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Chapter 655 - Devil King Killing Heavenly Geniuses

As soon as these words sounded, regardless of whether it was the enchanting woman, Chen Qing, or the purple True Hou, their expressions all changed. This was just too self confident! He actually dared to fight all three of them alone!

"Do you think of yourself as an immortal king?" Chen Qing berated. He was full of hostility towards Shi Hao and wanted to take action a long time ago.

"Some people call me devil king." Shi Hao smiled indifferently as he walked over one step after another. This entire lake began to tremble. His footsteps produced a strange rhythm.

Later on, there was actually a sound that made the entire world resonate. A wave of powerful might surged, shaking everyone's hearts. 


The arrogant creatures in charge of standing guard were powerful and at the supreme expert realm, but right now, they coughed out blood from this type of footsteps, staggering backwards. 

Their expressions turned pale. Who was this person? He could defeat his enemies just with the sound of his footsteps?

It was clear that this was a type of 'power', one of absolute power that could overlook the world!

"Daoist brother, you truly have quite the imposing manner. Admirable!" The beautiful and seductive woman smiled and said. Her body was graceful and tempting. Her entire body was shining, ready to attack at any moment. 

"You flatter me." Shi Hao calmly replied. He continued to walk forward. Those footsteps continued to sound, and the rhythm became more and more powerful. It was as if a heavenly divine drum was sounding. 

"As a servant, your attitude is too overbearing. Today, there is a need to break your bones!" The purple True Hou roared. With a hong sound, a secret treasure appeared in the void, releasing endless stellar radiance around Shi Hao. 

This was a rope that was sparkling and brilliant. It was like a horned dragon as it streaked across the air to tie up Shi Hao. In addition, there were various symbols that shone on the ground to suppress him here. 

A streak of lightning erupted. A half foot long precious pestle appeared. The bone material was gentle and sparkling white. This was the weapon Shi Hao brought with him from the lower realm. It stopped that rope.

Then, the white bone precious pestle descended, striking the ground and destroying the formation.

"En? True deity magical artifact?" The purple True Hou's eyes flickered with radiance. His secret treasure -- deity trapping rope, was also this level of weapon, but it was resisted. 

At this moment, several half meter long silver dragons were startled. They quickly disappeared into the depths of the water and disappeared.

"If you frightened my holy medicine away, then I'll use your blood to refine medicine!" The purple True Hou shouted. His physique was big and tall. His purple hair scattered behind him, and his pupils were threatening.

"Who said those medicines were yours? The silver dragon lotuses are mine." Shi Hao said. 

"All of you, back up, let me!" Chen Qing spoke. He had his head trampled on, making him carry great resentment. He wanted to personally defeat Shi Hao. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to vent out that resentment.

"You are just a servant. Others praised you a bit, and now you really think you are equivalent to young supreme beings? Really exaggerating your own abilities?" Shi Hao coldly said. 

Chen Qing became furious. His face immediately fell, and his gaze became treacherous. Even though he was Immortal Palace's great one's servant, in the outside world, he was on equal footing with those sects' great divine children and holy ladies. Who dared to look down on him like this?

Multicolored light flickered about; a large purple bow appeared in his hands. The feathers of an arrow erupted with divine radiance. It was immediately placed on the bow. He erupted with killing intent. 

"You provoked someone from Immortal Mountain. Even if you are the divine child of a sect, it will still be difficult for you to keep your life. Watch how I kill you!"

Chen Qing drew his bow. In that instant, wind and lightning danced about. This arrow turned into a frightening heavenly rainbow. Around it, lightning and void images of demonic figures could be seen. It was incredibly terrifying. 

In the void, ear-piercing wuwu sounds could be heard. Lightning and thunder rumbled about. All types of abnormal scenes were produced!

This was a killing arrow, one that was aimed to take Shi Hao's life in one strike. He didn't hold anything back. The scene was incredibly terrifying. 

On the side, that female and purple True Hou couldn't help but nod. Being able to fire this type of arrow was indeed formidable, enough to kill many powerful supreme experts. 

However, Shi Hao stood there without hiding at all. Around him, an expanse of hazy light appeared, surrounding him like the sun and moon. It formed an immortal divine disk.

The divine arrow entered this 'domain', entering this demonic earth, quickly weakening and ultimately almost stopping. It was easily grabbed by Shi Hao's hands. 

"This is the arrow you shot out? What child's play. You even dare to compare yourselves with the divine children of different sects and talk nonsense about taking my life when this is all you can do?" Shi Hao sneered. 

This type of attitude, this look full of contempt made Chen Qing's face completely red. He continuously fired the bow and said, "Less insolence. Watch my seven arrows -- punishing the divine!"

Chen Qing leapt into the air and stood in the void. He continuously fired out. Around him, flowers blossomed one after another. Those were mysterious symbols, dazzling and brilliant. 


The first arrow shot over. Flames overflowed into the heavens.


The second arrow shot over. Metallic energy surged as if ten thousand swords were crying outwards.


The third arrow arrived. It was as if the great earth was rolling over and over. A great continent smashed towards the air. 


These were five elements divine arrows, displaying the power of all five elements. Their power was astonishing. As they whistled through the air, even the purple True Hou revealed a grave expression.

Meanwhile, this wasn't everything. When the final two arrows shot out, one was a heavenly sun that was incomparably dazzling and difficult to look at, while the other was dark like a pitch-black cloud, gloomy and void. 

The final two arrows displayed the light and dark profound mysteries. The symbols they swirled with were mysterious and complex. They were exceptionally powerful. 

Shi Hao frowned. Through Chen Qing's profound mysteries, he could feel how terrifying Immortal Palace was. This servant alone could obtain such astonishing inheritances, able to see through one or two of Immortal Mountain's secret foundations. 


Shi Hao moved. His sole heavenly passage completely opened, becoming even more brilliant. Meanwhile, he himself rushed at Chen Qing as well and attacked at full force.

"Break apart!"

Chen Qing roared. The seven deity punishing divine arrows erupted, chasing after Shi Hao with incomparably terrifying power. They exploded one after another, turning into the most dazzling symbols to kill this opponent.

However, what left him shocked was that the 'domain field' around Shi Hao's body completely wrapped itself around these exploding arrows, preventing them from approaching him. 

Meanwhile, the deity punishing arrows' symbols were quickly dimming, gradually disappearing. 

"What is going on?" Chen Qing was shocked, revealing looks of confusion. What was that, a heavenly passage or some special body protecting holy light? Why was it so powerful?

"Protection from all attacks?" From the side, the flirtatious and graceful girl said to herself, feeling greatly shaken. 

"No one can achieve something like that. It is just some special body protecting holy light that is a bit more powerful," said the purple True Hou. He began to have his own suspicions. He felt like that was a heavenly passage, but why was there only one?


Chen Qing shouted loudly. The hand that held the enormous bow fired again. Meanwhile, his body erupted with seven colored radiance, and then he rushed at Shi Hao, taking the initiative to fight him head on.


A brief collision broke out. Neither of the two individuals were blasted back, using their flesh to fight against each other. Symbols interweaved about. This was a forceful clash of power, a true competition of strength. They both wanted to suppress the other party.


Chen Qing coughed out large mouthfuls of blood and quickly retreated. His face distorted, because his hand was already blasted apart by that fist. He simply couldn't believe that he would suffer this kind of loss. 

One has to understand that he has soaked in the vajra divine elixir before, using it to refine his flesh. Even though he wasn't a cultivator that refined his body, it was still extremely unordinary. There was someone that could blast his palm apart with a single fist!

"A servant is just a servant. Others were giving face to your Immortal Palace by not bickering with you, but I don't have any good impressions of Immortal Palace," Shi Hao said. 

These words hacked into Chen Qing's heart like a blade, making him incredibly uncomfortable. He raised his heads into the sky and roared. Then, he attacked again. 

"Brother Chen, come back!" The female shouted. She also took action. A divine arrow that was like a divine sword shot out, aiming for Shi Hao's head.

Ka cha!

Shi Hao pointed outwards. Lightning hacked down like a waterfall, attacking outwards like a divine domain. Meanwhile, his main body's speed didn't decrease either. Without changing directions, he attacked Chen Qing to kill him here. 

"I will have you understand that even if I am not Immortal Palace's true disciple, I am still enough to kill you. In front of my Immortal Palace, you are not enough to even look at!" Chen Qing roared. His face carried a cold smile, and his body seethed with killing intent.

The green bronze rust in his palm flickered outwards, turning into endless light. It exploded in the void, drowning out Shi Hao within.

This was Immortal Palace's 'copper rust curse', the most terrifying curse power that made Shi Hao fade away in the lower realm. It took him a year's worth of time to trump over death and revive. 

When he saw this green copper rust, Shi Hao's eyes became ice cold. He opened the heavenly passage, surrounding all of the green copper rust symbols. This place rumbled with dao sound as it was trapped within.

"En, what?" Chen Qing was shocked. These symbols were the most terrifying, almost guaranteed to kill the other party. How did the other party capture it?

"There was an exceptional talent in the lower realm who overestimated his own abilities and was even killed, so how could you…" he trembled inwardly. 

When he heard this, Shi Hao's heart became even colder. He turned into a human shaped streak of lightning and rushed over. In addition, he shook his only heavenly passage, making this green copper rust completely explode. 

"Ah… don't!" Chen Qing roared. His face became deathly white. He was caught up in this attack with green light all around him. He immediately began to roll on the ground, crying out endlessly. 

Shi Hao could easily unravel this curse power, because he had already experienced it before. No matter how well this type of symbol was concealed, it still wouldn't escape his perception. He could restrict it into his hands. 

"A servant will just be a servant." Shi Hao walked over. He kicked him high into the air with a single movement, and then half his body immediately exploded in the void, turning into a bloody mist.

Chen Qing's remaining half was still there. It landed on the ground and rolled about.


Immediately after, Shi Hao raised his hand, sending out a streak of sword energy, hacking off his head.

Symbol light shone. He turned into a rain of light, quickly recombining. He was brought away by the beast tooth life symbol back to the entrance altar.

"Just a servant from Immortal Palace, yet he can have a life symbol. Hah!" After a moment of shock, Shi Hao sneered endlessly. 

At the entrance of the secret realm, on top of that altar.

Chen Qing appeared. He was full of resentment and indignation. His face was green and white. He couldn't help but release a great roar.

Everyone was stunned. Many people recognized him. Wasn't this that young servant Immortal Palace's young great one brought with him, the one that was shoulder to shoulder with divine children and sacred ladies? How was he killed so quickly?

Then, everyone became shocked. This meant that someone was taking action against Immortal Palace. It was quite likely that they were going to take action against Immortal Palace's young great one!

"Little friend, who was the one that killed you?" Fire Devil Palace's senior elder asked.

"Heng!" Chen Qing released a cold snort. His face was incomparably ugly, not wishing to reply. 

"What kind of opponent did you end up facing? Tell us." At this moment, another elder seated in midair outside the secret realm spoke up. It was clearly an old sect master.

Chen Qing shivered inwardly. He still didn't dare to treat this type of character rudely. He hurriedly showed some courtesy and said things as they were. He even described that person's appearance.

"Young Devil King, it's him again!" Fire Devil Palace's people cried out in alarm. 

Then, this place erupted with commotion. Everyone had a feeling a while ago that this mysterious youth would rise up. He might become a black horse. Now, their predictions were gradually coming true. 

He first killed Fire Devil Palace's people, and then he killed Immortal Palace young one's follower! What kind of temperament was this? He was absolutely fearless and was going to sweep through experts from all sides.

"I wish to return!" Chen Qing said. 

"This…" The people protecting the altar hesitated. If they sent him back, if he was killed, there would be no chance of revival.

"Bring me to the great one!" Chen Qing clenched his teeth. He stated the coordinates. He also understood that looking for Shi Hao again was equivalent to sending himself to death.

At this moment, within the depths of the secret realm, roaring sounds shook the skies by the lake. Shi Hao was currently fighting against a purple Hou that had turned into its true form, striking him until he continuously coughed out blood. 

When the purple True Hou fought against Shi Hao in his human form, he was defeated, breaking several of its bones. It then turned into its original form and angrily shook the heavens with its roar.

This type of creature, once fully matured, would turn into an extremely powerful expert. When it roared and attacked with full strength, it was enough to make divine moons fall out of the sky. It would become incomparably terrifying. 

This type of roaring sound was a great divine ability. Its power was astonishing, and the sky was full of symbols. It drowned out Shi Hao, but it was still unable to defeat Shi Hao. 


Shi Hao dropped down from the sky, trampling down on it until it staggered backwards. In the end, he forcefully sat on it and said, "Why don't you serve as my mount?"


The purple True Hou was furious. Within its race, it was unmatched within its generation, but it was actually sat on by someone and suppressed like this. This was a truly great humiliation!

Not far out, that woman was shocked. She turned around and ran.

"Hey, I still want to refine a five bird fan. Dao friend, can you help me with that and lend me a feather?" Shi Hao asked. 

It had long recognized that this girl was a divine bird, one that also had a rare primordial true feather. It was difficult for even one of these feathers to appear even from countless divine birds!

"You…" The girl was alarmed, furious, as well as humiliated.

In the end, the True Hou was suppressed by Shi Hao, unable to budge. However, it still wasn't willing to submit and become a mount. After all, it was still an outstanding talent from its race, so how could it willingly bow down to another.

"Then you should just go on your way," said Shi Hao. He was extremely decisive, removing its head in one go. 

Then, Shi Hao chased after that girl. She fled with great speed, but the human shaped streak of lightning still quickly caught up. 

This was unexpectedly a Dragon Sparrow, a divine bird with a shocking lineage. She fought a great battle against Shi Hao, sending dragon and phoenix cries echoing into the horizon. Both sides erupted with endless light.

However, Shi Hao was like an immortal king. As they traded vicious blows, each time Shi Hao struck out, his fists would be accompanied by lightning and roiling with blood energy. The Dragon Sparrow was shaken until it continuously staggered backwards. 

On the altar, Chen Qing had just disappeared, but a True Hou appeared, making the crowd shocked. This was a young heavenly genius from the Purple Golden Hou Race, yet it was actually killed?!

"I need to kill him, actually daring to make me his mount…" His roar resounded in all directions. It still hadn't recovered mentally from the great battle yet. These words made everyone stupefied. 

Someone dared to treat him like a mount! This was too shocking!

"Wake up." A sect master shouted, startling it awake. 

Then, when he said that it was a delicate and pretty male that killed him and described this individual's appearance, this place erupted into chaos. It was that young devil king again!

Then, before the Purple Golden Hou left the altar, another figure appeared with a flash. A female appeared, flustered and exasperated. Her impressive chest rose and fell, and her face was pale, as if she had been deeply frightened. 

"What? Dragon Sparrow Race's heavenly genius was also killed?" At this moment, the ones protecting the gates weren't the only ones who were surprised. The sect master figures all revealed looks of shock as well.

"Who defeated you?"

"It was a youth with clear eyes, but when he took action, blood energy overflowed into the heavens…"

The outside world completely erupted into commotion. The young devil king took action, killing a few of the most powerful heavenly geniuses of the secret realm in succession! It left everyone trembling inwardly!

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