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Chapter 632 - Leaving A Mark on the Divine Monument

The heavenly river flowed about, divine corpses floating up and down along it. By the riverside, an ancient monument towered into the sky, sparkling and brilliant. There were many creatures who surrounded it below. 

A few youngsters' spirits were raised, eager to give this a try. They all wanted to leave their names on the monument and see how high they themselves would rank. They wanted to know whether dazzling radiance would be released. 

"Let me try first!"

A youngster walked up. The bottom of his feet shone, leaving behind symbols one after another on the ground surface. It was sparkling and resplendent, and then his entire body ignited with radiance. 

He was going to test his own strength, so he used his greatest methods, erupting with all of his power to attack the stone monument. 

A rain of light scattered down, as if flower petals were dancing about. His entire being released the most powerful strike, and with thunderous noise, it smashed onto the three thousand zhang tall monument. A great noise rang through the air. 

"How is it? How high did I rank?" The youth stepped backwards, a hopeful look on his face as he searched for his own name.

However, after a long time had passed, nothing appeared, leaving him quite stunned.

"I don't see anything." The others also shook their heads. 

These people's divine senses were powerful, so if they carefully searched, they naturally wouldn't miss anything. They swept their eyes over the densely packed names, but they couldn't see any traces. 

"Has this monument existed for too long and some kind of problem happened? Otherwise, how can my name not be here?" The youth asked, feeling a bit disappointed. 

A few older cultivators immediately laughed. Among them, an old woman with green hair who carried a date tree staff said, "Not everyone can leave their names on the monument. It only maintains the first three million names." 

The youngster's face immediately became red and he clenched his fists. He unexpectedly didn't even have the qualifications, yet he wanted to see his ranking… he was truly embarrassed.

"Youngster, do not feel ashamed. It is rare for a person's name to show up on the ancient monument after many years. Those that can do so are all world shaking geniuses." An elder kindly consoled. 

"Just think about it! This is a ranking that has accumulated from the ancient era all the way until today. Countless eras have passed, so just think about how many people have tried to put their names on it. This really is a terrifying ranking," the green haired old woman said with a chuckle. 

When she said this, that youth immediately felt much better, no longer being embarrassed.

"This is the accumulation of the three thousand provinces since endless years ago?" Someone cried out in shock. After thinking about it carefully, it left him utterly terrified.

It was because if one averaged it, it meant that one province could only have a thousand people. If it was then distributed into the several thousand eras, then that meant that not even the number one genius of a generation in that province would be guaranteed a spot on the monument. 

This… everyone was stupefied. It was just too shocking!

"It mainly includes the nearby ten provinces. The ancient era's three thousand provinces… the distance is too great. Who can cross such a great distance?" An elder explained with a smile. 

That wasn't practical, three thousand provinces… every single province was boundless, with the space between them like the heavens. There was no way the geniuses of the remote ancient provinces would be able to come here. 

Of course, there were those who did pass by and tested themselves here. 

Everyone released a sigh. If this truly represented the rankings of all three thousand provinces, it would be just too suffocating. 

However, even though this was the case, once they calculated it, it still made everyone's expressions grave. 

"Let me give it a try." A purple haired youngster walked up. He wasn't of the human race. There was a layer of golden armor around his body that was shaped like a human, but had eight arms. He was extremely self confident.

The monument was divided into three regions, testing strength, talent, and potential. He chose the strength area. His entire body shone, and then with a rumbling sound, he struck the monument. 

Everyone backed up. They could feel the tremendous power and intimidating pulsing of symbols. It was much more formidable than that of many of the people here. This was a formidable expert. 

However, when that strike ended, he took a step backwards, but no movement appeared on the monument. The last name continued to remain carved there without any changes. 

"This…" Everyone was quite shocked. Not even the strike of a pure-blooded creature's strength could squeeze out the last person's name. How terrifying was this?

"Is it because our cultivation levels are still low, so our ranking isn't as high when we test here?" Someone asked in a low voice. 

"What kind of individual is the demonic sovereign? He transcended all shackles of heaven and earth, guiding down lightning tribulation. Rumor has it that he has killed undying existences. His methods are hard to understand." An elder shook his head, telling everyone that this monument considered the tester's age, cultivation realm, and other factors before making a final ranking.

"Let me test my talents a bit," said a youth. He saw that the two people before him tested strength and ended up like this, so he immediately didn't have confidence there anymore. He wanted to test his talents. 

However, he was left disappointed. He couldn't leave a name behind.

The youth stood there is a listless manner. He was known as a genius back in his sect and became the direct line of descent inheritor. In the future, he would grasp an inheritance, yet he was nothing here.

Then, many others walked up, but they all received a psychological blow. They all thought that they were formidable geniuses, but their tests all ended dejectedly. 

"Don't be discouraged, you have to understand that you are comparing yourself with the endless heaven warping geniuses of ten provinces since the ancient era. If a name was truly left behind, then that would be an incredibly grand occasion," said an elder. 

After hearing these words, the youngsters felt a bit better. They were all well-known figures from their sects, so they were proud and arrogant, otherwise, why would they have dared to come to such a dangerous place like Fiend Island. However, their confidence level took a great hit here. 

The shy young lady walked up. She looked quite weak, but people noticed that when she tested her natural talents, there was some dao sound vibrating. The precious blood within her released green light. 

"Yi, succeeded! It produced a reaction with the monument! You can leave behind your name!" Many people cried out in alarm. There was finally a single person among the group of geniuses here. 

A vacant area that was close to the bottom of the monument opened up. It was bright and dazzling, allowing her to leave behind a name there. 

"Hurry, write your name," the elder next to her said, seeming extremely excited. 

The young lady was pleasantly surprised. Her fingers trembled slightly as she wrote down the two words 'Qing Yu'. Then, the multicolored light faded, carving it into the enormous monument.

"She… is actually Qing Yu, Flood Dragon Race's well known genius young lady! Her name has shaken all of Five Elements Province, someone everyone has heard of!"

Everyone became a bit speechless. Even this type of young lady whose reputation shook a province could only barely leave her name in this place. Her ranking wasn't that high. 

As a result, everyone completely gave up. A genius that was at the forefront of a province only had this kind of result.

When everyone looked at the monument again, they all revealed looks of admiration. This was simply an unreachable height. The ancient geniuses of the ten provinces that visited here were truly brilliant, dazzling to the point where people felt an urge to worship them.

This was especially true when they saw Qin Hao's name all the way up there. Everyone's minds trembled greatly. This person… was in the same world as them!

The more they understood, the more fear they felt. The difference between themselves were too great.

"Immortal Mountain is truly formidable… They actually produced such a monster, one with natural talents ranked number one since ancient times!"

Everyone said softly. They all vented out their bitter feelings. When they first saw this monument, they didn't think much of it, but now, they all felt a wave of pressure weighing down on their chests, as if they were faced against an undying legend. 

Qin Hao's ranking in talent was higher than Immortal Heavenly Deity Qin Changsheng, ranked number one alongside two other individuals. 

The names of the two others were unfamiliar, all ancient people that had not been talked about in the later world. Legends had it that they were pseudonyms. They might have came from Heavenly Country, Immortal Palace, or places like that. 

"Formidable, the Qin Clan is definitely going to achieve greatness. No one can stop him. He even surpassed Qin Changsheng! In the future, no one can predict what kind of realm he will reach," the green haired old woman said. 

"This is someone extremely lucky. He will definitely become a world shaking forbidden existence," an elder added. 

"Do not feel discouraged. That youth has two immortal bones himself, a king among innate supreme beings. His rivals are not confined to this era, and he instead looks to surpass the ancient and present!"

A few older generation figures said to help the youngsters here become less dispirited. Some people are destined to devour mountains and rivers with their might and overlook the three thousand provinces, both ancient and modern. They were blessed with wonderful talents. 

This wasn't something any of them could do anything about. No one could stop their rise to power.

"Why didn't he test his strength?" A youngster asked in a soft voice. 

"Rumor has it that his two bones haven't fully resonated with each other yet, and that they are still growing and harmonizing. After a period of time, he will come back to take the number one ranking of the ten provinces' power ranking," said an older generation figure. 

When everyone heard this, they opened their mouths, but they found it difficult to say anything. What kind of arrogance and splendidness was that?

"Is there anyone else that wishes to give it a try?"

There were several hundred people who gathered here. They all came along the heavenly river. Many people already tested themselves, so now, there were only Shi Hao and a few other individuals who hadn't moved yet. 

"Brother, why don't you give it a try?" Someone urged Shi Hao.

"Right? Don't be embarrassed." The nearby people said. They all tested themselves already, but only the Flood Dragon Race's Qing Yu could leave her name here. 

"It's alright, I shouldn't go up and embarrass myself." Shi Hao smiled and shook his head. With so many people watching, he didn't want to attract too much attention. 

He believed that he could leave his name up there. This was his confidence.

"Che, coward, don't even have the courage to do this." A young lady said with disdain.

Shi Hao's expression remained calm, not minding this provocation. 

"Youngster, you are too lacking in confidence. Regardless of whether you succeed or not, it is still an experience. What harm is there in just trying it out?" An elder said while holding his beard.

"This is also a type of self-knowledge. It is better to lose face than to not participate." Someone sneered. 

Everyone shook their head, no longer paying attention to him. 

The others had pretty much already completely tested themselves. In the end, the monument remained calm. However, those with sharp eyes noticed that the Taotie, and Ancient Golden Luan Race's two geniuses' names had already been carved here.

"Yi, they came here a long time ago. How powerful!"

"These two's rankings aren't that low either!"


Finally, the people dispersed, following the brilliant heavenly river back in search of great natural luck. They wanted to see if they could find the immortal tomb.

After a long time had passed, this place became peaceful. Apart from Shi Hao, everyone else had left.

Shi Hao walked around this monument and used his hand to tap it. A metallic sound was produced one that was quite sharp and clear. It was sturdy and undying. 

He didn't want to test talent or potential, because that required allowing the monument's symbols into his body. This was full of unknown factors. He wasn't willing to be pried into by the monument. 

"I even lost my supreme being bone twice, so there's no point in testing those things." Shi Hao said to himself. 

He stood in front of the heavenly monument. Finally, he cleared his mind, and then his body began to shine. With a low roar, he exerted force. With a hong sound, he struck the divine monument!

Brilliant divine multicolored light rushed into the sky. The ancient monument resonated, scattering down great dao flowers one after another. Then, immortal light shone brilliantly, drowning out this place!

Shi Hao took to the sky to gently carve a name. 

"What happened?" Several hundred li outwards, many people turned around, feeling greatly shocked. An irregular scene was happening at that monument. There seemed to be a person seated on top!

"Go, let's go back and take a look."

There were immediately a few people who came back. They were completely shocked.

"Heavens! That is…" 

"This is heaven defying, who is that?!"

"There is someone like this who emerged! They will definitely shake the world!"

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