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Chapter 631 - Demonic Sovereign Dangerous Region

Shi Hao headed inside. The great mists and electricity were related. Pi pa sounds rang through the air. After travelling several thousand zhang inwards, a scarlet radiance streaked across, bringing with it the sound of thunder. 

He didn't move out of the way. The scarlet electrical arc hacked down, making contact with his extended palm. A brilliant rain of light that was wicked looking and beautiful was produced.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. This electrical arc's power was great, making even his fingers feel a bit numb. His flesh was far more powerful than that of a normal supreme expert and exceeded that of most precious artifacts. 

After walking several tens of li, Shi Hao noticed many corpses along the way. These had been accumulated over endless years. The bones that were left behind were all scorched black; one could see how miserable they were before their death.

Suddenly, he felt a slight chill. He immediately turned his head, and what he saw was a pair of scarlet eyes that opened. Then, lightning erupted, hacking towards him. 

Under ka cha sounds, lightning radiance flew out streak after streak. They were accompanied with crazy winds, making the enormous rocks on the ground fly everywhere. This was a creature that wasn't weak. 

Shi Hao stood sideways, avoiding this streak of electricity. His eyes flickered with radiance. He cried out with shock, this was… a fish!

Its entire body was covered in silvery-white scales that carried electrical radiance. It was over ten meters in length. It opened its bloody mouth and released electricity. The fish itself swam over through the void. 

There were no great rivers, no lakes. Field Island's terrain was extremely dry with enormous rocks everywhere, so how could a big fish appear? Shi Hao was extremely shocked.


This large fish brandished its tail, once again releasing lightning radiance. It rushed over with great power. There were lightning symbols all around its body that erupted here. 

"It really is strange. How did it grow up? There's no water here at all!" Shi Hao took action. His palms shone. A Suan Ni imprint appeared, absorbing all of the lightning. Then, it attacked towards the fish. 

Suddenly, all of the fine hairs on his body shone. He looked into the distance and saw that multiple pairs of scarlet eyes were opening one after another. They were quickly rushing over. 

"School of fish?" Shi Hao's eyes widened. Then, he felt as if things weren't going well. The distance looked like a sky full of stars. Countless eyes appeared, converging on this direction. 

At this moment, he couldn't help but retreat. There were just too many of these fish to the point where it was a bit terrifying. They hid the sky and covered the earth, bringing with them tremendous amounts of lightning. Thunderous sounds rang incessantly. 

Through the light produced by the electricity, he could see thousands and tens of thousands of silver vicious fish. They ranged from several meters to several tens of meters. Together, the amount of divine force they exerted was astonishing. 

Before leaving, Shi Hao also issued an attack, sweeping out the stalk of grass' sword intent to kill several enormous fish as a warning.


Together with roaring sounds, the great earth trembled. Heaven overflowing lightning radiance flickered about, illuminating these mountains. A great white expanse was formed. The great mists were even scattered. 

Shi Hao turned around, his body feeling a bit chilly. He saw that the few large fish at the very back were the size of mountains, sinister and terrifying as they moved their tails in the void. 

The enormous beasts in the ocean were just too large. The most terrifying thing was that one or two of them ignited their divine flames. The lightning they released was extremely astonishing. 

In the next moment, Shi Hao increased his speed. As soon as he left, the sea of lightning blasted the spot he was originally standing in, making that area as bright as day. 

Shi Hao fled into the distance. There was no need to fight, because there were too many fishes, so there was no way he could kill all of them. In addition, there were even divine grade experts in the rear, making it quite dangerous. 

The dense school of fish pursued him, not willing to give up. Only after travelling more than a hundred li did they give up, because they couldn't see traces of Shi Hao anymore. 

"It really is a strange place…" Shi Hao headed deeper and deeper, feeling like Fiend Island was scary. From time to time, blinding light would streak across the air, as if there were cracks in the void. It was enough to threaten supreme experts. 

The further in he moved, the thicker the electromagnetic mists became. It was extremely difficult for normal people to endure. Along the way, he saw many corpses, some that hadn't died too long ago.

 It was clear that quite a few people had fallen among the ones that came earlier. 

Several days later, he found a lighthouse. It was especially bright in the dusky mist, like a divine flame that was jumping. It made him a bit hesitant. 

He carefully approached it. He saw a bone pagoda that radiated gentle light. This was a formation set up by someone. A few cultivators were seated here, taking in and sending out foundational energy to recover from their injuries. 

Shi Hao made sure that this wasn't some type of trap, and then he got closer. There were several dozen people recovering here.

Some people opened their eyes, but after seeing him, they closed their eyes again. There were a few others that were chatting in a soft voice, discussing their benefits in the dangerous area. 

Shi Hao open-mindedly asked for guidance, asking what was going on with this bone pagoda. There were many things he didn't understand. 

"The dangerous region is extremely dangerous. This is a bone pagoda left behind by a few expert in the past when they isolated themselves here. It became a place of shelter for those that came after." Someone explained. 

There were quite a few places like this. They were similar to lighthouses, acting as guides for those to come. 

During the endless years, quite a few cultivators came here to sharpen themselves and look for natural opportunities. Once they gained some type of insight, they would open up a cave or arrange some formations. 

Later on, those caves and formations were used by later generations and continuously modified. They were then turned into shining lighthouses. 

Shi Hao nodded. Places like these with these types of traces were relatively safer. Once one entered the depths of the restricted area, there definitely wouldn't be this type of protection. 

"Yi, this is a painting?" He saw a painting that was stuck on a bone pagoda. It was actually his grandfather, on it written clearly that if anyone could find traces of this person, the Qin Clan would present a true deity magical artifact. 

"This is a bounty from Immortal Mountain. In the past, they even caught this person before, but later on, he was successfully rescued." Someone said. 

"I heard that this single-armed person came from the lower realm. At first, he was sent here as a prisoner, but later on, his descendants also entered the higher realms, which caused Immortal Mountain's attitude to quickly change."

"I know, there was that Shi Ziling person who went crazy, barging into this place. Qin Clan was changed because of him, quickly searching for signs of the single-armed person to rescue him."

"Rumor has it that this Shi Ziling has a formidable son that successfully wielded two immortal bones, shaking the higher realms. That is why Immortal Mountain's attitude change so quickly."

"Lower your voice, these things cannot be randomly said. Do not mention the immortal bones' matters. There are quite a few people that died because of this."

"Qin Clan's youth is truly going to defy the heavens. That Qin Hao will definitely rise up! The ones in this world that can be his opponent aren't many."

Then, these people began to chat about their rewards. Once slaughtered, the creatures in the electromagnetic mist had 'thunderstones' inside of them. They were an extremely rare and precious material.

These things were quite special, innately possessing lightning dao divine abilities. If one was lucky, they could obtain a lightning symbol from their bodies. 

"So it turned out to be like that!" Shi Hao nodded. He went on his way again. 

Soon after, he saw ancient golden crocodiles. They all had electricity curling around them and grew within the void. With an exchange of attacks, he killed over a hundred of them and collected a few thunderstones. 

Fiend Island was too large. They called it an island, but it was as large as a continent, vast and boundless. The creatures here were all lightning attributed and extremely fierce. Every race had supreme experts or higher level figures overseeing them. 

Several days later, Shi Hao almost encountered danger. 

He saw a great python that coiled around several dozen mountain peaks without moving. It was like a mountain ridge. When a few explorers ignorantly walked past, it suddenly erupted with power, turning these supreme experts into ashes. 

This was definitely a divine level expert that was unusually vicious!

Shi Hao personally saw this scene. If not for his divine senses being powerful enough, if he walked forward before them, he would have most likely been in danger. He made a detour around this place. 

Eight days later, he experienced many dangers. He entered the depths of the dangerous land. The further in he went, the more exuberant the lightning natural laws. It was as if this entire sky and earth were surrounded by them. 

Shi Hao was shaken. This place was definitely a place most suitable for comprehending the profound mysteries of lightning. He didn't want to waste any time and wanted to reach the depths so that he could research and eat that stalk of grass. 

The final lighthouse vanished as well, proving that he had entered the most dangerous region. 

The great fog was extremely thick. Electricity would streak across the air from time to time, sinister looking, brilliant, and dangerous. That light could immediately turn an enormous mountain into ashes. 

Meanwhile, in the depths of this forbidden area, there weren't many creatures. However, if any did appear, they would all be extremely terrifying and powerful. 

"What is that?" Two days later, Shi Hao became astonished. He stared at the sky with disbelief. What he saw left him shocked. 

In the dusky sky, there was a long river that radiated light and carried electricity as it flowed into the distance. It was extremely wide and silvery white in color with a bit of gold. 

Shi Hao leapt up into the air, gradually approaching this river. The surface of the river was extremely wide, and the water was quite gentle. It flowed all the way into the distance.

"This river…" Shi Hao noticed a terrifying thing. There were a few corpses floating in the river. Even though they had died many years ago, they still didn't rot. They were divine level experts. 

Soon after, he saw a few creatures in front of him. There were humans, but also other powerful races. They were all explorers. He walked up to chat with them. 

"What kind of origin does this river have?"

"This river is quite strange. Someone said that it was produced from the immortal dao lightning, and there are others that say that the blood of the demonic sovereign flows through it. After all these years, it still hasn't dried up."

"Where does it flow to?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Rumor has it that the end of it is an immortal tomb, and that this great river completely flows into the tomb," a woman said. 

This river was extremely terrifying. Apart from the terrifying lightning radiance, there was also a mysterious curse power that was proportionate to that of the cultivator that approached it. 

"Those corpses inside the river were deities?" Shi Hao asked. He was deeply shocked, seeing more than one or two of them along the way.

"Not only deities, there are even heavenly deities among them. The number of them that died during the ancient era isn't small. In the end, all of the corpses dropped into this river," someone replied.

It was said that this was also a type of opportunity. If someone could fish out the corpse of a powerful ancient figure from the river, they might be able to obtain the inheritance that individual left behind.

Of course, it was highly likely that one would be hacked to death by lightning or die from a curse infection. It was too hard to achieve.

"Let's go, it's better not to take any interest in these divine corpses. Otherwise, it won't end well. Let's go and take a look at the monument inside the ancient city left behind by the demonic sovereign, test our strength a bit." Someone said. 

Shi Hao followed them, because if he traveled alone, he wouldn't know anything about this place.

Two days later, they followed this heavenly stream to an ancient city. It was situated right beside this river.

In reality, they said it was a city, but it was better to call it ruins. All of the buildings had practically collapsed, and there was only a city wall that was still standing outside. 

Apart from this, there was a monument that was shing at the center of the ruins. It was also located in the ancient city's plaza. 

It was unexpectedly three thousand zhang tall, tall and majestic. It was shining with brilliance. It is rumored that this structure represented the three thousand provinces with each zhang equivalent to one province. 

There were unexpectedly many people surrounding this place. They were all discussing among themselves, and a few people were quite excited. 

"What is the purpose of this monument?" Shi Hao didn't understand and asked others for guidance.

"This structure was personally established endless years ago by the greatest demonic sovereign himself. It could examine an individual's strength, talent, potential, and other factors. Look, there is light flickering at the very top in a dazzling manner. Quite a few world shaking names were left behind there." A middle-aged man said. 

Shi Hao was shocked. "Who is Qin Changsheng?" After carefully looking it over, he saw that the highest part of this monument was divided into several regions. There were a few names within one region that was especially brilliant. 

"Immortal Heavenly Deity. He had visited this place when he was young," someone said from the side.

Shi Hao was shaken inwardly. Even Immortal Heavenly Deity came here before to test himself?

"All of you, look, there are a few other ancient era giants' names. Their names have shaken the past and present. Some of them are still alive even now! Look how high they are ranked!" Everyone commented excitedly. 

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. He saw a familiar name -- Qin Hao. It was even more brilliant than Immortal Heavenly Deity Qin Changsheng's name! It was as brilliant as a blazing sun!

"Qin Clan is truly formidable. After countless years have passed, they produced this Qin Hao who exceeds Immortal Heavenly Deity!" Many people sighed in praise.

"Those that can leave behind a brilliant imprint will immediately shake the world." Someone spoke, deeply moved. 

"Can anyone test themselves here? There won't be any dangers, right?" A young lady asked, a bit bashful. There was an elder beside her. She was clearly a disciple from a great sect that came here to train, so there was someone protecting her.

"There won't be any dangers. Anyone can test their strength, talent, potential, and other factors," replied an old woman. 

Shi Hao rubbed his chin. He saw many people's name imprints. There were a few giants that had survived since the ancient times until now, shaking the higher realms with their power. He was also a bit interested, wishing to give it a try. 

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