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Chapter 667 - Immortal Devil Battle

"What? He is fighting against Immortal Palace's inheritor? A great battle unfolded?" 

"We still underestimated him. We thought that he was formidable, but we never expected that he would actually dare to challenge Immortal Palace's young inheritor!"

"Wrong, it isn't a challenge, but rather a chance encounter. The two directly erupted into an intense battle, and he didn't back off!"

There was a huge commotion at the entrance of the secret realm. Everyone was discussing this matter. These news were extremely astonishing, stirring up all of the experts' emotions. They were all extremely excited for the result. 

From their perspective, the young devil king was a new rising force that was too ferocious. He advanced forward valiantly, each battle more shocking than the last. What was his limit?

If one said he could fight against exceptional talents and contend against the greatest individuals among his peers, perhaps even winning, everyone could still understand this. After all, there was more than one exceptional talent, so perhaps he was an ancient sect's divine child that secretly entered and that was why he could have such glorious battle achievements. 

However now, he was fighting a great battle against Immortal Palace's young great one. This was definitely not normal!

Among the young experts that they knew about, that was definitely the one at the very top who could defeat all opponents and overlook his peers. He was not someone anyone could face. 

That was why when these news spread, it triggered a huge sensation. Many people were left stupefied. 

"Could it be that one of the ancient inheritance's hidden geniuses emerged?" An elder said softly. His expression became grave, because there had always been such rumors. 

"This should be how it is. I heard that there is also a youth that holds a golden lamp. Perhaps he also came from this type of place."

A few others came to this conclusion, believing that they were quite close to the truth.

Otherwise, it would be too hard to explain. This young devil appeared too abruptly. They had never heard of him in the past, and only the few hidden geniuses could be like this. 

By now, the outside world's endless cultivators were all extremely excited and stirred up from their discussions. If their speculations were true, then there was definitely going to be an incomparably great battle!

The sect masters sat in the void, also discussing quietly among themselves. As they talked, their expressions were all extremely serious. They were cautious no matter which legendary ancient inheritance was brought up. 

"Actually, I am hoping that he is a loose cultivator. That way, he would be breaking an undefeated legend." A sect master said. 

If Shi Hao was as a loose cultivator and not from any ancient inheritances, it would definitely create even more of an uproar. Many great sects might hurry over to fight over him to become their disciple. 

"I am hoping that it is a 'wild' outsider, hehe…" An old sect master roared with laughter. His eyes flickered with radiance. His expression was abnormal. He really wanted to accept this kind of disciple. 

However, he also knew that it he was a loose cultivator without any inheritance, he likely wouldn't have the chance to take him as a disciple, because too many formidable ancient inheritances would be fighting over him.

Of course, if everyone knew Shi Hao's true identity, many people would likely be stupefied, and not many people would dare to offer their protection.

It was because he had previously overturned a few undying inheritances in the lower realm, even killing the seven deities the higher realm giants sent down into the lower realm, ruining their great plans. 

Right at that moment, a hazy figure appeared. Someone else had unexpectedly been killed, appearing here. 

"I will killed by the shockwaves of those two's intense battle…" He was indescribably ashamed and resentful. This was what he said in a soft voice when he was asked. He came from one of Five Elements Province's great sects and wasn't an exceptional talent. 

However, this was still shocking enough. Regardless of whether it was Immortal Mountain or Fire Devil Palace, they were all formidable inheritances. The disciples they selected weren't weak. 

He brought back a piece of information, and it was that Immortal Palace's young great one hadn't used his sea of magical force yet, only fighting against that individual in a contest of the flesh. That was why life and death hadn't been decided yet even after several dozen strikes. 

"So that was what happened. Immortal Palace's secret techniques are world shaking, being well known for their magical power. He didn't play his trump cards yet!" An elder sighed and said. 

However, this was still enough to leave others shocked. The young devil king's flesh was comparable to Immortal Palace inheritor's! How shocking of a thing was this?

It was because the people who emerged from Immortal Palace didn't have any weakness. Even their flesh was definitely enough to overlook all peers. Their golden bodies were undying, simply like eternal bodies!

"I have a feeling that young devil king's magical force most likely hadn't been cultivated to the peak, and that he didn't come from any ancient inheritance, which is why he is no match…" An elder sighed softly.

"What a pity. I thought that the individuals from the hidden inheritances emerged. Now it looks like this isn't the case." An old sect master also spoke like this. 

Despite this being the case, everyone outside the secret realm was still hopeful. They wanted to see just how powerful that young devil king was, how many strikes he could endure in front of Immortal Palace's young great one before being defeated.

Even though everyone knew that he was powerful, they wouldn't bet on him winning. They didn't think that he could make it past this, and thought that he will most likely be killed in the end. 

Within the depths of the secret realm, deafening ear splitting sounds rang out. The two individuals were fighting intensely. 

The pill furnace was scarlet red. A True Phoenix danced about, its feathers beautiful and releasing resplendent immortal multicolored radiance. Shi Hao was incomparably courageous. He had one hand hold the furnace body and the other the furnace lid as he fought a great battle against this powerful opponent.

Metallic sounds continuously rang through the heavens. The two individuals' intense battle already lasted more than sixty exchanges. For ordinary people, this wasn't much, but against Immortal Palace's inheritor, this was a rare event. 

At first, a few people thought that Immortal Palace's inheritor would kill his opponent in several tens of strikes, never expecting that this young devil king would actually be so deep and unmeasurable.

Of course, some people also saw some clues. Neither of the two had let their secret methods or magical powers erupt, and so far, it was mainly just a battle of physical power. 

Despite this being the case, it was still incredibly shocking. It made many experts' eyes dazzled!

A weng sounded. The void trembled lightly. The great halberd disappeared. The sky split open, and then it suddenly appeared at the base of Shi Hao's arms. He was going to slice off one of his arms. 


The True Phoenix soared. It was scarlet red like blood and also suffused with a golden radiance. It was exceptionally beautiful and mysterious as it blocked there, neutralizing the situation. 


Divine light erupted again. The resplendent great halberd turned around, firing endless streaks of divine radiance. It turned into an eternal heavenly sun and suppressed downwards. 

Shi Hao's gaze was intimidating. His left hand held the pill furnace, allowing endless multicolored light to crash down. He also aimed the entrance of the cauldron at the mysterious halberd to seize it.

Immortal Palace inheritor's eyes blazed with radiance. His thick hair danced about, appearing as extraordinary as a heavenly deity. His heroicness was unmatched. He released a light shout, and then he fiercely pierced into the pill furnace. 

He erupted with power, activating the void halberd to directly destroy this pill furnace that had astonishing defensive power, triggering a huge explosion here.


"This is the great void slice!"

Everyone cried out in alarm, feeling incomparably shaken.

Many people immediately backed up. It was like a great stampede as they all left this place in fear. 

This was why the void halberd was terrifying. Once it was activated, it would display power at its peak. It could produce an incomparably terrifying destructive force, slicing open the void and creating a huge explosion. 

This type of great attack was unimaginable!

It was because the void explosion could kill even deities. As for magical artifacts and other things, they would even more so directly break apart into little pieces. The power was too great. Everyone trembled inwardly.

As a result, no one believed that Shi Hao could remain alive. Even though his pill furnace looked extraordinary, it likely wouldn't be able to defend against the void's explosion. 

In the past, many divine level magical artifacts had been ruined under this unrivaled precious halberd's power, forcibly blasted to pieces. Their symbols were wiped out, turning them in scrap metal. 

"Good, great one, kill him!" Someone shouted. It was a male who looked unordinary. However, right now, his face was overcast, and his face was rather sinister. His fists were clenched as he shouted with joy.

It was precisely Chen Qing, one of Immortal Palace inheritor's two servants. He had previously been killed by Shi Hao. His life symbol had already been destroyed, but he was extremely unwilling to accept his defeat, so he came back in. 

From his perspective, now that the great void slice appeared, no one could defend against it!

In fact, if nothing unexpected happened, this truly was unstoppable. Even the powerful exceptional talents were going to be killed.

The sparkling, translucent, and endlessly brilliant void halberd pierced into the pill furnace. With a violent tremble, the void really did split apart. It triggered a huge explosion!

At this moment, everyone retreated into the distance and avoided this place out of fear of suffering a disaster from being too close. 

However, what was shocking was that even though the void exploded and a great void crack appeared, about to display its power, a streak of blazing lightning erupted first.


This conclusion left many people shocked. The pill furnace contained lightning, and its power was unimaginably great!


An enormous streak of lightning surged, as if it as a golden snake that was chaotically dancing about. It was also like a purple phoenix that took to the sky. All types of lightning appeared in the furnace, and at this moment, they completely erupted. 

This was, of course, the lightning contained from immortal tomb's earth and heavenly river. It had a trace of immortal dao energy. When Shi Hao gathered it before, he had been hacked half to death. 


Forget about the battlefield, even several figures in the distance, due to being too slow, were struck by the lightning, scorching them black and causing them to drop out of the sky.

"Quickly back up!"

Everyone was shocked. Was this a lightning holy furnace? How terrifying!

"Great one!" Chen Qing cried out loudly. How terrifying of a lightning was this? He originally thought that the young devil king would be quickly killed, never expecting that there was still this variable.

The lightning covered the void halberd and rushed towards Immortal Palace's inheritor, attacking viciously at his body. At this moment, his body erupted with endless symbols that turned into a divine armor and protected in front of him. 

This left Shi Hao's mind shaken. This person was indeed formidable after all. His magical force was like an ocean. In addition, he had a mysterious armor around him that shouldn't be inferior to the heavenly cicada clothes. It would be extremely difficult to kill him. 

"Break for me!" Immortal Palace's young great one's voice became low, as if he was a divine king in the lower realm. He wanted to break that pill furnace and simultaneously blast its wielder into ashes as well. 

The void halberd trembled fiercely. The void split open, forming a cross shape trace. The great crack was spreading!


An aura of destruction overflowed into the heavens. Void power erupted, almost making this place collapse. 

"You really are something, even someone like you dares to compete against my clan's great one. Accept your death!" Chen Qing roared. He felt as if he was the one getting revenge, as if he himself was fighting on the battlefield.

This wave of energy was extremely intimidating, shocking the people who were watching from the distance until they felt a chill run down their entire bodies and goosebumps appeared all over. It was as if judgment day had descended, leaving others' souls feeling horrified. 

There were two interweaving crevices in the void, forming a cross. An explosion suddenly broke out! 

Endless light surged. Terrifying divine might surged, and everything was on the verge of disappearing. Even if a deity entered, they would still be killed!

However, something shocking happened.

The pill furnace shone and released a draconic cry. An indistinct True Dragon appeared, coiling about the furnace body. It raised its head and released a cry, refining the void and imprisoning endless divine might!

Shi Hao began to think carefully. This pill furnace was mysterious after all, just like what he expected. It could actually face off against the void halberd! This was a priceless precious artifact!

Even though the void had been blasted apart, it was imprisoned again, not allowed to extend outwards. It was even more so unable to harm the pill furnace, nor could it harm Shi Hao. 

Immortal Palace's young great one was extremely decisive. He recalled the divine halberd and quickly retreated, because not only did he feel a terrifying lightning power, there was also a type of curse that made him shocked and frown inwardly. 


Shi Hao shouted loudly. He used the pill furnace's body to smash into that void halberd. 

In addition, the furnace lid suspended itself above his head, protecting him. He himself turned into a streak of human-shaped lightning, rushing forward to fight in close combat again, using his fists to blast towards the other party's flesh.


Immortal Palace's young great one used the halberd to face off against the pill furnace. Meanwhile, he reached out a fist to meet Shi Hao's two fists. His expression was extremely cold. 

He had this type of self-confidence, and even more a type of pride and arrogance. He was going to overlook all of his peers in this worlds. If he couldn't easily kill all cultivators in his generation, how would he have the confidence to challenge the uninhabited area?


The two individuals' fists smashed together. Divine radiance shone in all directions, releasing power that was just too great. Right below their feet, a mountain peak exploded along with the wind from their fists. It was incomparably terrifying.

At this moment, blood splashed outwards, dying the sky red. 

The area between Shi Hao's thumbs and forefingers both ruptured, and even his fists were a bit worn out. 

On the other side, Immortal Palace's young great one's expression also changed. The area between his thumb and forefinger split open as well, and his fingers carried wounds as well. Blood was dripping outwards.

"What, great one… was actually injured. This is the first time in his entire life such a thing has happened! Something like this had never occurred before! Who exactly is this young devil king?" Chen Qing was shocked. He couldn't help but shout out like this. He said to himself, "He has to be the secret genius of some ancient inheritance!"

When he spoke up to here, his face immediately paled!

In the distance, the witch also came. Her skin was white like jade, and she looked just like a fairy, lively, intelligent, crafty and cunning. She blinked her large eyes and said to herself, "This really seems quite familiar…"

Soon after, news quickly traveled to the outside world. Those that predicted Shi Hao would be killed were all stunned, and then their faces were all covered in shock. 

"This generation's demon lord has risen up, actually able to compete against Immortal Palace's inheritor!"

The old sect masters all narrowed their eyes. They felt extremely shocked inwardly, becoming more and more astonished. 

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