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Chapter 660 

Jin Lie's head flew out. The headless corpse fell and turned into a golden vine. Sparkling liquid flowed out, and the golden symbols immediately became dim. 

Shi Hao quickly rushed out and grabbed that special branch on that vine, a black colored vine. Black light flowed about, and it contained innate natural laws.

"En?" It unexpectedly didn't break, making him quite shocked.

At this moment, everyone's expressions changed. Shi Hao was cutting off the divine vine's innate precious patterns! This was the same as a human race exceptional talent's supreme being bone or dual pupil!

This was an item bestowed by heaven, a complete unique secret method that had never appeared before. This was how the term exceptional talent came to be.

The eyes of some existences who ignited their divine flames burned, quietly closing in to make a move. They wanted to take action, because this vine was priceless. It contained an innate precious technique!

"Break for me!"

Shi Hao shouted. He fiercely exerted force. His arms shone, using all of his power to cut off this pitch-black divine vine. By doing so, he could perhaps obtain some of its symbols.

At the very least, he could still obtain an innate precious artifact!

Unfortunately, when he exerted force, this black golden vine turned into specks of light. It was wrapped around by the beast tooth symbols and struggled free. 

"No wonder I couldn't find the life symbol!" Shi Hao said to himself. He wanted to steal a life symbol this entire time, but he never found it. It turned out that it was stored within the innate symbol imprint. 

It was precisely because of this that the vine could protect its innate symbol from being seized by another.

The reason why Shi Hao also failed when he tried to peer into the primordial true bone after plucking out a true feather was also because of this. 

Golden patterns flickered about. A sun god vine appeared in the distance. Its true body reconstructed, forming someone that resembled Jin Lie. He carried bitter resentment and stared at Shi Hao.

"I will kill you!"

"Is that so? Do you still dare to come back in? I really am looking forward to it." Shi Hao's large eyes blinked. He licked his lips, revealing a look of desire. 

Jin Lie's head of hair danced about chaotically. Golden light surged. He was humiliated and angry, his face full of embarrassment. Multicolored light flashed, and then he disappeared while wrapped within a rain of light.

"Truly regretful!" Shi Hao shook his head. That beast tooth life symbol had an inseparable connection with this secret realm. It contained this little thousand world's mysterious natural laws. He couldn't stop it from bringing Jin Lie away.

The atmosphere was rather strange. Everyone looked at Shi Hao, feeling that this fellow's strength wasn't a normal type of strong. 

Jin Lie was killed. Strictly speaking, this was the first exceptional talent that was killed. Even though everyone had traded attacks before, it had never been this intense.

Everyone knew that from here on out, the secret realm would be full of dangers. With the first death of an exceptional talent, more were to follow. It was as if a demonic case was opened. No one could hold back their power anymore.

The secret realm's entrance, on top of that altar. 

A rain of light scattered about. A human figure appeared.

There were many people from great sects here. They were all hoping for their sect's disciples to obtain natural luck in the secret realm. 

Apart from this, there were endless cultivators who did not have the chance to enter the secret realm. They were all observing this place, leaving this place packed with people. They wanted to learn about the circumstances inside. 

"This person is… Jin Lie from Sun God Vine Palace!" Someone recognized him, appearing extremely shocked. 

Meanwhile, the others broke into an uproar. This wasn't an ordinary type of expert, but rather a true 'exceptional talent'. He had a unique innate precious technique, yet he was unexpectedly killed.

One could well imagine how cruel the environment inside the secret realm was. Divine children were battling it out, and supreme being youths were contending for supremacy. The curtains were already raised. 

Many people's blood surged, truly wishing to go inside and taking a look. That was definitely a grand occasion, but unfortunately, outsiders couldn't go inside. This made everyone feel regretful. 

"An exceptional talent was killed! It is truly something difficult to imagine!"

Outside the secret realm, everyone discussed this passionately. It was difficult to hide their looks of shock. 

This made Jin Lie's expression fall ashen, because everyone was discussing him, guessing at exactly who it was that killed him. As one of the defeated, this type of feeling was extremely unbearable. 

"Little friend, who did you fight against?" An old sect elder spoke up. He sat in the void, his figure blurry. When he opened his eyes, it was as if two streaks of lightning pierced through the darkness.

Even though Jin Lie was domineering, when faced against this type of character, he still didn't dare to act too unbridled. He said things as they were. 

At this moment, the Hou Race's old ancestor Zi Meng, Immortal Mountain's Qin Changsheng, and the others revealed looks of shock. Several sect masters were shocked. It was unexpectedly him again!

The crowd was stunned, not daring to believe what they were hearing. 

"It's that young devil king again! He killed an exceptional talent?" 

"That fellow first killed Fire Devil Palace's people, killed The Hou Race's young king, then unexpectedly began to kill exceptional talents!"


Fire Devil Palace's peoples were streaming with tears. Why did they have to be mentioned every time? This truly left them greatly pained. 

Everyone erupted into discussions. Such a mysterious expert unexpectedly appeared! He shouldn't have a life symbol, so there wasn't any 'list of names' to recognize his identity from.

It was clear that this was a supreme being youth that secretly muddled his way in. He definitely had confidence, not needing a life symbol at all. It made everyone feel more and more interested. 

"It truly is something to look forward to! I want to see what other world-shaking things he can do. Could it be that he is going to kill a heavenly genius?"

"Wu, he killed Immortal Palace's great one's servants, so there will definitely be a world shocking great battle. I really am looking forward to seeing what happens when they meet again."

Outside the secret realm, everyone's moods had been stirred up. They were excited, longing for the great confrontation in the secret realm. 

Within the secret realm's depths, there were lakes everywhere. Mists rose in spirals. 

Shi Hao killed an exceptional talent, making everyone reconsider his strength. Even though there were many who were fearless, they still did not wish to fight a great battle without a good cause.

In the secret realm, there were many natural opportunities. A silver dragon lotus was precious, but it wasn't important to the extent of fighting to the death. 

Not far off, the witch and fairy Yue Chan's battle were still going on. These two individuals' powers opposed each other, and it was difficult for either side to kill the other. Otherwise, they wouldn't have tangled against each other all the way from the lower realm until now.

Shi Hao thought he would be beaten up by the crowd, but now, it looked like these people were quite arrogant and refused to do something like that.

Perhaps it was because no truly heavenly defying natural luck has been seen yet. Once Origin Sky Supreme Being's inheritance was discovered or his supreme precious blood appeared, it would be different then. 

"The heavenly cicada clothes are a supreme treasure. Are you all that rich, actually not caring about it?" Shi Hao muttered.

His knee shone, revealing a piece of transparent armor. It released weng weng sounds, as if a cicada's wings were moving. It completely covered his left leg with symbols flickering about it. It was extremely beautiful. 

This kind of precious clothes was who knew how many times more valuable than a silver dragon lotus. It wasn't on the same order of magnitude. 

"Fairy Yue CHan, since you gifted me with a piece of heavenly cicada armor, then you should do the deed fully and send another piece so that I can have symmetry." Shi Hao said smugly.

Everyone became dumbstruck. This fella obtained Yue Chan's heavenly cicada clothes?

Moreover, it was the leg piece. How did he obtain it? It was definitely not gifted to him by fairy Yue Chan!

"Aiyaya, older sis Yue Chan, you are too generous, even giving this type of sparkling, body-merging, most precious armor to someone else. How bold!" The witch giggled, her eyes rippling with brilliance as she timely delivered a mental blow.

The imprint between Yue Chan's brows flickered. The spiritual attack became even more powerful, and a void figure rushed out to kill the witch.

"Aiyou, fairy, what happened? You want to kill someone to make them shut up?" The witch smiled slightly and defended herself from this attack. 

"Even with a battle of our level, you still want to vainly use words to try gain an advantage? Truly meaningless." Yue Chan was calm. Her skin was pure white like jade, her temperament outstanding. She wasn't affected at all.

"If I want to peel off another piece of heavenly cicada armor, it really will be hard…" Shi Hao said to himself. He moved around the two girls, looking like he was going to take action.

Everyone became stupefied. This fellow peeled it off himself?

They all revealed a look of shock!

These people looked at Shi Hao, and then they looked at Yue Chan's long and slender, sparkling snow white jade legs. They made a type of association, feeling like the scene was definitely one that was rather sensual. 

"Haha…" The witch roared with laughter, not worrying about her outer image at all. Her body swayed to and fro, but it wasn't ugly, instead possessing a unique type of beauty. 

Her beautiful hair fluttered about. Her figure was graceful and moving, with a gorgeous appearance. Her beautiful eyes shone like gemstones, and her skin was snow white like that of a fairy. There was a great charm to her. 

"Older sis Yue Chan, what happened to your leg? Even though it is sparkling white like ivory, there seem to be some fingerprints…" The witch giggled. 

She was clearly purposely speaking nonsense to anger Yue Chan. 

The group of people all revealed looks of shock, and then they looked at Shi Hao.

Someone said softly, "Where is that person from Immortal Palace? Didn't he walk close to Heaven Mending Sect's fairy? Why didn't he take action? Yi, he's not here!"


Right at this moment, a blinding light emerged in the horizon. A great battle erupted. 

There was a figure there brandishing a void halberd in his hands, stirring up heavenly winds as he did so. In the chaotic skies, endless symbols swirled about. It was as if the dome of heaven was going to be hacked apart. His divine appearance was absolutely intimidating!

On the other side, a golden light shone. A similarly tall and big youth stood there. The two individuals opposed each other with equal harshness, about to carry out a great confrontation.

That region was extremely hazy with immortal mists curling about. There was a talisman that rushed up. The two individual took action at the same time, currently fighting over it.

"That's the 'bone symbol' required for entering the inheritance land!"

Everyone was shocked, and they all rushed over. 

If one wanted to enter the inheritance land, they had to have a 'bone symbol'. Even Though there were more than one, obtaining one earlier and entering before the others naturally allowed one to obtain more natural luck. 

When everyone rushed into that region, Shi Hao prepared to kill fairy Yue Chan. The two of them had enemy relations, so he naturally wouldn't let this chance go.

However, right when he prepared to take action, someone also aimed at him, quickly rushing out from the darkness. There was a divine flame that was brought along. He fiercely slapped outwards. 

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it!

Fairy Yue Chan who was currently fighting intensely against the witch quickly shifted to the side to dodge Shi Hao's terrifying attack.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao was also shocked. He quickly leapt up to avoid the powerful strike from the divine flame expert behind him. 

"Chi Lingkong!" Shi Hao finally saw who it was.

"Evil monster, hand over your life!" Chi Lingkong and another divine flame expert from the same clan assaulted him.

"Old thing, I don't have time to deal with you now. I am going to grab a bone symbol and kill you all when I come back." Shi Hao said. His eyes flickered. He saw that the witch and fairy Yue Chan had separated and were rushing forward. He also followed. 

The two experts chased after him.

However, Shi Hao's speed was too fast. With the Kun Peng technique merged into the lightning, concealing its true appearance, he was incredibly fast. With just a few flashes, he disappeared from this place.

"Go, we are going as well. It is vital that we obtain that bone symbol. If we can open up the forbidden inheritance, that will be more important than everything else." Chi Lingkong clenched his teeth and said. 

When he entered this region, the mists became even more dense. A chaotic battle erupted with everyone trying to seize the bone symbol. 


As soon as Shi Hao entered, someone sent a palm at him. Multicolored light shone in thousands of streaks and divine force surged. Once he entered this region, everyone became opponents.

"En?" He was shocked. It was actually Qin Hao. The long life battle clothes he wore were shining!

He didn't want to fight to the death with this little brother of his. Even though he was attacked by a palm, it was an attack that passed through the air, and there were no other attacks.

"Did grandfather come too?" Shi Hao retreated to the side and searched around. He knew that if that person was his grandfather, he most likely came for Qin Hao.

"That is…" His mind was greatly shaken. He never expected to truly see that special youth. He was on that mountain peak not too far off, currently looking at Qin Hao.

That person's expression was complicated. There was a doting love, but also a feeling of distance. There was also memories, but even more sorrow. He really wanted to walk up, but he then stopped.

When Shi Hao saw this, his heart trembled. He quickly closed in!

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