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Chapter 629 - Information On His Grandfather

"All of you better behave yourselves. Don't think that just because one person broke out that all of you have hope of breaking free. Let me tell you all right now that something like that is just wishful thinking!" A prison chief waved the long black whip in his hands. Lightning power flickered about, and with a pa sound, it landed on several convicts' bodies, lacerating their flesh and causing blood to splash outwards. 

There wasn't any rights or freedom to speak of here.

"That single armed fella can't live long. Even though he escaped, there is no place for him to survive in on this Fiend Island. He definitely already died in the depths of the island!" The prison chief was vicious, severely warning these prisoners that hadn't been locked up for a long time, telling them that if any of them dared to flee, they would be slaughtered immediately. 

They all had fetters and handcuffs on made from special materials. There was no lack of powerful supreme experts among them, but after putting on these shackles, they couldn't rebel at all. They all became prisoners. 

"Let me tell you guys that forget about you guys, even if it was a deity, they would still have to obediently follow the rules and cannot act wantonly." The prison chief berated and threatened. 

He pointed forward and said, "Do you see? Inside that ancient mine are creatures that have ignited their divine flames. There are several tens of them, all obedient and not daring to play any tricks. It is because they knew that the result of challenging authority is death!"

The ancient mine was quite special. It released auspicious light, clearly containing divine materials. It was one of the most precious great mines, but the curse inside of this place was even stronger. Only extremely powerful individuals could mine there. 

Apart from this, there was a stone mountain next to this ancient mine. On top of it hung six or seven corpses, all of them eroded by the harsh weather, but a weak light still burned within them. They were all creatures that ignited their divine flames.

This was a powerful intimidation. Even deities were killed, warning everyone that those who dared to rebel and tried to break out would only have one end: death!

Shi Hao and several hundred others arrived here, calmly watching. They weren't prisoners, so they naturally wouldn't receive any punishment. They were just watching this scene of warning. 

"Grandfather had broken through his shackles and successfully broke out… is he still on this island?" Shi Hao said to himself. He was extremely worried. This island was dangerous. 

"Everyone, this way please." Someone guided Shi Hao's group of outsiders, leading them into the mining region along an alley. 

There were many ancient mines here. Some had already been excavated for several tens of thousands of years, but they were still being mined. Large holes could be seen on the ground one after another. They were all numbered. 

Some mines were quite special, one could see multicolored light rising from them even from far away. They contained formidable items inside. Unfortunately, these mines were not opened to outsiders and only divine level prisoners were allowed to mine them. 

It was because regardless of what was unearthed, they all had to be turned over. 

The reason outsiders were able to come was due to the pressure Black Prison faced from the various sects, so they had no choice but to open up a portion to the outside world. There was one other important reason, and it was that this place was too hard to excavate. One needed true experts to go deep inside to obtain anything. It was dangerous and troublesome. 

Shi Hao didn't come here to mine and only came to find clues about his grandfather. 

However, when he truly approached this place, he was still a bit shocked. There were treasures in the depths of the earth that hid good stuff, and he personally saw someone dig up a great piece of divine material. 

It was a piece of strange crystal that was sparkling and translucent. There was a trace of lightning sealed within, the electric light especially dazzling. It was fixed there and did not rush out. 

"Good stuff! This is divine dao lightning, enough to startle the big figures!" The prison chief exulted. He ordered someone to collect it and carefully seal it inside of a precious case. 

Fiend Island was under the control of several great powers, the most powerful among them being Immortal Mountain, who was able to direct everything here. 

It could be said that half of the resources on this island belonged to the Qin Clan. 

If this crystal was respectfully offered up, it would definitely bring about joy and reward from the higher ups. For experts that cultivated lightning, this type of lightning was a treasure. 

Shi Hao was moved. He looked at that streak of lightning and vaguely discovered some symbols hidden within. 

"I guess I'll stay here for a bit of time, searching for grandfather's clues and simultaneously try my luck." Shi Hao said inwardly. 

In the following half a month, Shi Hao entered the ancient mine and began to participate in the excavation. Only when he truly began did he understand how terrifying this island was. 

Only when he entered the depths of the earth would one be infected by the curse. After returning to the surface, one needed to spend twice the amount of time cleansing oneself. Meanwhile, the strength of the curse was directly proportional to one's cultivation. 

Rumors had it that if sect master level figures came here, the power of the curses they suffered would be the greatest, enough to trigger heaven's tears and cause blood to descend from the sky. It was extremely sinister, and thunder would rumble. 

There was a terrifying legend that there had been a sect master that fell here. 

That was why normally, those top level figures wouldn't appear here out of fear of producing some type of accidental result. 

"These ores are too hard, even more tough than metal…" Shi Hao said to himself. The underground ore was not something those that didn't reach king level could move. It was extremely difficult even for supreme experts. 

No wonder they left those powerful convicts with their lives. Only people like them could excavate these ores. 

Those shackles were quite special. They suppressed their power so that they couldn't retaliate against the jailors and prison chiefs, but they could excavate underground.

During this period of time, Shi Hao entered several different ancient mines and purposely approached the jailors and convicts. He obtained quite a bit of information. 

"Do you see that jailor? He wanted to strangle that single armed expert to death before, but in the end, he was almost killed instead by that shackled single armed fella."

He inadvertently obtained a piece of news that made Shi Hao feel extremely nervous. His eyebrows jumped, and he almost erupted with killing intent.

Someone tried to strangle his grandfather to death! This made him burn with fury. Grandpa Fifteen had once been in such danger, almost being harmed to death here!

He looked forward. It was a prison chief with a head of gray hair at the supreme expert level. He held a whip that radiated dark light, currently thrashing it at a group of prisoners.

His cheekbones were tall and his lips thin. His eyes were like those of a snake's, and his entire body looked harsh. Those prisoners that were a bit slower would receive a lash.

His name was Qin Chengshang. He looked like he was fifty or sixty years old. His true age was unknown. 

"How did my grandfather provoke you for you to almost strangle him to death!" Shi Hao clenched his fists inwardly. 

He knew without even thinking too deeply that Grandpa Fifteen had an unyielding character. After receiving humiliation and torment, he would definite retaliate. 

"Look, those others are from the Qin Clan as well. They all made things difficult for that single armed fella, nitpicking and wishing to immediately kill him."

A jailer said this, pouting his lips and hinting forward. There were a few individuals that came to the border of the ancient mine, thrashing their shining whips towards the convicts. Their actions were fierce. 

"Why?" Someone asked without understanding. The outsider miners were quite curious, because after spending just half a month here, it already made them feel extremely bored. 

Faced with stone that was tougher than metal for an entire day without sunlight was a life that made others feel dry and dull. This type of rumors easily drew people's interest.

Shi Hao didn't even have to pry into it. Someone else asked, which was the same as helping him get more information.

"I heard that the single armed person had a divine pill, and before it was discovered, it was fed to a young lady, making many people from the Qin Clan furious. As a result, he was sent here together with a group of prisoners." The jailor said softly. He came from another great power that didn't get along that well with the Qin Clan disciples, so he dared to expose this information. 

Shi Hao remained silent. He had heard a long time ago in the lower realm that when his grandfather broke out from the black forest restricted land, apart from bringing out divine magical artifacts, he also obtained a divine pill that was of astonishing value. 

The elder brought that rare divine pill excitedly back to Stone Country to have Shi Hao eat it, but in the end, he was completely disappointed. 

After such a long time had passed, Grandpa Fifteen still carried it with him, making Shi Hao feel warmth, but also a type of suffocating feeling, as well as a sensation of bitterness. His grandfather lost an arm, so if he ate that divine pill, he definitely could have grown another one, yet he was reluctant to do so, leaving it behind for him the entire time. 

"Rumor has it that Qin Chengshang had a formidable grandson, an extremely well known genius in the Qin Clan named Qin Mu. The divine pill was precisely discovered by him."

Needless to say, Qin Chengshang felt great hatred because of this. If his grandson obtained that divine pill, it would have solidified his dao foundation and allowed his cultivation to sharply rise!

"Isn't it ridiculous? The Qin Clan wanted to steal someone else's divine pill, and even treated him like a prisoner and sent him here. Qin Chengshang even carried out this type of revenge, wishing to strangle that single armed person to death. It's just too excessive!"

Someone shook their head, feeling that it was unfair for Grandpa Fifteen.

As for Shi Hao, he was enduring his anger, calming his own mood. His eyes were deep. He looked towards Qin Chengshang and a few others that weren't too far away. 

"Was the divine pill eaten by A'man? Where is she right now? Shi Hao asked inwardly in a quiet voice.

"That single armed man was the only one that successfully broke out in a hundred years. How exactly did he do such a thing?" Someone couldn't help but ask.

"He dug out something amazing, and when it was unearthed, brilliant radiance shone, lighting up the entire ancient mine. That single armed man was also decisive, directly devouring it." The jailer felt that it was quite a pity, but even more so felt an endless jealousy. 

"What kind of thing was it exactly?" Everyone asked. 

"I do not know. Either way, after he ate it, that single armed man's entire body shone, and the shackles were directly broken. He erupted with power and almost slapped Qin Chengshang rotten. He then slaughtered his way out."

Grandpa Fifteen unleashed a great slaughter, killing several dozen Qin Clan experts and fled this region, entering the depths of the dangerous area. Then, he was never seen again. 

"What about the girl that ate the divine pill? Was she not sent to Fiend Island?" Someone asked. 

"She was not. She remained in Immortal Mountain."

Thus, Shi Hao understood what happened, smoothly obtaining information about his grandfather and A'man. A wave of anger burned within his heart, one that jumped about intensely. 

He was originally going to immediately leave this place for the other half, the true dangerous area of Fiend Island, but he temporarily endured that urge. Otherwise, it would appear a bit too sudden. 

After understanding that there might be unusual treasures here, Shi Hao was moved as well. He had used the dual-pupils many times before and operated his his symbol divine force to the limit to investigate this place.

"Yi, there really are great treasures!" Several days later, after Shi Hao entered the depths of the old mine, he used the dual-pupil again. When he carefully observed this place, he found an astonishing auspicious omen.

In the very depths of the stone layer, there was a radiance that was even more brilliant than a sun. It was radiating light, as if it was going to blind that dual-pupil.

"What kind of item is that?" Shi Hao was extremely shocked.

He realized that he had found a rare treasure with the dual-pupil. It should be extremely heaven defying. Once this type of thing was unearthed, it would most likely trigger a tremendous sensation. 

He immediately woke up the divine striking stone, plotting with it about how to excavate it.

"We have to find a way. If there is no way, then let's just start something big, open up Black Prison and free all of the prisoners trapped here by Immortal Mountain." Shi Hao said to himself. 

He already understood that there were many captives imprisoned in Black Prison that were previously opposed to Immortal Mountain. If he opened up this place, it would raise a huge storm. 

Rumors had it that there were a few true deities that were suppressed in Black Prison!

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