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Chapter 625 - Silver Phoenix

Immortal Palace's young great one was someone that made others his age feel despair, an insurmountable figure. He was like an unmovable great mountain. 

However, there was a rumor that there were a few low-profile individuals that were comparable to him. Could it be that the male seated in the void was one of them?

The golden lamp released brilliance. Symbols flowed about, submerging the mysterious male within. He sat there like a divine image that hadn't move throughout time. His appearance was incredibly dignified. 


In the end, Immortal Mountain's young great one raise the halberd in his hands, pointing it forward towards the mysterious male below the golden lamp and releasing an undying divine force. 

Everyone became shocked and quickly backed up. Changes were taking place in this confrontation. Both sides were unexpectedly about to take action. 

The mysterious male sat there, but the golden lamp on his shoulders became quite a bit more bright. The lamp core flickered about, turning into a little figure that chanted scriptures there. 

"Come here and fight!" Immortal Palace's young great one said with an overcast voice. His entire body shone. His true appearance couldn't be seen. His head of long hair danced about as his powerful aura surged. 

"Take action then!" On the other side of the mountain peak, the mysterious male seated in the void spoke in a cold and calm manner. 


The void halberd was terrifying after all. With a light shake, the sky cracked apart, quickly extending over. Endless divine might erupted, hacking open the void with a single strike!

Everyone's expressions changed. The void beast's bone could pierce through space, but that didn't mean that they could use the void's divine might. This halberd was formidable, it was definitely a priceless treasure. 

The void halberd hacked over, flowing with hazy radiance. Shocking power filled this place!

The mysterious male was unmoving like a mountain. Only the golden lamp on his shoulders flickered, releasing strand after strand of symbols, blocking this strike and flattening the void.

"How formidable! Too shocking. What kind of magical artifact is this?" Everyone was horrified. This golden lamp was also incomparably formidable, able to stand side by side with the void halberd. 

With a weng sound, the void began to tremble like a painting scroll. Immortal Palace's young great one was too fast. He brandished the void halberd and slaughtered over, hacking it down with absolute ferocity.

He had this qualification. This type of tyrannical power was incomparable. In the past, he had hacked apart heavenly geniuses just like this, drawing blood again and again. He could overlook the crowd and show contempt towards his peers. 

And now, today, he encountered an opponent. 

The seated male moved. His movements conformed with the rhythm of the dao. His hands formed an imprint, and the golden lamp on his shoulders even more so descended, appearing between the palm imprint and erupting with endless light. 


This was a world shocking great confrontation, representing a peak confrontation between those at the very top. Mountains and rivers cried out in response, heaven and earth rumbled with noise. Endless great dao blossomed in the heavens above. 

Many people covered their ears and quickly fled into the distance. This type of dao sound was too terrifying, making quite a few experts' ears bleed. It was too terrifying!

Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, his face expressionless. He stood in the crowd while watching everything. These two individuals were a few years older than he was, and their cultivation realms were higher. They reached the consummate level of the Supreme Expert Realm and were about to ignite their divine flames. 

"They are formidable after all. They are world shaking experts in their cultivation realms!" This was Shi Hao's assessment. He was rarely this serious. 

Immortal Palace's youngster's divine might was unblockable. From his mouth and nose, pure white spiritual essence shot out. This was an innate essence that was extremely rich, shooting out with his breathing.

A weng sounded. He brandished the great halberd and swept it out. The void was hacked apart, making several exceptional talents not far off reveal ugly expressions!

The hands of the mysterious male on the other side merged together. A True Dragon was faintly visible. It raised its head and roared, releasing a heaven shaking divine might. With a loud exploding sound, precious light erupted everywhere!

"What?" Many people cried out in alarm. Even this type of precious technique was displayed! It was too terrifying.

"It might very well be the perfect True Dragon precious technique!" Someone said softly, feeling incredibly shaken up.

Everyone widened their eyes, finding this hard to believe. Right now, they felt as if their souls were trembling, pressured by the power that was being displayed. They felt the urge to bow down and kowtow. 

The True Dragon raised its head, curling itself around the golden lamp and rushing up as well to mend the void's cracks and collide with the halberd. Dao light erupted endlessly and dragon cries rang into the ninth heaven. 

Crazy winds howled about and auspicious energy erupted endlessly. Both experts were blasted backwards, and then they stared at each other with grave expressions.

Finally, they quickly clashed again. Both of them displayed world shocking methods. The divine might was definitely frightening. 

Immortal Palace's young great one's body began to shine. Ripples of symbols diffused outwards, mysterious and powerful. Together with the halberd, it put him at the top of his peers. 

"Immortal Dao precious technique?" Someone cried out involuntarily, feeling that the world's natural laws were becoming different. They were powerless to resist it. 

To be able to feel this even with so much distance between them, how could this not leave them shocked?

Rumors had it that Immortal Palace's background was mysterious, that they possessed the highest natural laws. Their inheritance was eternal, lasting from the ancient times to present. As long as it was someone that walked out from this palace, they rarely met worthy opponents!

Deafening dragon cries rang through the air. The mysterious male on the other side brandished his hands. A True Dragon soared, about to shatter heaven and earth, transcending into the ninth heaven. Its divine might was incomparable. 

This was a battle between tigers and dragons after all. Both sides had just made contact, yet it was already so fierce, about to slaughter into the clouds. 

In the blink of an eye, divine light shone gloriously, scattering the clouds from all directions. Only precious techniques and symbols erupted endlessly. This was a rarely seen great battle. 

Shi Hao's eyes flickered with radiance. He said to himself, "Their bodies contain endless amounts of divine force. This is a shocking amount of accumulation. Based on normal reasoning, they should have already broken through this realm and ignited their divine flames already, but they decided to delay this step."

He tried to figure out the reasoning behind this. These two individuals were quite greedy. Once one ignited their divine flames, they would erupt with endless power, far surpassing all those of the same cultivation realm. This was a restriction done on purpose to make themselves even more perfect!

"How lucky is it for me to see the True Dragon's precious technique! What a thing to be able to see it in this life."

"Immortal Palace's secret technique has been displayed! We were able to see such a thing, coming here wasn't a waste!"

Everyone was discussing among themselves. They were all excited. Even though they couldn't see through those two precious techniques and could only roughly see how they were, it still made them extremely excited and astonished. 

"Little Chan Chan, how about we play a bit too?" The witch teased. Her large eyes were full of life. Her black dress scattered about, making her perfect body appear even more moving. 

She pointed at Yue Chan's main body, about to initiate an intense battle. They were, without a doubt, old enemies. Regardless of whether it was the lower realms or higher realms, it was hard for them to show each other any kindness. 

"Then a fight it is." Yue Chan welcomed the battle. 

The two beautiful women rushed together, their figures moving and extraordinary. As soon as they took action, a great battle erupted, one that was just as astonishing. 

Everyone felt as if this trip hadn't been made in vain. Forget about everything else, just these two teams' great battles were enough to leave them dazzled. 

The child of lightning came. His expression was calm, but he would clench his fists from time to time. Lightning radiance streaked across the sky. One could see his desire to fight.

There was Zhen Gu as well. There was a pair of golden wings on his back. His entire body was covered in golden radiance, and his fighting intent surged to the peak. He wanted to join in the fight as well. The congealed blood appeared in his palm, wishing to send a spear out to pierce through everything!

On the other side, Teng Yi sat there, the great sun releasing endless light as it surrounded his body. He was carefully watching this battle. Apart from them, there were several exceptional talents with cold expressions. They were all spectating this battle.

"I truly wish to bring them all away…" Shi Hao said to himself. His eyes were burning with passion as he looked at the void halberd. Meanwhile, he looked at a few opponents that would inevitably become his enemies and mumbled, "Aren't they all humans? Don't provoke me, or else I'll eat all of you in the future!"

After Immortal Palace's inheritor and the mysterious male exchanged the final attack, the two individuals backed off, not attacking again. Instead, they looked at the nearby people. They tacitly agreed not to continue the decisive battle. 

In reality, when one reached their level of power, they were people that were hard to defeat. They wouldn't easily engage in life and death battles. The fight just now was just a test to see how strong the other party was. 

The witch and fairy Yue Chan separated as well, both of them stopping their attacks. 

After a short confrontation, they both retreated to a different side, thus ending the great battle. However, everyone was quite excited. They all knew that there was definitely going to be a world shaking battle in the future. Right now, they were just getting a feel for their opponents. 

"The strong and weak will be decided one day!"

Everyone scattered, but they didn't give up, continuing to search for the silver-haired woman. 

Rumors had it that the surroundings had been sealed. Many people sensed that the silver-haired woman couldn't escape. She was hiding here to treat her injuries. 

Shi Hao roamed about the mountains for a few days. He also met a few exceptional talents, but he didn't take any action, because it wasn't worth it. 

Vermilion Village was peaceful. Not far away, there was a stone cliff that flickered with silver radiance. The cry of birds would sound from time to time. 

"Yi!" Shi Hao vaguely sensed an extremely rich wave of spiritual essence that unexpectedly came from that cliff. 

This place was close to Vermilion Village. With the experts confronting each other, no one would normally come here. They were still relatively restrained and wouldn't destroy a tribe for no reason. 

The Silver Winged Bird was a type of powerful vicious bird. Even though it created its nest near Vermilion Village, they had always lived together in harmony without any conflict. 

This bird already developed spirituality, so it naturally noticed these things. It wouldn't carelessly attack those powerful humans. 

"There seems to be some special circumstances." Shi Hao felt as if that Silver Winged Bird was quite uneasy. It actually flew away. There was still medicinal fragrance that pervaded the air. 

Vermilion Village's people couldn't come here, but he was different. His divine senses were sharp, and so he immediately detected the abnormality and rose into the air, arriving at this precipice. 

There was a bird nest here that was made from spiritual wood. There was soft golden silk grass laid here, making it clean and cozy. The inside flickered with silver light. There were a few young chicks that were only half a foot long. Their wings were silvery white in color. 

Shi Hao could tell with a glance that one of them was different. Not only were its wings silver, its entire body was like this as well. It was glistening with radiance and possessed a special spirituality. 

This was especially true when he arrived. The other Silver Winged Birds all cried out loudly, while it was the only one that backed up and widened its eyes in shock, carrying a human like expression.

"Why do I feel like its eyes look human like?" Shi Hao was suspicious. 

Soon after, that special silver little bird restrained its spiritual essence. Its body no longer shone, but its body was still silvery white, making it still look different. 

"Why did that mother bird leave in such a hurry just now? There's nothing really wrong with this place." Shi Hao said to himself. His nose moved a bit. "There is the smell of precious medicine."

"It's you! You ate a type of precious medicine just now?" He looked at the special young bird. The more he looked at it, the more shocked he felt. In the end, he couldn't help but widen his mouth.

"Why do you look a bit like a silver phoenix…" Shi Hao's jaw almost dropped onto the ground. This was not a misconception. He moved over and carefully looked at it. It really was too similar. 

"Returned to your ancestral roots?" He knew that the Silver Winged Bird's ancestors could be traced back to the phoenix bloodline, but this return was too formidable. 

He grasped this half foot long young bird with one go and carefully poked at it, observing it with his eyes. Who would have imagined that it would have such a temper, as if it was furious. It actually reached out a silver claw and fiercely stepped on his nose. 

"Stop making a fuss." Shi Hao grabbed it. The more he rubbed its bones and rolled out its feathers, the more shocked he became. This bird was definitely not ordinary. There was mysterious light inside of its body, but it  was hazy and impossible to see through. 

"Defying the heavens! This Silver Winged Bird produced an ancestral return, creating a Silver Phoenix?" Shi Hao truly found this a bit hard to believe. Like a thief, he tossed this young bird into his sleeves before jumping off the cliff. 

Unexpectedly, the mature Silver Winged Bird didn't seem anxious at all. When it saw them leave, it actually felt relieved, flying back to the nest. 

"Why is your mom scared of you?" Shi Hao became even more suspicious after seeing this scene.

This young bird stared at him with a look of contempt.

"You aren't allowed to look at me like that." Shi Hao flicked its head. 

As a result, this young bird became furious. It pounced over to grab his face, as if it was going to stake it all against him. 

"Wait, why do I feel like this bird is so much like a person? It is really strange. Even if it's an ancestral return, it shouldn't be intelligent while being so young. Why do I feel like it can understand me?" Shi Hao said. 

He lifted the silver little bird up and turned it around to look at it. In the end, the bird was so ashamed that it grabbed one of his fingers with its beak without letting go.

"Is there really something strange?" Shi Hao lifted it up and earnestly inspected it. 

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