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Chapter 665 - Confrontation at the Summit

"Yi?" The Great Demonic God was shocked. His divine senses were powerful and exceptionally sharp. He noticed that the one that was going to go back inside the gate of light was just a spiritual body. Even though that exceptional talent was extremely vicious, his true body was actually backing up, hiding in the darkness without entering. 

This was just like a 'cicada shedding its shell'. It was clear that he felt that the apple-faced, bashful youth was extremely terrifying. 

Meanwhile, at this time, he also felt that something was wrong. He felt that there were others in the darkness, so he used the spiritual body to draw attention while his true body left towards the distance to escape. 

"Dao brother, your hiding method isn't bad, but we've seen through it," Shi Hao said. 

This person exposed his true body. He had white hair and a horn protruding from his head. On his back was a pair of silvery white wings. He came from the Holy Feather Race, an extremely powerful exceptional talent.

However, right now, his situation was quite terrible with blood all over his body. 

"Get lost!" His eyes flickered with radiance. His face was downcast as he directly shouted towards the grandfather and grandson pair. 

"You have quite the temper. The people who have plotted against you have left, so you are venting your anger on us? Do you want to die?" Shi Hao didn't become furious and simply looked at him coldly.

"If you don't want to live, then come over." The Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent was incomparably cold. His eyes shot out two silver beams of light. The divine wings on his body moved. Symbols covered this place, and then a terrifying aura erupted into the heavens. 

"Do you really want to make us furious and immediately attack?" Shi Hao calmly asked. 

The Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent's eyes were ice cold. He didn't say a single word. Killing intent seeped out from the corners of his mouth, his smile especially cold.

"I reckon that you have quite a formidable great killing weapon on you, but its uses are limited. You aren't willing to waste it, so you want us to come closer so you could settle us with a single strike."

Shi Hao felt that this person's response was a bit strange. He was clearly seriously injured, yet he still dared to act so tough and provocative. It didn't really seem right.

"Since you are scared, then get lost!" The Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent said coldly. 

"If you are someone who can have a proper conversation, I won't make things difficult for you either. I am a person who understands gratitude and grudges clearly. If others don't offend me, I won't offend others. Since you don't know how to recognize others' good intentions, then I'll just send you on your way. You can just leave behind the bone symbol," Shi Hao said. His entire body shone, and his only heavenly passage opened. He directly rushed forward to take action.

"You are courting death, so I'll help you with that!" The Holy Feather Race's white haired youth shouted. With a hua la sound, he shook open a painting scroll. There was a scene of the sun being destroyed and stars falling; it was extremely terrifying. 

In the blink of an eye, the entire painting scroll became a real scene. Great stars fell, and the great sun blasted apart, submerging Shi Hao within. 

"Careful!" The Great Demonic God's face fell and he shouted out this warning.

This was definitely a terrifying secret treasure. It was a type of great killing weapon!

If not for Shi Hao's heavenly passage power being shocking, able to weaken attacks and wipe out all types of symbols, this attack alone would have put Shi Hao in an extremely unfavorable situation.


He didn't hesitate in the slightest, because the other party had a forbidden magical artifact. He didn't hold anything back either, bringing out the pill furnace. He opened the lid and prepared to release the curse and lightning heavenly river.


Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. Before he even brought out the heavenly river, the three feet of the pill furnace began to shine. It formed a hazy void figure that began to devour the stars and exploded sun, neutralizing this attack.

On top of the pill furnace swirled a true dragon. It unexpectedly began to shine here. 

This made Shi Hao shocked. He had experimented with it before. He knew that this furnace was extremely mysterious, but when he activated it, there wasn't any terrifying offensive power, but its defensive strength was exceptionally shocking. 

There was unexpectedly another unique side to it, unexpectedly stopping a great killing weapon!

The divine striking stone had previously joked that the fist-sized furnace's body might be carved from the bones of a True Dragon. Shi Hao refused to believe that at first, but now, it seemed like it should be some type of precious bone. 

The painting moved about, sending out falling stars, as well as that blazing sun, but they all disappeared, absorbed by that hazy True Dragon. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao took action. With a keng qiang sound, a golden spear appeared in his hands, one that was curling with endless lightning. This was constructed out of lightning, a combination of metal energy and lightning. This was the first time he displayed this attack!

"You can go on your way!" Shi Hao said. He turned into a void figure. A pair of wings made of golden electrical radiance appeared behind him. When he moved them, he immediately rushed in front of the Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent.

Holy Feather Race had divine wings from birth. With a light shake, its speed would be fast to the extreme. However, at this moment, he wasn't able to pull apart the distance. That human-shaped lightning continuously closed in on him. 

The first reason was because Shi Hao's speed was too fast, exceeding normal reasoning, and the second was because the Feather Race's exceptional talent suffered a serious injury, so he his own body suffered a type of obstruction. 


The two of them shouted out simultaneously, both of them doing everything they could to attack. Symbols erupted. 

Keng qiang!

Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent's innate precious technique was contained in his pair of divine wings. Right now he erupted with endless killing dao symbols, and his silvery white wings disappeared, turning into two divine blades. They weaved about and hacked down.

"How powerful!"

Shi Hao was shocked. This pair of silvery-white heavenly swords was unstoppable, actually slicing into his heavenly passage. Even though its speed quickly slowed, it could still injure him.


Shi Hao completely erupted. His blood energy surged, blasting the two silver divine swords flying. In addition, his heavenly passage became larger, erasing the symbols. 

"Go to hell!" The Holy Feather Race expert shouted. The horn on its heads dripped with blood, trickling onto the two swords. This was an innate essence blood sacrifice that made the two divine swords erupt with power. 

This type of blood was precisely like the supreme being blood Shi Hao had before. Together with the vicious swords, they became incomparably terrifying. 

"En?" Shi Hao's hair became cold, unexpectedly having a lock of black hair cut off. It almost injured his temples. A bit of blood flowed down on his face. 

He had been lightly injured, scraped by the sword energy. 

"Go on your way!" Shi Hao's eyes flickered with cold light. He still never used the Kun Peng technique or other secret methods and instead erupted with endless lightning and covered everything in front of him with it. 

Azure streams appeared. They formed a lake, leaving the Holy Feather Race's exceptional talent greatly alarmed. His body was greatly affected, almost getting caught inside. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao's hand shone. The golden battle spear shone with heaven surging killing intent. His head of hair flew about chaotically, carrying endless golden lightning as he rushed over. 


Both sides exchanged attacks. Keng qiang sounds rang through the air as they continuously clashed.


In the end, golden light flickered. The spear in Shi Hao's hands pierced through the space between the Holy Feather Race exceptional talent's brows, causing his expression to freeze on his face. Blood flew high up into the air. 

Ka cha!

Meanwhile, the golden battle spear in Shi Hao's hands returned to lightning, exploding here. 

The Holy Feather Race expert's body broke apart. Blood flew everywhere. His face was full of disbelief. He, who had been known to be undefeated was killed by another just like that. His scorched black body crumpled apart. 

After exchanging over a hundred attacks, his head was pierced through by a spear, clean, decisive, and fatal! Even if he wasn't injured, he reckoned that he would still be in danger after two hundred strikes.

"Holy Blood Ignition!" He roared loudly. 

He was clearly extremely unwilling. He still had forbidden killing methods he wanted to use, but it was already too late. He already took on a fatal blow and could not display them anymore. The beast tooth symbol appeared, wrapping around him and that painting scroll. Meanwhile, it also surrounded towards that sparkling white 'bone symbol'.

"Hand it over, and go on your way!" Shi Hao sneered. He pointed out, and then azure lightning submerged that place. It also brought over the bone symbol.

The beast tooth symbol had a type of spirituality. It quickly evaded and disappeared into the distance. 

Meanwhile, the Great Demonic God also killed the Holy Feather Race expert's spiritual body. 

The grandfather and grandson pair didn't dare to waste time here. They quickly left for the distance. They did not want to become a scapegoat for that apple-faced little fatty. 

When they returned, this place was in chaos. Shouts and curses rang out endlessly. Lightning and thunder rumbled and human figures flickered about. 

Everyone noticed that the so called supreme being blood was fake. It was just an imitation that looked too similar.

"It seems like that harmless looking and shy fatty truly isn't honest, not simple at all!" The Great Demonic God laughed. 

Shi Hao fetched the bone symbol. It was warm and sparkling, as if it was carved from fine jade. There were strange symbols flickering about, with a mysterious energy flowing through it. This was the talisman needed to enter the place of inheritance. 

It hadn't been peaceful at the entrance of the secret realm at all, because several exceptional talents had fallen. In addition, some of those that lost their life symbols went back inside.

Everyone felt that the confrontation this time would be extremely intense. There might truly be exceptional talents that would die. 

When the Holy Feather Race exceptional talent appeared and had his circumstances asked about by a sect master, it triggered another uproar. 

The young devil king took action. This was the third exceptional talent he killed!"

"His style is a bit similar to Hao'er's…" Shi Ziling said to himself, appearing momentarily absentminded. He thought of his eldest son, which made him feel rather sad inside. Emotions rose and fell. 

Once his second son came out safely, he was going to leave and search for his own path. He was going to throw everything aside and begin his own journey.

"Grandfather, we have to be a bit more on the offensive. We should hunt down those enemies too. They always found trouble for us in the past, so we should give them a taste of what it's like now," said Shi Hao. 

Before the ancient inheritance land was discovered, he decided he was going to take the initiative to attack.

After the Great Demonic God entered the higher realms, he suffered Heavenly Country's assassination and was even chased after by a group of experts from the Qin Clan. He barely made it out, suffering severe injuries in the process, almost dying in the process. 

In addition, when he was in Fiend Island, Shi Hao had heard that the Qin Clan's people almost strangled his grandfather to death. This made his blood burn with fury, to the point of near eruption.

He found this extremely hard to bear. Others actually treated his grandfather like this.

Grandpa Fifteen felt a wave of bewilderment. He was a man of steel with a heavy sense of righteousness, but he still didn't think about getting revenge, because in the end, he still had a grandson there. 

Even though, he didn't plan on acknowledging it. 

Using the words he thought inside, Qin Hao can just have the surname Qin. As long as he can have peace and receive that place's protection, even if he didn't have this grandfather, it didn't matter.

"Let's not talk about Qin Clan first. Heavenly Country's people have to be eliminated," said Shi Hao. 

He knew that Heavenly Country's pair of male and female genius entered. They hadn't given up this entire time, always searching for his grandfather's whereabouts, wishing to eliminate him.

In the following days, the secret realm became more and more intense. Immortal Palace's young great one took action, defeating the heavenly geniuses from all different places and leaving the entire secret realm shaken. It also triggered quite a commotion in the outside world.

As Shi Hao and his grandfather looked for opponents, they unexpectedly encountered Immortal Palace's young great one and fairy Yue Chan. 


To Shi Hao, this was clearly an exceptionally great enemy!

As soon as the two sides met, it triggered the attention of the nearby creatures, making them excited. They recognized the young devil king, as well as the Immortal Palace inheritor on the other side.

Immortal Palace's young one had a tall build. His figure was tall, slender, and sturdy. Hazy symbols surrounded him, obstructing his true appearance. There was only a pair of intimidating eyes that released a lightning-like gaze. 

He was extremely extraordinary. His eyes were like two dazzling symbols!

This was a terrifying heavenly genius that was like a divine king. He was known as one of the higher realms' most powerful supreme beings. His divine appearance was otherworldly with symbols shining brilliantly all around him. 

His black hair scattered downwards. In his hands was a void battle halberd. He overlooked all of his peers, his figure exuding an intimidating pressure. 

At his side, fairy Yue Chan's style was unmatched. Her white clothes fluttered about, beautiful like something out of a fantasy. Intelligent eyes rested on her sparkling white face. She looked forward. 

This perfect pair were like daoist immortal companions. 

Shi Hao was unmoving like a mountain. He stood in the void, his eyes clear and his skin sparkling. His only heavenly passage surrounded him, releasing an undying radiance!

At his side, Grandpa Fifteen's figure was imposing. His aura was oppressive like that of a demonic god. 

Both sides encountered each other. This triggered a great scene. The surrounding creatures were all startled. This signified that a world shocking confrontation might erupt!

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