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Chapter 630 - Violent Uprising

Shi Hao frowned, and with a sigh, he said, "There is some hidden danger. If Black Prison really has a true deity sealed here, once released, we will be in danger as well. We can't fight against it at all."

This problem was extremely serious. Even if one was to take a risk for wealth and move during the chaos, it would still only be worth it if they were alive afterwards. 

The divine striking stone was extremely careful, sensing an unusual aura here. It left the ore mine and gazed into the metal prison. Its mind immediately trembled. 

This black prison was covered in symbols. The natural laws were complex and mysterious, its mind shivered inwardly. This was a formation left behind by a sect master level figure. It was vast and great, difficult to break into. 

"We cannot take act indiscriminately. This formation is too formidable, I most likely cannot break through it."

This effects of this matter were too great. The two of them researched for a long time and deduced that there were even more complex great formations inside the depths of the black imprisonment created from the hands of higher realms' giants, making them even more careful. 

"Even though I really want to bring Immortal Mountain a nice surprise, releasing all of their enemies, but… it's difficult." Shi Hao shook his head. 

Then, they reached the surface. Shi Hao chatted with the others on Fiend Island, learning some astonishing information. This entrapment was formidable. 

"There might be a heavenly deity seal here, one that has existed for an incomparably long amount of time, surviving this entire time!"

"However, no one has seen it before, so it is just a legend. However, at the very depths of Black Prison is a restricted land that not even the prison heads who ignited their divine flames would willingly step into. They wouldn't easily approach that place."


Shi Hao sucked in a cold breath of air. This Black Prison on Fiend Island was even more terrifying than what they had imagined. It wasn't a normal prison. After thinking about it carefully, he decided that he couldn't act randomly. 

"You group of lower scum prisoners, hurry up and mine. If you don't complete the amounts allocated, you cannot come up!"

In the distance, a loud berating sounded. Qin Chengshang and the others brandished their lightning whips, striking and lacerating the flesh of those convicts. Blood flowed out everywhere. 

"I cannot go on anymore, the curse has affected me too greatly! I need to come up for some rest, or else I cannot live for many days longer…" Someone pleaded. 

"Even if you cannot go on, you have to stay down there. You are a prisoner, so what qualifications do you have to ask for anything here? If you don't want to go down, then we'll kill you right now! Immediately go back down into the mine!"

"Great one, please show some mercy!" A few prisoners pleaded. 

"Get lost, all of you go back down. Hurry up and mine, or else all of you will get beaten up too!" Qin Chengshang shouted.

"He truly is overbearing, abusing others unrelentingly here." Shi Hao said softly. A glimpse of killing intent seeped out. 

Several days later, a disturbance broke out again, because there were people who died from mining for several days in a row. Several corpses were brought out. Many prisoners became angry. Since they were going to die anyway, what was there to be fearful of?

This triggered an extremely serious result. Great oppression would inevitably leads to retaliation. 

"We should move during the chaos." Shi Hao decisively took action.

During these days, he and the divine striking stone researched for a long time, feeling that they could break through the outermost layer of the prison while still guaranteeing that they didn't get dragged in themselves and wouldn't be detected. However, if they wanted to carry out a large scale action, then that would be impossible. 

After all, this was a strategic location. If it was that easy to break through, someone would have successfully released the prisoners a long time ago. 

The divine striking stone had spent the past few days underground. It could travel through the earth and set up some things in the outermost layer of the prison. It had already set up its preparations, and now, they were about to start the operation. 

"No one will find any clues?" Shi Hao asked. 

"They won't. This is a natural law formation. I used the dual-pupil and found a few terrifying streaks of lightning in the depths of the earth and cleverly guided them over, making people think that it was brought about by the mines themselves. The lightning radiance hidden in the earth will then explode."

The rarest resources within Fiend Island was without a doubt the demonic sovereign's blood. Only, it has been many tens of thousands of years since a drop had been found. Apart from this, there was also the forbidden power that remained from the immortal dao lightning tribulation. 

Shi Hao and the divine striking stone entered the depths of the ancient mine, and then they triggered the lightning power buried underneath. This power was sealed within a special material, and at this moment, it erupted. 


Black Prison's first layer rumbled with noise. Blinding lightning streaked about, and those metal constructs were pierced through. Symbols were wiped out, and blazing radiance illuminated the heavens. The seals were broken. 

At the same time, a few important ancient mines cracked apart. There was lightning flickering about underground. 

"Not good, the underground lightning surged, there are immortal dao fragments rushing out. Protect Black Prison, do not allow it to break!" A prison chief shouted loudly, or else the consequences would be too severe. 

If the ancient true deity was released... just the thought alone made them break out in shivers. That would be an absolute disaster. 

"Hurry, seal up the underground lightning!" Many prison chiefs appeared, and even more powerful figures rushed over. It was clear that this wasn't the first time a surge of lightning happened before during these endless years.

"This is an opportunity!" Close to the ancient mines, those rebelling convicts widened their eyes, all of them feeling excited. They rushed into the lightning, wishing to borrow this power to blast apart the shackles binding them and free themselves. 

The entire world became different. Foundational energy undulated intensely. Divine radiance surged. 


Someone used this to break free from his restrictions. In addition, symbols flickered about this individuals body, using a special secret method to recover his fighting strength. Then, with bloodshot eyes, he slaughtered towards the jailers and helped the surrounding people break free from their shackles as well and releasing them from their restrictions. This was a huge rebellion. 

It was precisely at this moment that Shi Hao went underground, breaking through the tough rock layers to approach the earth treasure. 

"This is…"

He and the divine striking stone were both shocked. As soon as they broke through the stone layers, they found that the foundational energy here was surging and brilliant radiance erupted. There was actually a plant that took root here, shining even more brilliantly than a sun. 

This was a bizarre grass that was golden and transparent. It had five leaves total. Lightning radiance curled up about it, and pi pa sounds crackled. It erupted with the endless power of lightning.

"Great natural luck! What kind of grass is this? It actually contains such powerful lightning!" The divine striking stone was shocked. As soon as he approached, even before it truly made contact with it, it was already sent tumbling outwards by an electrical arc. 

Meanwhile, the blazing radiance surged out of the ancient mine. Even though Shi Hao and the divine striking stone quickly used a formation to seal it, there was still electrical radiance that seeped out, shining dazzlingly. 

Fortunately, they had long made preparations. They already triggered a great chaos, so the ancient mines and prison were all suffering lightning attacks. Otherwise, this type of radiance would definitely have shocked everyone here. It was just too brilliant. 

Despite this being the case, there were still a few prison chiefs that ignited their divines flames who were curious. They looked over, but they didn't come down.

The five leaf grass took root inside of a human head-sized rock. The lightning inside was similarly resplendent, as if a sea of lightning was sealed inside, rumbling with deafening noise. 

"What a thing, it produced a stalk of grass, but is still covered in lightning. Formidable!" They couldn't determine this stalk of grass' or the strange rock's value, but they knew that it was definitely unordinary. 

Shi Hao vaguely saw that inside this stalk of grass and golden rock were a few symbols, which made him extremely happy. It definitely had great studying value.

According to legend, when the immortal dao lightning descended, it destroyed the demonic sovereign on the island. Could it be these symbols? Just the thought alone made him excited. 

"Hurry, seal it up, or else the energy waves and lightning outside won't be able to hide this place's abnormality either." The divine striking stone urged. Even though they had stirred up a rebellion, they had to move quickly. 

Both of them joined hands, sealing up this stalk of grass and rock, putting them into the interior space of the divine grade magical artifact demonfall pestle. 

Then, the divine striking stone swallowed the demonfall pestle in one go, keeping it within its body. Its stomach was like a small world, able to isolate auras. 


The two individuals quietly returned to the surface. 

On the surface, great chaos was happening, Shouts of slaughter resounded through the skies. Many convicts had been freed of their shackles, helping each other break through the restrictions. Their eyes were bloodshot as they slaughtered through this place. 

Shi Hao secretly took action, helping a few individuals recover their freedom. This created a snowball effect. The prisoners in the nearby ancient mines all rose up in rebellion. 

This was a catastrophic result!

Even though there were creatures that had ignited their divine flames oppressing this place, there were similar level convicts that freed themselves from their restrictions. The most terrifying great battle erupted.


At this moment, apart from a few prisoners, there were a few jailers and outsiders that came to mine that were fleeing into the distance, not willing to get caught up in this terrifying divine level battlefield. 

"You all aren't allowed to leave!" A few prison chiefs tried to stop them, but there were too many people, all of them rushing in every direction, so how could they stop them all?

"Kill all of those who have rebelled without mercy!" Qin Chengshang roared. He tried to stop them with everything he had, because once they looked into who was to blame for this, he would have to take a bit of responsibility as well. It was because his ancient mine was the first one that a rebellion broke out within. 

Shi Hao intentionally passed by this place, taking action in the chaos. His hands formed a palm imprint that released lightning radiance. A fist smashed over. 

Qin Chengshang was incomparably cold. He faced everyone with a nasty grin, but soon after, his expression froze. 


One of his arms immediately exploded, and then the blood turned into ashes under the lightning radiance.

What kind of power did Shi Hao have now? He was a cultivator at the supreme expert realm! If it wasn't the most powerful figures like exceptional talents, who could stop him?

"You… who are you?" Qin Chengshang felt as if something wasn't right and cried out with horror. Such a powerful supreme expert, yet so young, was too rare. This was definitely a well known young heavenly genius. 

Shi Hao's pupils were ice cold. The other party actually dared to try to strangle his grandfather, so this person was long dead in his eyes. He didn't say anything and took action again. 


Shi Hao's second fist smashed outwards. Lightning erupted. Qin Chengshang's body immediately exploded, but the blood and other parts quickly dried up, turning into nothing under the electricity. 

Even though Fiend Island was covered in dense mists, there were still a few Qin Clan disciples that saw this. They all couldn't help but cry out in shock, "You…" 

This type of method was too tyrannical and terrifying, more formidable than those geniuses of the Qin Clan. It left them shaking in fear.

With a raise of Shi Hao's finger, several streaks of lightning pierced through the space between their brows. Blood poured out, and then another expanse of scorched blackness could be seen. Several heads tumbled downwards. 

Many people were fleeing, some leaving Fiend Island, others hiding in the edge of the safe region of the island in wait for this great chaos to end.

Shi Hao was quite unhurried. He entered the other region -- Fiend Island's truly uninhabited area. It was the dangerous region. 

The mist in this region was even thicker. As soon as he walked in, he felt the danger of getting lost. In addition, lightning would streak past from time to time, producing blinding radiance. 

"What an incredible place!" Shi Hao wasn't frightened but instead happy, because he felt a type of lightning dao natural law power. If he cultivated here, he might be able to comprehend something. 

This was especially the case since he dug up that strange golden grass from the ancient mines. There were clearly mysterious symbols flickering about inside, perfect for researching here. 

"Grandfather… are you here?" Shi Hao walked inside, feeling quite uneasy inside. He truly wished to reunite with his grandfather again.

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