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Chapter 656 - Breathtaking Lake Bottom

"I am going back in!" Zi Xiaokun stood on the altar, his head of purple hair dancing chaotically about. His pupils released divine radiance. He looked like a demon that had gone mad. 

He was a True Hou. Originally, he wanted to take Shi Hao as his servant, but in the end, he was sat on top of by the other party, instead asked to be his mount. This make Zi Xiaokun go mad. It was just too humiliating. 

"Just come back." Outside the secret realm, a shriveled elder sat in the void. He looked like an air-dried tangerine, looking dry and wrinkled. However, when his eyes opened and closed, purple light shot out like lightning, so sharp it made everyone break out in cold shivers. 

His hair was thin and sparse without many strands left over. He was extreme old. He stopped the purple-golden True Hou and said, "Even if you go, you aren't the other party's opponent, so don't act so rashly already. There are no opportunities for you here." 

When Zi Xiaokun heard this, his face turned completely red, and he wanted to retort, but in the end, when he opened his mouth, he only spat out two words, "Old ancestor!"

When everyone heard this, they were first shocked, and then they broke out into a commotion. The Purple Golden True Hou's race only had a single old ancestor, so did that person truly come? It triggered a huge uproar. This was a great figure even in the archaic era!

He was definitely a legend. When the True Hou Race opened its mouth and roared, it could devour the sun and moon; it was precisely this individual who started that rumor. 

In the battle back then, a group of enemies died just under his roar, among them no lack of sect masters. It made silver moons fall and stars drop from the sky. The divine might was matchless!

The most inconceivable part was that even though he looked withered up and shriveled, he was still alive all this time!

After the endless passage of time, only heaven knew how terrifying he was now.

This was an archaic great vicious beast that was just as famous as the old Taotie expert. Normally, they rarely moved about. Very few people were able to see him.

"Brother Zi Meng, if the younger generation wishes to learn through experience, then let him go. Why don't I send him another beast tooth life symbol." Immortal Heavenly Deity appeared, his appearance just like his name, looking around eighteen or nineteen in age, young and full of vitality. His appearance was handsome as well. The only thing that was a bit different was that his eyes carried a bit of great changes. 

"Let it be, that doesn't conform with the rules. Even though he calls himself a True Hou supreme being, he is still a step behind exceptional talents. My True Hou Race truly doesn't have any qualified successors…" The True Hou sighed and said. 

On the side, Zi Xiaokun's face was ashen, but he didn't dare retort in the slightest. 

"Disappointing thing, you walk together with other people's servants and even then, you can't even contend for supremacy. You still dare to call yourself a supreme being in front of others after all of that?" The old Hou, Zi Meng, swept his eyes out, making Zi Xiaokun's ears ring as he spoke and his face pale. 

He wanted to scream out. What he did back then was just to give others face, wishing to associate with Immortal Palace's inheritor, so it wasn't good to offend his servants. However, he couldn't shout these words out. 

In the end, Zi Xiaokun still toughed himself and said, "I still want to go inside, even if I die there!"

He turned around and faced the secret realm, not willing to back out.

"Send him to my Qin Clan's region. When the time comes, help each other out," Qin Changsheng said. He spoke formally, but he was reaching out and giving Zi Xiaokun a bit of help.

"I'm not going back!" Dragon Sparrow Race's young lady's face was pale as she said. She suffered a severe psychological blow, making her body shake back and forth. She quickly left the altar.

Everyone was shocked. What kind of person was that young devil king? He killed Immortal Palace great one's left and right hand people, as well as a True Hou race's young outstanding talent. The Dragon Sparrow Race heavenly lady was defeated so badly she didn't even want to go back inside.

This was absolutely astonishing!

Inside the secret realm, that azure spiritual lake. 

Mists rose in spirals, pure white like clouds. It was as if he was in an immortal realm.

Shi Hao admired a brilliant feather inside his hand, feeling extremely satisfied. The symbols on it were extremely concentrated, and with a light wave, it was as if an immortal sword swept out with penetrating divine radiance. In addition, it was accompanied by a haze that was incomparably brilliant. This was a shockingly valuable primordial true feather that belonged to the Dragon Sparrow Race. 

"I wonder if that True Hou or Dragon Sparrow will appear. I don't have time to wait for them though."

Shi Hao put away the true feather. He sat on one of the rocks by the lake and fetched the ancient dual-pupil to observe this pure and sparkling lake. He was looking for silver dragon lotuses. 

"Why did they disappear?"

He revealed a confused expression. The lake wasn't that large, so he could see all the way to the bottom of the lake. He could see all types of fish and prawn, but he didn't find any traces of that stalk of precious medicine.


Shi Hao jumped into the lake and quickly arrived at the bottom. This place was extremely calm without many abnormalities. There was a faint fragrance here that seeped through the lake water into the base of his heart. 

"Worthy of being a holy medicine!"

Soon after, Shi Hao realized where the problem laid. The lake had underground rivers that connected to other rivers. He quickly moved along, not willing to miss out on a rare precious medicine. 

This underground river was extremely long, and the flow of water was rapid as well. There was a sweet fragrance wafting about. Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise after discovering its traces and began to chase after its trail. 

The entire pursuit took several hundred li, and only then did the waters gradually calm. It began to rise up and merge into an enormous lake. 


A shocking streak of sword energy hacked down, almost hitting Shi Hao. This made him quite angry. Someone took action against him as soon as he arrived in this great lake! It was unforgivable. 


Another streak of scarlet red sword radiance hacked outwards, slicing apart the waters and even making the lake fall apart. It was incomparably terrifying, but the sword energy this time was much further away from the one from just now.

This made Shi Hao stunned. The accuracy was a bit too inferior! He didn't even have to evade at all. Could it be that it wasn't targeting him?

He carefully stretched out his divine senses, discovering that there was a chaotic battle taking place outside. There were quite a few figures that were fighting in a great confrontation. There were exceptional talents and young supreme beings among them!

Apart from this, there were even creatures that ignited their divine flames!

When he woke up, he arrived in a chaotic battlefield. It wasn't that someone was purposely attacking him, but rather that he got caught up in some of their battles' attacks. 

"Not good, the silver dragon lotus is a holy medicine and extremely rare. I hope it didn't land in someone else's hands…" Shi Hao cried out inwardly. He acted extremely carefully, not leaving the surface of the lake. He searched about in the water. 

The ocean waves surged, rushing high up into the skies, forming a white and boundless expanse. Even he was almost engulfed into the skies.

The battlefield in the skies was extremely intense. The waves of this lake that was several hundred li in size rushed into the skies, unable to calm down. There were many symbols that rushed into the waters. 

Not only was there divine force surging, there were also dao patterns everywhere. It was extremely dangerous with dangers at every corner. There was a great chance of dying here.

Shi Hao cursed inwardly. Things weren't going smoothly at all! Pursuing the silver dragon lotus actually brought him so much trouble. 

Meanwhile, once the holy medicine was discovered by someone, a tremendous battle was unavoidable. The creatures above would all swoop down to fight over it. 

"So that's how it is!" He shouted under his breath and continued searching.

Fortunately, his speed was extremely fast. He weaved through the bottom of the lake, avoiding the precious techniques and symbols that entered the waters streak after streak. 

"Yi, I've found it!"

Finally, Shi Hao saw a few streaks of silver light. Their speed was extremely fast. Even though they were all only the length of an arm, they were extremely bright. They were shaped like True Dragons, silvery white and sparkling, brilliance scattering out from their bodies.


Great waves overflowed into the skies. This place erupted with action. 

Shi Hao frowned, feeling extremely unsatisfied. If not for the sake of the holy medicine, he truly would have gone up to fight it out. He was almost struck by the sword energy.

There was even less of a need to talk about the silver dragons. They were panicking greatly. 

"En?" Suddenly, Shi Hao was shocked. He saw a pure white immortal body that disappeared with a flash, pursuing after the silver dragons. 

Did someone find the holy medicines and decided to capture them along the way?

A hand reached out, immediately grabbing one of the silver dragons. After carefully observing it, this individual's body trembled, seemingly extremely surprised and overjoyed.

Shi Hao pressed forward silkently. He saw a female whose body was long and slender, white like jade, elegant and moving. She was just like a fairy. 

In addition, this person was incredibly good at hiding her traces. Even if one was extremely close to her, it would be hard for others to detect her. Unless they personally saw her, if they weren't close, it was quite likely they would not notice there was a girl beneath the waters. 

She took action again, catching another silver dragon.

Shi Hao knew that he couldn't wait any longer. He already rushed forward, moving like lightning to grab a long, slender, and perfectly straight beautiful sparkling leg, then locking it down with symbols. 

Then, he quickly moved, immediately putting away the two silver dragon lotuses she carried in her hands.

It was clear that this woman was extremely shocked. Her ivory-like pure white and sparkling body revealed a layer of goosebumps. She was secretly attacked, making her tighten her body.

In addition, her entire body shone, using precious techniques to blast away Shi Hao. 

This made Shi Hao shocked. This pure white like jade perfect long leg was actually sturdier than precious techniques. It released terrifying fluctuations. If it was a normal person, they would have been hacked to death on the spot.

"You should just get over here!"

He grabbed the other party's ankle and fiercely pulled to capture her. 

The woman's head of fine black hair scattered down. She turned around, revealing an exceptional appearance. Her intelligent pupils were full of shock. She recognized Shi Hao, because they had met not long ago. 

Her white clothes drifted about in the water, revealing large amounts of her snow white flesh. She had an oval face and sparkling pure-white skin. Her eyelashes were long, and her large eyes were full of of life. Fine black hair scattered down like a waterfall, her entire being so beautiful it made others feel suffocated. 

Shi Hao naturally already noticed that it was her -- fairy Yue Chan. 

He immediately didn't hold anything back. He released his single heavenly passage and began to seal her.

Fairy Yue Chan was unimaginably powerful. The space between her brows shone, releasing a terrifying wave of fluctuations. Her sparkling white forehead released brilliant luster, displaying a soul power that would leave all of her peers shaken.

Shi Hao felt pain between his brows. Everything before his eyes darkened, and he almost went unconscious. If it was an ordinary supreme expert, their divine senses would definitely explode and they would die here. 

He became more and more certain that there was an inconceivable power sleeping within Yue Chan's consciousness. He suspected that there was a goddess lying dormant inside!

However, he finally stopped it. His only heavenly passage opened. Hazy multicolored light flickered about, weakening the terrifying divine sense power and preventing it from piercing through his head.

Yue Chan's main body couldn't help but feel shocked. Recently, whenever she activated a portion of the soul force, in this close of a distance, it was enough to kill even the heavenly genius of another race without any suspense. This was her greatest trump card!

It was precisely because of this that normally, exceptional talents wouldn't easily confront her. 

And now, the most powerful attack unexpectedly failed, not killing the other party. In addition, her sparkling white leg was wrapped around by the other party, trapped within that sphere of light.


Shi Hao shouted lightly. After recognizing her, he didn't spare any feelings. His right hand shone and symbols interweaved, forming a palm blade. It hacked down towards that long and slender jade leg.

In the past, him and Yue Chan's second body still could be considered to have 'friendly relations', but towards the exceptional fairy in front of him, he didn't have anything, instead facing off in a life and death struggle.

As a result, he didn't show any hesitation and attacked without holding back!

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