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Chapter 633 - Shocking Ten Provinces

The people that rushed back all cried out in shock, feeling incomparably shaken. They could already vaguely see the monument's abnormal scene. 

As for the people who were even further out, they were also stupefied. They gazed over, seeing a beautiful expanse of great dao flowers and immortal light above the enormous monument. It covered heaven and earth.

It was as if a great sun stretched across the sky. Someone left their name on the monument, illuminating the entire sky and suppressing many ancient names. 

The first group of people rushed over. They raised their heads and saw that right now, the divine monument was unexpectedly resonating. It couldn't calm down, slightly trembling and releasing weng weng vibrating sounds. 

"Who is this person? To be the very best, suppressing heavenly deities in power, inconceivable!"

"This truly is an astonishing entrance. Such a heaven defying person suddenly appeared! It will definitely shake the world!"

Eveyone's eyes felt as if they were experiencing a sharp pain, because the light was too intense. Without a doubt, the ranking of strength that had remained silent for endless years was now going to change. Someone left a mark high and above, replacing the number one name.

It wasn't Qin Hao, the one with two supreme being bones. A new marking appeared that released brilliant splendor. Compared to the other names, it was truly like 'a sun in the sky'. It was bright and dazzling. 

Correct, it was a mark, not as simple as just a name!

It was shining and surging with divine flames that rushed into the heavens, making the monument continuously resonate, unable to calm down. There was a great dao aura that surrounded this place.

"Rumors has it that not even giant level figures could make this monument revive, but now, it's actually rumbling. Could it be that the newly appeared person really is that heaven defying?"

"This is a human engraving an image!"

After waiting for a long time for the auspicious multicolored lights that covered the sky to fade and the great dao flowers to scatter away, they were finally able to truly see the 'markings'. 

Even though its surroundings were dim, it was still resplendent itself, occupying that space high above the rest. 

"It really is a person!" When everyone saw this, their minds all began to jump crazily. Their opened their spiritual eyes to carefully analyze it. 

It was a figure whose back was against everyone, sitting on a monument while appearing incomparably mysterious. He never revealed his true appearance, and it was quite indistinct.

However, the simple sketch, few lines, and blurry figure continued to release binding radiance, making it hard for people to stare straight at it.

It was clearly a rough sketch that was casually left behind, but with the monument's support, it released undying radiance that forcefully suppressed all other names. 

Apart from this, there was another fundamental reason for everyone's shock. This figure that was seated high above everyone else was currently facing the three words Qin Changsheng. The two were perpendicular to each other. 

Everyone revealed a look of astonishment. How could it be a coincidence? This was extremely disrespectful. One had his back to the expert of this world, as if it was sitting on the giant below. 

Even though there was a short distance between them, it still gave others this type of feeling. 

Actually, it was precisely because of this distance that everyone was shocked. This power was even a step greater than that of when the higher realms' giant was young, right?

Below, there were three names that were just as tall as Qin Changsheng's. They were originally all ranked first, but now, this person appeared, pushing them all down and directly faced Immortal Heavenly Deity. 

"Who is this?!" There were quite a few people from Immortal Mountain here. When they saw this scene, they all developed anger. 

"Too unbridled and impudent!" They found this hard to endure. This person made such a shocking appearance and then sat above Qin Changsheng, as if the former was suppressing the latter.

"Not understanding the extent of heaven and earth, does he think his life is very long? My Immortal Mountain won't allow you to do so!" Someone released a low roar, his eyes becoming dark and carrying endless fury.

Quite a few people backed up, not willing to participate. 

"It has nothing to do with the newly appeared person. The divine monument will only allow one to leave their marking in a specific place." An elder said.

"Correct, it's like that. It wasn't done purposefully by that person." Someone nodded. 

Even though this was the case, Immortal Mountain's people were still furious. If it was just a name, then that was that, but it was a picture of a figure seated on top. It was hard for them to endure. 

The rankings of the ancient monument was changed. News of this was definitely going to spread in all directions, triggering tremendous waves.

"Yi, it's not just a seated image. There is a character. He left behind a name!"

Only after a long time had passed did someone notice a character by that diagram -- 'Huang'. It was a portion of the image of a figure's back. 

TL: Huang 荒 is wasteland/desolate. It is the same wasteland as the wasteland region, as well as Huang Tian, which is the name he gave himself in the higher realms. 

"How formidable, an expert named Huang has appeared. He will definitely rise up and shake up all ten provinces!"

Everyone became excited, concentrating their attention on that name, wishing to see if there were any clues they could get from it. This name represented a world shocking individual. 

Many people became stupefied. Everything had been changed. One has to understand that on power, talent, and potential rankings, power was the most fundamental embodiment, so it contained the most value.

And now, someone toppled the ranking that has existed for endless years, becoming a legend!

Huang, this person would definitely become the focal point of the world's discussion. It was likely that soon after, the ten provinces would shake the great earth. Countless people would hurry over here. 

It was likely that not even Immortal Heavenly Deity would be able to sit still. He would likely pay this place a visit too. 

This place erupted with commotion. Everyone knew that this meant something. This would become a place of great disturbance. This event would create profound effects!

While an uproar broke out in front of the monument, Shi Hao was currently underground while breathing heavily. He was so tired he might spit out blood. This was obviously self-inflicted!

After leaving behind a 'marking' here, he learned that this was a supreme treasure. He felt that if he could refine this monument and shrink it, grasping it in his palm, no one would be able to survive a slap from it.

It could be said that Shi Hao's 'devilish child' and 'savageness' emerged. He made his way deep underground to uproot the divine monument and use it as a magical treasure. 

If the people above knew what he was trying to do, their jaws would definitely drop.

"I can't do this, I can't continue…" Shi Hao was so tired he was going to spit out blood. He laid down there, unable to move the monument. 

This type of action drew the divine striking stone's disdain. "I really have never met a fella like you before, even wishing to steal a monument. Even I don't know what to say."

"Shut up and stay on the side." Shi Hao's face became red. He was absolutely exhausted. He then left, using earth movement to leave the ruins. 

"Truly not giving any face!" The devilish side of him appeared again. His face darkened, revealing a sullen mood. 

This type of expression made the divine striking stone speechless. 

Fortunately, the outside world didn't see this scene, or else they would have been stunned. This was the number one ranked person, the expert that oppressed all ten provinces with his power? He was actually trying to steal the monument, and after defeat, he revealed a resentful expression, this… was bit deserving of a spanking!"

"What? Someone defied the heavens, leaving behind his might on the demonic sovereign's monument, his strength ranked number one?"

"A person named Huang appeared, oppressing the names of all ten provinces in power!"

Many people hurried over to Fiend Island because of this event, wishing to see exactly what was going on. Since the ancient times, the first rank had never changed before, and now, it was altered.

"Hey, there is a figure sitting above Qin Changsheng! Even if there is a bit of curses here, we have to take the risk and take a look there!"

There were quite a few super powerful old freaks that came just to see the scene of Immortal Heavenly Deity's name be sat on. They took joy in his disaster, hurrying over with an enthusiastic attitude. 

The name Huang immediately resounded through all ten provinces!

Si! When someone came, they immediately gasped. They stood in front of the monument and stared deathly at the image.

"It has been capped!"

"Indeed, a cap has been produced!"

These were several great figures. They stood in front of the monument while revealing looks of shock. At the very highest point of the monument rested that figure's image. It couldn't reach any higher. 

Normal cultivators wouldn't care about these things, but they knew what this represented. That person might be comparable to the most powerful demonic sovereign!

"What a fella. Truly is formidable! I thought it was some old fella that came here to tease Qin Changsheng, but now, it seems like that is unlikely. There truly might be a chance that an extraordinary figure has appeared!"

"Formidable, this truly is a shocking appearance! It shouldn't be some old thing stirring up trouble!"

Group after group of people came to the divine monument, sighing with amazement from time to time. There were actually a few giants that appeared one after another, but in the end, they left again. 

They wanted to pursue along the heavenly river to see what kind of individual that was, but they were quite fearful of being infected by the curse. This type of thing was proportionate to one's cultivation. 

None of them had seen that immortal tomb before after all this time. They had tried many times, but they had never reached the end of it. 

An extremely handsome youth came, his eyes incomparably deep. He stood unmoving in front of the monument and stared at it. 

There were older generation figures who were horrified, feeling as if this individual was a bit familiar. Then, they broke out into a cold shiver, recognizing him to be Immortal Heavenly Deity. 

Qin Changsheng had a youth beside him as well who had an outstanding appearance. The silver divine magical clothes he wore were shining brilliantly, making him look incomparably heroic. This was precisely Qin Hao.

"Old ancestor, wait until my two supreme being bones merge and become truly complete. I will come here and blast apart that image. I am the true number one in these ten provinces. I will suppress everyone here!" Qin Hao spoke, his voice resounding and his temperament calm. There was a confidence that was hard to put into words. 

Immediately afterwards, they vanished. Immortal Heavenly Deity brought him away. 

The heavenly deity's appearance triggered a huge commotion. In addition, when Qin Hao's words sounded, it triggered a fervent discussion.

Their appearance, without a doubt, made the effect of this divine monument event greater. News spread in all directions, and not only were the ten provinces' great earth shaken, it also affected a few other provinces. 

A few heavenly geniuses, exceptional talents, and others looked through the void to observe Five Elements Province's Fiend Island. They felt that a great opponent would rise like a comet, one that would release endless brilliance. 

A great storm stirred about. While the great sensation was happening, Shi Hao had long made his way along into the depths of the heavenly river. He faced off against the lightning radiance to comprehend his own dao. 

It had already been half a month since the divine monument events. He had always been cultivating. In his hands was that strange stalk of golden grass. He observed its symbols, and he stayed within the lightning radiance around the heavenly river to study the lightning and take advantage of this natural element. 


Around him, lightning radiance shot out in tens of thousands of zhang long streaks. Waves surged within the river, no longer staying calm. 


An enormous Suan Ni rushed into the sky. Then, it split apart, producing many irregular lightning symbols that interweaved in the sky.

The Suan Ni broke apart, turning into blinding lightning that curled around Shi Hao's body, making him appear even more resplendent. 

"I finally made a breakthrough!" Shi Hao said to himself. He was always researching lightning, and now, he broke through the Suan Ni precious technique's shackles and reached a level that countless experts wished for, but never achieved.

Lightning was the most terrifying power to begin with. It was something the heavens controlled, using it to deliver heavenly punishment onto the world's creatures.

Shi Hao desired this type of power. He had always been studying it, and now, he finally broke through, reaching an extremely terrifying level. 

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