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Chapter 614 - Sweeping Through the World

"Qin Clan has an extremely large formation inside. It is massive and full of mysteries." An imperial guard reported. 

After conducting an interrogation, Stone Country learned that this was a super transport formation that could cross regions. Just now, there were some people who used this to flee. 

"It leads to the Heaven Mending Sect? That's fine, let's go as well, use this information to head to our next destination!" Shi Hao said. He immediately began to activate it. 

The bugle horn sounded. The lazurite warship was started up, and then the entire ship released a hazy radiance, departing from this super transport formation. They quickly entered another great region. 

Space region was extremely vast. There were many people here. The mountain and rivers were beautiful with inheritances and sects existing in large numbers here. The one that was the most famous here was naturally the Heaven Mending Sect. It had existed since ancient times and had an illustrious history. It was known as an undying sect. 

The lazurite warship moved through the void, arriving near Heaven Mending Sect. From time to time, white mists would rise in front of them. Auspicious light blossomed. The mountain peaks that appeared one after another were all covered in mist. 

Apart from this, there were even a few islands floating in the sky. Clouds and multicolored light swirled about them. Silver waterfalls showered down from above, carrying a holy aura with them. It was as if they had entered a wonderland. 

"So this is Heaven Mending Sect! Indeed unordinary!" Everyone from Stone Country sighed in astonishment. 

A great battle was currently happening ahead. Intense fluctuations rippled outwards, surging like a stream. Thunderous rumbling sounds rang through the air as the earth quaked and mountains shook. 

A True Phoenix took to the air. Its entire body was covered in brilliant feathers. It danced about in the air, carrying with it powerful divine might as it continuously attacked Heaven Mending Sect's mountain gate. 

Mountain rocks flew about chaotically. Many symbols flickered about. The great mountain protecting formation shone. Many experts were fighting there, as if they were facing a great enemy. They all hid inside while carrying out a defense. 

This was, of course, Shi Hao's spiritual body that was sent ahead of time to lock this place down, preventing Heaven Mending Sect's supreme experts from fleeing. 

The mountain gate had already been damaged. If not for the divine level formations protecting this place, it would have been broken through a long time ago. This place possessed powerful might with bone text interweaving about. They continuously surged out from within the mountain gate. 

"So powerful!" Everyone from Stone Country was dazzled as they watched this. Shi Hao's power alone forced an undying inheritance to fight behind their gate. This type of bombardment was truly incredible. 

If it was an ordinary person, they would have been chased away a long time ago. They would have long been killed!


A sharp streak of sword energy shot out, severing the skies. It was several thousand zhang in length and incomparably terrifying as it hacked towards the True Phoenix!

The True Phoenix covered the sky. It quickly avoided this attack, not deciding to face it head on. A supreme expert with a divine magical artifact was currently fighting against it, displaying astonishing might. 

Everyone felt inwardly fearful. So it turned out to be like this! If not for this ancient treasure stopping him, Shi Hao's spiritual body might have already slaughtered into the mountain gate. 

A phoenix cry tore through the air. Tens of thousands of streaks of multicolored lights shot out. It circled about in the air before quickly flying towards the lazurite warship. In the blink of an eye, it entered one of the true Shi Hao's heavenly passages.

The lazurite warship closed in. Heaven Mending Sect's people all frowned, feeling as if something was off. They already knew what was going on. Just now, a few people from Immortal Mountain fled here."

"You really are… Shi Hao?" A shout sounded from within. 

The enormous warship stopped. Blue-green light flickered about. Shi Hao stood at the head of the ship while overlooking the world below. He revealed his true body, immediately raising cries of alarm. 

Their reactions were just like Immortal Mountain's. There wasn't a single cultivator from Heaven Mending Sect whose expression didn't change. They were all incomparably shaken. They unexpectedly met the little Stone again!

This was definitely a disaster. Back then, they still didn't believe that the True Phoenix was his spiritual body, but now, it was obvious. 

"You all threatened my Stone Country, saying that if we didn't hand the void furnace over to you, there would be a blood tragedy?" Shi Hao calmly said, his voice containing neither joy nor worry. 

Everyone's expressions changed. This time, they truly kicked a metal board. They wanted to obtain the void furnace, so they carried out a threat. Who would have expected that Shi Hao would revive and come back at this time?

"This matter will end here. Things have been exposed already." This voice sounded from Heaven Mending Sect. They wanted to make peace talks. 

"Giving up? Exposed?" Shi Hao's voice was calm, but he was shaking his head. Back then, there were supreme experts from this sect who tried to kill him, and this time, they even wanted to deal with Stone Country. He wanted to wipe this place out, not willing to accept this conclusion. 

The War King then spoke. "Didn't you all say that something ominous would happen in Stone Country, that there will be a blood tragedy? Today, we came to welcome the tragedy!"

The expressions of everyone from the Heaven Mending Sect became ugly. The other party had already reached their doors, so this battle was definitely unavoidable. The most horrifying thing was that Shi Hao returned, leaving them feeling extremely uneasy. 

"What a little Stone! The entire world thought you were dead. None of us expected to see you again in this world. What a pity! Now, heaven and earth have been truly severed, so we cannot make a report to the higher realm..." Everyone from Heaven Mending Sect felt that it was regretful.

In fact, even if they contacted the higher realms, it would be pointless. No deities could come down, so doing this would only make those from the higher realms go mad. A small cultivator ruined their great plans, yet they couldn't even deal with him. 

"Shi Hao, what a pity. You cannot go up either, because the heavenly paths have been severed." A supreme expert from the Heaven Mending Sect said. 

"There is no need for your concern. Do you want to open the mountain gates yourself, or do you want to wait until I slaughter my way in?" Shi Hao coldly spoke. Even though he wasn't old, there was a great imposing aura to his figure. 

When these domineering words were spoken, the thousands of youngsters from Stone Clan were all moved. Meanwhile, Heaven Mending Sect's people's faces became extremely unsightly, feeling that he was too overbearing. 

"If you have the ability, then attack your way in. However, if you fail, we will inevitably pay a visit to Stone Country!" Heaven Mending Sect's uncompromising group shouted. They were extremely unwilling to accept this result. Since the ancient times, who dared to attack them? They all felt furious!

"Fine! I will slaughter my way in and show all of you!" Shi Hao said. He walked out from the lazurite warship and walked on the void. He arrived in front of the mountain gate. 


Inside Heaven Mending Sect, a streak of incomparably terrifying sword energy appeared. This was released from a true deity magical artifact, one that was ten thousand zhang in length. It immediately shot over to kill Shi Hao. 

Shi Hao remained completely fearless. He raised his hand, summoning a small silver cauldron. It began to swirl about, and then it devoured the sword energy, neutralizing all of it!


He released a light shout, sending the little cauldron smashing towards the mountain gate. Heaven overflowing divine radiance erupted. This place exploded into pieces. 

They were both supreme experts, but the power they displayed were entirely different. With the little silver cauldron in hand, Shi Hao only used a single attack to blast the mountain gate to pieces. 

"What?!" Everyone from Heaven Mending Sect felt fearful. 

"Formation arrangement!" Shi Hao shouted. Behind him, several magical artifacts appeared. They were all brought out from Stone Country's treasury, and right now, they released their divine might. They were all divine grade magical artifacts. 

It was already amazing for an ordinary person to operate one, but he controlled five of them at the same time. Endless divine light erupted, immediately submerging this world with their radiance. 


Immediately after, the mountain gate exploded, blasted into pieces. All of the mountain protecting formations collapsed, unable to exist any longer. 


The people inside cried out loudly. The experts that were protecting the mountain gate all fled with everything they had. A few individuals were a step slower and were as a result swept through by the divine light. They were turned into ashes on the spot. 

"Shi Hao, are you really going to become my sect's enemy?" A voice shouted out from within

"It is you all that forced me to fight you all to the end! I only came to satisfy your wishes!" Shi Hao replied. 


Behind him, the War King, Peng King, and Ming King brought the several thousand soldiers with them. They roared out together, shaking the world with their voices, making all of Heaven Mending Sect's holy land tremble.

This type of thing had never happened before. Heaven Mending Sect that was reputed to be undying had its gates destroyed, and the enemy was going to slaughter their way in. 

"Demon Locking Formation, activate!" Someone shouted from within Heaven Mending Sect, activating a great ancient formation to stop Shi Hao's onslaught.


Shi Hao erupted with power. His head of black hair danced chaotically behind him. Symbols covered his entire body as he wielded five divine magical artifacts, sending them towards that great formation. He was going to use their great power to destroy it. 

These five magical artifacts were carefully selected. They corresponded with the five elements and were chosen after great thought. Under his control, endless divine radiance poured out, immediately entering the great formation to seal it in place. 

Shi Hao immediately rushed inside. With a raise of his hand, symbols poured out like a sea. Everything erupted, shattering the great formation that was locked in place and causing it to completely break apart. 

This was a violent yet beautiful sight!

A few of Heaven Mending Sect's experts coughed out blood. They weren't able to retreat in time, and as a result, their bodies began to break apart. Large expanses of corpses could be seen. 

"Retreat to the central region of the holy land! Activate all formations!" A supreme expert from Heaven Mending Sect shouted. He felt extremely anxious. Shi Hao was powerful beyond imagination. These five magical artifacts were specially prepared for breaking through formations. 

"Stone Emperor is without equal!" Behind him, the several thousand young individuals shouted. Their voice rang through the air like thunder, shaking Heaven Mending Sect. The imposing lazurite warship was started up again. 

Then, Shi Hao activated the five divine magical artifacts, and under the divine striking stone's guidance, he was like a hot knife cutting through butter. Just like before, he broke through three ancient magical formations. Nothing could stop him. 

"How could it be like this?" Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert felt worried. If this continued, Heaven Mending Sect's inheritance in the lower realm would inevitably be swept through. 

Soon after, they noticed that there was a rock in Shi Hao's hair that was too extraordinary. Its understandings of formations was too ridiculous, easily finding their weaknesses. 


The eight ancient formation collapsed, being hacked through by the five divine magical artifacts. Smoke and dust surged high into the air, leaving behind an absolute mess. 

"Everyone, enter the Heaven Mending Formation!" That supreme expert hollered. In reality, even if he didn't say it, many people already rushed into the central region, hiding within. 

The fragrance of flowers wafted through this place, and bird cries rang through the air. Beautiful lush green trees grew here, and spiritual medicines could be found everywhere. This place was especially beautiful, especially when one included the islands floating above. There were symbols flowing in between that formed an incredibly powerful great formation. 

"This formation is so terrifying! I can't break through it or see through it." The divine striking stone seemed to be struggling.

"Since we already slaughtered our way here, we can't just give up halfway." Shi Hao said. He already made a firm resolution to overturn Heaven Mending Sect. 

This was a holy land with expanses of medicinal fields. They were incomparably fragrant. Meanwhile, the islands in the sky were even shining. There were many spiritual herbs, and there was even a spiritual spring and others. They gushed forth, surging with immortal energy. 

"Yi, it has a gap. This great formation is damaged and not completely arranged. There is a hole!" The divine striking stone cried out in excitement.

The truth was that Heaven Mending Formation was too complicated. Once it was damaged, there was simply no way for those of the lower realm to repair it. Over the endless passage of time, a portion of the formation had long suffered damage. 

"Alright, break it!" Shi Hao said. 

"I need time, at least seven days." The divine striking stone said. 

"Trap Heaven Mending Sect inside. Do not allow them to escape!" Shi Hao ordered. The lazurite warship moved through the air. The War King, Peng King, and Ming King led several thousand young experts to seal up the surroundings. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao opened his ten great heavenly passages, unleashing his spiritual bodies, having them head for Western Sect and the other places to keep an eye on them. 

That day, news travelled outwards. Shi Hao's revival was true. The entire world was shaken!

"Heavens, it is just too hard to believe. He is actually still alive! Is the little Stone going to defy the heavens?"

The world was in an uproar. Everyone was incomparably shocked. 

"Immortal Mountain has been breached by Shi Hao. He lead Stone Country's experts and swept through that place!"

These military accomplishments quickly travelled through the world, triggering quite the sensation. The entire world was shaken. This was a holy land, but it was overturned just like that!

Apart from this, Shi Hao also led everyone to attack Heaven Mending Sect. News of him trapping this place spread as well, leaving everyone stunned. 

In one day, he attacked two great holy lands in succession? This was just like something out of a legend!

In addition, people quickly found out that his spiritual bodies were moving as well, blocking the other great undying sects' mountain gates and attacking them. 

"The Little Stone has revived! He is truly astonishing after all!"

"Is he going to attack all of the holy lands of this world alone?

That day, the world erupted into commotion. Shi Hao's actions were too crazy, leaving everyone shocked.

Everyone knew that these great sects had all targeted him and Stone Country. Now that Shi Hao returned, he was incomparably firm and resolute. He was going to overturn them one after another.

Time passed, one day after another. 

On the eighth day, Heaven Mending Sect's great battle ended. Shi Hao slaughtered his way in with world shaking divine might. A Kun Peng spread its wings, erupting with a strand of chaotic energy. Those supreme experts were blasted to pieces!

Heaven Mending Sect was breached and completely overturned. This left the entire world speechless. This was just too astonishing.

It had to be mentioned that Heaven Mending Sect's backing was deep and their collection abundant. Divine materials were piled high in their treasury, far surpassing what Stone Country's inner treasury once had. 

Meanwhile, inside those medicinal fields, there were even more spiritual herbs that couldn't be found everywhere. They were all aged old medicines. There were even a few rare wondrous medicines that were hard to find even if one searched the entire world. 

This time, neither the little pagoda nor undying existence were here. Regardless of whether it was the divine materials or spiritual medicines, none of them would be 'wasted'. 

The War King, Peng King, and Ming King trembled. Stone Clan's several thousand experts found it even harder to believe what they were seeing. They continuously moved everything to the lazurite boat. It was as if they were in a dream. 

Apart from a few especially powerful magical artifacts, what Shi Hao favored the most were a few medicinal fields. He dug them up, soil and all. He was going to completely transplant them. 

There were more spiritual medicines than everything he had seen in his entire life. Auspicious multicolored light surged and a hazy mist of light wafted about. While standing inside of the medicinal field, all of his body's pores would expand. Spiritual essence would enter his body even if he wasn't cultivating. 

This battle ended in Heaven Mending Sect's defeat. The high level figures were caught in one swoop. They were removed from the lower realm's list of existences. Another holy land was overturned!

During this process. Shi Hao's Kun Peng spiritual body returned. Apart from bringing back the Gray Flood Dragon supreme expert's head and the Sea Demon Race supreme expert's corpse, there was also the ocean floor treasury. 

These news were too shocking. Shi Hao only sent out a spiritual body, yet two great races in the Northern Sea were defeated. Their caves were broken into. This was just too heart trembling. 

Everyone in this world were discussing how the little Stone defied the heavens and returned. No one could stop him!

The same day, the lazurite warship slaughtered into Western Sect, continuously breaking through their great formations. Then, they were stopped outside of their central great formation, so they carried out another entrapment. 

"Western Sect most likely won't make it either!"

This was what everyone speculated. Shi Hao was too powerful, sweeping through the world with unstoppable strength. No one had high hopes for Western Sect. 

On the twelfth day, Western Sect's final great formation was broken through. Shi Hao slaughtered his way in with unmatched bravery. He killed two supreme experts one after the other, sweeping through this place. 

"Is this the vajra liquid?" The War King was so excited he began to tremble. He found a divine pool that was full of precious liquid. It radiated a unique fragrance. 

"Correct, this is the vajra liquid, the greatest body refining precious liquid!" Peng Nine nodded. 

This was discovered inside of a spiritual mountain's old temple. The divine pool was less than a square meter in size. The precious liquid inside was even more astonishing. They even ended up finding the formula. 

"This is too awesome! This type of formula will definitely make my Stone Clan more powerful!" The Ming King was moved. 

Even Shi Hao was moved. This was definitely a priceless ancient recipe.

Apart from this, Western Sect had all types of precious artifacts and medicinal herbs. It made them sigh in astonishment. This was a place worthy of being called an undying great sect. 

Shi Hao returned, and even Western Sect was overtaken! This type of military success was like something straight out of a legend. The entire world was shaken, and everyone was discussing this!

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