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Chapter 674 - Collision

The individual possessing dual supreme being bones was fighting against the young devil king Huang!

This scene shocked everyone and drew all of their attention. Many people wanted to see just how heavenly defying the power of the so-called two immortal bones was. 

At the same time, everyone was looking forward to seeing Huang's ultimate performance. One has to understand that this was someone who dared to challenge Immortal Palace's inheritor and defeated several ferocious exceptional talents. 


Sparks flew in all directions. Divine multicolored light overflowed into the heavens. The two individuals' fists collided together. It was as if a true phoenix was bathed in immortal flames, returning from the heavens above and swirling with endless brilliant symbols. 

Everyone's ears felt sharp pain, and their eyes felt like they were burning. All five of their senses were blurred. They all closed their eyes and shut off their hearing, or else they would be injured.

Shi Hao's long hair scattered about behind him. His eyes were clear and intimidating. His fists shone. Blood energy surged. When he brandished them, it was as if the wheels of life and death were turning, as if a matchless divine king was descending into the world!

Qin Hao's entire body was sparkling with metallic luster and erupting with five-colored divine multicolored radiance. Even his fist was wrapped within the battle clothes as he made contact with Shi Hao's palm and fingers. Divine light surged.

In that instant, the two individuals exchanged several dozen moves. Metal sounds trembled the skies and symbols shone dazzlingly. When they collided together, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The scene was extremely shocking. 

The faces of Qin Clan's people changed. What was the long life clothes? That was an unmatched set of magical clothes Immortal Heavenly Deity personally refined. It could directly promote one's cultivation an entire great cultivation realm. In addition, it protected the flesh, being sturdy and undying. It would give one the sturdiest physique, one that was known to be vajra and indestructible. 

However, the young devil king was so forceful, using purely his physical strength to hold off Qin Hao who was using the long life battle clothes. What kind of constitution was this?

Of course, based on Qin Changsheng's suspicious, Qin Hao's constitution could become like this in the future as well. Without the battle clothes, as long as he grew older and reached the required cultivation realm, he would have an undying golden body. 

It was because he had two immortal bones that could nourish his body, making him more and more powerful. His body would surpass other exceptional talents and reach a realm of perfection. 

"How formidable. Exactly what kind of background does the young devil king Huang have? There is no way he has two immortal bones, so why is his flesh able to reach this level. Does he have an unbreakable body?!"

An expert that ignited his divine flame from the Qin Clan said to himself. When his eyes opened and closed, there were silvery beams of light that were released. A faint killing intent could be seen. He was ready to attack at any moment to kill Shi Hao. 

He believed that this was a great disaster that was best eliminated earlier. Otherwise, grudges might form and there might be terrifying troubles awaiting them!

The others all shivered inwardly as well. Long life battle clothes' fame shook the world under the heavens. For the people of this world, this was a great treasure. For whoever obtained it, it would be equivalent to increasing their cultivation by an entire great realm. Just how terrifying was this?

The most important part was that it was sturdy and unbreakable!

However, the youth Huang was this shocking, forcefully fighting the undying divine clothes heads on and not being at a disadvantage at all. His fist collided with the five-colored battle clothes. Sparks flew everywhere and auspicious light overflowed into the sky. 

How shocking of a thing was this?!

Qin Hao's eyes narrowed, revealing a serious look. This person in front of him was terrifying as expected. No wonder he was number one on the ancient monument the Demonic Sovereign left behind.

However, he didn't feel dejected either, still packed with confidence. He had two immortal bones, and based on Qin Changsheng's deduction, his flesh would definitely be nurtured to its most powerful state, not being any weaker than anyone else's. 

That was why he continued to remain calm and unperturbed while fighting a great battle against the young devil king Huang. 

Moreover, his forte was his unmatched precious techniques. The two true bones bestowed upon him enough resources to overlook the higher realms. He could overlook all magic and dao.


Qin Hao's fist shone. He noticed that he couldn't defeat Huang purely in flesh power. His entire physical being reached the limit of this cultivation realm and was difficult to surpass. That was why he now used precious techniques. 

Reincarnation force, deprivation of years; this type of matchless divine ability was starting to form, and at this moment, it erupted. 

In that instant, resplendent symbols diffused outwards, sweeping towards Shi Hao like a tide and eliminating all enemies. 

Shi Hao's expression was deep. This was originally his divine ability, but it was clear that the bone was deficient and had not completely regrown yet. It did not reach the level of power it had when he had it back then. 

If it was in the past, once the divine ability appeared, it would engulf everything, surrounding all enemies, but right now, space hadn't even been sealed off yet. 

Of course, for normal people, this was already a decisive blow. They wouldn't notice these minor flaws at all and could only be struck, having their years stolen. 


Golden lightning wings appeared behind Shi Hao. He stepped on the void, and while following a strange trajectory, he moved about, moving forward like a pendulum.

It looked slow, but it was actually fast to the extreme. He only left behind an after image. Others had the misconception that he was still in his original location, but he was already moving forward in a zigzag manner. 

His entire being squatted down slightly. His right hand swept forward, erupting with over a hundred electrical arcs. Lightning erupted, wrapping around this golden and shining leg. It then blasted at Qin Hao's head. 

"En?" Qin Hao was shocked. This was the first time he used this unmatched precious technique. Even though it was still lacking, the other party shouldn't have reacted this quickly. The result was too unexpected.


He had no choice but to raise an arm to block his ears and protect his head. Divine light erupted as he defended against the power of this leg. 

Shi Hao was familiar with the reincarnation precious technique. It was branded within his brain and engraved into his flesh and bones, so he naturally knew how to deal with it. After avoiding the symbols, he rushed forward. Divine light erupted endlessly. This leg was more terrifying than any precious artifact. It smashed into Qin Hao's arm.


The power of this leg was just too great. Qin Hao's entire arm felt sore. Even with the long life battle clothes protecting him, he still staggered and backed up a few steps. 


Qin Hao revealed his killing intent. The supreme being bone's symbols had not disappeared yet. It was activated again, sweeping towards Shi Hao. This time, there were no holes.

He believed that in a battle between his peers, this type of divine ability could blast through everything like rotten weeds. One has to understand that even though the person back then was fighting someone stronger than him, even though his cultivation realm wasn't high enough, with this technique, he had killed deities. There was even less of a need to talk about today's battle of the same level!


Meanwhile, the Qin Clan's people were agitated as well. Experts that ignited their divine flames flew over to seal off Shi Hao's route of retreat. A fist blasted over to kill him here.

It was more than a single person too. Two experts that ignited theri divine flames took action at the same time. One of them had silvery white eyes, as if he didn't have a black pupil. He erupted with blinding white radiance.

The other erupted with scarlet multicolored light. Divine flames covered his entire body. In his hands was a bone sword. He brandished it and hacked it over towards Shi Hao!


Shi Hao released a cold snort. He took out the pill furnace. Without any hesitation, he opened up the lid and sent the heavenly river pouring outwards.

He didn't choose to attack Qin Hao, because after all, he was still his younger brother. He instead turned to face those other two. This time, even a bit of the immortal tomb's earth was sent out. 


Electrical arcs interweaved densely like a spider web. Deafening pi pa sounds could be heard as lightning radiance hacked outwards. 

In addition, the curse powerfully spread out without any holes, engulfing the two people. There was just no way to avoid it.


One of the two cried out, blasted by the lightning until his hair stood on end. He felt that as someone in the Divine Flame Realm, he could risk it and face it head on, and then kill Shi Hao. However, this wasn't the case at all. The lightning was terrifying, but it was far from being as scary as the curse power. Mysterious symbols immediately appeared on the surface of his body. He trembled, his lips becoming pitch black. 


Shi Hao roared loudly. He was furious. His eyes released cold electricity. The furnace lid in his hands smashed into that individual. 


This person, due to being infected by the curse power, had his movements affected. His entire body exerted force, using an arm to defend himself. The furnace lid smashed onto it, immediately blasting that arm apart. Blood splashed out everywhere. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly, brandishing the true pill furnace this time. There was lightning radiance, and curse power that suppressed downwards as well.


From the side, the Divine Flame Realm expert that held the bone sword and was extremely cautious provided assistance. He sent the purple bone magical sword slashing down on the pill furnace, using its powerful magical force to stop this attack. 

The pill furnace trembled, and then it moved to the side. The heavenly river flowed outwards, immediately pouring down on this sword. This person looked as if he was facing a snake or scorpion, quickly jumping backwards. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao readied his leg, and with a peng sound, he sent a kick smashing into the cheeks of the Divine Flame Realm expert that had been affected by the curse power earlier and had his movements become sluggish. 

A muffled sound rang through the air. His cheek bone cracked apart, and six or seven teeth flew out from his mouth, falling out together with blood. 

Of course, this wasn't everything. Shi Hao's kick was just too heavy, kicking him until his skull even cracked and almost exploded. The cracks that appeared were shocking. Blood splashed outwards.

However, he was still an expert at the Divine Flame Realm. Even after suffering from the curse, in the end, he still released self protecting divine flame to protect his skull. He backed out with difficulty.

This was just too much of a humiliation. He was an existence that had ignited a divine flame, yet he was unexpectedly kicked by a supreme expert youth until a mouthful of teeth flew out. His face was burning with anger and humiliation. 

Everything happened in the time it took for sparks to fly off a piece of flint. The two sides separated. 

Qin Hao's eyes were burning. He was a bit discontent with the two great experts for taking action.

Everyone's pupils quickly narrowed. This type of ambush from these two experts that had ignited their divine flames couldn't kill Shi Hao. One of them was even in a sorry state after. 

This was extremely shocking!

"The pill furnace is quite mysterious, actually able to store the heavenly river in front of the immortal tomb!" Someone said softly, his eyes flickering brightly.

Right now, no one could calm down. 

Shi Hao looked forward and ridiculed, "Are you all even Divine Flame Realm experts? Actually ambushing me, do you all even have any face? No sense of shame!"

The two experts revealed resentful looks. This truly didn't look too good, moreover, even after doing this, they still couldn't capture the opponent. It really infuriated them. 

"You evil creature who doesn't know how high heaven is or how thick the earth is, you will not live past today!" Someone coldly snorted from the rear. Fire Devil Palace's people also surrounded this place. 

"Kill him!" meanwhile, Qin Clan's other people were also about to take action.

The Great Demonic God walked up, standing together with Shi Hao. He faced everyone.


When Shi Hao raised his hand, lightning symbols flickered about. It directly blasted towards the immortal pond, making this place explode. 

This was too sudden, as well as too tyrannical. It was because he even used the lightning within the pill furnace. When it merged together like this, even deities would feel restraining fear. 


Electrical light interweaved. Everyone backed up.

"Yi, true blood crystal!" The little fatty cried out and quickly took action. 

Now that the immortal pond had been attacked, spiritual matter continuously seeped outwards. There were rare divine materials, as well as mysterious crystals that had sealed red essence inside that radiated multicolored light. 

Everyone's eyes became red. The balance of the immortal pond was actually broken. No one waited any longer, and all of them began to fight over it.

This place erupted into chaos!

Even the Child of Lightning, Zhen Gu, Teng Yi, Qin Xian and the others moved. They all took action, erupting with heaven overflowing symbol light.


Meanwhile, a door appeared. It was sparkling and brilliant, the inside curling with mist. It led towards the mysterious place of inheritance!

As a result, the Qin Clan and Fire Devil Palace's experts all went mad. They no longer cared about surrounding Shi Hao and instead all rushed forward. There was even less of a need to talk about the other exceptional talents. 

The ones that went in first would occupy the advantage, obtaining greater natural luck.

Shi Hao and his grandfather gave each other a look. They both quickly took action. The two of them seized two pieces of divine materials, as well as a scarlet crystal that had true blood sealed within. This made the eyes of the people around them turn red. 

However, no one would fight to the death for something like this, because no one wanted to waste time here. They were just grabbing things along the way. When all of the divine objects at the mouth of the spring disappeared, they all rushed through the gate. 

"This is the place of inheritance?" Shi Hao was shocked. He saw all types of irregular scenes. Symbols engraved themselves in the void, and divine sound erupted. He and Grandpa Fifteen slaughtered their way in. 

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