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Chapter 675 - Continuously Killing Exceptional Talent

The forest was concentrated. Symbols were engraved in the void. 

Pure white mists floated about, swirling about the forest, making this place look like an immortal realm. 

Unfortunately, a great battle already broke out, one that was full of bloodiness. There were powerful creatures that were killed, and even several exceptional talents died, turning into a rain of light and leaving. 

This place was extremely vast, and it was also extremely sinister. The void was covered in metallic symbols that seemed to possess substance, locking down this place. 

Everyone felt as if they had walked into a swamp. Their movements became sluggish, and even if they had extremely fast movement techniques, their speeds here were still slowed. They were moving around like old cattle. 

From when they slaughtered their way here to when everything calmed down again, a day and night passed already. Meanwhile, the various great powers also found their their own domain, each occupying an area and standing in opposition. 

"Grandpa, are you okay?" Shi Hao wiped away blood from the corners of his lips. He was injured, but it wasn't that serious.

Similarly, the Great Demonic God's chest had cracks, deep to the point where bones could be seen. Fortunately, it didn't hinder his movements too much. 

Thinking back, as soon as they entered, a great battle suddenly erupted. The two individuals found it difficult to calm down. Everyone entered the swamp like forest, and all of them took action with all of their power.

This battle was incredibly fierce. For the sake of seizing the decisive moment, everyone immediately entered the depths of this place to obtain the supreme being's inheritance. No one held back their strength.

Without a doubt, this was the most terrifying great confrontation since they entered the secret realm. The exceptional talents strove for supremacy, and deities roared. All types of forbidden precious techniques and divine flames collided. The battle was absolutely chaotic. 

If not for Shi Hao having that pill furnace with the immortal earth inside, it would have most likely been extremely dangerous for him. It was because he had been targeted by Fire Devil Palace and Qin Clan's deities, resulting in him being attacked from all sides. 

Apart from this Immortal Palace's young great one, Underworld Child, Sun God Vine, Holy Feather Race exceptional talent and other experts would appear from time to time as well. When enemies appeared, there would naturally be no kind feelings to spare. 

The grandfather and grandson pair slaughtered out a bloody road and entered this region. 

In reality, they weren't the only ones. Even the witch and the mysterious male that held the golden lamp were injured. The Child of Lightning, Zhen Gu, Qing Xian, Taotie and the others were all bleeding.

It could be said that no one was unharmed. 

Even Immortal Palace's young inheritor's arm had blood flowing out. Meanwhile, the white clothes of fairy Yue Chan at his side had specks of dark red. All of the experts had been injured. 

Meanwhile, the ones that suffered the heaviest damage should be the Divine Flame Realm experts. They were ambushed, making their casualties more severe. 

At the critical moment, the Golden Toad, Jade Flood Dragon and several extremely terrifying creatures appeared. They specifically targeted the most powerful people, resulting in many bloody deaths.

These were the creatures of the secret realm. Shi Hao had seen them before, and he had always avoided them. Today, they also slaughtered inside. 

Fortunately, this forest restricted divine force. The Golden Toad, Jade Flood Dragon, even though they were powerful and exceeded the Divine Flame Realm, the further in they went, the more they were restricted. In the end, their cultivation realms were restricted to the Divine Flame Realm. 

Otherwise, the situation would have been really really bad. 

Everyone occupied their own corner. They were all trying to comprehend the brilliant symbols that seemed to possess substance. This might very well be a type of mysterious inheritance. 

"It is quite profound, only, it's too scattered. This shouldn't be the core inheritance," the Great Demonic God said. 

The grandfather and grandson pair, after catching their breath, studied it carefully. They then went on their way again. They couldn't waste time here. Their intuition was telling them that the core inheritance was in the very depths of this place. 

The others continued after some rest. They all intentionally stayed away, keeping a set amount of distance between them. The first battle was too miserable, and nobody wanted a second bloody battle to immediately start. 

It was clear that some powers had joined hands. A few exceptional talents walked together. Otherwise, a single person's strength was a bit too weak.

This type of situation was extremely complex. A few extremely terrifying small groups were formed. 

Up ahead, the forest began to thin out. Mist pervaded the air, making it harder and harder to see clearly. 

Everyone continued at the same speed, all moving slow, like old cows. They couldn't speed up at all. 

"Ah…" Suddenly, someone released a miserable cry up ahead. It was incomparably fierce, startling many experts. All of their fine hairs stood on end. 

"Careful, this is an abyss!" Someone said in a soft voice. 

In front of the forest was an incomparably dark abyss. It was surrounded by great mists, and if one didn't pay attention, they wouldn't even notice it at all. Once one walked closer, a wave of terrifying suction force could be felt that completely swallowed cultivators inside.

In addition, this was a place that restricted the air, preventing flight. 

When an enormous boulder was tossed out, another sound could not even be heard fifteen minutes later. They could not imagine just what kind of place it was down there. 

After carefully searching around, someone finally found a single-log bridge . It was propped up above the ancient pitch black wood, forming a simple road. Everyone's expressions changed. Were they forcing others to fight an intense battle?

"Yi, Qin Clan's people already moved, crossing over first."

Someone noticed that the Qin Clan already discovered the secret path and took the opportunity. While protecting Qin Hao, a group of people's figures disappeared.

"There is another path here, There is more than a single bridge!"

Soon after, everyone noticed other paths. The Qin Clan might not necessarily be the first group that made it across. 

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God frowned. There were a dozen or so single-logged bridges in total. They found one, but it was unknown if they were the first group to take this path.

When they stepped on the bridge, the devouring force below weakened a bit. The bridge shone, and mysterious symbols flickered about.

When one looked downwards, thick mists could be seen. From time to time, it would disperse and reveal a pitch-black expanse, as if it was the enormous mouth of a prehistoric beast, one that was going to devour all life. 

"We are almost at the other end as well," Grandpa Fifteen said.


Suddenly, a terrifying wave of aura erupted. Someone was attacking the single-log bridge, trying to destroy it.

"Damn it!" Shi Hao was startled. 

They were almost there and could already vaguely see the precipice, only the eyes of the people there were ice cold. THey stared over, using this chance to make Shi Hao fall into the depths of the abyss. 

"Underworld Child!"

Shi Hao noticed that it was the divine child from Underworld Earth, a young expert that was full of deathly aura and lacked life force. His eyes were cold and emotionless.

However, the single-log bridge was extremely sturdy, possessing mysterious patterns that were difficult to destroy. 

Suddenly, Underworld Child pulled out a black colored underworld sword. He sliced towards the abyss. 

"Not good!" Shi Hao cried out. 

After the pitch-black abyss was attacked, a terrifying hurricane swept outwards. Then, it began to spin, forming a black hole. It devoured towards him and the Great Demonic God, dragging them inside. 

"Underworld Child, you are courting death!" Shi Hao shouted loudly.

Unfortunately, this region's space was restricted, making it hard to fly. It was not easy to make it across. 

He and his grandfather were in great trouble. That wave of power was too powerful. It tore at them, making their footing unstable and almost making them fall down. In addition, it hacked at their bodies like blades, inflicting quite a few wounds. 

Roar… On the other side, a roar sounded that made the void tremble. The single-log bridge rolled, making the power in the abyss even more crazy. 

It was the Purple Golden True Hou. He stood together with Underworld Child, and right now, it displayed its race's divine ability, a heaven and earth shaking roar!

During the archaic war, their race's old ancestor blasted apart sect master level figures with just a roar alone. The stars in the heavens fell down, and quite a few moons even disappeared. It could be seen just how terrifying this divine ability was.

Regardless of whether it was Underworld Child or the Purple Golden True Hou, they had both been killed by Shi Hao before. However, they came back, and were now working together. 


At the crucial moment, Shi Hao opened his only heavenly passage, stopping the abyss' corrosion and protecting their party of two. 

"You don't need to worry about me." The Great Demonic God spoke, and then his body shone. Black and white energies swirled, forming the Demonic God Power to protect himself. 

"Grandpa, I will slaughter my way over first then!" 

At this moment, Shi Hao's eyes shone. Killing intent overflowed into the heavens. He no longer concealed his true body's aura. He was going to kill those two individuals, not giving them a chance to reveal his secrets. 


In that instant, a frantic and tyrannical aura spread outwards. A pair of Kun Peng wings appeared on Shi Hao's back. He turned into a human shaped Kun Peng, trampling on the single-log bridge. His speed became much faster. 

This place affected one's speed, making one become slow.

However, he opened his only heavenly passage, making the symbols that trapped space reach their weakest state. Then, his Kun Peng power erupted, and then he forcefully enabled flight!

Even though he wasn't fast, he broke through the restrictions and reached end. 

"What?!" Underworld Child was shocked. How could this person move through the void? It was just too unexpected. He wore black and gold battle clothes, and his entire body released dark light. Underworld Child hacked out with the black underworld weapon in his hands with all of his power. 

Meanwhile, the Purple Golden True Hou also roared. Purple energy overflowed into the heavens, releasing the most powerful divine might to attack Shi Hao. 

"What kind of secret technique is this?" The two experts were both greatly shaken. When they saw how Shi Hao moved through the void and swooped over, they knew that things were now extremely unfavorable for them. 

If they knew that the other party could still fly, they would have definitely reconsidered doing this. The two individuals' chests pounded fiercely. Through the mist, they saw Shi Hao's Kun Peng wings, making them reveal looks of shock.

This was… the legendary Kun Peng?

They found this a bit hard to believe. The precious technique of one of the archaic vicious ten, how could it appear here? The Kun Peng should have long disappeared from the higher realms, rumored to have been trapped in the lower realm's prison. 

"Wait, someone had learned it before, a youth in the lower realm. Could it be that you…"

"I understand, the lower realm's wasteland region, you are Huang, you are that person!"

The two individuals both had unordinary backgrounds, so they naturally understood the secret information. They knew that disorder had happened in the lower realm, and it was rumored that the Kun Peng technique had appeared in this world. 

This was especially true for Underworld Child. Their Underworld Earth had participated in the lower realm chaos, so he understood this even more clearly.

"It's you… you cannot survive!" He roared outwards.

However, they could only holler up to here. Shi Hao erupted with power, displaying his greatest strength. The surface of his body shone. The Kun Peng wings flapped, shaking heaven and earth.

"The one surnamed Shi, I am an exceptional talent as well! You cannot kill me!" Underworld Child was under too much pressure. He struggled to spit these words out, but they weren't able to travel that far.

Shi Hao locked down heaven and earth. His only heavenly passage opened. He didn't carry out an absolute suppression, but rather a sealing of heaven and earth, preventing sound from leaking outwards.


This was an extremely hot-blooded great battle!

Underworld Child knew what kind of opponent he had encountered. The one that was rumored to have died had reappeared, leaving him greatly shaken. He immediately used his own exceptional talent precious technique. 

Deathly aura pervaded the air. A black chain appeared from his palm. This was his inherent divine ability -- underworld deity chain!

He wanted to trap Shi Hao and seal him up here, but at the very least, he wanted to break free from this entrapment and slaughter his way out. The black-colored underworld deity chains pierced through the void. Hualala sounds rang through the air and black light shocked the heavens. 

This black chain was formed from natural laws of order. They continuously collided with Shi Hao's arms and Kun Peng wings, causing dang dang sounds to ring through the air. Sparks flew everywhere. 

It had to be said that the precious techniques only exceptional talents had were formidable and extraordinary. They were exceptionally heaven defying. If it wasn't for this technique being the great killing art of the Kun Peng, any normal technique wouldn't be able to hold on. 

What was an exceptional talent? They possessed an inherent and completely unique precious technique, one that had never appeared in this world before. It was incomparably powerful. Only someone like this could obtain this type of title.

Normally speaking, an exceptional talent's precious technique was difficult to pass down, because it was bestowed by the heavens!

The two individuals fought a great battle. In the blink of an eye, they exchanged eighty or so attacks. A hong sounded. Shi Hao's wings moved, one wing golden one wing black. They smashed together, erupting with wisps of chaotic energy. 

Underworld Child cried out miserably. His underworld deity chain was crushed apart by the Kun Peng wings. His arm was also hacked off, causing underworld blood to flow out. He was seriously injured.

He turned around to leave, using his secret treasure to try and escape. 

"Where do you think you are going?!"

Shi Hao roared. He used the Kun Peng technique, making himself several times faster than the other party.


Underworld Child roared. He really was decisive and unyielding, making his secret treasure explode and attack indiscriminately.


Shi Hao's Kun Peng wings moved, bringing him past his body. With a pu sound, his head fell, forever ending his life.


The secret treasure exploded. This place erupted with brilliance. Rubble shot into the clouds. Underworld Child died!

"Grandfather, I am coming!" Shi Hao slaughtered towards the other side. 

The Great Demonic God also came, and right now, he was fighting against the Purple Golden True Hou, preventing him from escaping. 

Hou… The True Hou roared. 

In reality, Shi Hao's heavenly passage had already opened, suppressing heaven and earth. Only, because its effects were spread over too big of an area, it could only stop sound. Its power was greatly decreased.

Right now, he took action, attacking the Purple Golden True Hou with full force. 

The Great Demonic God backed up, allowing his own grandson to do the deed.

This battle was without any suspense. No matter how the Purple Golden True Hou roared or used precious technique, it couldn't break through the heavenly passage. Shi Hao's palm hacked down like a blade, removing its head. 

Blood splashed outwards. A powerful pure-blooded divine beast lost its life. 

Shi Hao revealed his true body, so he naturally wouldn't leave behind a living mouth. The two experts both had their lives ended. 

"Good stuff. In a bit, let's put it into a cauldron and stew some meat and cook a few Hou legs. It really is a delicacy!"

The grandfather and grandson were of the same opinion. They collected its body. 

They didn't waste any time here. They quickly hurried forward, because the place of inheritance was opened now, so they didn't want others to take all the good things before them. 


Up ahead, there was primal chaos that erupted. There were divine creatures that were fighting hand to hand, as well as exceptional talents from various sides facing off.


Someone took action against Shi Hao in the chaotic battle. His eyes were cold. He didn't show any mercy, turning around and slaughtering over. 

Now that they were close to the place of inheritance, whoever took action against him would be killed without exception.

"You are…" The Sun God Vine was shocked. He hiddenly attacked Shi Hao, using his innate pitch-black vine to pierce through the void. He never expected that before he even approached the other party, he suddenly encountered a disaster. 

Shi Hao's flesh shone, and symbols appeared. This was the first time he displayed his own divine ability after arriving in the higher realms -- reincarnation!

Even though he lost his supreme being bone, he remembered all of the symbols, engraving them in his sea of consciousness, as well as branding them within his flesh and bones. This time, when facing exceptional talents, he took action decisively in the great mists.

In that instant, the innate black divine vine withered up, becoming old. Shi Hao's palm hacked down, slicing it off. 


In addition, his reincarnation force covered the other party, making the Sun God Vine cry out loudly. He immediately began to decline in age.

The Sun God Vine was shocked. He had seen Qin Hao use the reincarnation force in the immortal pond to deal with this person, feeling that it was extremely terrifying.

However, only when he saw this person use it did he understand what true reincarnation force was. Who was this person? He could actually rob him of his time!

"It's you…" Suddenly, he became clear-headed. The Sun God Vine Palace's old ancestor had previously intervened in the lower realm. He also understood the situation, knowing who this youth was!

Huang, this name confirmed his suspicions. 

At this moment, the Sun God Vine was shocked. How could he still be alive? He actually came to the higher realms!


Unfortunately, he didn't have time to think too much. Shi Hao was cold and ruthless. A palm struck down, hacking him apart at the neck. A head flew outwards.

Then, he turned into a golden divine vine. Medicinal fragrance wafted outwards. 

Shi Hao's face was emotionless as he collected it. 

At this moment, Shi Hao turned into a devil king, fighting together with his grandfather. They were closing in on the most innermost region. There was no such thing as good and evil anymore. He had to obtain the supreme being's inheritance!

Along the way, he continuously sent two exceptional talents on their way. His hands were dyed with their blood.

Unfortunately, these two individuals still had their life symbols, so they escaped death. They thus left, appearing on the altar at the entrance of the secret realm. 

Up ahead rested nine towering and imposing mountains. Purple energy rose. It was incomparably boundless and majestic, as if it had existed for tens of thousands of years. 

They had reached the place of inheritance!

"It's you!"

Below the purple great mountain, they met each other again. The Holy Feather Race exceptional talent was shocked. The one he attacked was actually an old enemy -- the young devil king. 

Shi Hao revealed a mouthful of pure white teeth. He then took action ruthlessly. 


Both sides' divine wings collided, hacking at each other. 

The Holy Feather Race expert was shocked. One of his holy feather wings was damaged. Blood flowed outwards. Meanwhile, the other party's wings were perfectly okay, and there was even a wisp of chaotic energy diffusing outwards. 

"Kun Peng!"

He clenched his teeth, spitting out these two words with difficulty. 

Of course, it would be difficult for people who knew about this secret to escape death. 

Shi Hao activated the reincarnation divine ability. The other party's figure quickly deteriorated, and it flew outwards. 

Then, he swooped past. A Kun Peng wing descended, hacking down on his shoulder. Another exceptional talent was killed. Blood surged outwards. 

Shi Hao moved while drenched in the blood of exceptional talents. He cold-heartedly pressed towards the purple sacred mountains!

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