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Chapter 627 - Searching For Grandfather Great Demonic God

Inside the mountain range, scarlet magma roiled, turning large patches of the forest into ruins. There were powerful individuals fighting here. 

For the next few days, disputes broke out in this place again and again. Exceptional talents fought against each other. As soon as they encountered each other, no one was willing submit to the other, and only a battle could decide things. The battles were especially fierce!

"En?" Shi Hao frowned. He saw even more powerful creatures. Now that news of the three world copper coffin and Supreme Hall sounded, it created a huge sensation. Powerful individuals came from every area. 

Blue flames jumped about. An enormous earthworm appeared. It was more than fifty zhang in length. This was an expert that had its divine flame ignited. As soon as it appeared, it directly attacked Immortal Palace's young great one. 

Assassinations of geniuses in the higher realms were commonly seen things. If different powers stood in opposition, they definitely wouldn't allow their younger generation geniuses to calmly mature.

However, this was a loose cultivator and not some super expert from any inheritances. It only desired that void halberd, and that was why it mounted a sneak attack. 


Immortal Palace's inheritor pierced through the void. He completely disappeared, avoiding this expert's attack.

The several dozen zhang long earthworm was like a giant snake. It coiled about in the sky, leaving behind blue symbols. Then, it quickly rushed towards the great earth. With the assassination resulting in failure, it didn't want to stay behind any longer. 

"En? You dare dare to act randomly, are you ignoring my existence?" An elder appeared, his body was wrapped within black flames. He reached out a large hand towards the great earth. 

"Elder!" Yue Chan's main body appeared, calling out to him. This was an expert from Heaven Mending Sect that had ignited his divine flame. He also arrived in this region. 

The earthworm broke away. It was shining as half its body entered the earth. Its movements were extremely swift and violent. 

"Imprison!" The elder shouted. He brought out a divine bead that radiated earthen yellow radiance. It surrounded the mountain forest below, making the earthworm's body go rigid, unable to escape. 

This was the difference between a loose cultivator and that of a holy land. The former lacked formidable precious artifacts, while it was different for the latter. They had weapons that could completely suppress experts at the same level.

That bead was an 'Earth Walk Bead', purposely created for creatures that relied on the earth. It immediately made the earthworm lose its method of mobility. 


The void split apart. Immortal Palace's disciple appeared. His long hair scattered down behind him. His body was slender and sturdy. Dazzling radiance exuded from him. The void halberd in his hands hacked down. 


Bloody light splashed outwards. The halberd hacked the earthworm into two, and then with a fierce twist, it made the powerful creature break apart inch by inch, turning into a bloody mist. An expert that had its divine flame lit was killed just like that!

Blood splashed everywhere, making the great void halberd appear extremely sinister. Those that saw this scene on the mountain range all shivered inwardly. A creature that ignited its divine flame was killed just like that. 

Soon after, a few other powerful creatures appeared in this region. They were all powerful figures from various sects. 

"It is becoming more and more lively. I should leave." Shi Hao said softly. There was no reason for him to tread in muddy waters. While speaking, he gave Silver a glance. It was enough as long as he brought it along. 

This region became more and more chaotic. After information about the three world copper coffin and Supreme Hall were released, it triggered a huge sensation. Important figures from different sects all couldn't sit still. 

Before leaving, Shi Hao paid Python Village a hundred li out a visit. He saw the few vicious individuals third grandfather had mentioned and secretly assassinated them, helping Vermilion Village deal with some grudges. 

"I need to leap out of the sea like a fish and no longer be restricted. I want to move freely through this world without hiding from anyone!" Shi Hao said to himself. He needed to become more powerful and not like how he was right now, feeling such restraining fear. 

He was going to pursue power and strengthen himself. He temporarily left this chaos. 

Either way, Silver was right at his side. He knew that a great natural opportunity would naturally rest in this Silver Phoenix's body. 

Two days later, Shi Hao and Silver disappeared. When they were about to leave Scholar Tree City, he suddenly felt as if something wasn't right. There were mists curling about ahead that were quite strange. 

He was extremely careful, wishing to go around it. However, in the end, he found that the entire place was like this. This was a great sealing formation!

Silver was extremely nervous. A pair of large eyes that flowed with dark radiance moved about. However, it didn't say anything, obediently staying by his side.

"What a huge expenditure, to directly seal up this region." Shi Hao sighed in admiration. It was clear that a great sect's expert hurried here and sealed up this place in order to capture the silver haired woman. 

He woke up the divine striking stone. The two of them researched it together and found a route out. Two days later, a ripple appeared in the foggy area, and they silently left. 

Shi Hao glanced backwards. That was a 'swamp'. There would definitely be great battles between many cultivators. 

"Silver, do you know where the three world copper coffin is? How about you tell me where Supreme Hall is?" When they were far away, Shi Hao suddenly spoke. 

Silver's feathers immediately stood on end one after another. It stared at him with its large eyes.

"Don't be so tense. I'm just casually asking." Shi Hao smiled and said. 

Soon after, he arrived in the prefectural city. He discovered that the battle between this level of geniuses hadn't began yet and that there was still a period of time before then. 

"We should still change to another prefectural city to be a bit safer." Shi Hao said to himself. 

After travelling several tens of thousands of li, he departed far from that region, and only then did he stop. He sected an enormous city and entered, taking residence. The main reason for his decision was to learn a bit more about the current situation.

It was because Vermilion Village was too remote, and even third grandfather, a senior who had left to cultivate before only had limited knowledge of the outside world. 

"This is the Lightning Province, and it is actually close to Five Elements Province!"

When he received this information, Shi Hao found it hard to calm down. Apart from cultivation, there was one other important thing he wanted to do, and that was to search for his grandfather.

Five Elements Province was where Immortal Mountain was located!

Every time he thought of his grandfather, Shi Hao would feel warm inside, but also a bit pained. The old man had paid so much for him, but he had never been able to meet him. 

When he was still very little, his grandfather had found true blood from a vicious beast, but in the end, he was hunted down by a Pi Xiu and had one of his arms taken. After that, he was even trapped for more than ten years. 

Upon returning, the first thing Grandpa Fifteen did was look for him, bringing a divine pill with him. However, when he found out what happened in Stone Capital and learned the truth, he felt as if knives were twisting about within him, feeling incomparably terrible. He was furious and unleashed a great massacre. 

Later on, Grandpa Fifteen brought A'man with him to Immortal Mountain, but they were attacked and seriously injured. Large amounts of blood were coughed out. Then, he unexpectedly entered the higher realms. 

"Grandfather, you have to take care of yourself!" Shi Hao said softly. He felt a bit sore inside. 

He wasn't worried about his parents, because with their relationship to Qin Hao, Immortal Mountain would dare to act randomly. Only, the Great Demonic God entered the higher realms rather unexpectedly, leaving through Immortal Mountain's transport formation. 

Even though Qin Clan had always said that higher realms' Immortal Mountain didn't make things difficult for Grandpa Fifteen and had long allowed him to leave, Shi Hao was still worried.

Even though they were neighboring provinces, the distance between provinces was still too great. Any province here was many times greater than the lower realm. One could imagine how great that type of distance was. 

Even if it was a cultivator, if they only relied on flying, faced with these boundless territories, it would still be many years before they could reach another one. 

If one wished to cross provinces and head for the distance, one had to borrow the transport formations of a few enormous cities, or else this tremendous distance would leave anyone feeling dizzy. 

Shi Hao paid a piece of precious material he brought with him from the lower realm. It could be said that his expenditure was great. Then, only after a few days did he ascend an ancient transport formation and follow a group of cultivators through the void towards Five Phase Province. 

If one wanted to cross provinces, it was extremely difficult. The expenditure for using these transport formations alone was already something normal people couldn't endure. 

Then, he entered a few more formations in this province  and travelled a few more times. He finally found Immortal Mountain and began to close in on it. 

"I'll cultivate while I search for grandfather!" This was the decision he came to. 

During this process, Silver entered a state of sleep. Its body was shining inside, flickering with all types of symbols as if it was recovering. Shi Hao placed it into his heaven and earth pouch. 

"There is still ten thousand li to Immortal Mountain…" Shi Hao said softly.

As soon as he entered Five Elements Province and got a bit closer to Immortal Mountain, he heard a few rumors. There were some cultivators discussing inside the enormous city.

"The Qin Clan is extraordinary after all, actually producing such an exceptional youth. For one person to possess two immortal bones, sweeping through everyone in the same cultivation realm and powering through all opponents!"

During this year, Qin Hao's power shook all of Five Elements Province, looking down all opponents in the same level and overlooking the world. In a confrontation at the same cultivation realm, no one could even trade more than three blows with him!

"Rumors have it that one of his immortal bones came from the lower realm, that it belonged to his older brother. I wonder if this is true or false."

"Shush, lower your voice. This type of thing cannot be randomly talked about. There are some people that have been warned and lashed out at by Immortal Mountain. There are some who even lost their lives because of this!"

Shi Hao was somewhat speechless. It seems like Immortal Mountain was wiping away his traces, not wishing for Qin Hao's brilliance to be tainted by his shadow and hiding his name. 

"The day will come when you will show them all with the greatest accomplishments. You returned, and even though you don't have a supreme being bone anymore, you can still reign supreme among your peers!" said the divine striking stone, expressing its discontent. 

A few people continued to discuss this, but they no longer talked about the background of one of Qin Hao's true bones.

"This time, there will be a great showdown between geniuses in the three thousand provinces. This is a grand occasion that will definitely be something to look forward to. I want to see how far Immortal Mountain's Qin Hao will go, how brilliant he will be!"

"Yi, someone else from a holy land came. Qin Hao is heaven defying after all, being favored by a few holy lands, wishing to be connected with the Qin Clan in marriage. Those are all beautiful heavenly ladies!"

Shi Hao was calm. What their discussions, he understood a bit more about Immortal Mountain. 

Immortal Mountain was a powerful colossus. This province was definitely their domain. Even though Shi Hao wanted to pry out more details, he had to act carefully.

Otherwise, if someone found out that that there was someone trying to pry into Immortal Mountain, there would definitely be a great disaster!

He used an entire half month of time, using all types of methods before obtaining a bit of valuable information. It left him greatly shaken. 

When someone was talking about Immortal Mountain, they mentioned Shi Ziling. When he entered the higher realms, he stirred up great chaos, wreaking havoc in Immortal Mountain. He was incomparably furious.

When Shi Hao heard this information, he immediately felt a wave of nervousness inside. He felt extremely uneasy. 

"Why would Shi Ziling dare to cause trouble in Immortal Mountain?" He couldn't help but ask. 

"Rumors has it that he came from the lower realm, and that he is Qin Hao's father. If it wasn't him and someone else that stirred up trouble, they would have immediately been kill," someone said, continuing the explanation.

Shi Hao listened without interrupting.

After Shi Ziling caused havoc in Immortal Mountain, quite a few people accompanied him. They headed for Fiend Island in search of something, but they ended up returning dejectedly. 

When he heard this, Shi Hao's heart thumped. He clenched his fists tightly. 

He already understood that Fiend Island was divided into two parts. Half of it was a dangerous area, while the other half was a prison that locked up many experts and vicious fiends. 

Shi Hao immediately made the association. Then, his blood began to boil and anger surged. He clenched his fists tightly and said with a trembling voice, "Where is grandfather?"

In addition, he never expected Shi Ziling would act out and head there. 

"Grandfather, A'man!" Shi Hao heart was shaking and tears almost flew out. He turned around and left the enormous city. He ran alone through the mountains while roaring loudly. 

"Grandfather, A'man, you all have to be okay!" Shi Hao shouted loudly. The blood in his body was burning, and he couldn't prevent his tears from flowing down. Through clenched teeth, he said, "Immortal Mountain, Qin Clan, I am not finished with you all!"

Grandpa Fifteen had a special place in his heart. Even though they had been separated a long time ago, he was like Stone Village's chief Shi Yunfeng, one of the most important people in his heart. He was irreplaceable!

It was because he knew that his grandfather was truly good to him. All of that was for his sake.

"Grandfather, where are you?" Shi Hao's eyes poured down hot tears. He was incomparably worried. He felt an incredible hatred towards Immortal Mountain. 

"I cannot use the name Shi Hao right now. From today on, I will be called Huang Tian. Even if it is the higher realms, I will still move unhindered. I must quickly rise up!" Shi Hao vowed. 

He came from the wasteland region. Previously, he had used the name Hao Tian, and now that he came into the higher realms, he decided to use the name Huang Tian. He was going to sweep through all of his enemies. 

Even though Shi Hao felt discontent inside, he still felt that his own grandfather should be alive. Though Shi Ziling didn't find him and was ultimately disappointed, he didn't give up all hope. This answered a few of his problems. 

"Grandfather, A'man, all of you need to take care of yourselves! I will find all of you soon!" Shi Hao muttered while full of emotions. 

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