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Chapter 654 - Immortal Pond

Shi Hao stood at the belly of the mountain. His only heavenly passage wasn't that large, but it shone brilliantly with multicolored lights as it surrounded his body, dying even his hair with a layer of sparkling brilliance.

Right now, he was without any faults or filth. His flesh was shining brilliantly, and his skeleton was sparkling, flowing with an otherworldly aura. It was as if an immortal was descending!

However, with just a slight operating of divine force, endless blood energy surged, roiling outwards, shaking the mountain until it quickly collapsed. 

When he was calm, he was like a divine lotus that took root on the surface of a lake. When he moved, he was like a demonic god raising chaos in the ninth heaven. Every movement he made contained extraordinary might, leaving every direction shaken.


Shi Hao took a step outwards. Like an arrow that left a bowstring, he disappeared from his original place, fast to an inconceivable level. 

Immediately after, the great earth cracked apart. A youth tore apart the walls of the mountain with his bare hands and walked through the cracks. He was delicate and pretty, and if he didn't do this, no one would have suspected he was like a barbaric dragon. 

A long cry rang through the air. A ferocious bird swooped down from the sky, its feathers releasing black light. It looked like it was cast from metal, carrying a type of cruel aura with it. Its wings crushed apart even mountain peaks.

Shi Hao raised his head and looked at this incredibly sinister archaic bird who could slaughter a dragon elephant without moving, allowing it to attack him. 

His only heavenly passage shone, surrounding him with brilliant immortal multicolored light. Auspicious radiance surrounded him, making him look holy and otherworldly. His eyes were clear, and his dark hair fluttered about in the wind.


Mountains swayed about as this ferocious bird swooped down, bringing with it a mountain-shattering might. It was extraordinarily powerful, making the mountain body quickly split apart. However, the figure below towered there without moving. 

Moreover, when it entered that shining heavenly passage, it felt as if it got into a swamp, unable to break free. Its breathing was difficult. It was bound up and restricted.

The vicious bird was horrified. It was the bird king of the vicinity and cultivated for hundreds of years. Its dao was profound and could kill all types of holy birds and vicious beasts, yet now, it was caught just like that.

Shi Hao raised it by its neck and said, "You want to eat me?"

Every black feather of this vicious bird stood on end. It lightly cried out, eyes full of fear. Its body was shaking all over. This person was too terrifying!

Shi Hao shot it a glance, and then flung it into the sky. "Stay further away from me."

The black vicious bird felt as if it had been granted amnesty. It was the bird king of this region, so this was the first time it had experienced something as terrifying as this. He quickly took to the sky, disappearing without a trace in the blink of an eye. 

Shi Hao walked outwards, one step travelling several hundred zhang, disappearing from this place.

"Aohou…" Along the way, a golden giant appeared that was ten zhang tall. Its body was covered in thick and long golden fur. It was incomparably ferocious. In its hands was a stone club. It fiercely smashed that club down at Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao raised his head and reached out a hand, stopping the six or seven zhang long stone club, preventing it from moving in the slightest.

The golden giant was stunned. What kind of power was this? It was many times more powerful than even his supreme expert level enormous golden body, making him shiver inwardly.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao left behind an afterimage in the original place. He appeared in front of the golden giant and raised it with his mountainous strength before flinging this giant outwards!

The golden giant smashed into the mountains. Enormous rocks tumbled about. Its complexion became pale, and only after a long time had passed was it able to breathe again. Then, like a frightened rabbit, it ran for its life!

Shi Hao returned to that ancient land that was covered in many bug races. 

However, this place was a mess, full of battle ruins. The cultivators had left a while ago, disappearing without a trace.

One could see leftover blood shining here. This was the precious blood of exceptional talents and supreme being youths. There were people who had been injured. There was also fur and other things left behind by vicious beasts who ignited their divine flames. 

The great battle here was extremely shocking and incredibly miserable. 

Shi Hao continued forward, arriving into the front of those mountain peaks that shone with multicolored radiance. He noticed that there were several divine mountains that had been destroyed, only having a smaller half left over. 

On the ground were various destroyed precious artifacts as well as ruined formations.


Shi Hao unexpectedly found an archaic cave here. There was an underground palace as well as an ancient watchtower. Only this place had been broken through, and all the things inside had been brought away.

"This is…" He noticed a few coffins inside this archaic cave. They were all the size of a palm, small and simple looking. They were carved from stone.

There weren't many, exactly nine stone coffins. 

"Being the size of a palm, what could they contain?" Shi Hao revealed a look of surprise. 

He looked around him. This region was definitely not ordinary. Even though it had been destroyed by young exceptional talents and experts that ignited their divine flames, it was still seething with auspicious energy. Spiritual essence filled this place. This was a rarely seen divine earth!

Cultivating in this type of place would result in twice the effects with half the effort.

"Who?" He turned around and looked into the distance. 

Several cultivators came into view, their faces full of shock. They were far away, yet the other party could still see them, making them shiver inwardly. They knew that they definitely encountered a young supreme being.

"We do not come with malice and were not trying to spy on you. We just wanted to come here to seek opportunities." They hurriedly explained.

These cultivators could be considered strong as well and unordinary. However, when compared to exceptional talents, then they weren't much at all. The great battle that took place not too long ago left them trembling in fear. They hid in the distance without daring to come close.

Only when everyone left and this place completely calmed down did they approach. They had just arrived.

Shi Hao wasn't overbearing and was instead quite easy-going, asking them for guidance on what happened here.

"The bug emperor appeared!"

When these words came out, it made Shi Hao shocked. He hurriedly asked for more details.

"Perhaps it can be called a soon to be bug emperor and not the king of ten thousand bugs, merely becoming close to one." Someone added.

In this divine earth, the boundless underground palace was broken through, and everyone discovered the nine coffins buried in ice. There were 'cocoons' or 'pupas' inside. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he couldn't help but become shocked. "Don't tell me that you all are saying that there are nine divine bugs that appeared in this world?"

"Exactly. The nine coffins all released resplendent divine light. That kind of sight shocked the entire secret realm!" Someone said with a sigh of amazement.

In the end, there was a divine bug that revived from every single stone coffin. Divine radiance pervaded the air. They crawled out from the coffins and triggered an tremendous battle.

Rumors had it that these were the divine bugs Origin Sky Supreme Being nurtured. The nine bug kings would confront each other in the end and evolve into the ultimate bug emperor!

Unfortunately, Origin Sky Supreme Being's rebirth failed, not having the time to have them devour each other, carrying out the final combination. He hurriedly sealed these nine wondrous bugs.

It was clear that he also had an intention of leaving this opportunity for later generations. After all, he was already going to die. 

"Nine cocoons and pupas, all of them young bugs. In the future, they will become unrivalled bug kings, as well as have the potential to become emperors." One of them sighed in amazement, appearing extremely envious. 

"Immortal Palace's young great one obtained one, the Qin Hao that has two immortal bones seized one…"

These people discussed among themselves. Secret methods of undying inheritances, precious medicines, and everything could nurture them a step further. There was no need for them to devour each other for there to be a chance of evolving these bugs into bug emperors.

Only, the price to do so was extraordinarily great!

When Shi Hao heard this, he was speechless. He might be able to see a few terrifying bug emperors in the future.

"Where did they go?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Those people might have gone to the immortal pond where the supreme being tried to undergo nirvana," one of them replied. 

Every time the secret realm opened, everyone would hurry over. It was rumored that Origin Sky Supreme Being failed to undergo rebirth in that immortal pond. He left behind supreme true blood and opportunities for descendents. 

Since the beginning of history, there were only a few people that obtained any of it. Every drop of true blood was precious medicine with mysterious symbols inside. If one can refine it, it would be a great natural luck. 

Apart from this, if one wanted to obtain the secret realm's forbidden inheritance and open up that supreme being's palace, they would also have to pay the immortal palace a visit. It was a place one had to go to.

Shi Hao didn't stay here any longer. After learning about these things from these people, he headed towards the distance. He began to chase after those exceptional talents. 

"Grandpa, will you appear?" He said softly.

Pure white mists rose in spirals, surrounding this spring's vicinity. This was a pure land with many lakes and countless beautiful mountains. It was surrounded by mist all year round, hazy and beautiful. 

The so-called immortal spring was precisely in this region. It was unknown which lake it was exactly. 

Moreover, this region was incomparably vast, covering an area of over ten thousand li. Due to how similar everything looked, people would often get lost here.

Shi Hao already entered for several days, encountering attacks several times, but he dealt with them all. This place was extremely dangerous. Not only were there exceptional talents and young heavenly geniuses, there were still divine level creatures from the secret realm.

Up ahead, the lake was even more clear and calm, shining like gemstones. There were mists wafting about as well. Giant stones rested by the lake, with two figures sitting on them. 

"Stay where you are!"

As soon as he got closer, these two people stood up with incomparably strict expressions. Their eyes were cold, their gaze shooting over like blades. 

"En?" Shi Hao noticed that this lake had arm length 'silver dragons' swimming about that had silver scales flickering about. They were extremely fast. 

This was not a flood dragon. He thought of a type of precious medicine -- silver dragon lotus. It was extremely mysterious. It was clearly a plant, yet it could turn into a silver dragon and swim in the lake. 

Moreover, it was extremely fast!

This type of spiritual medicine, normally speaking, could evolve into holy medicine. This was why it was so rare and precious.

It was clear that there was a stalk of holy medicine here. 

Shi Hao could understand what they were feeling, and he did not want to produce any conflict with them. When he heard this, he walked up, showing that he didn't have any intention of making enemies of them.

"You… come here!" Suddenly, right at that moment, someone coldly spoke from the distance. He even stood up. A wave of intimidating pressure surged over.

It was clear that the two before were on sentry duty and that this was the main master. He had a hair of purple hair, and even his eyes were purple. He stared at everyone with intimidating eyes that were like divine lamps. 

"Is there something you needed from me?" Shi Hao asked calmly.

"I am missing a few people here. You, get in that lake and help me herd some silver dragons!" He spoke with an unquestionable tone, his words cold and cruel. 

Shi Hao sneered. He didn't provoke them first, but he definitely didn't fear them. He was actually looking for an opponent to test his recent progress on!

"Do you think you are worth anything? You want me to help you get holy medicine?" He said to that purple haired youth.

Soon after, he revealed a look of shock, because he saw a male and female pair. One of them was still quite familiar, precisely Chen Qing. The girl's strength was quite great as well. 

"Brother Hou, weren't you looking for a servant? This person is perfect. His strength is good, enough to be shoulder to shoulder with the divine children of great sects. He'll be a good fit for you," said Chen Qing. 

"Is that so? I just so happened to need a competent servant!" That purple haired male revealed an interested look and stared at Shi Hao. This was a True Hou with strength powerful enough to fight against exceptional talents.

This woman smiled. On her head were some plume feathers, bewitching and beautiful. Her entire body had a type of enchanting aura to it. Her eyes swirled with radiance, revealing a look of myriad expressions. "Hmm? You guys might want to be careful. This person isn't simple and is quite strong." 

He had already secretly activated a secret treasure that already resonated with the formation at the edge of the lake. He was going to capture Shi Hao in one move!

"Brother Hou, let me go first! I will capture him and deliver him to you as a present." Chen Qing said. He naturally did this to purposely humiliate Shi Hao.

There was a type of coldness in his eyes. Previously, when he was trapped by the Black Scaled Bugs, Shi Hao had taken action against him, stepping on his head and making him full of resentment. He had always wanted to get revenge.

"Are you guys done speaking? You guys can all come together." Shi Hao spoke indifferently and took the initiative to walk forward. 

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