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Chapter 621 - Reconstructing the True Body

Inside the rebirth pond, clouds rose and mists curled about. Tens of thousands of streaks of multicolored light flowed about with brilliant colors. The liquid inside was sparkling and roiling with spiritual essence. 

Shi Hao sat down. All of his bones were broken. He endured the pain and guided this precious liquid into his flesh. His body released waves of thunderous rumbling. 

Inside the pond, precious liquid shone brilliantly like fine liquid. It continuously flowed into his four limbs and bones. Auspicious light flowed about, wrapping him within. 

The spiritual liquid was boiling. There were all types of spiritual creatures here, for example, palm-sized Golden Ants, meter long centipedes, finger length transparent little snakes, and three-footed Silver Toads. 

These were all essential spiritual creatures for refining the rebirth pond. They had extremely important uses. 

A dao flame raged, making the precious liquid here surge. Shi Hao was feeling an extremely high temperature, but he sat there without moving, allowing the spiritual objects' essence to cleanse his body. 

In his surroundings, all types of spiritual creatures and old medicines rose and fell, releasing their medicinal fragrance into the viscous liquid and infusing it with majestic life force. 

The sounds of bones cracking could be heard. Shi Hao's body trembled under this extreme pain. It was because right now, those broken bones were shattering even more, undergoing an even deeper level of transformation. There were natural laws entering his body. 

The natural laws of this realm were complete. The great dao was without any deficits, so one could cultivate to the peak. 

Meanwhile, in the lower realm, things were different. The heavenly dao was damaged, so if nothing unexpected happened, it would be really hard for one to achieve their highest potential. 

Shi Hao came up from the lower realms to reconstruct his body and fill up what he was missing. However, this would inevitably be a process full of suffering. Every inch of his bones had to be broken and recombined. 

"Five elements rebirth method!"

He chanted scriptures from his mouth as he sat within the precious liquid. His entire body was shining. Meanwhile, crackling pi pa sounds continuously sounded within his body as his skeleton was smashed a step further. 

Strand after strand of blood seeped out from his skin, flowing into this pool of liquid. Even though it was precious blood, there was still a trace of filth. This was some of his body's impurity. 

"It looks like the lower realm's natural laws were incomplete, and there really were a few problems. Fortunately, everything can be fixed. I needed to undergo rebirth in a great world."

Shi Hao was vigilant. He watched as the shining precious blood carried out a trace of impurity from his body, knowing that this was the correct method to do things. By reconstructing his true body, his constitution would become even stronger. 

Pi pa sounds continuously rang through the air. He endured the pain. The bones in his body continuously burst and shattered!

This scene was extremely terrifying. Doing things like this was too thorough. A single mishap would result in his body becoming crippled. 

At this moment, even his skull was cracked. Then, it released pi pa sounds, continuously shattering. 

He forcefully raised a wave of innate essence, using divine force to support his flesh. Otherwise, without a skeleton, he would directly turn into a pile of mush. 

His bones shattered. The speed at which essence blood flowed out from his pores increased, bringing the impurities along with it. A bit of contaminated blood came out. He was exchanging blood right now. Afterwards, he was going to reconstruct it. 

Dense spiritual essence surged. The multicolored light in the pond were like threads as they surged from within the pool. The auspicious colors were like bright clouds, making this place hazy. Shi Hao endured the pain, guiding the natural laws of this great world into his body to cleanse his flesh and shattered bones. 

It was precisely because perfect great dao laws were entering and refining his body, that he underwent such suffering. The shattering of his bones became more and more complete and thorough. 

Finally, Shi Hao's entire body shone, surging with blood energy. Contaminated blood flew high into the air, forced out from his body. He was incomparably weak, but his body was burning. 

As a result, his body of blood had pretty much been drained clean. This was an exchange of blood. He was going to carry out the final blood production. 

Inside the pond, the spiritual objects inside the precious liquid cleansed his body, making it more tough and durable. It seeped into every inch of his flesh and carried out numerous revisions to help him undergo rebirth. 

The rumbling of heaven and earth was faintly discernible. There was the sound of scriptures being chanted. Shi Hao began to undergo a transformation. All of the broken bones in his body began to grow again, continuously reconstructing and releasing precious splendor. 

The sound of a dragon's cry rang out, startling Vermilion Village. Everyone turned around and looked towards the back of the village. 

"What happened?" Quite a few people were surprised. 

Meanwhile, third grandfather's expression became grave. He looked towards the mud pond, but he couldn't get any closer. It was because Shi Hao set up a formation and sealed up that place.

Despite this being the case, strands of multicolored light seeped out. It was extremely beautiful, as if they were a rain of light that drizzled downwards. 

Shi Hao operated Immortal Mountain's rebirth technique to match this pond's precious liquid. His skeleton was being reborn, becoming sparkling and full of luster. The most important thing was that his bones were shining, carrying a golden color that moved about like a True Dragon. Divine sounds rang through the air. 

This was quite unique. Inside of every piece of his bones was a faint golden color. It was as if small dragons were reviving one after another, crying out and shaking the world with their roars. 

A majestic wave of life force rushed out. His bones resonated, continuously moving about. His body began to produce blood!

Finally, the flourishing aura scattered. An astonishing wave of life force washed his flesh and nourished his soul, shining brilliantly as it did so. 

This was the rebirth pond, the completion of the blood exchange. It sucked out all types of impurities to reconstruct the true self, making him more powerful and his potential greater. 

The natural laws of the world seeped into his body, making up for what he was lacking!

Inside the rebirth pond, there was a lot of impure blood. All of the old medicines and spiritual creatures grew dim. Their divine characteristics were absorbed clean. This pond of precious liquid was ruined. 

This process continued for a day and night. Shi Hao suddenly opened his eyes, feeling the life force in his body surging. His true body was now more powerful than before. 

However, everything did not end here. Shi Hao began to build another rebirth pond, similarly putting quite a bit of old medicines, spiritual creatures and other things inside. 

He was extremely careful, wishing to do everything perfectly, so he feared that he might not have done it thoroughly enough. It was because he still grasped Fire Nation's Vermilion Bird's rebirth technique, as well as the higher realms' noble lady Hong Huang's race's phoenix related rebirth method. 

In the end, he finished the Vermilion Bird precious liquid, cleansing his flesh and carrying out another blood exchange. 

It was quite clear that this time, there were almost no impurities that came from his body, only a tiny bit. This meant that the first rebirth was already quite thorough, pretty much draining out all of the impurities. 

However, this wasn't the important part. Shi Hao guided the undamaged dao laws of this great world into his body, carrying out a refinement. This was the true basis of this process. 

The bone marrow in his body shone, as if a True Dragon was moving about. This time, it changed from a faint golden color to a red color. It was sparkling and translucent, returning to his true self. 

"This pond of precious liquid still has its essence without wasting much. I can still try Hong Huang's race's rebirth method."

Shi Hao was quite serious. He sat down again, guiding the natural laws into his body to reconstruct his true self. 

As expected, there was almost no transformations this time. The first two times were already quite complete. His flesh was firm and sparkling brightly, as if it was carved from fine white jade.

His long hair scattered outwards, and his eyes were bright. He looked extremely handsome, as if he was an immortal. 

"The medicinal effects are still here." Shi Hao thought. If it was left alone like this, the old medicines and spiritual bugs would be wasted. 

Soon after, he thought of Stone Country's prescriptions. For every cultivation realm, there was a recipe. He prepared to test them out. 

He didn't have much spiritual medicines left on him. He threw all of them in, adding it to the precious liquid in the rebirth pond, enough to gather all types of spiritual medicines needed for the Blood Transformation realm. 

"I should just use up all of the precious liquid then. This should be considered a type of reconstruction as well."


Dao flames surged. He sat within the raging fluid. His entire body's blood energy surged, and there was lightning sounds as well. It was incredibly terrifying. 

Shi Hao was shocked. He reconstructed his Blood Transformation Realm, guiding the blood energy to open up his body's potential. As the spiritual symbols flickered about, he could clearly feel his body becoming a bit more stable.

Then, he calmed down and continuously operated bone texts to attack at the limit. He wanted to make himself stronger. 

However, Blood Transformation was a flesh power refinement. He had long reached the peak, so being able to make another breakthrough now was already a miracle. His blood energy couldn't continue to surge. 

"My benefits were tremendous!" Shi Hao said to himself.

This was not only a completion of the natural laws, he also reconstructed the Blood Transformation Realm. His flesh's power became more and more terrifying, to the point where it was a bit frightening.

He was sure that this body was more powerful than that of when he reached the consummate level of the Blood Transformation Realm back then, and quite a bit stronger!

"I truly never expected to have this type of harvest. If I reconstruct the realms of Heavenly Passage, Spirit Transformation, Engravement, and other realms, would I become even more powerful?"

"En?" He was inwardly shocked. All types of symbols flickered within him, hiding within his blood and continuously cleansing every inch of his body. 

The complete natural laws weren't simple after all. It wasn't a one step and done process, but a slow one. He still needed several days, or maybe several weeks of time. 

However, this amount of time wasn't much. Shi Hao could wait. 

"It is probably best if i don't use the natural laws, or else something bad might happen," Shi Hao said to himself. His flesh was extremely powerful and was already enough to protect him in a place like Vermilion Village. 

He slightly changed his appearance. Right now, his flesh was powerful enough. Even if he didn't use the seventy-two transformations, he could still alter it a bit, returning it to the appearance Vermilion Village recognized. 

"Hundred rivers return to the sea, a showdown between warriors from every land. It really is something to look forward to…" After undergoing a rebirth and replenishing his natural laws, he became more powerful. He naturally wanted to increase his knowledge and experiences. 

His younger brother, Yue Chan, witch, Immortal Palace's youngster, and other heavenly geniuses and exceptional talents from every province will appear. This was a world shocking distinguished meeting. 

He deactivated the formation and walked out. Third grandfather had a look of surprise. He could feel just how terrifying the blood energy that was surging within the formation was. 

"The selection of warriors from all lands, the great battle, has it started yet?" Shi Hao asked. 

"Soon, only a few days now." Third grandfather replied. 

In reality, there was already news a year ago that this type of distinguished meeting was going to be conducted, but only now was it going to start, carrying out a great showdown between all geniuses. 

"Little friend, will you participate?" Third grandfather asked. 

"I want to take a look at the aspects of society." Shi Hao replied. 

Vermilion Village was quiet. With that silver spider protecting this place, rarely did any vicious birds or ferocious beasts break in. As such, the villagers' lives were quite peaceful. 

The villagers' youth were free to cultivate. They were like little calves, all of them full of strength. 

"Let's go! To the country town! We are going to participate in the great competition of warriors!" Five days later, the great battle's selection process finally started. The youth in the village were all excited. 

"Will we be able to get a good position?" 

"Don't think about it too much. The main purpose this time is to let you all gain experience." Third grandfather said. 

"Third grandfather, your words really hurt, you know?" The youth looked quite unsatisfied, muttering softly.

"I don't believe such a thing. We have to win."

"Right, we have to make our Vermilion Village's name shake the world. We will definitely defeat our opponents!"

The groups of youth rolled up their sleeves, eager for battle. Their hearts were all stirred up. They all wanted to give it a try. 

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