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Chapter 673 - Killing Formation Before the Opening of the Heavens

"I don't have anything to do with him! He is chasing after me!" Cao Yusheng's face was green as he began to explain. 

It was because a group of people were releasing hostility. They were all creatures that were previously defeated by Shi Hao and carried hostility. Now, they pointed all of their spearheads at him. 

"Evil fatty, you set up a killing trap for us and stole the bone symbols needed to enter the inheritance. I even personally saw you together with Huang. Hand over your life!" Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent berated. 

He had a head of silvery white hair. On his back were heavenly sword-like winged feathers. They had divine multicolored light curling about them, and they were wrapped in dense spiritual essence. Right now, the silver wings were brandished, and they hacked towards the little fatty.

This was definitely a victim that was plotted against by Cao Yusheng. He suffered a serious injury, and then he was killed by Shi Hao after, causing him to lose his bone symbol. He had no choice but to go out to look for another. 

When he heard him speak like this, the ones that had doubt originally all revealed unpleasant looks. They stared at Cao Yusheng together, because they immediately thought of the killing trap from earlier. 

In the beginning, someone threw out a bone symbol that attracted Immortal Palace inheritor and golden lamp male's battle. In the end, it was unknown where those two went, but a battle between a few exceptional talents then broke out. 

"Evil fatty, return my bone symbol!" The other person shouted and rushed forward. His situation was even more tragic. He was the first one to rush through the gate of light, yet the killing formation directly killed him. He didn't even see who his opponent was, and only now did he learn who it was. He was naturally furious. 

"I'm done for." The little fatty screamed. He turned his head and began to run.

"Brother, don't fear, your brother is here!" Shi Hao shouted. He stood in the distance, looking like he was trying to help, but actually, he was circulating divine force, forming a formless energy wall to stop the fatty from returning.


Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent slaughtered over. The divine wings turned into a silver magical sword. It hacked the void until it became blurry and dim. It quickly descended, bringing with it heaven overflowing magical force fluctuations.

The little fatty was like a fish swimming in water. He was extremely nimble, shifting to the side and avoiding this strike.


The other exceptional talent that fell into the same trap, who was torn apart by the formation and lost his bone symbol as a result opened his mouth and spat out a chain. It was unexpectedly spider silk! It formed a huge web to capture Cao Yusheng. 

He moved his body again. Even though it was a bit chubby, it was extremely light and graceful. It slid out, avoiding this strike.

"This is quite interesting!" Underworld Child said softly. He couldn't hold himself back, taking action as well to size up the little fatty. 

In that instant, black mists overflowed into the heavens. Underworld Race's unique aura erupted. It was as if the gate of the underworld was opened, and it was going to drag the fatty inside!

"This tiger isn't displaying his power, do you all think I am a sick cat?!" The little fatty was angry. Only, with his apple-like round face, even if he was angry, it still looked a bit funny.

His body was vigorous and nimble. He turned into a streak of flowing light, rushing into the surging auspicious multicolored immortal pond. With a raise of his hand, he smashed downwards. He looked like he was staking it all. The attack was extremely ferocious. 

He was exuding confidence. If anyone forced him any further, he was going to destroy this place. No one should even think about entering any inheritance lands!

A cold snort sounded. There were some who were discontent.

Immortal Palace's young great one's eyes were extremely deep. The whites of his eyes were normal, but his pupils were shining. They formed symbols that were incomparably terrifying, accompanied by the terrifying scene of the sun being destroyed and stars sinking. 

He raised his hand to stop the fatty. The palm of his hand released silver radiance, erupting with heaven shocking power.

Everyone became shocked. They all backed up in retreat. 

Even the eyes of the golden lamp youth next to the witch began to shine brilliantly, revealing a look of surprise. He was definitely a powerful exceptional talent that could overlook his peers. 

The Child of Lightning, Teng Yi, Zheng Gu, Taotie, Qin Xiao and others were all shocked. They didn't only feel restraining fear towards Immortal Palace's inheritor, but were also surprised by the little fatty's strength.

"Yi, something's not right. This fatty is too formidable!"

Right at this moment, everyone became shocked. The power this little fatty erupted with was too terrifying, simply like a deity slaughtering deity type of power. Symbol light erupted into the heavens. 

In addition, in his surroundings, there were still wisps of multicolored mist. Even though there were only a few strands, everyone found with shock that it looked like -- chaotic energy. 

Who was this? How could it actually be like this?!


Sword light moved the heavens. The little fatty's body released sword energy. It was like rainbow light, but also like lightning. It hacked through the void, distorting space. Cracks appeared as great offensive power erupted. 

Even Immortal Palace's young inheritor was shocked. He revealed a look of shock. 

The silver divine light he released from his palm was stopped, and it even gradually dispersed, being dissolved into nothingness. 

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. One really couldn't judge a person based on their appearance. This little fatty looked honest and harmless, but once he erupted with strength, he was actually so formidable. 

"Third killing formation!"

Immortal Palace's inheritor stared at Cao Yusheng and spat out these words. As a result, every single person on the scene were greatly shaken. Heaven overflowing waves surged within him, and his face was full of disbelief. 

The so-called third killing formation came precisely from the opening of heaven and earth. It was the higher realms' third powerful chaotic killing formation. It had a vicious reputation since the ancient times and was used specifically to deal with giants and could sweep through everything. 

This killing formation could be said to shock both the past and present. It obtained its reputation from the blood of countless giants. It was born from primal chaos and known as an unmatched formation!

This youth unexpectedly had what was known as this world's third killing formation. Exactly what kind of background did he have? It really left everyone a bit puzzled. All of the exceptional talents were greatly shaken as well. 

In the distance, Shi Hao was shocked as well. He encountered a good-for-nothing. This little fatty's background was obviously astonishing and not simple. 

"Quite formidable, he managed to engrave a small corner of the damaged formation into his body. The offensive power is extremely shocking. If one looked at it from an offensive and defensive perspective, he can likely block Immortal Palace inheritor's attack."

At the witch's side, the youth that held the golden lamp said. His body was surrounded by precious light, making his figure indistinct. However, one could see that he was big and tall with a heroic appearance.

Everyone narrowed their eyes. This little fatty was just too unordinary. 

To actually use the third killing formation, the ancient sect behind him was definitely terrifying. It definitely exceeded the imagination of everyone in this world.

Starting from the Formation Arrangement Realm, one could engrave various types of formations within their bodies, and the one he chose was actually the third killing formation. This was just a bit too shocking.

"Interesting." Immortal Palace's inheritor said. He pressed forward, wising to capture Cao Yusheng. He desired this type of forbidden killing formation that had existed before the opening of the heavens quite a bit. 

In reality, he was not the only one who would feel like this. Upon learning about this, even the great sect masters would go crazy. 

Only, even if the sect masters came, they would still just test things out a bit. They wouldn't dare to recklessly catch Cao Yusheng, because being able to have this type of inheritance meant that there was definitely an unsurpassed inheritance behind him!

However, Immortal Palace was different from other great sects. They were incomparably old, and it was rumored that they were connected to true 'immortality'. That was why he could act so fearlessly. 

Perhaps it could also be said that Immortal Palace was one of the higher realms' most powerful, and most ancient inheritances. That was why they didn't fear any other great sects. 

"Don't provoke me, or else I will completely smash apart this immortal pond with swords. Everyone can forget about obtaining it then," Cao Yusheng threatened.

He was only sixteen or seventeen. His round face was breathing heavily, looking simple and honest. It really was hard for others to associate him with a heaven warping genius that possessed the third killing formation. 

No one moved rashly. The immortal pond was incredibly important and couldn't be lost. If this fella decided to go crazy and hacked down on it, it truly might bring about tremendous troubles. 

Even Holy Feather Race's exceptional talents, Underworld Child and the others gave up. The first reason was because they were worried, but second was because they felt a restraining fear. Once the third killing formation was used, it would make anyone shiver inwardly. 

"Heh, you really are quite daring. You actually dared to come here to fight for natural luck."

The two Scarlet Feathered Cranes turned into blood-colored streaks of lightning. They descended here and turned into human form, stopping Shi Hao from leaving the immortal pond. Their faces revealed killing intent; these were precisely Fire Devil Palace's two powerful experts. They were both individuals that had ignited their divine flames. 

"How is that any of your fucking business?" Shi Hao shot Chi Lingkong a look of disdain, seemingly not caring. 

"Impudent!" Chi Lingkong stepped outwards. With a raise of his hand, scarlet read divine feathers became like swords as they covered the air. They suppressed towards Shi Hao, immediately attacking him as soon as they met.

Shi Hao was quite careful. He directly brought out the pill furnace and opened the lid, sending the heavenly river pouring outwards to deal with this person.

The immortal pond appeared. There was supreme being precious blood here, as well as the entrance into the place of inheritance. Right now, they had to fight it all out. They couldn't hold anything back, or else they wouldn't be able to go inside. 

That was why Shi Hao didn't hold anything back. He used his great killing weapons to deal with the opponent. 


As soon as Chi Lingkong approached, lightning already covered the skies, shooting out in tens of thousands of streaks. There were electrical arcs everywhere. He backed up in shock, because as soon as he made contact with it, he was infected by the curse power. 

His face became unpleasant, turning a shade of purple, quickly refining it. 

This made his fine hairs all stand on end. His heart carried fear.

It was because he already knew that Shi Hao was Huang, and he had visited the immortal tomb. The curse power there could even kill sect masters, so how could it not smash through his confidence?

The other exceptional talents backed up as well, not willing to provoke the endless lightning and curse power. 

"I was wondering who it was. Turns out it was a little dog like you who doesn't know how high the sky is or how thick the earth is, actually daring to kill my clan's esteemed guests, and then setting your hands on murder at the entrance of the secret realm, killing two great geniuses. Today, we cannot tolerate you any longer!"

Qin Clan's people also came. The seal on the place of inheritance was about to open, so the powers and exceptional talents of various sides all appeared. 

"You all have no sense of shame, employing Heavenly Country's people to kill an outer relative, yet you dare to stand here and strut around arrogantly, passing judgment on everything, arbitrarily deeming others to be guilty." Shi Hao replied without a trace of politeness. 

"Do you dare fight against me?" Qin Hao appeared. He wore the long life battle clothes on his body. It flowed with five colored divine multicolored light that was sparkling and resplendent. It made him looked just like a deity.

This was the youth that had two immortal bones? Everyone looked over. Those exceptional talents were quite curious as well, wishing to understand just how powerful his divine abilities were.

"Do you know that they almost strangled your grandfather to death in Fiend Island, and then even dispatched experts from the clan to kill him? Do not be deceived by others!" Shi Hao's face was expressionless as he said with a overcast tone. 

"How do you know? You can forget about trying to drive a wedge between us here!" Qin Hao's pupils released strand after strand of divine radiance. It was accompanied by mists. Under the support of the long life battle clothes, his aura became incomparably terrifying.

"I am Huang. I went to Fiend Island before. Everyone there knows about this. You are the only one that doesn't!" Shi Hao coldly said. 

This was his own brother, who had his own heaven warping supreme being bone. Right now, when he faced the youth in front of his, his eyes were extremely deep. He himself was like a great dao immortal mountain. 

"Less nonsense. I will look into these matters. Do you dare to fight against me?" Qin Hao pressed forward. 

"Are you all trying to sharpen him?" Shi Hao looked towards Qin Clan's people. Among them, several already ignited their divine flames for a long time. Their magical force was abundant, and their eyes were like divine lamps. Their blood energies surged like seas. 

"If you want to kill me, then just come. I will fight against all of you!" Shi Hao carried the pill furnace and said calmly. He was fearless, but he didn't want to fight against his own younger brother. 


Inside the immortal pond, multicolored light erupted. Auspicious multicolored light surged, and sparkling blood diamonds could be seen. That was the mysterious crystal that sealed the supreme being blood. It made everyone's eyes burn with passion.

However, no one took action. The immortal pond was still changing. Auspicious vapors were surging from the mouth of the spring. Everyone was watching nervously.

"Come here and fight! You cannot escape!" Qin Hao walked over. Before the place of inheritance opened, it was perfect for him to fight a battle against the person in front of him. 


He suddenly stepped forward. A hurricane began to stir about him, and there was even lightning and thunder. Great rain poured about. The entire world seemed to be shaking in response!


Qin Hao took action. His fist smashed and hacked outwards.

Shi Hao's pupils became extremely deep. He stood in his original spot without moving. He reached out a hand to meet this face on, colliding with that fist!

A hong sounded. The world trembled in response, and the void shook endlessly. Large expanses of immortal light erupted as the two exchanged blows. 

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