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Chapter 657 - Heavenly cicada clothes

Shi Hao's five fingers gathered. They were flowing with multicolored light and exceptionally brilliant!

Even though it was a palm, it was even more sharp than a sharp divine weapon, enough to hack through flesh and slice through precious artifacts.


Scarlet multicolored light flickered. Sparkling and bright red blood splashed outwards, dying this lake water red. 

However, following another ding sound, a vibrating metallic sound rang through the air, leaving Shi Hao stunned. 

He was grabbing fairy Yue Chan's sparkling long and slender jade leg and could clearly feel its temperature. It was a flesh and blood body, so how could it produce a metallic sound?

His right hand hacked at her smooth body, and blood even flowed out, but it was stopped, only being able to cut through a bit. It was blocked by a layer of symbols. 

In addition, this layer of symbols was still flickering. It quickly rushed out, covering the surface of her body in a layer of divine brilliance, preventing that palm from proceeding further.

Was this a flesh body or a metal person? He was a bit confused. He believed that in this type of distance, not many people's flesh could compete against his.

He knew that Heaven Mending Sect had golden body elixir, and that the dual-pupiled Shi Yi used precisely this to make his flesh comparable to Shi Hao's. 

He believed that Yue Chan's main body definitely used large amounts of the golden body elixir, producing immortal flesh and jade bones. 

However, what he saw here wasn't this. This was not the feeling flesh should have at all. It was sparkling and shining, cold like metal. 

As the same time, Yue Chan's main body counterattacked. A sphere of golden energy erupted from the space between her brows like a ball of fire. It was also as if a supreme deity was shining. The divine fluctuations were astonishing. 

The space between Shi Hao's brows was in pain once again. He staggered backwards, but he didn't loosen his grip. His only heavenly passage shone with resplendent brilliance, suppressing everything and weakening the soul force the other party sent surging over.


This time, he smashed out fiercely with his fist, but the result was even more clear. Sparks flew out from Yue Chan's leg, releasing dang dang sounds. It left him shocked. This was definitely not flesh. 

"Heavenly cicada clothes!"

Suddenly, after carefully inspecting it, Shi Hao understood. He could clearly feel that there was a layer of armor around Yue Chan's body. It blended with her flesh, transparent and without color.

However, it was releasing holy splendor and evolving symbols, blocking his attacks.

This was a legendary rare secret treasure, one that was difficult to refine and nearly impossible to find. 

It was because it needed the legendary Heavenly Cicada's transparent wings as part of the materials. This type of thing was simply invaluable!

Rumors had it that there weren't many Heavenly Cicadas in the world. Every single one would be sold for sky-high prices. Even the sect masters would show up and join in on the sales. 

It was because this material was extremely special. It could be refined together with several other exceptional divine materials and grant them a transparent and adhesive nature. Together with some void gold and other materials, it could be turned into an unsurpassed treasure material!

Divine clothes produced by this type of material would possess shocking defensive strength that far trumped all other divine precious clothes. Otherwise, how could it make sect masters' moved?

Moreover, the Heavenly Cicada Race couldn't be provoked. Even though there were only a few left, rumors had it that they still had an old ancestor -- the Heavenly Cicada Child, and existence with matchless divine force!"

As a result, even though this race was practically on the verge of disappearance and their numbers were extremely few, no one dared to provoke them, let alone take their wings to make divine clothes. 

"Good stuff!"

Shi Hao understood deeply how extraordinary this cicada wing divine armor was. It was transparent and perfect, difficult to penetrate. There was void immortal gold and other magical stones mixed within. 

Because these rare precious clothes were too rare, Yue Chan normally wouldn't expose them out of fear of being targeted by others. She merged it with her immortal jade bones and would only bring them out during the most dangerous times. 


Shi Hao tested things out again. His fist descended, sending colors flying outwards. Divine multicolored light shot out in all directions, but it still couldn't break through the heavenly cicada clothes. He knew that this type of forceful method wasn't enough. These transparent divine clothes had immortal gold and other priceless precious materials. Flesh couldn't do anything to it at all. 

Even if a sect master level figure came, they would still find it difficult to break through this material.


Yue Chan brought out a divine sword that erupted with auspicious radiance. Five-colored divine radiance swirled about. It was exceptionally sharp. It hacked towards Shi Hao's head. 

She naturally couldn't just watch Shi Hao attack her leg without doing anything. She unleashed powerful moves. The otherworldly fairy revealed her cold side as she brandished this heaven-shocking sword. 

The void trembled. Shi Hao's only heavenly passage shone. When it encountered this attack, it erupted with brilliance, distorting the void and releasing a powerful domain of power that affected the stability of space. 

The void was restricted. This was not all. The heavenly passage also had the power to obliterate all types of symbols that came from the outside world, so it could weaken all types of precious technique attacks!

When this divine sword descended, it immediately slowed down. Not only did the auspicious multicolored lights and various bone texts grow dim, she herself was also frozen in place. 

Yue Chan's main body gasped. Was that a heavenly passage or a type of body protecting holy radiance? Why was it this terrifying? It truly had the 'protection from ten thousand methods' type of divine might.

She has seen something like this before in the lower realm. Back then, the youth with a supreme being bone had opened up ten unique heavenly passages. When they connected together into a resplendent divine ring, they had the power to confine everything. 

However, that youth had already died, falling a year ago. In addition, that supreme being youth's ten heavenly passage weren't able to erase symbols, only trapping them. 

Who was this person in front of her?

Yue Chan was completely bewildered!

The light around this person's body was extremely similar to a heavenly passage. It could wipe out symbols and lock down all material substances!


Yue Chan pulled back the divine sword with difficulty. Then, she used the soul attack again. This was perhaps the most effective, because otherwise, the divine sword might fall inside of that heavenly passage and be forever lost.

The thing that made her the most upset was that after struggling several times, she was still unable to pull her left leg back. It was grabbed by that youth with a deathly grip. 

This sphere of light that was similar to a 'heavenly passage' was too terrifying. It could lock down everything and wipe out all symbols. 

"En?" Yue Chan was startled, feeling that things were extremely bad. Even the symbols of the heavenly cicada clothes were restricted, gradually becoming dim. This was definitely not a good thing. 

The only thing that made her rejoice was that the heavenly cicada clothes were sturdy and undying. Not even sect masters could easily break through it. It was a priceless divine treasure. Even if Shi Hao temporarily suppressed the symbols, he still couldn't break through it. 

If this confrontation was seen by outsiders, they would definitely widen their eyes, feeling that it was romantic and gentle. The two individuals' positions were a bit too intimate. 

In reality, it was full of dangers!

Yue Chan's soul attack was like an immortal sword, ready to cut down the other person at any time.

Shi Hao's heavenly passage was unrivaled. It released precious radiance, locking down the other party's leg. He wanted to pull the other party completely inside and forever suppress it. 


Yue Chan released a light shout. The area between her brows shone, and then a fist-sized little fairy unexpectedly appeared. It was holy and undying. It released a terrifying and shocking power. 

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. The other party's soul attack was just too powerful. In this type of distance, it could kill a race's supreme being youth!

Fortunately, he was powerful enough. His heavenly passage stood out from the masses and broke through ten thousand techniques. It could even stop this soul power, isolating the light sphere outside.

"This isn't good… heavenly cicada clothes aren't bad. Can I strip it off?" Shi Hao was still carrying that sparkling snow white beautiful leg, and at that moment, he lightly caressed it. This was an unconscious movement. He was admiring the precious clothes power. 

In the end, when Yue Chan saw this, she naturally thought that this was a type of harassment, a leecher's behavior. 

"You… scoundrel!" Her beautiful eyes flowed with auspicious multicolored radiance, releasing an incomparably forceful look. She berated with dao sound. Her face that was beautiful to the point of making others suffocated revealed anger.

Shi Hao was startled, and then he realized what happened.

He roared with laughter in an unrepentant manner and went even further. He carried that leg and carefully groped it, as if he was admiring an incomparable piece of art. 

"This leg is extremely long, smooth, and fair. However, right now, it is worth even less than a Scarlet Feathered Crane leg or Taotie leg. Those can at least last me for two days of food." Shi Hao licked his lips and assumed a reminiscent appearance. 

Yue Chan was furious. Who was this kind of person? What kind of comparison was this?

She released a light shout. The space between her brows became incomparably dazzling. In the end, a faint void figure unexpectedly threw itself outwards, attacking Shi Hao's heavenly passage. Even though it was indistinct, it was powerful to the point of making others' hearts palpitate. 

This was the first time Shi Hao revealed a grave expression. What was this?

Was this Yue Chan's greatest trump card? Her soul was powerful, so could it be something similar to other exceptional talent's innate precious ability, a type of inherent ability? 

Her soul could unexpectedly form a weapon, sometimes a sword, sometimes a spear. There was nothing it couldn't overcome. It was going to hack into the heavenly passage. 

At this moment, Shi Hao suffered quite a bit of pressure. he had no choice but to treat this seriously.

"Break open for me!"

Shi hao grabbed Yue Chan's jade leg, unexpectedly going to hack her down on the spot. 

"En? Black with flower patterns?" At the crucial moment, he suddenly spoke this sentence.

Yue Chan was first stunned, and then her pretty face turned red, unable to maintain its holy and perfect appearance. This scoundrel was too lacking in moral sense, seeing her undergarments and mocking her like this.

 In the end, she recovered her coldness, activating the hazy void figure that left her body and attacked the heavenly passage. She was going to fight against Shi Hao in a decisive battle. 

Shi Hao tried several times, but he wasn't able to cut the other party down. He was still calm and unhurried, taking out a pill furnace and lifting the lid. He poured a bit of liquid onto the long and slender jade leg. 

Lightning immediately erupted everywhere!

Moreover, he raised the pill furnace and began to smash that mysterious magical artifact on that leg.


Yue Chan's hazy soul figure appeared in the heavenly passage. It unexpectedly carried a great killing weapon as well, a golden cauldron that swirled with divine radiance. It smashed into the pill furnace.

"Not good!"

Yue Chan's main body's expression changed. On her thigh, electricity hacked about chaotically, blasting her until her qi and blood surged. If not for the heavenly cicada clothes protecting her, this leg would have most likely not been able to hold on. 

What kind of lightning did that water contain exactly?

However, this was not the most terrifying part. What made her heart beat crazily was that there was a curse power spreading outwards, wrapping around her and entering her body.

"Break apart!"

Shi Hao shouted. With the pill furnace in hand, he ferociously slammed downwards. In addition, he poured out a bit more of the heavenly stream, pouring it over Yue Chan's entire body.

In the blink of an eye, lightning radiance covered everything around the heavenly passage, completely drowning out Yue Chan. The most terrifying thing was that the curse power entered her body through her mouth, nose, and skin.

The heavenly cicada clothes were extremely heaven defying, but they didn't wrap around her entire body. Her face, heck, and other areas were exposed, so the curse was able to infect those areas. 

"Just give it to me!" Shi Hao shouted. He took action with full power, clashing with that soul power. Meanwhile, his flesh struggled against Yue Chan's, and the two individuals tangled together. 

This scoundrel… Yue Chan cursed. The other party was actually pulling at her heavenly cicada clothes and trying to steal it!

"Drop dead!"

Yue Chan was furious. The soul that appeared from between her brows suffered from the curse power and became weak. She couldn't help but back up, withdrawing the void figure. 

Meanwhile, it was also at this moment that Shi Hao took action, pulling apart a palm sized chunk of the armor from her legs. It was sparkling, translucent, and especially dazzling. 

Yue Chan used this opportunity to struggle free from the restrictions and escape. Her eyes were incomparably cold as she stared at this hateful and shameful opponent. 

Shi Hao was incomparably happy. He merged this piece of armor into his knees. It immediately reached out, turning into a transparent cicada's wing and protecting his entire left leg. 

This type of divine clothes were just a few pieces of armor. When it entered his flesh, it could cover a large region. This was the divine armor that covered the left leg!

Yue Chan's intelligent eyes revealed killing intent. These heavenly cicada clothes was something she only obtained after returning to the higher realms, a precious artifact she was extremely fond of, yet today, she strangely lost a piece. 

Correct, from her perspective, this battle was extremely strange, making her feel humiliated. How did she end up encountering this type of young devil king and suffer this type of loss?

"The legendary heavenly cicada clothes! I could actually get my hands on a piece too. Many of those sect masters can't even get one. The more powerful one's body is, the more powerful these battle clothes are, it really is something to look forward to!" Shi Hao was extremely satisfied.

This made Yue Chan furious. This scoundrel was definitely doing this on purpose, acting so smug in front of her face. 

"Fairy, how about we have a discussion? Can you sell the rest of the precious clothes to me?" Shi Hao spoke with a brilliance on his face.

Yue Chan didn't say a word. She was composed and holy as she gathered her strength to slaughter the other party. 


A streak of sword radiance swept outwards. The lake bottom collapsed, triggering a huge earthquake. This was Yue Chan's attack.

Shi Hao cried out strangely and hurriedly rushed forward to chase after the silver dragon lotuses. "You scared my holy medicine away!"

"Where do you think you are going?! Yue Chan chased after him. 

Soon after, Shi Hao caught up to those silver lights, and after capturing them, he merged them together. Silver multicolored light erupted, and they turned into a lotus. It was extremely unique. Its leaves, flower, and roots all carried silver scales. 

The fragrance wafted outwards. It was a stalk of holy medicine that was extremely unusual in appearance!

Yue Chan slaughtered over, carrying out another powerful attack. 

Shi Hao turned around and said, "Hey, even though the two of us had an affair, we shouldn't be like this, right?"

TL: The words used for affair literally translates to 'both having one leg'

Yue Chan's brows all stood on end. Her intelligent eyes released killing intent. This fellow only seized her left leg's heavenly cicada clothes, yet he already called it an affair! If news of this got out, it really would be difficult for her to explain herself. 


Sword radiance shook the skies, immediately drying up the lake water within several dozen li. The water even further away quickly surged over to fill in this place.

This left many people in the skies shocked.

"Yue Chan, by hiding down there, are you trying to ambush me? Why did you end up fighting someone else first?" The witch's laughter sounded. She was just like how she was in the past, her body curvy and wonderful, her black hair falling down like a waterfall. She was beautiful and moving, crafty and intelligent. There was a unique charm to her. 

She was fighting a fierce battle against a blue clothed male that was incredibly intense. Shi Hao had never seen this person before. 

Meanwhile, in the distance, there were various great battles that broke out as well. This was a place of chaos.

Shi Hao realized what was happening. Yue Chan was going to ambush the witch after all, only, he ruined this plan first. 

"I said the wrong thing. You and I both have a leg… heavenly cicada clothes," Shi Hao said, explaining a step further. From his way of talking, one could also abbreviate it as having an affair!

"You crazy disciple, your skin is thicker than even a city wall. Where do you think you are going?!" Yue Chan's main body chased after him. 

Shi hao stopped his footsteps and said coldly, "Without the heavenly cicada body clothes' protection, I want to see how you defend yourself. Today, I will capture you!"

"Everyone, he obtained a silver dragon lotus. I believe you all understand the uses of this holy medicine. It is a main ingredient in refining the divine flame pill!" Yue Chan suddenly shouted, her beautiful voice resounding through the heavens.

The advancement from supreme expert to the Divine Flame Realm, for most exceptional talents, was something that would happen soon. However, most people wouldn't choose to break through and continuously suppressed it. 

It was because the great battle of geniuses in the higher realms' three thousand provinces had an opportunity only useful for supreme experts!

In addition, every single person wanted to ignite the most perfect divine flame so that they could become unrivaled as a deity in the future!

It was clear that the divine flame pill was a type of rare precious medicine. When a creature ignited their divine flame, it could help one refine the divine flame, making it take a step further in perfection.

The silver dragon lotus was rare, and that was why the divine flame pill was difficult to successfully refine. It was hard to find in this world. 

"Everyone, she has heavenly cicada clothes on her body!" Shi Hao didn't hold anything back either and exposed her, dragging her down with him.


The skies entered a momentary silence. Then, endless light erupted, all of them concentrating on these two.

A group of experts swooped down murderously. 

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