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Chapter 620 - Hundred Rivers Converge into the Sea

This snail was extremely large, just like a small mountain. It easily carried more than twenty people, as well as the enormous elephants, fierce tigers, large snakes, and other prey. 

This left Shi Hao feeling rather speechless. How did they even grow such a large snail? The higher realms really was strange.

Its shell was extremely hard. It was entirely black like black jade. It sparkled with crystalline splendor and was extremely sturdy. Right now, it was crawling with great speed just like a speeding horse. 

If anyone dared to say that snails were slow again, Shi Hao would definitely get angry at that person. 

This hunting household were all surnamed Vermilion, originating from Vermilion Village. They had just returned from a rewarding hunt in the mountains.

Soon after, Shi Hao understood why they were surnamed Vermilion. It was because of their guardian spirit. 

This village was quite large with over a thousand members. There was an enormous spiderweb at the front of the village that was silver and brilliant. A large spider was crawling on top, one that was as large as the wild elephant. 

This was Vermilion Village's guardian spirit. It protected over a thousand family members. Normally, it didn't move from the web and quietly cultivated.

The spiderweb connected two rocky mountains at the front of the village, forming an enormous two li sized web. The spider silk was extremely brilliant, as if it was a protective screen, shielding the village within. 

This spider was entirely silvery white. It didn't move at all, normally just staying in the web like that, devouring the essence of sun and moon to cultivate. 

Shi Hao was shaken. This large spider couldn't be considered weak. It was just the guardian spirit of a village, but it already reached Spiritual Transformation Realm. It was quite amazing. 

The silver large spider seemed to have sensed something. It opened its eyes and looked over, giving Shi Hao a glance. Its entire body released radiance. Then, it began to cultivate again. 

The hunting troop arrived at the front of the village. They selected a massive saber-toothed tiger and delivered it to the two li wide great net. 

Then, the enormous snail carried everyone into the village from underneath the large net. A chewing sound could be heard behind them. That saber-toothed tiger was quickly devoured by the large silver spider. 

There were two rocky mountains that couldn't be considered tall at the front of the village. Once one passed this, the terrain would open up and houses appeared in large amounts. 

It was clear that there was more than one hunting troop in the village. 

"We were lucky. This Wild Dragon Elephant was injured and ended up encountering us, so it was directly slaughtered." The elder on the snail said with a smiling expression. 

"Who is this? How did you end up bringing back an injured individual?" Quite a few individuals from Vermilion Village surrounded him.

"I found him, and we brought him back." The youngest youth on the snail cried out. He was only eleven or twelve years old, a child named Zhu Jun. He was still a child. His face was rather tender. Right now, he had on an excited appearance.

The villagers all looked at each other in dismay. They stared at Shi Hao, looking at him over and over. 

"His injuries are so severe. Was he smashed into by a Pixiu? Why do I feel like at least twenty bones were broken?!" 

These people often hunted into the mountains, so they were injured from time to time as well. When they saw Shi Hao, they felt that his injuries were extremely serious. In reality, all of Shi Hao's bones were pretty much broken. 

"Let third grandfather take a look." 

The so-called third grandfather was one of Vermilion Village's most powerful individuals. He understood medicine, so normally, all of the injuries of the villagers were looked at by him. He had great prestige in this village. 

Behind the village was a courtyard. It was extremely peaceful here. There was a mud pool here. This was where third grandfather resided. 

Shi Hao was seriously injured. He slightly raised his body and expressed his thanks towards these villagers. 

Third grandfather's face was covered in white hair. His body was a bit hunchbacked. With a hoarse voice, he said, "Youngster, I do not know your background, but I feel that you are quite unordinary. I wish that your visit does not affect things here."

When there were relatively fewer people, Shi Hao tactfully expressed that he didn't need third grandfather's treatment and that he could recover on his own. He just wanted to live here for a period of time. 

Third grandfather nodded and made some room in the courtyard. 

"There are three thousand provinces in this realm?" This was what Shi Hao learned from a youth's mouth after he decided to stay here. It immediately left him somewhat stupefied. This was too shocking. 

You have to understand that he had already heard in the lower realm that one province was many times larger than all of the eight regions added together. 

Three thousand provinces… just how large was this realm? Meanwhile, this was just what everyone had explored so far. If the even larger mysterious uninhabited areas were added together, it was simply inconceivable!

Of course, Shi Hao didn't reveal any shock in front of Vermilion Village's people. He obtained all of this information through indirect approaches. 

"Three thousand provinces is an older saying. As for how many provinces there truly are, we cannot say clearly. Not even those great figures can be certain," said third grandfather. 

After all, the higher realms was just too vast. Its territory was boundless without borders. It was precisely because it was so enormous that it was able to produce countless experts. 

Shi Hao felt relieved. A province was already several times greater than the lower realm's eight regions combined, so a province's land could naturally produce heavenly talents and terrifying geniuses. 

In the following days, Shi Hao adjusted his injured body and slowly recovered. At the same time, he studied this world's great dao, preparing to complete his body's natural laws. 

The most effective method was rebirth, allowing himself to transform and become complete. 

However, this process would definitely be full of suffering. He needed to break all of his body's bones and exchange his blood. It was going to be a dangerous process. 

Of course, he had made abundant preparations. Immortal Mountain's rebirth method and other techniques were things he had grasped a long time ago. In addition, he had Fire Nation's Vermilion Bird rebirth technique, as well as even the higher realms' noble lady Hong Huang race's phoenix related rebirth method. 

"The broken bones have already pieced together again. It seems like if I want to transform, I will have to break them apart again…" Shi Hao said softly. 

The divine striking stone entered a state of slumber, because after climbing the heavenly path, it suffered many cracks from the great explosion. It needed to slowly recover and recombine. 

A few days passed. Shi Hao's understanding of this world's laws and dao became more profound. He knew what he ought to do. He prepared to replenish his body's natural laws and carry out a rebirth. 


Suddenly, a bugle horn sounded that was incomparably oppressive, as if a demonic beast was roaring. The sound transmitted especially far. All of Vermilion Village was startled. 

Soon after, a group of youth and young adults were stirred up, becoming extremely excited. They ran towards the front of the village. 

Even the guardian spirit was startled. It opened its eyes in the enormous web. Its entire body shone with silver radiance as it swept its gaze over everyone. 

"What happened?" Shi Hao also arrived at the front of the village, asking the people beside him. 

"The warrior selection great war has begun!" A youth said excitedly. His name was Zhu Jun, and a few days ago, he was the first one that noticed Shi Hao. 

Was this a great war? Shi Hao had second thoughts. He didn't understand, nor was it good to ask too blatantly. 

However, there was no need for him to ask too deeply. These youngsters were extremely excited and continuously blabbered on, discussing among themselves here. 

This was a distinguished meeting where experts rose from every area. It was like a hundred streams gathering into an ocean. Many warriors gathered to carry out an intense competition.

"What is the purpose of this?" Shi Hao asked carelessly. 

"Legend has it that there is a great natural luck, a heaven defying opportunity!" The faces of a group of youth became red. They were extremely excited and began to discuss together. 

To select the best from each region and carry out decisive battles one after another, then to the prefecture… advancing step by step. This was a great confrontation between geniuses, a path for the strongest expert. 

"Where will they fight in the end?"

"I don't know. Rumor has it that our most powerful individual only reached the prefecture in the past, not obtaining the qualifications to fight on a higher level..." 

When Shi Hao heard this, he was quite shocked. This truly was a large scale event. What was the purpose of doing this? Was it truly like a hundred rivers gathering into the sea, with layers and layers of selection of the best? These rivers all ultimately flowed back into the sea. 

Endless warriors, all types of experts, heaven warping geniuses from all paths. This was an enormous collision!

A single province was already several times that of the lower realm. It was boundless and limitless. Vermilion Village's people wouldn't understand. Forget about other province, it would be hard for them to reach the limit of this prefecture alone.

 In reality, it wasn't only them. Even those enormous cities' inheritances, those experts from those dao creeds would find it hard to explore the world outside their original province. It was just too far way. 

From one province to another, even if a cultivator walked for several lifetimes, it would be hard for them to cross this distance. 

"What is the purpose of this contest? What kind of great natural opportunity is there exactly?" Shi Hao wanted to understand this. Unfortunately, the villagers didn't know. 

He was a bit regretful. In the lower realm, he should have properly questioned that black tortoise and made him answer all types of questions. 

Unfortunately, that higher realms turtle -- Third Blackie, fled when he was fighting the seven deities. Later on, it never showed itself. It clearly did not wish to return to the higher realms. 

"You can't be sure of that. Sometimes, its a thousand years, other times more than ten thousand years before it happens once."

Shi Hao was shocked. That really was a grand occasion. His little brother, Yue Chan, witch, and the others, as well as the exceptional talents and heavenly geniuses were all going to participate? At that time, it would be a great confrontation between geniuses!

"I should fix my own natural laws first and carry out a rebirth." Shi Hao returned to his place of residence and started all types of preparations. 

If he wanted to undergo rebirth, he needed all types of matching parts. Apart from the rebirth techniques, he also wanted to form a rebirth pool to nourish his body and allow him to undergo an even better transformation. 

After all, this time, he had to break all of his bones, make blood, and exchange blood. It was extremely important. There couldn't be the slightest bit of carelessness. Everything had to be done to perfection. 

Shi Hao's ten great heavenly passages shone. A beast skin pouch descended. After it was opened, precious light flickered about and spiritual essence surged. There were many old medicines, rare ores, spiritual bugs, and other things. 

These were things Shi Hao brought with him from the lower realm precisely to quickly complete his rebirth. 

Before the bronze precious case broke, he collected these things into his heavenly passages to avoid them being crushed. Now, they were going to be put to great use. 

Due to being extra careful, Shi Hao arranged a formation behind Vermilion Village, and then he began to form the rebirth pool and refine all types of medicinal fluid. He prepared to carry out a transformation for himself. 

Star grass, black fiend lotus, scarlet flood dragon vine, snow jade body, and other things were refined. They were cast into the pond. The liquid was sparkling and surging with divine light. 

There were over a hundred types of spiritual medicines at his side, as well as a Three-Footed Toad, Scarlet Heaven Centipede, Spiritblood Dragon, and other rarely seen creatures. They floated in the rebirth pool and released their essence. 

One day and one night later, Shi Hao finished refining the rebirth liquid. 

Then, he clenched his teeth and broke all of his bones. He endured the pain and released his essence blood. He sat inside of the rebirth pond and began to undergo a transformation!

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