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Chapter 622 - Sudden Storm

Along the sides of the road, mountains rose and fell. Large trees towered more than a hundred meters in the air. From time to time, fierce beasts would roar and vicious birds would fly through the sky. 

This road was extremely wide, but it wasn't smooth. However, this didn't affect the black shelled snail. It was as if it was moving on smooth ground. In addition, its speed was even a bit faster than speeding horses. 

Third grandfather led over ten youths. Shi Hao was also among them, sitting on the back of the snail as they proceeded towards the country town. 


A black-colored unicorn tiger appeared. It had a qilin body and a tiger head, making it look rather vicious and sinister. Its entire body was covered in black scales. It looked everyone in the eye, and then it left, deciding not to attack them. 

This wasn't the first time something like this happened. Along the way, they several powerful vicious beasts, but when they saw that this group wasn't good to provoke, they decided not to attack. 

"Third grandfather, have you heard of the Cloud Race before?" Shi Hao asked. He entered the higher realms through the Cloud Race's transport formation, so he felt that this clan should be too far away. 

"Sounds a bit familiar." Third grandfather nodded.

"Where are there? Are they far from this place?" Shi Hao asked for guidance. 

"When I was young, I had gone out to travel around. I heard from others before that they were extremely powerful and extremely far. They shouldn't belong to our Lightning Province," said third grandfather. 

Cloud Race was an extremely ancient great sect. In the higher realms, they had an unordinary inheritance as well. The province they were located in was called 'Cloud Province'. 

"So extraordinary." Shi Hao was shocked. Then, he thought to himself, feeling that it was definitely because the passageway broke apart, causing him to deviate from his original destination and end up in the Lightning Province. 

Suddenly, the skies became ugly. Shadows appeared. A dark cloud swept past. This was a vicious bird with shining feathers. Its eyes were penetrating. When it spread its wings, it stretched over a hundred zhang in length. 

"Haha… Third grandfather, your village is going to participate in the selection of warriors too, right? These youngsters aren't good enough. They aren't strong enough and will most likely be completely wiped out." There were several dozen people on the back of the vicious bird. It was clearly another village who was bringing their youth to participate. This individual started a benevolent jesting. 

"When the time comes, we'll let you know how powerful we are!" The youngsters from Vermilion Village were unwilling to accept this. 

The vicious bird headed into the village. They came from another village. Their strength was quite good. One could tell just from their mount. 

After travelling several hundred li, the terrain gradually became more open. There were less and less forests. A city was faintly discernible in the horizon. They were finally about to arrive. 

Scholar Tree City, this was a country town that could hold several tens of thousands of people. It couldn't be considered big, but it wasn't that small either. 

There was an ancient tree at the head of the city. The branches were upright and strong, and its leaves were verdant and lush. The entire tree was covered in snow white flower petals. This was an ancient tree that was over a hundred zhang tall. 

This city obtained its name from this tree. It was the Scholar Tree City's guardian spirit.

If one looked past the city gate, they would see quite a few people. A few mounts were lining up to enter the city. Today, the city was bustling with activity. Many tribes' young experts came. 

"Out of the way!"

When they were still quite far from the city, someone suddenly shouted. An enormous silver python wrigled over. It was over a hundred zhang in length, carrying a group of people here. They were extremely rude and unreasonable. 


The silver great python swatted out its tail, fiercely slamming it down on the black snail's body, making it stagger and almost fall. Meanwhile, quite a few youth that were on top fell. 

"What are you doing? You are all bullies!" The group of youth were furious. They stood up from the ground and loudly berated. 

"Bullying? A snail is blocking the road and moving slowly, so we can't just stay off to the side, right?" The silver large python's people sneered. They didn't care about Vermilion Village's people at all. 

Quite a few people from Vermilion Village couldn't hold themselves back. They surged with hot blood, about to rush up to argue with the other party, but they were stopped by third grandfather. He shouted for them not to act rashly. 

"What, you still want to use force? You all can come and give it a try." A youth on top of the silver great python said with a sneer. He was looking down on all of Vermilion Village's people. 

"You are too arrogant!" A youngster from Vermilion Village couldn't help but take action. 

"Don't move!" Third grandfather stopped that youngster. He knew that his village's children weren't their match. 

"These are Python Village's people. They are quite strong with a few powerful geniuses. In addition, conflict has broken out between our villages in the past. Do not pay attention to their provocations." Third grandfather said, fearing that they might suffer losses. 

Shi Hao didn't take action and just quietly watched. He could suppress the other party, but what about after he left? There might be a disaster that would descend. At the very least, now wasn't a good time to take action.

"All of you better be careful!" Python Village's people swaggered off, leaving behind these words. 

"Third grandfather!" The youngsters were angry. They all clenched their fists.

"Don't be rash. I heard that there are a few vicious people from Python Village that are moving quite close. We are outside, so it is better if we don't provoke other parties as much and temporarily endure it." Third grandfather consoled. 

Nearby, there were people from other tribes. They all rode on vicious birds and beasts, entering the city one after another. 

The ancient scholar tree was tall and straight, taking root in front of the city. It was quiet and unmoving. If it wasn't extremely powerful, it wouldn't be much different from an ordinary old tree. 

Everyone entered the city. There were special lodging locations, and someone showed them the way.


Suddenly, everyone was shocked. They heard a sound like thunder rumbling. The great earth was lightly trembling. The entire ancient city was no longer peaceful. 

Several dozen mounts appeared by the city gate. They were all unique beasts that were powerful and fierce. Their enormous hooves trampled on the ground, releasing heart trembling muffled sounds.

"Ink Unicorn beast. It looks a bit like a Qilin and even has a bit of its bloodline. It is an extremely powerful beast mount. They are… people from the prefectural city."

These several dozen mounts were covered in dark golden armor. Their bodies were flickering with brilliance and releasing a powerful pressure. They were all unordinary. A young lady sat on top of them that was wearing a silver gown. She was extremely beautiful.

"The prefectural city's people have come to look around. They are paying quite some attention to this time's competition." The people sighed in admiration. 

"Hurry and move out of the way!" Someone cried out. 

Everyone took shelter, not daring to stop these people. 

Fortunately, these Ink Unicorn Beasts slowed down their footsteps and did not barbarically charge into everyone. They were still quite disciplined, surrounding the silver robed young lady as they headed into the city's main manor. 

"Don't look anymore. Hurry and get some rest. The selection competition is going to start tomorrow." Third grandfather reminded everyone so they could save their strength for tomorrow. 

The next day, everyone woke up extremely early. They were led into the country town's enormous fighting arena in the central district. They were going to carry out the competition here. 

However,these dozens of mounts appeared again before the selection competition started. In addition, the aged Scholar Tree City master accompanied the silver-robed young lady that came here. 

"Everyone, you all are the leaders of the nearby areas. This time, you've even brought your clans' most powerful youngsters. I believe that all of you are most sensitive to new information."

Everyone became stupefied. What he said was completely unrelated to the warrior selection competition. Why did he bring this up?

Soon after, everyone understood. The old city lord was quite fearful towards those armored horses, wishing to help them obtain information. 

"This is the emissary sent from the prefectural city. Apart from supervising the great selection competitions that are being carried out in various places, there is another important matter…" The old city master explained. 

The silver robed young lady walked up, ascending the high platform and overlooking everyone. She was extremely beautiful, but her expression was a bit cold. She slowly unfolded a scroll and displayed it in the void. 

"Which one of you have seen this person before?"

The painting scroll shone, freezing itself in the void. It flowed with a mysterious power. There was a female on the scroll whose physique was tall and slender. Silver hair shone brilliantly. Her pupils were clear. Her entire being was beautiful to a dream-like level.

The female in the painting was quite young, looking like she couldn't be older than eighteen or nineteen. However, she didn't carry any immaturity or inexperience, instead carrying a type of extraordinary aura. 

Even though her expression was calm and her eyes clear like water, there was a heavy pressure that was exuded from the painting. Everyone felt their heart rates quickening. 

This was only a painting, yet there was already such a powerful pressure. What if the real person appeared? This was too shocking. This place immediately entered a state of quietness. 

"Has anyone seen her before?" The silver robed young lady asked. 

"May I ask great one who this young lady is?" Someone said with a small voice. That individual was quite confused. This was clearly a warrior selection competition, so why did this type of situation appear?


A cold snort sounded. The silver robed young lady swept out a glance, and that individual immediately felt as if he was struck by lightning. He couldn't stand still and staggered backwards. 

Everyone's expressions changed. This emissary from the prefectural city was so powerful! Just this cold snort alone forced someone back. She was definitely extremely strong. From the looks of it, her age shouldn't be that great either. This made many of the youngsters feel a sense of failure. 

The country town's old city master coughed and said, "Everyone, do not speak too much. Has anyone seen this silver haired woman? This matter is extremely important."

Many people shook their heads, expressing that they did not. They had never met this silver haired woman before. Her temperament looked outstanding. If they ever saw her before, they would definitely not forget.

"She fled into this area. If you all have information about her, hurry and report it. There will be a generous reward!" said the silver robed young lady. She swept her gaze over everyone. 

Everyone became shocked. They looked at the painting again. The silver haired girl was definitely powerful, with a character that was much more outstanding that the female emissary in front of their eyes and more formidable. 

Who was it that injured her? To actually flee to this place.

"Even if I explained it to you all, none of you would understand!" The silver robed woman coldly snorted. Then, she said quietly to herself, "This was the woman injured by Immortal Palace's young great one. Only after fighting great battles continuously did he end up seriously injuring her. This person is important. Immortal Palace's great one has stated that she must be found. It really is hard…"

Shi Hao heard everything clearly. That silver haired girl was actually that young great figure's opponent? After fighting great battles continuously, she was defeated and suffered severe injuries, fleeing here. 

His heart was moved. Even when he was in the lower realm, he already knew how terrifying Immortal Palace was. This woman actually dared to stand against Immortal Palace and carry out a great battle. 

He had heard before that Immortal Mountain's young great one of this generation was like a great mountain that crushed down on everyone's minds. Those of the same generation couldn't be his opponent at all. He was difficult to surpass!

Meanwhile, this woman actually dared to fight intensely against him again and again, ultimately fleeing after being injured, leaving alive. This really was shocking!

"Could it be that I am going to meet that individual from Immortal Palace so soon? Will there be a battle too?!" Shi Hao said to himself inwardly. 

That so-called young great one from Immortal Palace definitely came, entering this region and currently looking for that silver-haired woman. A storm was stirring here. 

"If there is any information, immediately report it!" The silver-robed girl turned around and left for the distance.

Suddenly, Shi Hao's eyes flashed. Just now, he seemed to have seen a strand of silvery light. It was extremely blurry, flashing not far away. It made his mind jump.

Could it be that woman came and was going to take action here?!

If that was the case, that individual from Immortal Palace was most likely going to appear too!

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