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Chapter 653 - Ten Heavenly Passages Into One

Chen Qing restrained himself. He didn't want to fight in the most terrible state, because his injuries from the bug horde truly weren't light.

Shi Hao didn't attack either. He could feel that there were exceptional talents watching in secret. Immortal Palace's inheritor was roaring from the distance. He didn't want to let others take advantage of him.

Chen Qing was unwilling, but he still withdrew.

Qin Hao and Yue Chan also disappeared. They did not want to fight Shi Hao to the death over the bug king, because there was still even greater natural luck ahead. 

The people who were longing after this in secret all shivered inwardly. They silently sneaked away. They knew that another young supreme being had appeared in the secret realm, one that could fight against several great experts at the same time!

Shi Hao revealed a cold smile from the corners of his lips. With a flash, he disappeared into the distance. He needed to increase his strength right now, making his body reach an even more perfect level.

"Did grandpa come?" Meanwhile, he through this inwardly. If that special 'youth' was the Great Demonic God, then he would definitely pursue Qin Hao and come here. 

Meanwhile, what he needed to do the most right now was increase his strength and wait for that person to appear. He could then confirm whether that person really was Grandpa Fifteen.


Lightning streaked across the air. The radiance brought about by one's fist illuminated the heavens. Child of Lightning was attacking, fighting a great battle against someone. It was difficult for this region to calm down. The battles were incredibly intense.

What exactly was happening? Shi Hao was puzzled.

Only an hour later did he meet a few cultivators whose cultivation realms weren't too high. After asking them, he gradually understood that this place might have a bug emperor!

Perhaps it could also be called a king of ten thousand bugs. 

In this area of thousands of li, there were many bug races dispersed around. They were all of different races, and all of them had kings. Someone found it inside of an ancient cave. This was the bug domain left behind by Origin Sky Supreme Being to raise the king of ten thousand bugs. 

After endless years had passed,  all types of bug kings from different races fought, devouring each other to ultimately evolve a bug emperor!

Some people discovered a few divine bug remains. What was shocking was that they didn't belong to any race. Instead, they devoured each other and evolved to the peak, reaching a terrifying level. 

Everyone guessed that life here was changing. The evolved strange bugs might not be the king of ten thousand bugs, but they shouldn't be too far from it.

This shocked a few exceptional talents, making them come in search of it. They wanted to find the bug nest and obtain the king of ten thousand bugs' pupa to raise it themselves. 

"There is a bug pupa of the king of ten thousand bugs?" Shi Hao was astonished. 

"Correct. Someone indeed found it, and that was why all of these young supreme beings are fighting over it," said a cultivator. He pointed towards the distance. There were five divine mountains at the center of that region, and it was suffused with five colored immortal light. 

In that region, there were traces of the king of ten thousand bugs. There were terrifying nests, as well as a few cocoons left behind after rebirth and evolution.

"What use does the king of ten thousand bugs have?" Shi Hao was confused. Was it worth fighting over? 

"There are too many uses. Once it is confirmed to be a king of ten thousand bugs, that means that it possesses an tremendous amount of spirituality. It is worth being called a priceless treasure!" Someone sighed and said. 

Based on what they said, the king of ten thousand bugs not only possessed shocking fighting ability, making it able to fight exceptional talents, it could grow up together with the young supreme being and become their most powerful aide. 

In addition, the king of ten thousand bugs possessed astonishing spirituality. It was sensitive to metals and can discover underground divine ore and extract void gold or other immortal materials. It could also aid in the refinement of weapons. 

There were still others. The king of ten thousand bugs was sensitive towards the worlds' dao and natural laws, able to capture all types of symbol traces and search for caves of predecessors in this word. Discovering supreme being traces like Origin Sky Secret Realm was not impossible either.


These people talked about different things about the bug emperor, leaving Shi Hao stunned and extremely shocked. The king of ten thousand bugs' value was too great, worth making even exceptional talents fight to the death over it.

If it was the outside world, those giants would definitely take action.

He was moved inwardly. He immediately thought of the Emperor Butterfly. It only appeared once in the archaic era and usually never appeared in the world. Could it be… the king of ten thousand bugs?

Shi Hao was sure that the Emperor Butterfly, for most bug races, was an indescribable type of power. It could order and rule the races like an emperor!

Therefore, after understanding what type of natural luck there was inside this place, he wasn't in a rush to fight over it. He had the Emperor Butterfly already, and he didn't think it was inferior to the king of ten thousand bugs.

"I will go cultivate first and reach perfection!"

Shi Hao flew into the distance, not stopping in this place. Right now, there were exceptional talents competing with each other and creatures with their divine flames lit. It was extremely dangerous and not suitable for going into isolation. 

Along the way, he noticed many bug hordes and continuously took action, catching a few exceptionally rare species.

"Scarlet Sky Centipede, Eight Footed Blue Toad, Golden Scorpion…" Shi Hao's eyes shone. These were all wondrous bugs that could be stumbled upon but not begged for. Many of them were almost extinct in the outside world, but he found hordes of them in here. It was really precious medicine bestowed onto him by the heavens. 

Meanwhile, he was pleasantly surprised that these creatures' places of residence had precious materials as well. The ancient caves had rare ores that were needed for medicine refinement, for example, winged dragon earth and golden scorpion rock.

"This is too great!" Shi Hao was overjoyed. With this, he didn't have to use substitutes. He already obtained all the rare things he needed.

He activated lightning, turning into a human streak of lightning and disappeared into the distance. Soon after, there was no trace of him left. 

After Shi Hao left, Fire Devil Palace's Chi Lingkong and another expert that ignited his divine flame from the same clan rushed here. They released a breath of relief. That Demonic Blood Ghost Tree chased after them the entire time. They were the only two left now. The other two had lost their lives.

"Little monster, I will never let you go. I will definitely find you and kill you!" These two people hated Shi Hao to the extreme. When they heard that a bug emperor appeared, they couldn't help but be moved and stay behind here. 

In Vermilion Village, apart from replenishing his natural laws, he also completed the reconstruction of the Blood Transformation Realm. This time, he was going to reconstruct his Heavenly Passages. This was actually the cultivation realm he attached the most importance to. 

He could ignore Spiritual Transformation, Engravement, Formation Arrangement and not reconstruct them. This was the only cultivation realm he had to treat carefully, because he could feel that this secret realm was too different.

In the past, he opened ten heavenly passages, shaking the entire wasteland region. This was what allowed his fighting strength to dominate his peers. It displayed amazing power.

After he revived, he was always studying the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram, using it to understand the True Primordial Record. He obtained a lot of benefit from this. He wanted to use this to reconstruct the heavenly passages.

He was hoping for another breakthrough, opening a different road!

Inside the belly of a mountain, Shi Hao opened it and cut it off from the outside world. A purple sparkling cauldron made of bones shone. The spiritual spring inside was already boiling. 

This cauldron came from Fire Devil Palace, and it came with over a hundred stalks of spiritual medicines. It was a divine level medicinal cauldron and good enough to refine himself and precious medicines.

"I can forget about the other cultivation realms and not reconstruct them, but the Heavenly Passage Realm has to be remodeled!" Shi Hao said to himself. He sat in front of the medicinal cauldron and carefully protected it. 

Soon after, he placed stalks of precious medicine inside one after another. The cauldron began to flow with brilliant colors. 

"The golden ginseng is important for enriching the blood. It could allow precious blood to evolve." Even though he didn't lack spiritual medicines and had every type he needed, Shi Hao still wanted to bring out a stalk of holy medicine. He broke off a chunk and placed it inside the medicinal cauldron. 

The golden ginseng was a foot in length. He broke off a chunk. Golden liquid flowed out, and a strong fragrance wafted through the air. It gave him a feeling of growing wings and ascending. 

This was quite the extravagant brewing of medicines. He used a true holy medicine, a treasure sealed within the pill furnace he fished up from the immortal tomb's heavenly river earlier.

The golden liquid flowed in, making the medicinal liquid inside the cauldron even turn gold. It was sparkling and brilliant, rich with fragrance. 

Then, Shi Hao placed the black jade lotus, scarlet orchid, golden grass, and all types of precious medicines inside, making the entire cauldron more resplendent. It flowed with brilliant colors, and medicinal fragrance assailed the nostrils.

Over a hundred spiritual medicines were placed inside, refined in the same cauldron. It was extremely shocking. 

Stone Clan's pill recipes really were mysterious, but also very extravagant. It was still only the recipe of the Heavenly Passage Realm, yet it needed so many stalks of spiritual medicines. 

Of course, to ensure the medicine efficacy was great enough, he put in a bit more.

In the end, Shi Hao removed his clothes and entered the cauldron to refine himself. This was a shocking scene.

He sat inside the brilliant liquid. Stalk after stalk of precious medicine floated around him. The black colored hound leaf vine, sparkling stellar grass, entirely yellow golden ginseng, li fire spiritual flower that surged with flames...

It was just too extravagant and incomparably shocking. Even if those undying inheritances saw this, they would be speechless. Even great sects would only be able to do this for a few inheritors. 

Shi Hao sat in the cauldron while silently reciting the True Primordial Record. The bone texts all appeared in his mind, giving him great insights. Since he obtained the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram and compared this true map with the bone text, he comprehend the true meaning. 

Inside the medicinal cauldron, apart from various types of precious medicines, there were a few ores and medicinal bugs, for example, scarlet centipedes, palm-sized silver pangolin, entirely golden scorpions… all types of wondrous bugs were floating up and down. 

Of course, the most precious thing was still the divine bug. It was entirely silver white, and on its surface was a qilin diagram. It possessed world shocking medicinal effects. It was precisely the Black Scaled Bug Race's bug king.

The medicinal cauldron's liquid was boiling. Multicolored mists surged, creating a hazy expanse and making this place look like the realm of immortals. All types of auspicious radiance surged. The spiritual essence here was so rich that it wouldn't dissolve. 

Shi Hao sat in the center, allowing the medicinal liquid to refine him. His flesh became scarlet red, as if he was going to be cooked. However, his blood was surging, cleansing every part of his body. 

He was operating the True Primordial Record's bone texts to inspect himself!

Finally, he fetched the cauldron's lid and covered the boiling great cauldron, sealing his body within. The purple bone cauldron was sparkling and exquisite, shining like jade. 

He continuously refined his body, guiding the great medicine's effects into his body to cleanse his flesh and bones and carry out a breakthrough. 

Of course, all of the precious medicines were only to assist in this process. The true test still depended on himself. Ever since he revived, he carefully studied the True Primordial Record. He gained extraordinary insights.

At this moment, Shi Hao comprehensively erupted!

Around him, symbols appeared densely and shone with incomparable brilliance. They illuminated the skies. Ten heavenly passages appeared!

Back then, he already opened them, and now, he reconstructed them. When the conditions were right, success will follow naturally. The perfect natural laws appeared. However, this wasn't the most important point. He wanted to make it even a step further in perfection.


The ten heavenly passages burned, using his body as a live sacrifice!

If others saw this, they would definitely be shocked, thinking that he went mad. Did he not value his life anymore?

"I am willing to part with it… willing… to part!"

Shi Hao said to himself. He had long comprehended this, and right now, he was simply rethinking this thought. He understood his blood vessels clearly, knowing what he was doing and not regretting it at all.

Right now, he was realizing his thoughts, forging forward fearlessly to carry out this test.

The ten great heavenly passages ignited, using his body as a sacrifice. This place turned into a sphere of light. He was about to go out of existence. 

In the end, the ten great heavenly passages broke, becoming almost half destroyed. Shi Hao also suffered severe injuries himself. His blood energy was withered, and his divine essence's exhaustion was severe. 

However, if one looked carefully, they would find that what he sacrificed wasn't all himself, and even more so the heavenly passage within him, the one that originated from his chest.

In the past, when he opened the ten heavenly passages, it was precisely because the supreme being bone opened a small heavenly passage inside of his body. 

Now that he abandoned the supreme being bone, that small heavenly passage was still there, only that it dimmed. He was going to sacrifice it again. 

The so called willing to give up, it was to burn down the ten great heavenly passages, sacrifice this small heavenly passage, making them break, and then reuniting them.

During this process, his flesh was in the middle of it all, so it couldn't help but suffer a great backlash. It truly was like sacrificing himself, an extremely dangerous process. 


In the end, a cracking sound rang out from inside Shi Hao's body. He opened his mouth and coughed out blood. Blood dyed the medicinal cauldron red. That was because his body's heavenly passages had broken.

"I… am willing!"

Shi Hao growled. He circulated the bone texts, connecting the ten great heavenly passages and merging the broken heavenly passage within his body. 

If it was an ordinary person doing this, they would have long wasted away, because the ten great heavenly passages that were opened with such trials and tribulations had already split open, almost being burned down, self-inflicted no less. 

Shi Hao clenched his teeth and continued to persevere through this process, making the ten heavenly passages that were half burnt merge, carrying out a recombination. 


He used the True Primordial Record's recorded bone text as the 'needlework', merging these broken heavenly passages and making them connect, becoming one. His body immediately sparkling brilliantly. 

Then, Shi Hao used his own body's insights as the dao flame, forging, refining, and re-establishing the heavenly passages!


An ear splitting noise rang out. A heavenly passage shone like an immortal domain!

'While standing here, it was as if one was looking at immortal light. Multicolored light surged, and all types of irregular scenes could be seen. That place was hazy and mysterious to the limit!

The only heavenly passage, there was only one!

The ten great heavenly passages disappeared, merging together with the heavenly passage inside of him, turning into a terrifying and hazy 'immortal domain'. 

Shi Hao suddenly opened his eyes. He noticed that the medicinal cauldron had long been blasted flying, and that he was sitting in the void. The inside of the cauldron was dried up, and all of the medicinal effects had been absorbed clean. There was only a bit of remnants.

"The reconstruction is finished. There is only one domain. I've succeeded!"

Shi Hao said to himself without too much joy or worry. His entire body was bright and without dirt. His flesh was sparkling, and endless spiritual essence was currently frantically entering his body through this heavenly passage.

The injuries brought about by the sacrifice had natural spiritual essence quickly flowing through them. After they were completely replenished, the natural spiritual essence even went a step further, entering his flesh.

It was unknown just how much time had passed. Shi Hao's body was sparkling and shining. He descended, the single heavenly passage surrounding his body was transparent, inside and out. As he felt his body's transformations, his eyes flowed with a suffocating radiance. 

At this moment, every movement he made carried a type of dao sound. He wanted to go out and get a sense of his new self. He was actually hoping that 'exceptional talents' would show up so he could test things out. 

Right now, he had an unrivaled confidence. There was a type of feeling that if he was number two, then there was no number one in the world!

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