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Chapter 676 - Holy Mountain Dyed in Blood

Purple energy spread outwards. Nine holy mountains rested side by side, massive and imposing, grand and majestic. 

This was the place of inheritance.

The outstanding individuals all slaughtered their way over. Many people were dripping with blood and wounded from fighting. There were many people, and all of them occupied their own direction. Their eyes were flickering with radiance as they gazed towards the lush great mountains. 

A group of flame crows moved their pitch black wings, flying forward like more than ten black suns. They all came from the same race, one that was indigenous to this secret realm. 

The one leading them was a deity. Black divine flames burned around it, twisting the void with its heat. It lead its clansmen as it rushed towards the ancient land!


A purple centipede that was only two meters long appeared. However, purple flames burned about it. It was a deity as well. It leapt out from the ground and threw itself into midair. 

Eight of the flame crows immediately had their flesh corroded by the centipede's poison, turning into black liquid that fell onto the ground. 

The leading black deity's eyes were ice-cold. It spread its wings and attacked over. A great battle erupted between the two individuals. 

In the sky, feathers flew about, dyed in blood. They wilted away just like that. 

The surface of the centipede's body was as sturdy as purple gold. It was struck by the Flame Crow's claws. Keng qiang sounds ran through the air. Even if precious artifacts struck down on its body, there would only be sparks flying everywhere. It wouldn't be damaged in the slightest. 

The divine level great battle was extremely bitter. Soon after, victory and defeat were decided. The Flame Crow was seriously wounded, with half its body corroded. White bones could be seen. It fled into the distance, while all of its offspring were wiped out. 

The purple centipede was wrapped around by mist. The poison turned into purple colored symbols, diffusing outwards. Any creatures that made contact this would be systemically infected. 


Not far away, a fiery red Barbaric Ox erupted with power. It trampled on magma, and divine flames overflowed. A pair of enormous horns released multicolored light, attacking at the Child of Lightning. 

The Child of Lightning rose up. Flight was already allowed here.

His skull shone. The lightning that was bestowed upon him from above appeared, sending electrical arcs out in thousands to tens of thousands of streaks. All of them hacked towards the old ox. Lightning interweaved from two sides, and flames roiled. 

"Courting death!" A thousand zhang outwards, Immortal Palace's inheritor shouted in a low voice. He also encountered an enemy. 

This was a mammoth that had turned into a human. Its head was still a mammoth form, and it was ten zhang tall. It was extremely strong, and in its hands was a several zhang long enormous sword. When it brandished it, even the void began to distort.

This elephant had a faint divine flame coiling about its body's surface, clearly on the verge of becoming someone that ignited its divine flame. The enormous and pure white blade in its hands was simple and unadorned as well, looking like it was refined from ivory. It erupted with astonishing divine force. 

This was a natural skill of its race. It could easily uproot enormous mountains and flatten fields. 


The thick ivory blade released glaring light. It collided together with the great halberd. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor was tall and powerful. His pupils formed symbols, and in that instant, the mammoth's movements slowed down, and his vitals were exposed. 

This was his innate divine ability. Normally, he rarely used it to deal with enemies, but now that he was dealing with an elephant elite that was about to become a deity, he didn't hold anything back, because he didn't want to waste time. He didn't want to be stopped here. 

The great halberd and elephant blade collided again. Bone texts interweaved, releasing waves of great dao sound!


Immortal Palace's inheritor flipped the halberd in his hands. Blood splashed outwards, removing a massive elephant head. Blood flowed like a river from the headless corpse. 

"Ah…" Five hundred steps out, a miserable cry sounded. A rather powerful exceptional talent was killed. 

His opponent was a scorpion that looked like a blue diamond. This scorpion was sparkling and translucent, its body flowing with a sea of azure radiance. 

It was the size of a millstone, blue like something out of a fantasy. The end of its tail was terrifyingly sharp with specks of cold light sparkling about. It hid in the void, and at the critical moment, its tail turned into blue lightning, hacking down onto the great earth.


Blood splashed outwards. A blood-curdling shriek tore through the air.

Fierce, precise, and ruthless; it was absolutely merciless. Its tail was even sharper. It pierced through that exceptional talent's back, going all the way through. Blood splashed out everywhere. 

This exceptional talent struggled in pain. Forget about him, even the onlookers' bodies went cold. They felt as if it was their own bodies that were penetrated and in great pain.

This was a fatal strike. Even if there wasn't any poison, it was enough to take one's life. The scorpion's tail was extremely sharp, nailing itself into the exceptional talent's body. Large amounts of blood splashed outwards.


The Blue Scorpion's tail shoke, and then that exceptional talent split apart into pieces, exploding in midair and losing its life. 

This scorpion was a deity. It was powerful and intimidating.

The battlefield was just this cruel. Even if a supreme being youth of a race came, they would still fall.

In addition, this was only the battlefield before a single purple great mountain, just a corner of everything. 

There were nine holy mountains in total. They were all situated in this place. Purple energy pervaded the air, with all types of old medicines growing on its surface. 

On the other battlefield, at the foot of another purple mountain, the witch was injured. She was in a seated position, treating her injuries. On the other side was a plant type exceptional talent -- Black Orchid. Its leaves were also wilting, suffering serious injuries. 

Suddenly, the sound of metal rubbing against each other rang through the void. This was a group of bronze armored bugs, a group numbering in the tens of thousands. They were led here by a supreme expert. 

Everyone's scalps felt numb. There were just too many here. These strange bugs ate anything, including flesh, metal, precious artifacts, and others. With tens of thousands together, their power was astonishing. 


At the foot of the purple mountain, a youth with black hair scattering behind him and a golden lamp in his hand raised his head towards the sky, releasing a great roar. He erupted with endless blood energy. 

He erupted with power, using the precious lamp in his hands. Divine flames swept outwards like a hurricane, surrounding all of the bronze beetles and burning them fiercely. This place released an ear-splitting screeching sound. 

Several tens of thousands of strange bugs with a few supreme experts among them were ignited. They struggled fiercely and cried out miserably. They formed human faces one after another before ultimately falling. 

After they melted, they turned into a metal liquid that burned the enormous rocks, ground, and ancient trees. 

This was a great battle, one that was chaotic, cruel, and incomparably terrifying. There were people dying continuously, and even Divine Flame Realm experts would suffer disaster from time to time, losing their lives here.

Shi Hao's side was the same, full of dangers. All types of precious artifacts flew about in the sky. Spears, magical swords, and other weapons collided. Electrical arcs crackled about and fiery light overflowed outwards. 

Shi Hao encountered a huge problem. There was a deity attacking him, an extremely powerful pure-blooded divine bird -- Bifang.

It looked like a red-crowned crane, with a body that was navy blue and covered in red specks. The bird beak was spotlessly white. It only had a single leg. Every time it moved its wings, there would be flames pouring outwards. This was a fire dao divine bird.

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God stood behind the pill furnace, using precious artifacts to defend themselves. Lightning power poured out in torrents, and curse power was released. 

Within the lightning power and flames, both sides' expressions were serious. Fortunately, the pill furnace was also a divine object, and there was a True Phoenix resting on its surface that could absorb fiery light. 

After fighting fiercely for a long time, the Bifang couldn't hold on anymore. The red divine flame around its body became weaker, becoming a bit dispirited, because it also encountered a powerful curse. 


Suddenly, a golden whip hacked over. The Bifang cried out miserably, suffering from this ambush. 

This was a Golden Elephant. It revealed its original body, one that was several tens of zhang tall. The golden and thick nose was even more terrifying than a divine whip, and right now, it hacked down on the Bifang's body, immediately causing its bones to break. 

The Golden Elephant's surprise attack went smoothly. It then began to attack Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao released a cold snort. The powerful creatures below the purple holy mountains all revealed themselves. Apart from himself and a few exceptional talents, they were all experts that ignited their divine flames. 

His movements were secretive, wrapped around electrical radiance. He secretly used the Kun Peng wings, making his speed reach a shocking extreme, engaging this elephant nose. 

This place was no longer an air controlled space. Flight was freely allowed here. 

The pill furnace shone. Lightning poured down like a waterfall, blocking the Golden Elephant. Suddenly the precious furnace was swept up by the elephant's nose, about to be seized away. 

However, something shocking happened. The pill furnace suddenly trembled, and then the heavenly river swept up in reverse. It rushed into midair, entering the elephant's nose. 

In that instant, the golden elephant seemed to jump. It fiercely threw out the pill furnace. Then, it turned into a sphere of resplendent golden divine flame, and with a roar, it fled into the distance. 

Its mouth and nose exploded, forming a scorched black expanse. The most severe curse power diffused outwards. Its situation was extremely bad. 

The Bifang had not died yet. Its eyes released a penetrating gaze. It also decided to hide to the side.


The shiny blade light was absolutely shocking. This was a praying mantis that was green like jade and the height of a person. Its arms were extremely sharp. It erupted with divine flames, and right now, it was fighting against exceptional talents. 


Cold light flickered about in the heavens, shocking all of the creatures in this region. This jade-like mantis was abnormally powerful, beheading an exceptional talent. Blood splashed high into the air. 

The only fortunate thing was that this 'exceptional talent' did not use his life symbol yet. He turned into a rain of light and disappeared from this place.

Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen ascended the mountain. At the same time, the Golden Elephant, mantis, and others also went on their way. The three sides ran neck and neck, no one able to easily take action.

Behind them were quite a few creatures. There were experts from the secret realm as well as outsiders, but there was no way for them to compete against these three sides. They could only follow behind them. 


Divine flames covered the sky. The Bifang was unwilling, mounting a sneak attack on Shi Hao to take his place.

"Do you think I'm easy to bully?" Shi Hao said in a low voice. Without batting an eyelid, he waited until the divine bird got closer, and only then did he and his grandfather activate the pill furnace at the same time.


The pill furnace suddenly enlarged, capturing the Bifang inside.

The Bifang had taken the Golden Elephant's attack before, having its bones broken. Its strength was severely affected, and it also suffered from serious curse power. As a result, its speed was sluggish, so it was actually unable to escape this attack.

Kuang dang!

The furnace lid closed. Lightning radiance shot out in tens of thousands of streaks. The curse power was endless. 

There wasn't much time left. Shi Hao turned over the pill furnace, and then the withered up divine bird fell out. 

"What a pity, this is a Divine Flame Realm pure-blooded vicious bird…" He felt incomparably regretful. From his perspective, this was a rare and delicious flesh medicine, but it was unfortunately ruined. 

The other creatures shivered inwardly, not willing to get any closer. 

Soon after, Shi Hao and the others ascended this sacred mountain and entered the mist filled mountain peak. There was an enormous palace here. 

The other eight sacred mountains were also like this. A few powerful creatures began to ascend the mountain. 

Every single purple mountain had an enormous palace on it that was grand and massive, imposing and divine. They were all places of inheritance!

Upon entering the palace, deafening great dao sounds rang through the air, making one's entire body tremble and their souls resonate in response. 

The palace was full of symbol engravings and insights to be gained. These contained Origin Sky Supreme Being's experiences and and knowledge. There was no concrete method, only what he comprehended during his cultivation. 

However, this was still precious!

"This is a selection of disciples, the one that could comprehend more and is more suitable will be sent to the highest palace!" Someone said softly, noticing a few clues. 

Perhaps it could be said that this was the test left behind by the ancestor, one that allowed Origin Sky Supreme Being to select a suitable inheritor. 

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God sat together, carefully studying this place and listening to the great dao sounds, observing these experiences. Their minds were greatly moved. 

They could vague feel the life of another, one that rose up from a small clan, fought against the experts of various clan, even killing heavenly geniuses. They experienced this illustrious life that led to its ultimate demise.

Shi Hao immersed himself inside, savoring the insights that supreme being gained in the archaic years as he broke through various great cultivation realms. 

"This is quite an enlightenment for me!"

Shi Hao said softly. He was reconstructing his cultivation realms and verifying his own insights with this supreme being's. Everything became clear at once, and his gaze became more and more brilliant. His benefits were tremendous!

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