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Chapter 652 - Action

Shi Hao was astonished. What was going on? He actually encountered two old friends. They actually both appeared. 

Yue Chan's main body had beautiful dark and shining hair falling down her snow white neck. Her beautiful black eyebrows were curved, and her eyelashes were long. Her intelligent eyes flowed with an extraordinary luster. There was an exceptional otherworldly beauty to her.

When they met again, Shi Hao naturally felt a bit weird inside. He had previously captured her second body, and on their wedding night, all types of things happened. 

And today, they met again, and with such short distance between them. He could see her sparkling white oval face that was like jade, her tender and beautiful red lips, and her brilliant eyes. He could even feel her breathing. She naturally gave off a unique aura.

Yue Chan's main body looked at Shi Hao, revealing a look of shock. She clearly never met this delicate and pretty youth before, so why was it that as soon as they met, she felt an indescribable ripple in her heart? 

She released her divine senses to carefully inspect the other party, wishing to see through the youth in front of her.

Shi Hao noticed this. She was becoming more and more formidable after all. Her divine senses' strength exceeded that of other individuals, and between his brows, it was as if there was a bright moon shining brilliantly and without any faults. There was a divine aura that it carried. 

He always doubted whether Yue Chan had a goddess sleeping within her sea of consciousness!

"I have to admit that I really am at the peak and exceptionally handsome, but you don't have to look at me like this, right?" Shi Hao smiled and said. 

Yue Chan was shocked. The young geniuses that appeared before her would either be completely at a loss, or they would immediately try to convey how extraordinary she was. However, this individual actually teased her in front of her face.

Her eyes swirled with waves. Her red lips moved slightly. "Daoist brother, this bug king is quite important for me. Could you part with it? I will give you other things to make up for it."

"I cannot! It is greatly important for me too!" Shi Hao resolutely refused.

The bowstring trembled lightly. The young man that came from Immortal Mountain held the enormous bow in his hands. His eyes were deep, revealing a strand of killing intent. He already added a purpled divine arrow to the bow.

"I advise you to stay a bit further away from me!" Shi Hao shot him a look. 

This male had a lofty attitude. His stature was tall with black hair scattering down. His eyes were bright and full of expression. He had an exceptionally handsome appearance. Rumors had it that he wasn't any inferior to the young heavenly talents of other races.

Regardless of where he went, various sects would treat him with respect, not daring to offend him. Even though he was Immortal Palace's young great one's servant, his status was extraordinary.

"Are you talking to me?" Chen Qing said, revealing a mouthful of snow white teeth. He carried a cold smile, as well as a type of confidence. "You will regret it!"

His entire body shone. The arrow began to flicker with symbols, revealing a shocking killing intent. He was about to take action. 

"Wait a moment." Yue Chan stopped him, preventing him from making a move. She had a strange feeling that she couldn't see through this young man, that he was unordinary.

"This bug king, I want it." Right at that moment, Qin Hao spoke. He wore long life battle clothes, making every movement he made carry an extraordinary type of grandeur. 

Right now, his entire body was covered in a layer of divine splendor, his armor shining brilliantly. Even though his age wasn't great, his temperament was calm. He was incomparably confident and prideful as he stared at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao's expression was calm. Even if this person was his younger brother, he wouldn't let him do as he pleased right now. It was because this silver bug king was extremely useful for him. He couldn't give it to anyone.

In addition, he couldn't expose himself to Qin Hao right now. If he empty-handedly gave it over, others would still doubt his actions. 

"If everyone wants it, then let's let skill decide." Shi Hao calmly said as he stood there. He faced the three people in front of him with indescribable calmness. 

This made the others shocked. Who was this person? He actually refused Heaven Mending Sect's divine woman, looked down on Immortal Palace inheritor's right hand man, and calmly faced Qin Hao who had two immortal bones. 

If it was an ordinary expert, they would have surrendered a long time ago, not daring to face these three experts at the same time. Could he be an exceptional talent? But they had never seen him before.


Suddenly, a thunderous sound rang from the distance, accompanied by the roar of vicious beasts and heaven overflowing divine flames. There was another great confrontation being carried out.

Someone was roaring. One could vaguely see symbols covering the sky. A bronze immortal palace's void figure appeared in the sky, majestic and imposing, terrifying everyone who saw it.

"Great one!" Chen Qing, the young man from Immortal Palace revealed a look of shock. He could see that under the bronze palace constructed out of symbols, Immortal Palace's inheritor was holding the void halberd and fighting a great enemy.

There was golden light flickering about. A divine bird was flying about, one that was extremely terrifying!

Shi Hao understood what happened. This place was unordinary, so something might have appeared, or some type of change happened. Otherwise, why would so many young supreme beings come?

"Hand it over!" The young man from Immortal Palace, Chen Qing spoke, his expression carrying cold intent. He raised the large bow high up, the purple divine arrow drawn back flickering with radiance. Time was pressing; they could not waste any time. He wanted to assist Immortal Palace's great one. 

"Get lost!" Shi Hao only had these words. He had a great hatred with Immortal Palace. When faced with this person's threat, he felt even more negative emotions.

Yue Chan did not stop him this time, standing off to the side. Her eyes were clear as she gazed into the great battle in the distance. That was the true center of confrontations. There were more than just one exceptional talent that was participating.


Suddenly, Chen Qing took action, releasing the arrow!

He thought of himself as standing side by side with young supreme beings, that he was one of the characters that competed for supremacy, so how could he care about an unknown young exert? He was going to kill this youth in front of him and seize the Silver Bug King.

Shi Hao raised his hand and grabbed towards the divine arrow, not dodging at all. The two collided, releasing metallic sounds and great sparks. 

With a dang sound, he grabbed the arrow shaft, trapping it in his hands.

During this process, Chen Qin had long moved. The instant he fired the large bow, he himself rushed forward, displaying Immortal Palace's precious technique to suppress Shi Hao. 

Meanwhile, Yue Chan took action as well. Qin Hao also attacked outwards. They all aimed for that Silver Bug King.


Shi Hao first sent a slap over at Chen Qing, and then he turned around, rushing towards the other two, not letting them get their hands on the bug king. The bug king was just too precious. When placed in a medicinal cauldron, it could be used to refine the body, making him more complete and perfect. 

He smashed a fist outwards. Divine lightning poured out like a waterfall, and lightning radiance erupted, blasting the void until it violently trembled.

Yue Chan turned around, her hand forming a magical imprint. Shining moonlight scattered downwards, making her look spiritual like an immortal. A white hand struck over, and with a hong sound, it collided with the cascade of lightning. 

Qin Hao stopped as well. The armor on his body shone. He rushed into the sky to face Shi Hao in a physical clash. His fist radiance was resplendent, erupting with endless symbols. It was enough to leave all of his peers shaken.


Shi Hao obviously remained calm. He raised his fist to attack, welcoming his move. That fist force shook the void until it released weng weng sounds, making many people shocked. 

This was a great collision of power, with them at the center. Divine force rippled outwards, making the mountains ahead collapse inch by inch. That ancient cave was blasted apart. 

In addition, the Black Scaled Bugs cried outwards, joining the chaos. They all spewed out metallic energy that weaved across the air like sword radiance, making this place even more disorderly and terrifying. 

After this strike, Shi Hao stood there calmly. 

Qin Hao's mind was greatly shaken. The other party's precious techniques were ordinary, but why was his flesh so terrifying? In the great clash of power, he actually wasn't shaken at all. It left him deeply surprised.

Yue Chan was shocked as well. Who exactly was this person? In that instant, he clashed with three great experts, but remained extremely calm without being on the losing end.

It was clear that he wasn't using all of his power. Was he claiming to be on equal level with these three great experts?!


Chen Qing suddenly changed directions, rushing towards the Silver Bug King, wishing to capture it first. 

Qin Hao's eyes became even more resplendent. His body's long life battle clothes shone even brighter as he immediately threw himself over. His palm released symbols that carried five elements divine light. 

"Immortal Mountain's divine technique?" Chen Qing was shocked. When faced with this type of mysterious technique, he felt great restraining fear. He moved to the side, dodging this attack. Then, he sent out a thunderous fist. 


When the two experts collided, the Black Scaled Bugs below were furious. These people didn't put them in their eyes at all, daring to fight on their territory.

The Silver Bug King commanded them. Endless symbols rushed up, actually merging together into a great killing attack. It rushed into the sky.

Regardless of whether it was Qin Hao or Yue Chan, they were both shocked. Meanwhile, Chen Qing even more so bore the brunt of this attack, standing right in front of it and receiving a terrifying attack. He released a roar and quickly rose from the ground. 

He first clashed with Qin Hao, suffering a great force and leaving his body shaking. Then, he was attacked by the bug horde's interweaving symbols. The metallic sword energy filled the skies, forcing him to back up.


Right at that moment, Shi Hao appeared, descending from the sky, trampling down on the most crucial position. 

"You dare?!" Chen Qing was furious. Below was an angry horde of bugs that was attacking him at full force, and above was Shi Hao's attack from the sky, moreover a foot headed straight for his head.

No matter what, he didn't want his head to be stepped on. That was a type of humiliation! He raised his fist to strike it!


However, the power of the person above was world shaking, crushing down like a great mountain. Winds whistled about, scraping at his face painfully like blades. 

Chen Qing's route ahead was blocked, and behind him, endless symbols swept outwards, making his body tremble. He suffered from the erosion released by the Black Scaled Bug's metallic energy. It was like being swept by sword energy, creating many wounds.


He spat out a large mouthful of blood. His body staggered outwards, spitting out a mouthful of natural spiritual essence. He immediately felt a wave of weakness.

Shi Hao descended from the sky, trampling down like an unmatched deity, sealing the sky with this attack. It made Chen Qing shocked and furious, but he found it hard to avoid this attack.

Chen Qing released a roar, producing a several dozen zhang wide palm of light, slapping into the sky. However, in the end, this was still useless. The great foot descended like a towering mountain, making him tremble greatly. 

Chen Qing was furious. The bug horde below shone, producing another threatening attack. Sword radiance hacked into his body and blasted him until he was shaking. 

Meanwhile, the great foot pressed down from the sky, almost sticking to his scalp. At this moment, he suffered a severe injury from the bug horde. He wasn't willing to accept this, but there was nothing he could do. He felt extremely resentful and roared endlessly.


His hands propped up the heavens, finally protecting his body. However, his hair was a mess, and his head was under great pain. Blood even flowed out. He almost had his skull cracked apart. The bug horde fell from the sky.


Bloody radiance splashed outwards. He continuously suffered the attacks of symbols. They were all metallic sword energy released by the Black Scaled Bugs. It was just too concentrated, causing him to suffer greatly.


Chen Qing cried out loudly as intense pain wracked his body. He struggled intensely, slaughtering towards that bug king.

From start to finish, everything happened in an instant, fast to the extent where normal people wouldn't be able to react to it. Chen Qing was still seriously injured. 

Qin Hao and Yue Chan were shocked. However, they couldn't think too much right now. They both rushed downwards to fight over the bug king, because the place where Chen Qing fell was surrounded by the bug horde, so this was a good chance. 

Shi Hao also descended, attacking selectively, guiding the bug race's leaders to the other three. Back then, when the Emperor Butterfly commanded the large bug hordes, he had watched from the side. His understanding of the bug races was now far greater than that of others.

The bug hordes encountered the four great experts' attacks and immediately collapsed. No matter how many there were, they couldn't stop 'exceptional talents'. 


Lightning poured down like a waterfall and electrical radiance flowed like rivers. Shi Hao dropped down from the sky with endless blazing symbols around him. He caught the Silver Bug King in one go, quickly sealing it and tossing it into the medicinal cauldron. 

The other three looked over. Qin Hao and Yue Chan's eyes were deep. Even though they were unwilling to give it up, they didn't immediately attack. They had once clashed with Shi Hao and understood deeply how formidable this person was. Fighting to the death over a bug king was a bit not worth it. 

Chen Qing's hair was dishevelled, and his entire body was covered in blood. His expression was ashen and incomparably unpleasant. He had his head trampled on by Shi Hao, almost going unconscious as a result. This was a great humiliation. He truly wished to fight to the death.

"I advise you to stay a bit further away from me." Shi Hao still had that sentence for him. 

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