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Chapter 666 - Confronting Immortal Palace Inheritor

Now that they encountered each other like this, there was no way for reconciliation. For Shi Hao, this was going to be a life and death great battle!

Immortal Palace's young one raised the void halberd with one hand, pointing it south towards the sky. The symbols in his pupils shone brilliantly, and his head of black hair scattered about. There was an unbeatable aura to his figure. 

In the higher realms, in this generation of youths, he was known as an insurmountable mountain. Only a few old inheritances' hidden geniuses had a chance of contending against him!


The great halberd flew across the sky, bringing with it a hazy void force. Resplendent killing energy erupted, hacking itself towards Shi Hao. 

There weren't any words exchanged. The battle begun just like that!

The Great Demonic God took a step forward, blocking in front of Shi Hao. Black and white energies appeared, forming a gray body protection array. He was going to take action in Shi Hao's place, because he felt that this person was too terrifying. 

"Let me take him on alone!" Shi Hao said. He brought out the pill furnace, his killing intent surging.

"You just entered the Supreme Expert Realm, while he is already at the great circle. You are not his opponent right now." The Great Demonic God frowned, feeling incomparably worried. 

Shi Hao shook his head. He insisted on taking action. How could he not know the difference in cultivation realms between the two of them? However, he didn't want his grandfather to take risks either, because the elder only had a single arm. The yin energy in his body hadn't been purified either, so he was in an even worse state to fight. 


At this moment, that battle halberd slaughtered over. Deafening divine sounds ran through the air. 

Even though there was still quite a bit of distance between both sides, Immortal Palace' young great one was too extraordinary. The void halberd shone, becoming sparkling and translucent as it hacked forward!

Shi Hao was insistent on taking action, using the pill furnace to face this attack. 

The Great Demonic God sighed and could only back up. However, he was carefully watching. He couldn't let anything happen to this grandson of his no matter what.


The world trembled lightly. Dao sounds rang through the world. A frigid divine rainbow erupted, scattering out like a blossom of blood. It was extremely indistinct. 

The void halberd was incomparably terrifying. It hacked down, striking on the fist-sized pill furnace and causing beam after beam of brilliant auspicious light to erupt. It was as if blood was flowing through this place.

This strike made it seem as if the heavens were collapsing. Symbols interweaved. Mysterious symbols appeared one after another, engraving themselves in the void. The tremendous sounds that rang through the air sounded as if mountains and rivers were collapsing. It was absolutely deafening!

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. He met this attack head on with the pill furnace in his hand. His arm felt extremely numb, a great pain wracking through it. It made him feel a wave of alarm. This person was formidable after all!

This was the greatest enemy he encountered ever since he revealed himself to the world. Forget about everything else, just his flesh alone was already incomparably terrifying. He was just like a human shaped True Dragon with undying flesh. 

Immortal Palace's young great one was shocked. He strike was actually unable to injure the other party. From his perspective, his opponent's cultivation realm was lower than his, so he should have been directly hacked to death!

This was where the inheritor from Immortal Palace got his confidence from, a confidence of being unrivaled in the same level. This was his pride, as well as why he felt like he could overlook all of his peers. As long as one's cultivation realm was lower than his, no one could compete against him. He would quickly kill them!

After that collision just now, there wasn't any pause. The great void halberd changed directions. Hazy mists surged, and like something flying in outer space, it released blinding radiance before hacking down once again. 

This was a stunning radiance that lit up the entire sky. 

Many people couldn't even react in time to what was happening and directly had their heads sliced off. It was because the great halberd was refined from a priceless void beast bone, so it could quickly slice open the void and directly appear in front of the enemy!

This several hundred zhang of distance, for the halberd, was the same as a few inches!

A cold and brilliant immortal light erupted. The great halberd descended, seemingly hacking Shi Hao's neck. There was scarlet multicolored light that scattered down, causing one's mind to tremble. 

Was this blood? His head might fall off!

Everyone's breathing momentarily stopped. They were all thinking what would happen if they were in Shi Hao's place, what kind of scene that would be then. Perhaps they would have died right there!

The scarlet radiance surged. It was a bloody mist that was pervading the air, indistinct and dismal. 

"Ah, the end is decided. Immortal Palace's young great one has killed the young devil king!"

When they saw this scene, someone couldn't help but shout out. He was just too fast. Immortal Palace's inheritor was bold and powerful. Did he kill his opponent with just two attacks?

This was a type of unmatched stance that made everyone's hearts tremble. Who could even keep him in check? This was just an impossible thing!

In that area, cold and brilliant scarlet light erupted. The brightly colored mist swirled about in an incredibly shocking manner. Was that the young devil king's blood? It made one's heart jump.

"This is just too fast… Immortal Palace's young great one really is too terrifying, truly unrivaled." Everyone shivered inwardly. Who could fight against him? Was even the young devil king going to be defeated?

One has to understand that Shi Hao had defeated a few 'exceptional talents', yet now, he actually met this type of conclusion. 

However, a few people watched silently, for example, Grandpa Fifteen, fairy Yue Chan, and other exceptional talents.

"No, you all are mistaken," an elder said. 

Scarlet light flowed about. Even though it looked like blood, it wasn't blood. There was still a figure there with its head still on its shoulders. 

A few people were astonished. They stared in that direction, revealing looks of shock.

"What kind of precious artifact is this? It actually looks like there is blood flowing." An exceptional talent was shocked. Then his eyes began to shine brilliantly as he stared at that fist sized pill furnace.

Shi Hao's left hand held a furnace, while his right hand held the furnace lid. He even held that cover by his neck to stop the void halberd. 

This cover had a True Phoenix resting on it that was vivid. Within the earthen color was a scarlet multicolored brilliance. It was as if blood was flowing within it, making it look extremely lifelike. 

The great halberd came too suddenly. If it was anyone else, they would have definitely been hacked to death. This was where Immortal Palace's young great one was terrifying. It could decide life and death in a moment, slaughtering the enemy in that instant. Its divine might was unmatched!

Only, Shi Hao stopped it! He was fast like lightning, his hand that held the lid blocked the halberd, making the phoenix on its surface seem to revive. Its feathers opened and closed, and scarlet multicolored light erupted. Multicolored mists pervaded the air; it was as if blood was sprinkling everywhere. 

The pill furnace was simple and unadorned. The furnace body had a True Dragon coiling about its three legs. Meanwhile, there was a True Phoenix resting on the lid and looking downwards. They were all extremely lifelike.

Right at that moment, Shi Hao erupted into action. He took the initiative to attack. His right hand that held the furnace lid smashed downwards. 

This furnace received the support of symbols. It quickly increased in size, becoming like a shield. It released a hazy radiance, and then scarlet multicolored lights surged. It was as if a True Phoenix was undergoing rebirth, surrounded by flames.

This strike carried dao sound, as well as a vague phoenix cry. It startled everyone until their souls began to split apart. Many people gasped. 

This young devil king was truly not simple! Not only was he unharmed, he even went on the aggressive to kill Immortal Palace's young one. He truly was brave and powerful. 

The furnace lid enlarged, turning into a sparkling True Phoenix shield. It was brandished by Shi Hao, crushing downwards like a mountain.


Immortal Palace's young great one moved the halberd horizontally, using the pole to block this strike. His movements were extremely fast, far surpassing that of normal people's comprehension.

A dang sounded. Everyone's ears began to ring with weng weng sounds. This place began to distort. Lightning descended from the clear sky and thunder rumbled about. In reality, this was all brought about by the collision of these two, the sounds produced by the sparks and clashes produced by weapons making contact.

It was too incredible. They were defying the heavens! 

This was what everyone thought. They were all incredibly shaken. There was actually someone who dared to fight Immortal Palace's inheritor head on like this!

A hong sounded. Shi Hao began to brandish the furnace lid again. A True Phoenix cry sounded, and scarlet multicolored light flooded the heavens. He was surrounded by a phoenix void image that radiated immortal light. It threw itself forward. 

This shook everyone's hearts. The two of them exchanged moves like this in an incomparably ferocious manner. It was chaotic and world shocking. 

Neither one of the two said anything. Every since they clashed upon meeting, there wasn't a single extra word. However, this type of overbearing scene was enough to leave all of the spectators shaken.


Ear-splitting divine sounds rang through the air, to the point where others found it hard to endure, as if their ears were about to split. Divine multicolored light continuously surged, accompanied by terrifying mists that resembled chaotic energy. 

An extremely intense great collision occurred, and then it repeated eight or nine times! It was as if the heavens were sending down their divine punishment from above!

Shi Hao was quite shocked as well. He knew that he encountered an unimaginably powerful opponent. When the other party's hands moved, divine force would shake the world. At the very least, in the younger generation, it was hard for him to find an opponent. 

Someone as powerful as him had his hand shaken until it was numb and sore. He could feel waves of pain from them. Immortal Palace's young great one being able to overlook those in his generation was not just empty rumors.

The golden lamp youth didn't appear, and the secret inheritors of the great ancient inheritances never made an appearance either, so who could contend against him?!

However, Shi Hao believed that the other party's hands weren't feeling all that great right now either, because he could see flickering symbols within the other party's eyes. It was clear that he was quite shocked as well. 

In short, both individuals' flesh should be powerful to the extreme!

"You are quite smart, knowing how to play to your strengths." Immortal Palace' young great one said softly. His black hair scattered around, his surroundings wrapped around in divine symbols. It was as if an immortal king had descended into this world, one that was undefeatable. 

He continuously faced Shi Hao's ferocious attacks. Even though his eyes carried shock, he still remained calm and composed, as if everything was still within his control. 

Shi Hao understood his intentions, because he decided to pull close the distance as soon as they began to attack to fight in a contest of physical power instead of choosing to get further away and fight a battle of symbols. 

It was because he was clear on the fact that the other party's cultivation realm was higher than his, and his magical force was powerful like an ocean. If they were truly going to use all types of symbol mysterious techniques, then he would be at a disadvantage. 

Even though the other party's divine force was worldshaking, his flesh wasn't weaker than anyone else's either. Comparatively speaking, this was an extremely short distance where physical attacks reached, which was why he carried out close combat. 


Another sky shaking sound rang through the air. Shi Hao's arm became numb. The area between his thumb and forefinger split apart, and blood splashed outwards. This left him feeling shocked. This person was not easy to deal with after all.

He stared at the other party's palm, wanting to know whether this was the case for his great enemy as well. However, there were golden symbols surrounding that area, making it difficult to see his opponent's state. 

However, he believed that the area between the other party's thumb and forefinger was splitting as well.

Immortal Palace's young great one didn't reveal joy or worry. His face was completely expressionless. Even though he already spoke about Shi Hao's circumstance and methods, he still didn't pull apart the distance, continuing to fight this close quarters battle.

Of course, they were also activating symbols. All types of mysterious symbols erupted. 

However, this type of power was resisted by the two weapons. Blazing radiance erupted within the pill furnace and void battle halberd, and then it all vanished. 

"How formidable, he already exchanged over ten attacks with Immortal Palace's young great one!"

Someone sighed in admiration. From this evaluation alone, one could tell how terrifying this 'insurmountable mountain' within this younger generation was. As long as there were people who were willing to fight against him and not be on the losing end, it was already extremely breathtaking!

Yue Chan stood in the distance, her white clothes fluttering about, giving her an otherworldly appearance. Her beauty and style were unmatched. She was extremely shocked, her intelligent eyes sparkling with divine multicolored light as they stared at Shi Hao. 

She felt like this person was a bit familiar, as if she was feeling some deja vu. However, she couldn't see through this person. He used lightning and thunder to protect his body, and these techniques had never been seen before.

She really was shocked. This person had just entered the supreme expert realm, yet he could already compete against Immortal Palace's inheritor. His flesh contained such world-shaking divine power, truly being able to overlook the higher realms. 

Her eyes flowed with radiance and erupted with five-colored divine multicolored light. She carefully stared at Shi Hao, watching his every move. 

On the other side, the Great Demonic God frowned. He was extremely worried. His grandson's cultivation realm was a bit lower after all, so he feared that he might suffer a disaster. 

This battle startled the entire secret realm. It was unknown just how many creatures hurried over. Meanwhile, when those conceited and arrogant exceptional talents obtained the news, those that could come all appeared. 

In addition, news of this battle quickly spread into the outside world. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, when someone appeared on the altar and brought news back, everyone became stunned. The young devil king dared to compete against Immortal Palace's inheritor?

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