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Chapter 658 - Great Battle of Exceptional Talent

In the heavens, brilliant colors swirled about and the void trembled as if on the verge of collapse!

A group of supreme being youths swooped down, and there were other creatures that ignited their divine flames that slaughtered over. If any younger expert saw this, they would all feel as if their scalps were numb. This wasn't a great battle, but instead a slaughter. 


A pair of wings appeared on Shi Hao's back, one formed from symbols. The golden color carried a holy aura. Electric arcs crackled about in an ear-splitting manner. 

He moved the wings and rushed into the skies to flee into the distance. 

He had the strength and power, so he didn't fear exceptional talents, but if he stayed behind, he would definitely be attacked from all sides and killed. It was definitely not worthwhile to do so. 

"Where do you think you are going? You even dare to use lightning natural laws before me, just a firefly in the face of lunar splendor!" Following a cold sound, the sky erupted and lightning poured down like a waterfall. 

Someone brandished their fists, illuminating the heavens with brilliance. The clouds were all scattered. It was extremely terrifying!

This endless light was brought about by the light produced by a single person's fist. It streaked across the air in an unbelievable manner. What kind of power was this?

A young supreme being streaked across the sky. His long hair fell down his shoulders, and his body was strong and healthy like that of a True Dragon. Every inch of his flesh had lightning symbols curling about it that shone incomparably brilliantly. He trampled on the sky as he rushed over. 

Child of lightning!

This was a true exceptional talent, one that was a chunk better than the self proclaimed heavenly genius from the Purple Golden True Hou Race. It was a young expert that could forcefully oppress several provinces with his power. 

His reputation wasn't self granted, but instead an illustrious fame forged through battles. He had his inherent precious technique, so he was known as an exceptional talent!

The Child of Lightning was just too fast. He cut off the route of advance and sent a fist smashing towards Shi Hao. "Why don't you just stay behind!"

"Who do you think you are, daring to block my path? Is lightning some secret technique only your race has?" Shi Hao replied indifferently. He raised his fist without backing up and fought him head on.


This place erupted into chaos. There was lightning everywhere in the void. It was as if the world was being wiped out. Lightning radiance filled the skies, extending outwards ten to over a hundred li. 


The Child of Lightning was shocked. The other party wasn't killed, his body still continued to shine. In addition, he stood in the holy light like a deity. There was a self-formed domain there. 

Shi Hao was greatly moved as well. This was worthy of being known as a true exceptional talent, one that grasps the unrivaled lightning dao precious technique. Those symbols were too profound. That strike alone contained life, eradication, and many other true meanings. 

"I am the greatest in the lightning dao, you are just showing off your skills before a true expert!" The Child of Lightning said. When his eyes opened and closed, lightning streaked across the sky as if they were going to blast apart mountain peaks. They struck the skies like a vast sea. His power was astonishing. 

He was incomparably forceful, smashing another fist over. He stood at the peak of the lightning dao and could defeat all those before him like pulling apart rotten weeds. A single fist could shake heaven and earth!

Shi Hao released an intimidating glare. Every inch of his flesh surged with symbols. He unleashed his only heavenly passage, and he also used the lightning precious technique. It began to burn like flames.


This lightning sound was so loud it made all the exceptional talents' ears ring with weng weng sounds. The world was becoming chaotic. Lightning radiance rushed into the ninth firmament. This entire secret realm was shaking. 

Regardless of what the outcome was, even if Shi Hao was defeated, he was still powerful enough to leave everyone shaken. He could actually compete in the lightning dao precious technique against the Child of Lightning, how shocking was this?

The Child of Lightning was born on the night of a thunderstorm. Back then, a streak of supreme lightning struck down, landing on his head. Not only was he not hacked to death, it refined his body, forming a forbidden symbol on the crown of his head. 

This was why he was called the Child of Lightning!

In terms of lightning symbols, none of the secret techniques everyone else grasped could compare. The Child of Lightning had an innate secret method bestowed by the heavens!

In the sky, human figures split apart. The two experts each occupied one area. The Child of Lightning being uninjured was one thing, but the other person was perfectly fine as well. This was simply incredible!

"What a powerful body protecting sacred light, actually able to defend against the greatest precious technique of the lightning dao, daring to use lightning to contend against the Child of Lightning, this person is formidable!"

Everyone's minds shook. This was definitely a powerful figure who no one dared to look down upon. What if he used his own innate divine ability? They all refused to believe that he only understood the lightning precious technique. 

"Your body protecting symbol light is quite extraordinary, but it is still not enough. In front of absolute offensive power, all defensive symbols are similarly useless!" The Child of Lightning said. 

He wasn't exaggerating. The best defense was offense, while the lightning dao precious technique was one of the most well-known offensive divine abilities, known to be able to hack apart any heavenly defensive symbols.

The Child of Lightning stepped outwards, looking down from the sky as he rushed towards Shi Hao. He was like a divine monarch that was overlooking the world, one who was going to suppress all of his enemies in this world .

In his hands, divine light erupted. Symbols containing a lightning hammer. It smashed downwards with a huge exploding sound!

In that instant, lightning radiance overflowed into the heavens, covering everything in a boundless expanse. 

At this moment, there was a type of mountain devouring power with every move he made, a type of confidence where he was the most powerful, high above everyone else. His imposing figure was going to oppress Shi Hao with pure power. 

From an outsider's perspective, he was just like a divine king that descended from the ninth heaven to punish an evildoer. His aura devoured tens of thousands of li, his valiance unstoppable!


Shi Hao shouted. His gaze became cold. After he supported that single heavenly passage, his left hand became as brilliant as a sun, and his right hand became pitch-black like ink. This was the Kun Peng power, but its appearance was completely changed. It supplemented the lightning dao divine ability.

This attack now became incomparably terrifying. His right hand had the great yang power with lightning symbols covering it, while his left hand surged with the aura of great yin, also wrapped in lightning. 

Shi Hao walked out with large steps. He was going to forcefully meet the Child of Lightning head on. It looked like it was still the lightning natural laws from the outside, only, it was now changed into two opposite yin and yang forces. 

However, at this moment, everyone was shocked. His lightning force was just too overbearing, his great valiance unmatched. He actually blasted the Child of Lightning until his entire body was streaking with electrical light.

"What is this? There is someone who could rival the Child of Lightning in the lightning dao precious technique?"

"What a formidable person! His innate talent is too great, using a type of foundational symbol to stir on the lightning, forming this world shocking lightning power!"

Shi Hao's movements were extremely imposing. When he raised his hand or moved his leg, there was a type of indomitable aura. He pressed forward with great bravery, simply as if a celestial emperor reincarnated.

The Child of Lightning's expression changed. His natural laws were actually blasted apart. The other party's lightning power was matchless, at at the very least rarely seen among similarly aged individuals.

Upon closer thought, he knew that rather than saying the other party was using lightning to deal with him, it was better to say that he was facing against the resonance of the great yin and yang forces. It was a power that oppressed the world and left one's heart shaken. 


A five-colored streak of lightning erupted, covering the Child of Lightning in brilliant radiance. This was a great slaughtering power forged by the lightning profound meaning, but it still couldn't blast the other party flying.

He was inwardly shocked. He silently wondered how it would be if the other party used his unique innate precious technique. What kind of result would that produce? The more he thought, the more grave his expression became. 

The two separated, each occupying a region.

"Let me have a try, see what kind of figure your distinguished self is." Firegold Race's Teng Yi came as well. He sat in the void, his body surrounded by a great sun. A divine flame blazed about, shining incomparably brilliantly.

He was like a deity seated within a great sun. His precious image was solemn and dignified. 

Shi Hao had fought a great battle against him on the Copper Sparrow Altar, but back then, Teng Yi had a time restriction and couldn't stay for too long, so he couldn't display his true power before and chose to leave.

It was clear that he felt Shi Hao was a terrifying opponent, so he immediately used the precious imprint from the start. A brilliant and sparkling precious pitcher appeared above his head that flowed with multicolored radiance. 

On the other side, fairy Yue Chan was also surrounded, and the witch was taking action against her. Her white hands were like jade. They erupted with divine light to fight against the Heaven Mending Technique. The two exceptional heavenly ladies carried out an intense battle. 

They were like beauties from paintings that could overturn the world. Their figures were wonderful, enchanting and moving. Their arms were spotlessly white, and their jade legs were long and slender. Their clothing fluttered about. Even while fighting a great battle, they were still beautiful to the peak. It was an incredibly moving scene.


Firegold precious pitcher's imprint formed. The entrance of the pitcher was sparkling and translucent. Colorful auspicious multicolored light surged. It looked like it was formed from divine glass, and right now, it erupted with sword radiance. Divine might shook this world, making the expressions of all exceptional talents change. 

Firegold Race was known as one of the ten great races in the archaic years. Teng Yi's magical force could overlook his peers. The firegold precious pitcher imprint was known to have many great race's methods merged within. 

Right now, it was reproducing its race's former unmatched legend!

Sword energy flew out like a rainbow, stirring up the entire sky. Symbols filled the precious pitcher, and each symbol was a streak of powerful sword energy. Immortal light shone brilliantly. Thousands to tens of thousands streaks of sword radiance struck over. 

Right now, Shi Hao was extremely calm. He was now facing Teng Yi again. He knew how terrifying this individual was, however, right now, when he couldn't use his best precious techniques, he was extremely calm. 

Not long ago, he saw exceptional talents confront each other and heavenly geniuses contending against each other for supremacy. In his heart, the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram appeared, and he gained an indescribable type of realization. 

The more commonplace, the most ordinary, those foundational symbols interweaved in his sea of consciousness. They continuously evolved, changing continuously. A Vermilion Bird took to the sky, a Suan Ni roared into the heavens, lightning covered the heavens, a True Phoenix revealed a pair of dazzling immortal wings...

"True Primordial Record… changing the rotten into something magical!"

Shi Hao moved. His hands merged together. They moved in the air, producing endless divine light. All types of symbols surged, producing many ordinary vicious beasts, ferocious birds, and many other powerful races. They all resonated in response, evolving the the most ordinary symbols into the most terrifying divine abilities. 


When good luck comes, insights appear. He peered into the rotten into miraculous profound meaning, gaining several times more comprehension in this field than in the past. He could now withstand the true supreme precious techniques. 

"Yi, what kind of symbols are these?"

"It's so strange. The most foundational bone texts interweave and evolve into the perfect attack, this power is actually so great!"

A few supreme being youths revealed looks of shock. They were all shaken inwardly.

At this moment, primordial bone texts covered everything, continuously evolving and forming the most complex diagram. It sealed all of the endless sword energy in the sky. 

In the void, Teng Yi revealed a look of surprise. This type of aura made his expression heavy. The thousands to tens of thousands streaks of divine radiance released from the perfect precious pitcher above his head became dim, and then they were wiped out.

"Great dao, suppress!" He released a light shout. The firegold precious pitcher flew outwards to suppress Shi Hao. 

"Open the skies!" Shi Hao also shouted out. His black hair danced about, and his clothes fluttered about. His hands joined together, and then he attacked the skies. 

This strike released ear-splitting rumbling sounds. Endless symbols erupted, and the world resonated in response. The rays of of light made even exceptional talents temporarily close their eyes. 

It was just too intense. The two individuals' symbols clashed together. It was as if a mountain or an ocean erupted, as if immortals or devils emerged in this world. Multicolored light shone resplendently and mists pervaded the air like primal chaos!

When the world finally became clear again, the firegold precious pitcher cracked apart, already disappearing.

Meanwhile, the primordial symbols Shi Hao blasted out also grew dim, fading away into the void. 

"Firegold Race's most profound secret, the firegold precious pitcher imprint, was actually broken through?" Only after a long time had passed did everyone gasp. This youth was terrifying after all. 

"Let me have a try!" A young expert who had a head of golden hair walked over. His body was shining and resplendent with heaven overflowing golden flames. Each time his foot descended, it would make the void tremble.

Shi Hao didn't leave. These exceptional talents were all extremely arrogant and self confident, not deciding to attack him together. 

However, these people were too conceited, all of them wishing to give him a blow and size him up. Who did they treat him as?

"Who are you all treating me as? Whoever dares to come up again, don't blame me for being ruthless. I will kill them all!" Shi Hao's eyes were brilliant as he swept them over everyone, especially the blonde male that was walking over. 

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