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Chapter 626 - Rare Work of Art from a Master

This bird's spirituality was extremely ample, but it was only a foot in size. Its entire body was glistening with silver radiance. Being able to understand everything even though it was still so young was a bit creepy. A pair of black gemstone like eyes flowed with dark radiance, containing a vivid expression. 

Shi Hao carried it while flipping it around and looking it all over. He then tugged at its silver rainbow like beautiful tail, immediately making all of its precious feathers stand up straight, as if it was irritated. It was going to stake it all against Shi Hao!

"Why is your temper so strong? Don't move around so much." Shi Hao flicked its forehead, making the beautiful little bird so angry it widened its eyes, flying into a rage of humiliation. 

Shi Hao really did find it quite interesting and continuously toyed with it, flicking its forehead and then helping it comb out its brilliant silver wings. He found its angry expression extremely amusing. 

Was it really a young silver phoenix? These creatures were rarely seen since the ancient times. If it was real, then it might trigger a huge commotion. None of the great sects would be able to sit still.

After all, this touched upon one of the unmatched precious techniques -- True Phoenix mysterious technique!

This level of divine ability was enough to be called taboo, something that even the giants of the higher realms would long for. It would trigger a huge commotion. The entire world would be in a state of unrest.

Shi Hao's eyes burned fiercely. He wiped away his saliva. If this really was a Silver Phoenix, then for him, this was heaven defying luck!

"Let me look at your bones." He said to himself. It was hard for him to reach the accurate conclusion based on its outer appearance. He took out the dual-pupil to carefully look at the true bone in this young bird's body. 

Weng. The dual pupil moved, releasing disorderly light. It was actually unable to see through this young bird. There was a silver flame of light around its body that continuously burned, blocking out everything from the outside world. 

Shi Hao was shocked. This young bird seemed more and more unordinary. Not even the dual pupil could inspect it. It was extremely mysterious. 

"Could it be that there is some innate divine treasure inside of its body that automatically protects it, blocking everything else out?" He carried this little bird and began to carefully study it. 


Shi Hao used dao sounds, releasing a light shout. He used his divine mental strength to search this young bird's sea of consciousness. However, something unexpected happened. He was stopped again. Its forehead shone, and a silver flame formed from symbols appeared, burning about there. 

If he forcefully searched it, it would most likely break apart this young bird's body!

Shi Hao rubbed his lower chin and said to himself, "It has powerful symbols and potential, able to passively put up a defense, but unable to actively carry out a method?"

"Alright, I guess I'll have to reluctantly raise you by my side." He began to laugh in a mischievous manner. If this really was a Silver Phoenix, then that would be really amazing!

The young bird was extremely dejected as it sulked.

"Are you hungry? I'll make some food." Shi Hao found a pot and put some meat inside before delivering it to the young bird.


What was shocking was that it directly kicked it. Its movements were fluid and graceful, flipping the pot over and sending it towards Shi Hao's face. 

"Are you rebelling?" Shi Hao caught this pot and forcefully flicked its forehead. As a result, it was so humiliated tears flew out from its eyes. It actually began to grind its beak in anger as it stared furiously at him. 

"Hey, you are a bird, if you don't eat this, what do you eat? Don't stare at me, say what you want. You don't have any teeth, so don't grind your beak anymore." Shi Hao said. 

This bird was seething with anger. Its expressions were lively, and its large eyes were full of fury as it puffed its cheeks. It looked like a fighting chicken, as if it was going to pounce over.

"You don't have a name yet. Let me think…" Since he was going to raise it by his side, Shi Hao began to use his art of naming he excelled at. 

"Before, I had a few auspicious divine birds at my side too. I gave them the best sounding names. What do you want to be called?" Shi Hao looked at it. 

The silver little bird had a bad feeling and stared at him with everything it had. 

"Big Red Bird, Second Baldy, Third Blackie… it's your turn, so what should I call you?" Shi Hao said to himself.

 The silver-colored bird almost fainted. What kind of rotten names were these? He was actually going to continue with the numbering. Its bad feelings had been completely realized after all!

"En, I'll just call you Fourth Whitie so it fits with the others," Shi Hao said to himself. Then, he repeated it again, feeling more and more satisfied with it. He laughed loudly and said, "Not bad, in the future, this is your name."

The little bird widened its eyes, its entire body breaking out into a cold sweat. This rotten name… really wasn't a simple type of intolerable. Its entire body broke out in goosebumps. 

"What kind of look is that? Are you too happy or did you go stupid? What are you widening your eyes so much for?" Shi Hao was discontent, because he noticed that this bird… was looking down on him. 

Shi Hao called it Fourth Whitie. This little bird wouldn't submit even unto death, completely disregarding him and even having a rather resentful appearance. Regardless of whether it was its expression or performance, it was all saying that this name was garbage. 

"Fine, I'll make an exception for you. Among the divine beasts and auspicious birds I've met, there were two that were extraordinary. That is why I gave them different names, so I'll make an exception for you too," Shi Hao said. 

The silver little bird shot him a look of contempt, not believing that he could come up with any good names. 

"One of them is named Hairy Ball, and the other Little Red. It matches both of them quite well." Shi Hao boasted.

The little bird stumbled. These were truly horrible names! It was just too unbearable!

"From today on, I'll call you Silver." Shi Hao nodded in satisfaction, feeling that it matched this bird that flickered with silver light. 

The young bird naturally wouldn't submit even unto its death. This rotten name made it go crazy. It directly ignored it. However, in the following days, every time Shi Hao said it made it feel like it was undergoing suffering. 

Many cultivators travelled about this place. Yue Chan, Child of Lightning, Teng Yi, Zhen Gu and the others had all crossed hands with others, leaving behind terrifying battle accomplishments and creating a commotion. 

However, no matter how they searched, they couldn't find the silver-haired woman. 

As a result, they invited an extremely well known divination master, asking him to make a divination and deduce if that silver-haired woman was still here, if she escaped or not. 

For the next few days, the atmosphere was more and more tense. 

During this period of time, 'Silver' wanted to slip away several times, but in the end, it was always lifted up and brought back. Its struggles were futile. There was simply no way for it to escape. 

During its most recent attempt, it fled outside Vermilion Village, but it just so happened to encounter a battle between Child of Lightning and another powerful individual. Terrifying lightning streaked across the mountain skies, shaking the earth with its power. In the end, it listlessly returned. 

Shi Hao revealed a look of shock. He propped up his chin while looking it over, making Silver's entire body uncomfortable. Its beautiful large eyes stared at him in an unresigned manner. 

"Your appearance doesn't look that normal. What if other people discover you? Let me help you change your look to avoid provoking a disaster," Shi Hao said to himself. 

At first, when Silver heard these words, it blinked its large eyes, feeling that this was something it agreed with. It acted somewhat reserved and also put up an appearance as if it would reluctantly play along. 

However, what followed was its intense retaliation, because Shi Hao brought out a pair of bone shears, beginning to randomly attack at its body. Feathers flew everywhere, leaving behind an expanse of silver on the ground. 

It struggled with everything it had, but in the end, it was completely useless. How was this a simple changing of looks? This was a ruining of its appearance. Silver's eyes shot out flames. All of its feathers shot up. It was angered to the limit!

"Not bad at all. Are you satisfied?" Soon after, Shi Hao stopped. He fetched a copper mirror and placed it in front of it, allowing it to inspect itself. 

The moment Silver saw itself through the copper mirror, it felt as if the world was spinning, almost directly fainting on the ground. Then, it directly threw itself at Shi Hao to stake it all against him. 

It was because its beautiful feathers had been cut into absolute chaos. It was a spectacle too horrible to endure. Its appearance was changed too much. From its opinion, it was now ugly to the extreme!

"I am going to kill you!"

Shi Hao seemed to have almost heard a pleasant, but extremely flustered and exasperated female's voice. He turned around and revealed even more surprise as he looked at Silver. 

The little bird's feathers all stood up vertically. It was too angry. Its eyes released silver flames as it viciously stared at him. 

"Is this not good enough? Your appearance before was too eye catching. Let me help you add some finishing touches." Shi Hao didn't pay it any attention and lifted it up. Then, with the bone shears, qili kacha sounds could be heard as he crazily moved the shears. 

"Finished!" Finally, he revealed a happy expression. He was extremely satisfied. He tossed the bone shears and lowered Silver, putting it in front of the copper mirror again. 

Silver didn't dare open its eyes, because this time, it was even more severe. It could clearly feel that its bright and beautiful tail feathers and its head's most brilliant feathers had been cut. 

"Relax, this time, it's extremely beautiful, I guarantee your satisfaction. If others saw you, they definitely won't be able to recognize that you are a Silver Phoenix." Shi Hao said confidently.

When Silver heard these words, it felt as if heavenly lightning struck down. It couldn't endure it at all, feeling that life truly was miserable. How could it have encountered this type of savage freak, one that was so narcissistic?!

Hurry and take a look! My skills are just out of this world. This time, it can be considered immaculate!" Shi Hao urged. 

Silver sneakily opened one eye, feeling just too nervous inside. It didn't know just what kind of state it had fallen to. However, in the end, it still couldn't help but take a look.

It was because almost all of its beautiful feathers had been cut off. Right now, its body was almost naked. For this little bird that was innately beautiful, it was as if it was cast down into the eighteenth layer of hell. 

"You really don't have any eyesight, not knowing how to admire art." Shi Hao shook his head. He shook it awake and said, "Don't you think it's better that you look completely different, looking like another race? No one will be able to recognize you." 

Indeed, it went from an Silver Phoenix to a pigeon. Of course, a messy feathered, scraggy, and ugly pigeon. The change was too drastic. 

"This really is extraordinary work if I do say so myself. This really is absolute perfection. I really can't help but admire myself." Shi Hao said while laughing. He feigned modesty and said, "A rare work of art of a master."

Silver's eyes surged with flames. Unfortunately, it couldn't use precious techniques right now, or else it would have burned this wretched fellow until he cried out in pain, seeing how it would act smug then. 

"What? Not bad, right?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Absolutely horrid!" Vaguely, a beautiful voice that carried grief and indignation vaguely sounded.

"Don't worry, if you grow it for a few days and produce a few silver feathers, you'll look just like a pigeon. Then, I can bring you away from here, and no one will notice." Shi Hao confidently said. Then, he added, "You'll get used to it soon. I promise to settle the matter in one go with the shears next time." 

There was still a next time?

Silver was truly feeling great grief and indignation. Its black gemstone-like eyes were seething with silver flames, inwardly swearing that when it revived its true body, it was definitely going to throw this idiot into a mountain and suppress him for five hundred years!

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