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Chapter 628 - Fiend Island

Shi Hao prepared to head for Fiend Island. 

Before setting off, there was a bit of investigating he had to do first. He had to first look into a few rumors, and then ask others. Then, he intentionally purchased all types of bone books with recordings of Fiend Island to understand it better.

"That place is extremely dangerous. Even though it contains great opportunities, eighty percent of the people that go there die."

This was inside a majestic enormous city. A gray-haired elder that was guarding the transport formation spoke. His appearance was thin, and his gaze indistinct. He looked at everyone and carried out this type of warning.

Fiend Island, even though this place was inside of Five Elements Province, it was situated on the border, making it extremely far from the central region. If one wanted to head there, they had to draw support from this type of complex and mysterious enormous transport formation.

Meanwhile, this type of super transport formation that could cross provinces were things only a few great sects could possess. 

This one was a faint green in color, formed from some strange stones. There were all types of complex and mysterious symbols engraved on its surface. It was even activated with a primordial precious bone. It swirled with mysterious power. 

The altar shone. A golden beast bone was the first to break apart, then, two purple bird bones split apart… the pile of precious bones that were used as sacrifice went up in flames and displayed their divine might. 

One could see how great the consumption was. An ordinary great sect wouldn't even be able to operate it!

With a hong sound, symbols filled the air. The great formation began to start up, quickly piercing through the void and forming a faint green passage of light that stretched into the distance. 

There were several thousand people who walked into the shining passage. They were all creatures heading for Fiend Island. Some of them wanted to go there for exploration, but there were also great powers who were escorting great vicious criminals there. 

The faint green path was extremely stable. It pierced through the void, connecting to a place several tens of millions li away. These people all entered in an orderly manner, disappearing one after another.

Soon after, an enormous pair of bright gates appeared. They quickly reached their destination. This was traveling through the void, crossing space and traversing a tremendous amount of distance to arrive at one's destination in the shortest amount of time possible. 

"There isn't that many people this time." Someone spoke by the bright gates. This individual stood guard here at the designated destination. A guard was stationed here to prevent accidents from happening.

"Wu, there were over ten thousand that came last time… What a pity it is that many who enter Fiend Island never return." An elder spoke with a sigh. 

This type of great formation would only be started every half month, and it would only be used when there were at least several thousand individuals who wanted to use it, because only then would the profit make up for the costs of activating it. If they didn't do this, not even the great sects would be able to endure the losses.

If one wanted to travel on their own, unless they had a world-shocking treasure, that person would have to offer up the same amount of heavenly treasures that thousands to over ten thousand people did. 

Shi Hao stepped out from the passageway. He raised his head and look around. The sky was dusky, and he could feel a bit of pressure. This place didn't have any sun all year round, always covered by mists. 

Fiend Island; even though it had the name island, it wasn't situated in the ocean, nor was it in any normal body of water. It instead floated in the sky, never to fall.

"You all cannot see it from here. You need to travel through eight hundred li of mists before you are truly inside of the island," said a boatman. He walked up to solicit customers to ferry them there. 

"It's just eight hundred li, we can just fly there. Why would we need a ferry?" Someone sneered. After speaking, he stepped onto a precious artifact and took to the air, quickly leaving for the distance. 

However, after only travelling several dozens of li, a cry of fear sounded.

"The eight hundred li of mists is extremely terrifying. Normal people cannot travel through it." Another boatman walked up to get business.

Everyone was shocked. This misty region was not normal after all. The few individuals that flew out all returned in a sorry state. They were all badly injured with broken bones and torn muscles. Their injuries were severe. 

"Being able to return alive isn't bad. You have to understand that there are many untold dangers inside," said an elder.

As a result, everyone dispelled their hesitation and ascended the boats. They chose the safer method of approaching the island. 

Shi Hao did the same. He stood on the boat while carefully observing the surroundings. The mists ahead became more and more dense, and towards the end, it was hard to even see the scenery clearly. If there was no guide, it was extremely easy to get lost.

This boat wasn't moving through water but instead flying through the sky. It was refined from a very special type of material in Fiend Island. It carried lightning radiance and could travel through the air. 

"Yi, what is that?"

Suddenly, someone cried out in alarm. In the mists a hundred zhang out, there was a pair of lantern like bloody red eyes. It flickered with ice cold radiance and was suffused with dense killing intent. 

This was without a doubt an enormous creature that could fly through the misty region. It stared at everyone on the boat. 

"Everyone, all of you should feel that this trip was worth it now, right? If you all flew by yourselves, there would have been endless dangers waiting," said the boatman. He lit a bone lamp on the boat, and then, it really was strange. The pair of dark scarlet eyes closed and the mysterious beast silently backed off, its killing intent disappearing. 

The boat was travelling quite slowly. It was clearly avoiding a few dangerous areas. This left everyone quite surprised. It was already like this before they even reached the island, so one could imagine how vile the environment within was. 

Shi Hao sat on the boat with his eyes closed. The Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram appeared within his heart. He silently studied it, not wasting time even on this trip. He knew that only by continuously increasing his strength would he be able to roam unhindered through this world, not shackled by anything. 

After entering the higher realms, under normal circumstances, he would never use the Kun Peng technique or any precious techniques that were so symbolic, or else he would immediately raise an uproar and have others see through his identity. 

Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram was something that could change the rotten into something magical. The more Shi Hao understood it, the more peaceful he felt. After reviving, he had always been studying it. 

"We arrived." A long time later, the boat already stopped. Everyone got off the boat one after another. 

This was an enormous island. It was like a continent that floated in the void. It covered this area like a great dark cloud, bringing everyone a wave of ancient aura. 

"We finally arrived. This is the legendary Fiend Island! It really is enormous after all, being at least ten thousand li in size. I can feel a mysterious energy here."

"This will be the training grounds for sharpening myself. My path to becoming strong starts here!"

A few youngsters said softly. They were all excited and nervous. 

Meanwhile, those that were a bit older were comparatively more reserved without speaking much. They only calmly observed their surroundings. 

Several dozen boats reached the shore one after another, and then several thousand people walked ashore at almost the same time, walking onto this enormous, mysterious, and dangerous island. 

Shi Hao noticed that there were some individuals who were extraordinary from this group. They restrained their blood energy, making them seem like dormant vicious spirits. They were definitely powerful and should have ignited their divine flames. 

Apart from this, there were some youngsters that were particularly shocking as well. He could tell with a glance that their natural talents were formidable. In addition, they all had powerful servants following and protecting them. 

"Could it be that there are 'exceptional talents' hidden within?" Shi Hao was astonished. He saw one or two youngsters that were especially extraordinary, like dragons hiding within a group of beasts. 

"Haha… finally arrived. This is a dangerous place, but also a place of natural luck. I am going to find the legendary immortal tomb and use immortal blood to create an unrivaled body." A youth who wore purple robes roared with laughter. 

Many people turned around, releasing a snort in his direction. They were displeased with his flamboyant attitude. 

"What are you all looking at?!" The youth roared. Then, an enormous wave of blood energy seeped outwards. The void image of an enormous beast appeared behind him. It was sinister and fierce, and its aura pressured everyone. 

"What? A Taotie!" Everyone became shocked. Many people couldn't help but back up, their bodies feeling chilly. 

This youth was a Taotie, his identity was definitely not ordinary. There were several old servants around him as well. Every single one of their eyes were deep. They didn't speak a word and protected him.

Taotie was one of the world's most powerful creatures. It could devour the world. When cultivated to the peak, they would even more so be able to devour all types of natural laws. Once their race's excellent figures matured, they would become unmatched.

"Heng!" in the distance, someone released a snort. It was a youth that wore golden feathers. Golden radiance curled up around him, shining extremely brilliantly. 

"Ancient Golden Luan Race's youth!" Someone said in a low voice. This was also a powerful race that was few in number. However, when one appeared, it would make everyone in that region break out into a cold shiver.

"Are you unwilling to yield? We'll meet again on the island in a bit!" The Taotie youth laughed loudly. 

"It seems like the people that came this time aren't simple…" An older generation figure commented from the side. 

There were many races that came. They were all formidable figures.

In reality, Shi Hao also noticed that they were unordinary. Apart from the creatures that had their divine flames lit, the one he paid the most attention to was a silent youth.

That person's face was pale and his eyes dim, almost a bit depressed. He never said anything from the very start, but Shi Hao had a feeling that this person was extremely terrifying.

"Let's go, to the island!"

There were no clashes that happened in the end. Several thousand people headed towards the island together. There wasn't much vegetation here, and it was shrouded in mists all year round. The great earth was dry and hard. Enormous rocks could be seen from time to time. 

Fiend Island was divided into two regions. One of them was the prison region, and the other was a naturally dangerous place. 

Right now, they could see the prison region. It was a dark expanse. All of the constructs were formed from black gold and other types of precious materials. It was indestructible. There were also sect master characters that carved down undying formations to suppress this place. 

There were many powerful individuals and vicious demons locked up within. There was no lack of heavenly deities inside either!

"Move quickly!"

When they approached the prison that flickered with cold black luster, they could see a few prison chiefs who were brandishing long whips that flickered with symbols. They were thrashing them at a group of convicts whose hands and feet were bound and their cultivations sealed, escorting them to a mine. 

Once one was locked up in Black Prison of Fiend Island, it meant that one would almost never regain their freedom. There were quite a few creatures that had their divine flames lit among them.

The most tragic thing was that after coming here, former experts would all be turned into hard laborers. They would enter cursed lands and go underground to mine. This was a miserable lifestyle, one that was all black without any daylight. 

"Rumors has it that this Fiend Island originally housed a supreme demonic sovereign that attained an unsurpassed position. Endless years ago, he had previously swept through every sect and became the supreme being of a generation. When he reached his later years, he wanted to break through the limits of this world and truly transcend, but in the end, he attracted the natural laws of the immortal dao. Lightning descended, completely blasting a holy island that was rich with precious medicines and spiritual essence into ruin. There was no longer any life force, and this place became dull and desolate." Someone sighed and said. 

During that battle, the demonic sovereign seemed to have almost transcended. Heaven and earth were crushed, and even the natural laws of the immortal dao were shackled. Rumors had it that it slaughtered a forbidden creature that had appeared inside the immortal dao lightning. 

In the end, the demonic sovereign died. His flesh merged with the island, not allowing this place to break apart. In addition, the immortal lightning was guided into this place, creating many rare precious materials as a result. 

In addition, within the legendary dangerous area, there was an immortal tomb that appeared. It belonged to that forbidden creature. 

After endless years had passed, many supernatural things had happened on this islands. Slaughters had broken out, and quite a few heavenly deities even fell here. As a result, this place became known as Fiend Island. 

"Half is a prison, the other half is a dangerous place. Choose where you would like to go." After entering the island, someone came to supervise everything, informing everyone of a few circumstances they should know. 

Shi Hao selected Black Prison and headed in that direction.

Only a few hundred people from the thousands of people chose to come here. The others all decided to go to the dangerous region, because even though that place was more dangerous, there were great natural opportunities as well. 

The black prison region had many well known ancient mines. There were quite a few rare precious materials inside. Someone had even dug up a broken bone that had the blood of a supreme being dyed on it before. 

Those paramount existences that were on the verge of transcending this heaven and earth stood at the very peak. Their blood contained unimaginable mysterious power that would not fade after tens of thousands of years. Something like this could be directly refined into divine pills!

Normally, the supervisors of the prison urged the prisoners to mine and excavate deeper, but they also allowed outsiders in to explore the ancient mines. However, seventy percent of what outsiders found had to be handed over. 

The underground here was cursed. There was a mysterious power that would place the lives of those in it in to danger from time to time. Otherwise, they wouldn't have opened it up to outsiders. If one wanted to excavate things from it, the price was huge. 

Shi Hao came, selecting the prison region because he wanted to find information about his grandfather and learn what truly happened. He missed the venerable grandfather who he hadn't seen for all these years. He worried for his grandfather's safety. 

Unexpectedly, without even investigating too deeply, he already obtained information regarding his grandfather after just coming here. The Great Demonic God Grandpa Fifteen was actually a well known figure here!

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