine Flame piece!" He revealed a strange look. 

"It should be because they cultivated to that level, so they could sense that realm's experiences," said the Great Demonic God. 

Shi Hao thought for a bit, feeling that this was reasonable. Origin Sky Supreme Being didn't want others to follow his route and just wanted them to use it as a reference. If one didn't reach that cultivation realm and directly tried to comprehend his dao, then that would most likely affect one's original route.

Since he didn't have access to the divine flame piece, Shi Hao didn't try to force it either. He instead began to carefully analyze the various cultivation realms he himself had attained so far. 

Four hours later, he opened his eyes. He already completely comprehended everything and compared it all to his own dao. He now understood the contents, and his heart's paths became wider. 

When others saw this, they all revealed looks of horror!

It was because many people didn't even get through the door, only comprehending a bit of each great cultivation realm. They couldn't understand those types of profound mysteries, while he was like this. What did this mean?

Huang, the path he walked, was it comparable to an archaic supreme being's?

In reality Shi Hao's several cultivation realms that he reconstructed were already close to perfection. He truly didn't need to bitterly cultivate, only using this as a reference to compare. That was why he quickly comprehended it.

Meanwhile, there was no way the others could compare themselves to Origin Sky Supreme Being, with every cultivation realm having many deficiencies and roads to travel. That was why they had to comprehend it. 

What was rather unexpected was that apart from the great dao divine sounds stopping, there were no other irregularities. Shi Hao was not sent into the highest palace ahead of time.

Shi Hao continued to sit there, protecting his grandfather. Meanwhile, he also began to carefully observe the entire great palace. 

Suddenly, footsteps sounded outside the enormous palace. It was extremely clear. As they stepped onto the platform, the sound rang through the spacious great palace. It was especially long and drawn out. 

The temperature inside the entire building rapidly increased. Three lumps of fiery light burned ferociously. It was incredibly fierce. Three deities walked inside in a group, blocking the main entrance.

Shi Hao's eyelids jumped. He recognized all of them. One was Chi Lingkong from Fire Devil Palace, and the other two were the Qin Clan's Divine Flame Realm experts. Weren't they originally at another sacred mountain?

"Haha…" Chi Lingkong laughed. A head of red hair scattered about, his eyes revealing a flash of viciousness and killing intent. He stared at Shi Hao. 

Qin Clan's two Divine Flame Realm experts revealed cold smiles as well. They both looked at Shi Hao and surrounded him.

"What are you all trying to do?" Shi Hao spoke coldly. 

"I feel like your position isn't bad, so I want you to move over a bit." Qin Clan's expert spoke overbearingly. 

FIre Devil Palace's Chi Lingkong was even more direct, saying, "Even though there are nine sacred mountains and there are quite a few enormous palaces too, there is no place for you to comprehend the dao. Get lost!"

In that instant, his ten fingers stretched out. Scarlet divine feathers appeared, covering the void, ready to erupt at any time.

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God stood up at the same time. They activated the pill furnace to face them. However, neither one of them immediately took action. 

It was because there was still the Golden Elephant and Jade Mantis. They had been disturbed, and now they opened their eyes, revealing clear discontent. 

"Haha… youngster, why don't you come with us for a bit. You shouldn't disturb other people's cultivation." A Divine Flame Realm cultivator from the Qin Clan said. 

"You all truly harm others without any benefit to yourselves! Coming here to disturb me, not letting me gain insights, while you all are losing out on the chance to understand the supreme being's experiences, is it all to stop me from entering the highest palace?" Shi Hao said calmly. 

Things really were like this. They didn't want Huang to successfully enter the highest palace and obtain the most important inheritance. That was why they came here to kill him!

"That is not something for you to worry about. Our companions will engrave the experiences, so when we leave, we can naturally go into isolation to comprehend it," said one of them. 

"You all really are despicable!" The Great Demonic God said coldly. These people were just too vicious. For the sake of stopping Shi Hao, they even stooped to this level. 

The main reason was because 'Huang' was too shocking. Both sides already incured hatred, which made them feel uneasy. They didn't want to let him mature, so they were going to decisively eliminate him in this secret realm. 

"I apologize, young one, but this old one will kill a genius!" Qin Clan's elder said coldly. 

"Haha…" Fire Devil Palace's Chi Lingkong even directly laughed, pressing forward step by step. 

"Huh? There are others!" The Great Demonic God shivered inwardly. A fourth expert that ignited a divine flame appeared at the entrance, trapping Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen inside. 

"Dao brothers, why don't we work together to deal with them. This place will then be peaceful, and we can calmly comprehend the dao."

Qin Clan's people spoke, inviting the Golden Elephant and Jade Mantis to help them defeat and kill Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God. 

Forget about the grandfather and grandson pair, even the other cultivators in this palace were moved. If six great deity level experts took action together, these two would undoubtedly die!

"Fellow dao friends, why don't we work together?" Fire Devil Palace's Chi Lingkong smiled. He looked at everyone, inviting them to take action together. 

The Golden Elephant and Jade Mantis' bodies shone. After thinking for a moment, they tactfully declined. They didn't want to participate in this. If these people wanted to kill Shi Hao, they could do as they wished, there was no need for them to get caught up in this.


Shi Hao shouted. He worked together with his grandfather, activating the pill furnace and erupting with endless lightning. They poured out large amounts of 'heavenly river' to forcefully open up a path and slaughter their way out. 

"Hahaha…" Qin Clan's people laughed. This was a cold smile that carried contempt, and even more a type of carefree one. Once Shi Hao left the enormous palace, that was the same as him losing qualifications for the inheritance. 

They didn't believe that Shi Hao could comprehend all of the experiences and insights left behind by the supreme being in such a short period of time. 

"Alright, since we are going to work together, there is no need to waste time. Eliminate him." Fire Devil Palace's Chi Lingkong spoke, pressing forward to kill Shi Hao. 

"Send him on his way!" Qin Clan's three great experts said in response.

They didn't think Shi Hao had any chance. With so many people surrounding him, even if he had the mysterious pill furnace in hand, he would still undoubtedly die.

However, what was unexpected was that Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen didn't flee, instead rushing towards the sixth sacred mountain and slaughtering their way inside the palace. This was the place Qin Clan and Fire Devil Palace occupied. 

"Break for me!" Shi Hao shouted. He activated the pill furnace together with Grandpa Fifteen, causing lightning radiance to surge inside, engulfing this place. 

"You dare?!" The people inside were furious. Apart from a few experts from other sects, most of them were Qin Clan experts, and they were currently comprehending this place. However, they were now forcibly interrupted.

"Since you guys want to harm others without any benefit to yourselves, then let's just do it thoroughly. Everyone can forget about comprehending. Let's just all fight!" Shi Hao said coldly. 

The Qin Clan was furious. In this critical moment where they were studying the supreme being inheritance, how could they be interrupted like this? They all released killing intent. 

Shi Hao smiled coldly and said, "You all went to disturb me so casually and indifferently. Now that it is done to you all, you all instead feel like you can't accept it?" 

"Evil creature, you are courting death!" Qin Clan's Divine Flame Realm expert immediately threw himself over murderously. 

However, there was too much lightning here. The grandfather and grandson duo stayed behind the pill furnace, activating the furnace and allowing the lightning and curse power to fill this enormous palace, sweeping through everyone here. 

In this sealed off space, the two of them occupied a great advantage. 


Qin Hao was originally seated, but now he opened his eyes. He stood up, and then he sent a fist smashing outwards, using the long life battle clothes to fight against the lightning and curse power.;

Shi Hao's eyes became deep. When faced against his own younger brother, he felt the urge to berate him several times, but in the end, he endured it. However, there was still a wave of anger inside.

He released a light shout. This time, he didn't hold back. He secretly circulated the Kun Peng's power and brandished the pill furnace's lid, smashing it down towards Qin Hao. 


Ear-splitting noise tore through the air. The long-life battle clothes shone, erupting with magnificent symbols and blocking Shi Hao's divine force.

Dang dang dang…

Sounds rang out continuously and sparks flew everywhere. Shi Hao was powerful and unrivaled. Right now, he felt extremely discontent with the Qin Clan, so he attacked viciously, exchanging several dozen blows. In the end, with a kuang sound, the pill furnace smashed down on Qin Hao's head, blasting him staggering back and making him fall back in reverse. 

In the end, Qin Hao's age was still young. How could his battlefield awareness be comparable to Shi Hao's? Moreover, his cultivation realm was still not high enough and he was merely borrowing the long life battle clothes' power. 


Shi Hao was cold and detached. He blocked Qin Hao who threw himself over again. His right leg brandished about, smashing down on his chest, sending him flying outwards and colliding into one of the palace's thick pillars. 

Qin Hao threw himself over again. His eyes were cold, and killing intent flooded the heavens. He circulated his supreme being bone.

Shi Hao's eyes narrowed. He knew that this was his own reincarnation precious technique. At this moment, lightning erupted. He used lightning to cover the surface of his body, but inside, he could already activate the reincarnation precious technique. He didn't want to kill his own younger brother, but instead wanted to neutralize the other party's reincarnation divine ability.

As expected, Qin Hao was shocked. Once the reincarnation power was released, the other party wasn't swept through and turned old. It was unexpectedly ineffective. 


Instead, a streak of lightning flew over and blasted him flying.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao took to the air, kicking him outwards. Then, he brandished his palm, and with a pa sound, he gave Qin Hao a clear slap on his cheeks, blasting him flying.

"The one that is powerful is the person, not the technique!" Shi Hao said coldly. He then slowly descended. 

Qin Hao was furious. He still wanted to fight back, but in the end, he was stopped by a Divine Flame Realm expert. 

"You are still young, three or four years younger than he is. Your battlefield awareness hasn't matured yet and you just have empty immortal bones. You cannot effectively use them yet. Wait two years, then you will be unmatched among your peers. Killing him then will be like cutting grass!" A Divine Flame Realm expert said, stopping Qin Hao from continuing. 

The others moved, each activating their precious techniques to resist the lightning and neutralize the curse. They rushed towards Shi Hao. 

This place erupted with the most blinding light. It was especially dazzling. The entire palace began to rumble and sway about. All of the symbols in the enormous palace revived, carrying out protection. 

This battle shocked everyone. The other eight sacred mountains' exceptional talents and Divine Flame Realm experts all opened their eyes, looking over with shock. 

Meanwhile, right at this time, an imposing voice sounded, one that shook the nine sacred mountains. It resounded through the air like thunder. 

"All disputes in the place of inheritance will be carried out on the elevated arena in accordance with the archaic regulations." 

This voice was extremely imposing, ringing through everyone's ears. 

"Is this some type of ruthless regulations, or some type of spirit that is supporting the place of inheritance?" Someone asked softly. 

A weng sounded. Shi Hao was transported away into midair. He landed on an enormous stone platform that was incomparably vast.

At the same time, Chi Lingkong and the other Divine Flame Realm experts from the Qin Clan that had surrounded him appeared together. 

This was a battlefield. To be more precise, it was a massive elevated arena that floated in midair. 

Those that stood on the nine sacred mountaintops could clearly see everything. They could observe it all. Everyone was extremely shocked.

"Yi, something isn't right. Why did my divine flame go dull? It went out!" Chi Lingkong was shocked. 

Those from the Qin Clan were horrified. They all shivered inwardly. 

"What is going on?"

They felt uneasy and stood together.

"Origin Sky Supreme Being is selecting an inheritor not based on their cultivation, but instead based on talent, strength when fighting against similar leveled opponents, and perseverance." That cold voice sounded once again. 

"This isn't fair!" Those individuals cried out. They had a feeling that things were going very, very bad. 

"Seniors, can I select a few more opponents?" Shi Hao laughed. His teeth began to flicker with a pure white radiance.

"You may, but it is only limited to those that had provoked a dispute." The grand voice sounded. 

"You, you, and you, all of you should get up here!" Shi Hao pointed.

In that instant, three more figures appeared. They were all experts that ignited their divine flames.

"Hehe…" Shi Hao laughed. 

"You!" Qin Clan's experts and Fire Devil Palace's Chi Lingkong were shocked and angry.


Right at that moment, Shi Hao moved, turning into a streak of lightning and slaughtering forward. He opened his only heavenly passage, immediately imprisoning a person. Tens of thousands of streaks of lightning exploded from his fist. 


This person exploded on the spot, turning into a rain of blood!

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