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Chapter 672 - Cao Yusheng

Huang was actually so young, actually a few years younger than Immortal Palace's young great one as well as the other 'exceptional talents'. It was just too inconceivable!

"The youngest should be Qin Hao and the Lunar Jade Rabbit, right? However, Qin Hao's cultivation is still lacking, and the reason he was able to enter was by relying on the long life battle clothes. Meanwhile, the Lunar Jade Rabbit has some issues herself."

"The young devil king is just too extraordinary. He hasn't cultivated for so long, yet he is able to match those exceptional talents!"

This triggered huge waves. Everyone was greatly shaken. 

The several old sect masters' eyes were like stellar rivers, continuously flickering about. Did this youth have a master? This type of figure, if they could rope him in, he would definitely be able to overlook several dozen provinces. He could protect and assist the sect to greatness!

It was to the extent where he could overlook a hundred provinces, peer into immortality, and tower above the world below the heavens!

Within the depths of the secret realm, Shi Hao safely returned, which allowed the Great Demonic God to release a breath of relief. He felt extremely nervous for his grandson. After all, there were extremely powerful individuals guarding the entrance. 

"Grandfather, everything proceeded smoothly. I've collected a bit of interest from Heavenly Country. Wait for me to become a heavenly deity, I will personally overturn that place then!" Shi Hao's voice was unyielding. 

The forest was vast. A few ancient trees stretched over a thousand meters into the sky. Meanwhile, the ancient vines were even more so like enormous snakes as they winded about entire mountains, radiating a sparkling green light. 

Inside the dense mountain forest, the leaves were several feet wide with all types of poisonous bugs and ferocious beasts roaming about. There was a decaying type of aura here. 

"The Qin Clan's people are truly despicable!" Shi Hao said. 

The grandfather and grandson duo watched from the forest. They saw that the race subdued many ferocious beasts and vicious birds, having them look here for Huang.

This was the conclusion they reached after carefully observing this place. In addition, after waiting a period of time, they heard the clansmen discuss it with their own ears, obtaining verification. 

The Qin Clan was full of hostility towards Huang, wishing to kill him in this secret realm. His existence on the divine monument posed a great humiliation towards Immortal Mountain. 

However, that wasn't something Shi Hao did on purpose. The ranking was something the divine monument did on its own, not something one could intentionally designate.

"Where do you think that young devil king is? We looked for him for such a long time, but we never found anything. We definitely cannot allow that person to live. We have to eliminate him!"

In the surroundings of the region the Qin Clan occupied, there were people patrolling and talking quietly. 

"Don't worry, my Qin Clan has powerful individuals that ignited their divine flames here. As long as we find his traces, we can immediately kill him."

An old servant silently appeared. He looked at these two and said, "Once you have news, you must alert my clan's young master and have him take action."


The two individuals nodded. They were both quite hopeful. Someone with two supreme being bones was just like something out of a legend. He indeed did say that once there were any clues, he was to be immediately informed. He was going to personally eliminate that 'Huang'!

Not far away, Shi Hao's eyes became deep. He didn't say anything.

The Great Demonic God frowned. He didn't have any good intentions towards the Qin Clan. 

"Grandpa, let's go." Shi Hao said. He didn't want to fight a decisive battle against Qin Hao, and there were powerful divine level figures here too. If he alerted them, they would be difficult to deal with.

Grandpa Fifteen nodded. The two of them silently retreated. 

The great mountain was imposing. There were many spiritual trees here that radiated sparkling precious light. Silver waterfalls fell down, crashing down below. Pure white mists scattered about, making this place look gorgeous, like a fairyland. 

Only, a youth broke through this beautiful scenery. He took a shower here, butt naked, splashing the water here while grimacing in pain.

Shi Hao and his grandfather came just in time to see this scene. 

The youth's face was extremely round like an apple. He looked rather sincere, but his eyes had a bit of a rotten look. His age was similar to Shi Hao's, only being around sixteen or seventeen. He was currently moving about below the waterfall.

The Great Demonic God revealed a look of shock. This person had laid down a killing formation below to steal from the two exceptional talents. He looked down to earth, but he was actually an extremely scheming youth. 

The grandfather and grandson were completely quiet, moving secretly to outflank this little fatty. 

"Aiyou, two daoist brothers, when did you two come? Men should not be so affectionate with each other. Please don't come close to me!" The youth cried out. He was extremely vigilant, noticing the two of them.

Right when Shi Hao wanted to do something, he suddenly saw that the other half of the fatty's face was covered by black hair. He immediately became happy, because this fella seemed to have been done in by someone. The right side of his face had a few drops of dao blood races that were rather unsightly.

"What happened to you?" The Great Demonic God asked while laughing. 

"Daoist brothers, you must be careful! There is a rabbit in the secret realm whose magical force is profound and too formidable. A bit of carelessness from me, and I was almost done in by it. Look, my handsome face was hurt!" The fatty grumbled. 

"What kind of rabbit?" Shi Hao said with a smile. 

"Palm sized, entirely sparkling white, eyes like cornelians and looks rather cute. However, it really is a great vicious thing!" The fatty said. 

"Nonsense." Shi Hao rolled his eyes. He felt like this was just too absurd. From his descriptions, that rabbit's outer form seemed quite similar to the Lunar Jade Rabbit, but it was actually cowardly and timid, so how could it be as vicious as this fatty was describing?

"You guys have to believe me, this is conclusive proof!" The fatty became nervous. He pointed at the face that had been scratched, looking extremely angry.

"You were probably up to no good, right?" The Great Demonic God shot him a sidelong glance. 

"I was wronged so badly! You guys were definitely confused by its outer appearance. That little rabbit was too savage. Once it leapt out, I was tramped until all of the air was knocked out of my chest. Even an entire great mountain was collapsed.!"

The little fatty complained bitterly. He walked out from the pool and pointed at his chest. Sure enough, there was an imprint there that looked like he had been trampled on. 

The grandfather and grandson were speechless. This fatty really had almost been trampled unconscious by that little rabbit? This was a bit hard to believe. 

"What is your name?" The Great Demonic God asked.

"Me? My great name will definitely resound through the world and intimidate everyone in my generation. I am called Cao Yusheng." The little fatty smiled brilliantly as he introduced himself. 

"A Cao Yusheng who was almost trampled to death by a rabbit." Shi Hao summarized and nodded his head.

The little fatty's face immediately fell, becoming dispirited. "I was sneakily attacked! Who knew that the rabbit was so cunning and powerful!"

He then warned and exhorted a thousand times for these two to be careful. That rabbit was just too formidable.

Shi Hao ridiculed, "You should stop speaking such nonsense. It's not like we didn't meet that rabbit before. Also, you are an exceptional talent, and even if you were done in, a small wound like that could be recovered from at any time. Do you really have to grumble this much?"

The little fatty Cao Yusheng immediately became nervous. He seriously pointed at his face and said, "Look carefully, that rabbit's claws left behind natural law power. It is hard for my wound to close for a while."

Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God looked at each other in dismay. Whey they observed carefully, they found that there really was a mysterious type of energy there that prevented the injury from healing.

The two individuals began to develop doubt. Was that pitiful, ruby eyed little rabbit really that savage?"

"What are you doing here?" Grandpa Fifteen asked.

"I am picking medicines!" The little fatty replied. 

Then, he threw himself into the pond. Only after some time had passed did water splash out and he resurfaced.

The little fatty was dancing with joy. He had a happy look on his face. Inside of his hands was a golden water chestnut that radiated golden light. It dyed his entire arm and fat face a golden color. A sweet scent wafted out from it. 


The little fatty was strangely generous. He tore off half the holy medicine and handed the other half to Shi Hao. Golden liquid flowed out, and the rich fragrance made all of their pores relax. It was as if they would sprout wings and ascend to heaven. 

Cao Yusheng ate a portion first, and then he smeared the liquid on his face to help the injury heal.

"Two friends, green hills won't change and waters will continue to flow. We will surely meet again someday." He sneaked ashore and quickly put on his clothes before turning around to run for his life. 

"Fatty, why are you so generous? Are you scared that we might try to deal with you?" Shi Hao said. 

The little fatty turned around and gave them a simple and honest smile. Then, he jerked his buttocks before frantically running away.


Suddenly, a shocking aura erupted below the waters. Fiery light overflowed into the heavens, drying up the entire pond and sending the waterfall flying in reverse.


Shi Hao and the Great Demonic God cursed. They began to run for their lives as well, pursuing that hateful fatty. 

There was an exceptionally powerful creature below the waters. The holy medicine had an owner, and it was actually sneakily picked by the little fatty. Now, that creature noticed that the holy medicine was missing and it was going to get revenge!

"Little bastard, even daring to plot against us?" The Great Demonic God roared as he chased after the fatty without giving up. 

"The little rabbit had others with it. I am also a victim!" The little fatty grumbled, saying that he didn't know that there was a creature below the water and was sharing half out of good will. 

"Hou…" This was a Jade Flood Dragon that was shaped like a True Dragon and it was incredibly large. It immediately soared high into the sky, calling the winds and summoning rain. Thunder and lightning rumbled about, creating an astonishing scene. 

In its surroundings were even more greenish blue flames that overflowed into the sky. Divine flames burned the heavens until it turned a green jade. It was terrifying to the extreme, surpassing that of an ordinary creature that ignited its divine flame. It was impossible for them to fight against. 

The three of them frantically ran for their lives. The little fatty's path was quite strange, wishing to throw off the grandfather and grandson pair several times, but he always failed to do so. In the end, he unwillingly brought them with him to a transport formation, thus disappearing from this place. 

However, when they emerged from the transport formation and arrived in another mountain region, the little fatty covered his head and sneaked away like a rat. He was chased relentlessly by Shi Hao. 

"Someone help! Murder! The young devil king is eating people!" He hollered endlessly. 

Grandfather and grandson's expressions changed. This damn fatty was actually running in the Qin Clan's direction. It was clear that he heard news and wanted to use that place to break free. 


Suddenly, a white light flashed. A small rabbit jumped out, and one foot trampled down. Cao Yutian cried out miserably, and his entire person flew out horizontally. He was smacked high into the sky. 

"You stole my radish, no my white jade ginseng king!" The little rabbit was palm sized, snow white and translucent. Its large eyes were like diamonds. It was fuming with anger, but when it saw the grandfather and grandson duo, it also turned around to run. 

Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen immediately felt as if things became chaotic. 


Qin Clan's people were alarmed. Divine flames overflowed into the heavens. Five great experts immediately appeared, and they slaughtered their way over. 

"Hurry and leave!"

Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen moved quickly, still deciding to chase after Cao Yusheng. 

Right at that moment, scarlet multicolored light rushed into the heavens. Divine light surged. It contained astonishing divine might fluctuations and released terrifying blood energy. Everyone raised their heads and looked in that direction.

"The immortal pond has appeared. Origin Sky Supreme Being's failed pond of rebirth has opened its seal!" 

Everyone cried out in alarm. If one wanted to enter the place of inheritance, they had to go through the immortal pond. That was an unavoidable place. 

Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen hurried over to that direction, and Cao Yusheng also frantically ran. His pair of lowly eyes shone. His down-to-earth and sincere looking face was full of excitement.

When they looked into the distance, they saw that there was a pond in the mountain region. Auspicious energy surged and brilliant colors moved about. It was accompanied by scarlet multicolored light, and astonishing blood energy pervaded the air. 

There was no way to mistake this place. This was it. 

It clearly had nothing to do with the group of lakes. This was the true ancient land, with only a single pond. 

Many people actually found this place based on various clues, and it was precisely because someone accidentally undid the seal of the formation that the immortal pond's blood energy leaked out, producing the shocking irregular scene. 

Immortal Palace's inheritor came. His body was wrapped within symbols, bright and dazzling. His long hair scattered down, and in his hand was a great halberd. When he looked in every direction, there was a type of 'I am the only sovereign of this world' type of feeling. 

At his side, Yue Chan was beautiful like a heavenly goddess. Her clothes fluttered about, and her fine black hair danced about behind her. Her eyes were clear, and in her hand was a jade sword. 

Meanwhile, the other exceptional talents came as well. They all held magical artifacts and looked serious.

The witch and golden lamp male were also there, standing in opposition to Immortal Palace's inheritor. 

Apart from this, there was Firegold Race's Teng Yi, Child of Lightning, Zhen Gu, and others. They all released heaven overflowing might, because at the crucial moment, they had to fight each other for the inheritance!

Cao Yusheng took to his heels, quickly arriving here. 

"Brother, slow down. Let's go inside together." Shi Hao shouted from the rear. 

When he heard this, the little fatty's face immediately turned green. It was because when he turned his head, he saw many ill looks, for example, from the Sun God Vine, Underworld Child, Purple Golden True Hou, and the exceptional talents who had their 'bone symbols' stolen after being ensnared. They were all releasing killing intent. 

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