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Chapter 659 - Killing Exceptional Talents

The blonde male's eyes blazed like a furnace. He walked forward. Was this a warning? This looked like an undisguised threat aimed at him!

"Are you speaking to me?" He said indifferently. His footsteps were forceful as he pressed forward. His entire body was shining and surging with golden blood energy. It was incredibly oppressive. The corners of his lips curled up, revealing a trace of a mocking smile, but even more so a type of coldness. He looked down on Shi Hao from high up with an arrogant look.

"You can treat it like that." Shi Hao replied. 

The blonde male's eyes were bathed in flames. Many golden symbols appeared on his body. The smile on his face became even greater, but it also became colder. With a tone of ridicule, he said, "Being so arrogant, I think you'll die young, unable to live past today."

"At your age, if you are killed, it won't even be considered a premature death." Shi Hao spoke.

"Haha… kill me? To put up such a display in front of me, I'll send you on your way!" The golden male said, immediately erupting with divine force. Symbols interweaved. The void was dyed in golden colors. It was as if a great sea that was intensely rising and falling was surging through this place. 

Shi Hao's build was tall and slender. When he was quiet, he was delicate and pretty, his eyes clear and his teeth spotlessly white. When he laughed, it was incredibly brilliant. Right now, he stared at everyone and used practical movement, putting his words into action. 

He formed a fist imprint and took the initiative to attack!

In the blink of an eye, the calmness became a domineeringness. All of his body's blood energy coiled about him like that of True Dragon, seeping out from his body and immediately making him look like a demonic god that was approaching the nine layers of heaven!

The blonde male's body was in the sky and looking downwards. With a sneer, he said, "My power dominates several provinces, and since the day I stepped onto the path of dao, I only killed geniuses. I hope that your death today will not dirty my hands."

He was clearly implying that Shi Hao wasn't good enough, only being barely enough to make him take action.

"If you want to die, then just come over here!" Shi Hao's words were concise and to the point. He already finished his preparations for this great battle. He was going to show his power and kill an exceptional talent. Only then would he shake every direction.

The blonde male's body was high up in the sky. He stepped downwards, his speed fast to the extreme, only leaving behind a golden afterimage. After raising his foot, he directly trampled down on Shi Hao's head.

This immediately released thunderous sounds in midair. As he stepped over, golden symbols surged like raging waves beating against a shore, clashing intensely against the void. 

How domineering was this? A single foot descending directly trampled towards Shi Hao's head! This was not only arrogance, but a type of humiliation towards Shi Hao as well. 

As soon as he stepped up, he displayed this clear contempt, domineering and forceful. He was going to trample an exceptional talent to death on the spot to display his own unrivaled nature.


Shi Hao shouted. His head of hair danced about chaotically. He shifted from calmness to action. His aura changed greatly, as if a demonic god was reviving. His gaze was penetrating and intimidating. The blood energy around him surged. 

His right hand's fist imprint was resplendent as it blasted towards the skies. It was as if a great sun was erupting. Endless symbols rushed into the heavens, and all of them rushed towards the blonde male.

The other party dared to act so domineering, trampling down on him, so he was naturally furious. He released a powerful strike to destroy that foot.


The two fiercely collided. A resplendent rain of light danced about, and symbols erupted everywhere, covering everything. This was a confrontation of ancient precious techniques, a clash of divine abilities.

It had to be said that the blonde male was powerful enough. His foot contained world shaking power that could trample a mountain peak to ashes and make the great earth crack apart.

Meanwhile, this strike at full force was stepping down on another person's skull. How forceful was this? If it hit, then the flesh would inevitably collapse and turn into a bloody mist.


Shi Hao leapt up. He formed a fist imprint and blasted apart the symbols. He was going to carry out a slaughter.

"Break for me!"

That individual was high up in the sky, his foot shining and erupting with incomparable golden symbols. It formed a stellar river diagram that covered the sole of his foot. It was as if a stellar sky was slamming downwards. 

This madman had his reason for being arrogant. He was truly that powerful, enough to slaughter the geniuses of many great clans!

Shi Hao's eyes became deep. His fist imprint didn't change, but there were many types of profound mysteries that appeared. Archaic Vermilion Bird four-fold barrage,a True Phoenix spreads its wings; these were all damaged precious techniques, but through the True Primordial Record's evolution, it changed the rotten to the miraculous.

At the same time, he activated the Kun Peng's true power, merging it together, making this fist especially powerful. It was nearly unstoppable!

Even with a lot of distance between them, everyone could still feel the horror and tyrannical power that was contained within that fist. It trembled the void, making the space around it even distort as if it was about to shatter.

Meanwhile, these were all hidden within lightning symbols. Shi Hao's fist shone. Lightning interweaved, erupting with blinding radiance that shook heaven and earth. 

This made the Child of Lightning especially shocked. He believed that the other party had other secret techniques, and this was just what appeared on the surface!


Following a tremendous noise, the lightning fist broke through that diagram. It was as if a painting was directly ripped apart, and then it began to burn within the streaking lightning in a dazzling and resplendent manner. 

This was Shi Hao's powerful strike. His fist imprint was like a rainbow, heaven defying as he attacked towards the skies, ultimately blasting on the sole of that foot.


Blood splashed outwards, and the sound of bones splitting apart rang through the air. The foot that was aimed at Shi Hao's skull split apart, its symbols growing dim. It seemed like that foot couldn't be saved.

Meanwhile, Shi Hao's fist imprint changed into a claw. With a peng sound, it grabbed the ankle and forcefully pulled downwards.

It was just a single grab, but everything below the ankle couldn't hold on anymore, splitting apart everywhere. Then, sparkling bone fragments and blood appeared. It was a ghastly sight. 

Everyone was greatly shaken. This battle had just began, but this youth seemed like he was already going to win?

Shi Hao fiercely pulled, and with a pu sound, blood dyed the skies red. That ankle separated as well, forcefully tearing off the other party's leg!

Many people erupted with noise!

Haze covered this place. Symbols interweaved, making this place indistinct.


Suddenly, Shi Hao felt as if something wasn't right. He didn't hear a miserable cry, but the scenery around him became indistinct. This was not the sign of victory.


Finally, he noticed that the sole he tore off turned into a small piece of a vine. The so called blood also turned into golden liquid. It wasn't blood. 


"Who is this person? A cicada is shedding its carapace! This isn't its true body?"

All of the spectators were shocked. They all focused their attention on searching for the blonde male.

Four long golden vines appeared in the mists and multicolored light, each binding around one of Shi Hao's limbs. It was strange and terrifying. Then, heaven overflowing golden light erupted.

"Break for me!"

Not too far away, the golden male said coldly and ruthlessly. His true body couldn't be seen. There was only a pair of pupils in the mist that shone with a deep and cold radiance. He was going to break apart Shi Hao's four limbs.

"Break!" Shi Hao released a short grunt. He opened his heavenly passages, restricting the four vines that wrapped around him. The flickering symbols quickly grew dim. He fiercely struggled, and several brittle sounds rang through the air. It was as if metal was cracking apart. 

The four golden vines broke off. Meanwhile, the blonde male in the distance released a muffled grunt. 

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance. He stared forward. Firegold Race's Teng Yi clearly didn't take action, so who was this person? How could he use this type of vine?

The mists scattered. The blonde male stood there, a golden flame jumping about around him. His face was cold. Both his hands formed an imprint, and a powerful wave of aura erupted.

"I know! He is Sun God Vine Palace's divine child, his name is Jin Lie!" Someone said, recognizing his identity.

This shocked everyone, and then they shivered inwardly. That was definitely a terrifying place where Sun God Vines grew. There was naturally no need to doubt that race's powerful heavenly genius!

Shi Hao had once seen Sun God Vine Race's giant in the lower realm. It had been hacked through by Willow Deity, and then it fled, returning to the higher realm. He never expected to meet someone else from this race.

He admitted that this individual named Jin Lie did have reason to be arrogant. He was indeed very powerful!

"I, Jin Lie, from the moment I have been born, have never suffered a defeat. Today, you've made me suffer a bit…" The blonde male said to himself. His gaze became even more resplendent, surging with flames. 

Immediately afterwards, he was surrounded. Vines covered everything and they quickly grew, covering the void. They were all golden ancient vines, and they were accompanied by raging dao flames.

"Sun God Vine Race's highest precious technique -- divine vine dao flames!" Someone said softly. 

Even more people released strange expressions, their expressions becoming grave. That fiery light was terrifying after all, burning the void until it distorted. There was still the endless vines flickering with symbols, forming a killing formation. 

The divine vine dao flame occupied the sky, surrounding Shi Hao and trapping him at the center.

"Who cares how many different methods you have? I will still be unmoved!" Shi Hao said to himself. He opened his heavenly passage to protect himself. He looked coldly at Jin Lie. 


Everyone was astonished. When that terrifying dao flame closed in on Shi Hao's sphere of light, it actually grew dim, and the killing power weakened.

When that golden vine pieced inwards, it even more so became dispirited. The symbols disappeared, a sign of it being wiped out. 

"What a terrifying domain!"

"What is that? Why do I feel like it looks like a heavenly passage?"

Everyone became astonished. They were all exceptional talents, and all of them were self confident, but right now, they revealed shocked appearances. 

Jin Lie was shocked. His attack was blocked! He fiercely activated the precious technique, guiding the dao flame and golden vines to attack that hazy holy light.

Meanwhile, with a raise of his hand, a special vine shot out that was like a black crystal and not golden. It released a dark light, immediately piercing into Shi Hao's single heavenly passage. 

Shi Hao reached out his hand and forcefully grabbed it. He immediately felt a stinging pain. His palm actually flowed with blood. 

"That is… Jin Lie has the ability to overlook all his peers, and it is rumored that he has a different vine from his clansmen, one formed from the symbols bestowed by the heavens." Someone said.

In that instant, Shi Hao erupted with action. He operated the True Primordial Record, harmonizing it with the bone texts of ten thousand races. The ordinary contained the greatest power as he did everything he could to destroy that black vine.


The black vine's tip cracked apart. Jin Lie released a cry of alarm and quickly backed up. His expression was unpleasant to the extreme. 

This vine was invincible, able to destroy precious artifacts and devour essence blood. It was successful in everything it did. He had never been defeated before, yet today, he was injured.


Shi Hao walked outwards. His heavenly passage shone, protecting him within. Like a great furnace, he rushed forward, defeating all of the divine flame dao flames and other attacks. 

His fist smashed outwards to kill Jin Lie.

"Very good, you are so powerful, so I won't be killing you in vain. Let me send you on your way." Jin Lie spoke like this, incomparably calm and cold. 

He quickly opened a special stone case that was incomparably simple and unadorned in appearance. There were all types of creatures engraved on it. In that instant, the case released strands of mist, and then a piece of earth the size of an infant's fist flew out, smashing towards Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao wasn't the only one that was frightened. Even the exceptional talents who were watching felt their blood run cold. There were a few creatures that ignited their divine flames who quickly backed up. Their fine hairs all stood on end. 

For some reason, the yellow mud seemed extremely sinister. It released a weak light and carried a trace of mist, unexpectedly filled with an aura of absolute destruction. It made others tremble.

"It's that piece of yellow mud!"

Everyone finally thought of the legend. In the past, there was a sect master level figure who entered the vast uninhabited depths, but he accidentally stepped on a piece of yellow mud. It released a weak light, and then that old sect master turned into bloody mud. 

Later on, it was rumored that Sun God Vine Palace's master hurried over. He didn't see that yellow mud, but he found moist soil there. He carefully collected it and refined it. 

The soil Sun God Vine collected had a bit of the yellow mud's characteristics. Through studying it, they noticed that it was exceptionally terrifying.

It was clear that  the 'yellow mud' that the divine palace's giant obtained was bestowed to this descendant, allowing him to bring it with him into the secret realm. This was a power that could simply kill anyone!

As soon as this mud was released, who could be his opponent? This was simply cheating!

In that instant, Shi Hao heard their discussions, becoming extremely alarmed inwardly. No wonder Jin Lie was so arrogant and so self-confident! He actually had this type of trump card!

He quickly backed up, but the yellow mud closed in quickly. 

He weaved left and right, but there was no way for him to avoid it. This yellow mud was too strange, actually following him without leaving. It was becoming more and more dangerous.

At the crucial moment, Shi Hao brought out the pill furnace, because it was extremely mysterious. There was something unordinary inside of it as well -- the immortal tomb's earth.

When he took off the lid, it really was quite strange. That yellow mud directly entered and sank into the furnace. It mixed together with the immortal tomb's earth, and then it became calm. 

Everyone became stupefied. The yellow mud was collected? Even though it wasn't truly that terrifying earthen mud, it still carried a bit of its characteristics. 

"Hand over your life!" Shi Hao roared and slaughtered towards Jin Lie.

This battle already didn't had any suspense left. Jin Lie was extremely powerful, but he wasn't Shi Hao's opponent. After losing the yellow mud, he didn't have anything else to rely on. He couldn't escape either.


A great clash erupted. Golden flames overflowed into the heavens, and symbols covered heaven and earth. The golden leaves and the vine itself continuously broke apart and fell. 


In the end, Shi Hao took to the air, trampling down on Jin Lie's skull firmly and forcefully, doing onto him exactly what he did previously. 


Jin Lie released a miserable scream. Cracks appeared on his skull, almost splitting part.

Then, Shi Hao descended like a streak of lightning. With a pu sound, his palm hacked down on his neck, sending his head flying outwards.

An exceptional talent was cut down, leaving everyone here shaken!

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