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Chapter 661 - Grandfather and Grandson Reunite

Shi Hao's body trembled slightly. Was that his grandfather? He was extremely moved, but also extremely nervous. 

The mountain wasn't that tall, and vegetation flourished. The young man stood on a piece of large rock, gazing at the far away Qin Hao. His mouth was slightly opened, as if he wanted to say something, but then it closed again.

"Hou!" Suddenly, an urgent and ear-piercing roar sounded. An enormous golden bear appeared on that mountain peak, one that was ten zhang in height. It slapped towards the youth. It revealed a mouthful of snow white teeth that were sharp like swords. 

This was a creature at the Supreme Expert Realm. It was incredibly vicious. Golden symbols blazed like flames around him and surged downwards.

Shi Hao was shocked. He couldn't help but released a loud shout, because that youth was currently experiencing a disquiet state of mind. In this type of situation, it was quite likely that he might fall prey to this sneak attack. An indistinct pair of wings appeared behind him, and then he quickly rushed over.

He didn't want anything unexpected to happen. If it was his grandfather, then if he accidentally encountered trouble, then that would be an unimaginable thing. 


Divine light flashed. The youth disappeared, his speed exceptionally fast. He avoided that enormous golden bear.

Shi Hao calmed down. This 'youth' was full of vigilance, and his methods were unordinary. He left behind an afterimage in the original spot. He was definitely an expert.


With a wave of his hand, wings blew about. This powerful enormous golden bear was blown away.

He looked at that youth, opening his eyes and wanting to say something, but he noticed that the other party was quickly backing up, pulling apart the distance between them.

It was clear that the other party was extremely vigilant, on guard against the enormous golden bear. 

In the secret realm, no one could be trusted. Everyone was on guard against each other, or else they might be cut down at any moment.

"Can I ask if you are…" When Shi Hao was trying to say something, his voice began to tremble. When he looked at this youth, he found it hard to control his emotions. 


A streak of lightning hacked down, one that was incomparably thick. It struck towards Shi Hao's head in a spectacular manner, as if a heavenly river was pouring down in torrents. 

Shi Hao raised his head, seeing that it was the Child of Lightning that took action. That 'bone symbol' unexpectedly ended up in this direction. The Child of Lightning's speed was extremely fast as he quickly chased over.

It was clear that the Child of Lightning viewed him as a competitor, so he made the first move to gain an upper hand. 

Shi Hao was furious. He just met the one he suspected to be his grandfather, but he was interrupted like this. He was naturally extremely discontent.

Meanwhile, he brandished his fist and blasted towards the heavens. Lightning similarly crashed down, accompanied with the Kun Peng power as well as the True Primordial Record's profound mysteries. It rushed towards the skies. 

This fist made the void tremble and distort like a shaken painting. 

The Child of Lightning was shocked. He was a bit confused at the situation. Shi Hao didn't fight against him for the bone symbol, but instead became angry because of that fist he sent out.

Then, several exceptional talents rushed over, some of them attacking downwards. 

This once again made Shi Hao extremely discontent. He continuously took action, even opening his heavenly passage to restrict one person that came down, and give him a vicious beating. 

That youngster was backing up. His expression was a bit strange, and he became even more so on guard. He could see that Shi Hao was formidable and unordinary.

The bone symbol became further away from them, so several exceptional talents rushed past without disturbing them anymore. Shi Hao followed along and transmitted sound, asking, "Can I ask if you came from the lower realm?"

That youth stopped and revealed a look of shock. 

Shi Hao knew that this type of pursuit and this type of questioning was extremely sudden and that it would make the other party become even more on guard.

"I do not have any bad intentions!" He stopped moving and spoke franky. His eyes were clear, trying to calm himself down as much as possible so that his voice wasn't trembling any longer.

"Who are you?" The youth calmed down immediately and appeared calm. 

"I also came from the lower realm." Shi Hao said softly. By speaking like this, he was taking an extremely great risk. If this person wasn't Grandpa Fifteen, then it would be extremely troublesome. What he just did was the same as exposing some holes in his identity!

The youth's eyes became dim, unknown what he was thinking.

Shi Hao felt anxious inwardly. He didn't know if the other party was making preparations or if it was something else. If it wasn't his grandfather, then the situation would be extremely serious. 

"I don't know who you are, but I can feel that you don't have any malice." The youth spoke. He had a sharp type of 'divine awareness' that was instinctive.

This was something that was quite similar to Shi Hao. Their intuition were powerful.

Shi Hao looked hopefully at him, and now, he actually felt a bit tormented, as well as incomparably nervous. It was because he cared a lot about this. He feared that he might miss out on this chance or maybe recognized the wrong person. 

"I came from the lower realm." The other youth said softly. He looked into Shi Hao's eyes to observe his expression.

At this moment, Shi Hao's heart trembled violently. He almost cried out loudly, but he endured his urges and said, "Are you the one called Great Demonic God from the Stone Clan?"

The youth's pupils rapidly contracted. He stared at him again and again without saying anything. 

"Did you enter the secret realm to see Qin Hao?"

"Your son's name is Shi Ziling."

Shi Hao continuously spoke, looking at this person not far off. He was extremely stirred up. 

"It seems like you know about my identity and know who I am." The youth said. He looked at Shi Hao, feeling a bit confused. He also looked hesitant and became on guard.

It was because he truly couldn't understand who this youngster was, why he knew so much. Even if it was the Qin Clan's people that came, they shouldn't be able to recognize him.

If not for his divine awareness being sharp and sensing that the youth in front of him didn't have any malice, he would have taken action a long time ago and fled into the distance. He wouldn't have paid this any attention. 

"You still have another grandson in the lower realm, right?" Shi Hao said, his clear large eyes becoming a bit red. He was both happy and moved.

When the youth heard this, he immediately became silent. There was a type of sorry that was hard to conceal. "Correct, my grandson is in the lower realm, but he cannot come up."

When he spoke up to this point, the youth gazed into the horizon. His emotions surged violently. There was a grand sadness coming out from him. He was trying his best to calm down his emotions. 

"If the was still alive, he definitely wouldn't be any weaker than these higher realms' exceptional talents!"

When he spoke up to this point, the youth's face carried grief, and also helplessness. There was a type of bleakness as well. The grandson he cared about the most who had heaven warping talent actually died in battle.

It was clear that the youth was the Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen. 

He thought of the past, these thoughts that had accumulated in his mind difficult to cast away. His own grandson was a natural born supreme being, but in the end, he had his true bone gouged out, experiencing great torment because of it. He had been forced to wander on his own outside since he was young. 

When he thought of this, Grandpa Fifteen felt great grief. "My grandson isn't any weaker than anyone else, he was an innate supreme being… however, there is no way for him to enter the higher realms."

"There was a way, he came up!" Shi Hao couldn't hold it back any longer. His eyes became red and he rushed forward.

"What are you saying?" Grandpa Fifteen's eyes also began to shine brightly. He stared at Shi Hao.

"He didn't die." Shi Hao was smiling, his eyes carrying tears. 

"If my Hao'er didn't die, he will definitely create a storm in this world. He will be able to face off against all exceptional talents!" The youth said with a trembling voice. Then, he stared deathly at Shi Hao.

"That day will come." Tears streamed down Shi Hao's face. 

"Who are you? Who exactly are you?" The Great Demonic God asked. He didn't dare believe this, because he already received concrete news that had long been proven. His own grandson had already died. 

"Grandpa, I am your Hao'er, I am still alive!" Hao'er rushed over, moreover no longer concealing his own aura. He released his true bloodline strength.

At this moment, the Great Demonic God was shocked, but he could feel that this person was extremely intimate. Their blood seemed to be able to harmonize. This was an extremely close person.

"My Hao'er!" His voice was trembling. He reached out a hand to caress the other party's face. Even if this was just a dream forged by Heavenly Country's assassins, he still wanted to throw himself into it. 

"My Hao'er… didn't he die in the lower realm?" Grandpa Fifteen was choking with emotions. When he thought of this, his heart felt a wave of pain.

"No, Grandpa, it really is me! I didn't die, and I'm still alive!" In that instant, he quickly revealed his true appearance to let his grandfather see him.

"What, this is…" Grandpa Fifteen's body shook violently. He looked at Shi Hao's appearance after he grew up, and then his body immediately staggered, finding this unbelievable. "This… is it a dream?"

"Who am I? I am the Great Demonic God's grandson! After losing my supreme being bone once, I could stick it through. It is just a trifling Immortal Palace curse, a rotten copper rush, yet it wants my life? That's impossible!" Shi Hao smiled through his tears. 

"Hahaha…" Grandpa Fifteen roared with laughter as well. Tears rolled out from his eyes. There was grief, carefreeness, but also endless joy.

Was this a reality or a dream? He couldn't really separate it right now, because his emotions were surging violently, his mood hard to calm. This joyfulness came too suddenly. 

"Where did these lunatics come from, crying and laughing over there." In the distance, someone said coldly and shot a look in this direction.

Shi Hao had his back towards that direction. He didn't turn around and instead quickly put away his true appearance. He used the Zhuyan Race's seventy-two transformations divine ability to change his appearance.

Then, he turned around and said, "Leave!" 

It was clear that this was an exceptional talent. He didn't meet him before, but he could sense that there was an especially exuberant life spiritual essence within him. 

"You want me to leave?!" That person coldly swept his eyes over. He wore black armor on his body, and there was a cold aura to his appearance that was incredibly intimidating.


His entire body shone with dark light. The black armor began to shine. He directly took action, hacking outwards with the black divine sword in his hand. He also berated, "Get lost!"

This streak of sword energy was especially fierce. It distorted the heavens and completely surrounded Shi Hao and Grandpa Fifteen.

This already couldn't be described as only sword energy. It was more like a sword ocean! It was horrifying!

"Grandpa, wait a bit for me!" Shi Hao said. Then, he welcomed this sword ocean. He stirred on his body's vital energy without holding anything back.

His heavenly passage shone, continuously enlarging to block this sword ocean. In addition, when he brandished his fists, the Vermilion Bird, True Phoenix, Suan Ni, Thundersky Sparrow and others all appeared. 

The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and True Primordial Record's symbols merged. He had comprehended its profound meanings. Right now, his full powered strike shook heaven and earth. 


The world trembled. This place began to sway back and forth. 

"Yi, that guy from Underworld Earth encountered an opponent?"

"That's the Underworld Child, an extremely powerful individual. He was actually stopped by someone."

"It's that fella called devil king. Not long ago, he killed Jin Lie, and now, he is facing the Underworld Child!"

This battle drew the attention of everyone here. They all revealed looks of surprise.

Shi Hao admitted that this Underworld Child was extremely powerful, quite a bit more powerful than Jin Lie. It was a terrifying opponent. Underworld light surged around him with the divine force of corrosion. 

"The powerful Underworld Child was blasted backwards?"


The two fought intensely, exchanging over a hundred moves quickly. What was shocking was that the 'devil king' still never revealed his innate precious technique. 

"Underworld Child isn't some ordinary figure. He had killed exceptional talents before and is incredibly formidable. He actually encountered a great enemy!"


Lightning flooded the heavens. All types of divine birds and ferocious beasts appeared. Shi Hao used the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagrams, scattering the black underworld light around Underworld Child. He then sent a fist smashing inside.


Blood splashed outwards. After a great battle comprising of over three hundred exchanges, Shi Hao blasted apart Underworld Child in midair. 

When the life symbols reconstructed Underworld Child, Shi Hao coldly looked at him and said, "Get lost!"

"You…" Underword Child was furious. The other party returned these words, but the difference was that these words were spoken after he was killed.

"If you aren't willing to accept this, then just come back. Then, I'll kill your real body." Shi Hao said calmly. 

He then turned around and quickly arrived by his grandfather.

"You are my grandson…" Grandpa Fifteen was shocked and moved. This youth was actually so formidable, directly blasting apart an exceptional talent!

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