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Chapter 613 - Breaking Through Holy Lands

A warship made of lazurite several thousand zhang in length moved across the sky. It shocked quite a few inheritances in the wasteland region. 

This was one of Stone Country's divine level warships. It was going to cross the dome of heaven and break through the rigid 'region wall', crossing over into other great regions. It released an extremely powerful pressure. 

"What region are they heading towards? Stone Country is going to take major action!"

Right now, the wasteland region had long clamored with noise. Everyone was making guesses at whether Shi Hao truly revived. Even now, they weren't certain. 

It was unknown just how many great powers were paying close attention as well. When they saw this country protecting precious boat move out, every single person's mind trembled. This boat wouldn't be lightly used. Once it appeared, it would inevitably lead to war, suppressing a sect or country!

Rumor has it that this was the number one boat of the Stone Clan in the ancient era. When its horn sounded, the entire country's experts would move out and fight to the death against enemies in a decisive battle. 

After so many years had passed, everyone had almost forgotten about this ancient boat. Now, it reappeared, crossing the heavens. Were they going to suppress an undying inheritance or ancient country?

"They broke through the 'region wall'! They are heading for the mysterious region!"

News immediately transmitted outwards, triggering a huge uproar. They weren't pretending and truly crossed regions to carry out a huge battle!

The lazurite warship pierced through the void, arriving in the mysterious region. This naturally triggered huge chaos. Many people were shocked. 

It was incredibly grand and majestic. It already changed from several thousand zhang in size to over ten thousand zhang in size, turning into an enormous being that filled the skies. It was like a city that floated in the air. 

Shi Hao stood on the boat and overlooked the mountains and rivers below. His hair flew around him. His expression was calm and his eyes were shining. The corners of his clothes fluttered with noise. 

Beside him, there was the War King, Ming King, Peng King, and several thousand imperial guards. Their strength was extremely great. Forget about everything else, just the three great supreme experts alone could sweep through a sect!

One of Shi Hao's spiritual bodies remained in Stone Capital to oversee this place, so they didn't have to worry about place. 

In reality, they didn't have to move out that many people, but since they already decided to take action and punish the undying great sects, they couldn't do it in a low-profile manner. Since that was the case, they might as well fight, display their divine might and shock the world!

The divine grade warship was covered in beautiful metal wires. The most precious area wasn't its offensive or defensive power, but its speed. It had some void penetrating divine might. 

This type of precious artifact was extremely rarely seen!

Perhaps some weapons might be able to tear open the void, but it was impossible for them to move through it long term.

Immortal Mountain, a place where tall peaks towered imposingly and purple energy lingered about. This was a place where dragons arose, but in recent years, they continuously suffered disasters. 

The first place Shi Hao chose to fight was here. As soon as they approached, many of the people protecting the mountain gate were startled. When they saw this enormous warship move through the skies, as if an enormous cloud was descending, everyone felt a heavy wave of pressure. 

"Who are these people? Are they going to attack my Qin Clan?" This brought about large cries of alarm. Everyone quickly left to inform their superiors. 

Meanwhile, in a peak not too far away, Shi Hao's spiritual body opened its eyes, flying towards the enormous lazurite ship, returning into one of Shi Hao's heavenly passages. 

Many of Shi Hao's great spiritual bodies left. This was the only one that didn't take action, a spiritual body that monitored everything outside the mountain gate. 

"You all are… Stone Country's people?!" The Qin Clan's higher level figures came. They stood in front of the mountain gate, all of them shaking endlessly. Were they going to attack Immortal Mountain with everything they had?

They felt extremely uncertain inwardly, feeling a bit terrified. Stone Country currently had several supreme experts, while they only had one. If a war truly broke out, the results would be too horrible to think about!

"My Qin Clan has never offended you all, so why are you bringing your army towards our mountain gate, treating us like this?" An elder asked in a loud voice. 

"Is there still a need to talk any further? Some of your Qin Clan's people colluded with several great sects, leaking them all types of information, yet you still claim to be innocent?" The War King spoke in an incredibly cold tone.

He didn't have a single good impression of the Qin Clan. A year ago, Shi Hao fell here, and when he was recuperating, they tried to harm him several times, narrowly avoiding an even earlier death. 

If not for giving Shi Ziling and Qin Yining face, they would have taken action back then and overturned this place!

This time, even though the Qin Clan didn't directly take action, they relied on Shi Ziling, Qin Yining, Qin Hao, and Shi Hao's complex relationship to obtain a few secrets from Stone Country. They leaked it out, colluding with several great sects to obtain the void gold and other items. 

"You all are speaking venomous slander!" An elder holding a purple gold bamboo staff spoke with an incredibly overcast expression. 

"Do you think your Stone Country can truly do whatever they wish with a few supreme experts? You've all just risen in power. My Immortal Mountain does not fear the world. You all can only only occupy your small corner!" An elder berated, her pupils flickering with radiance. She secretly sent message to the others, telling them that they were going to stall this lazurite warship first and contact the other great sects to punish Stone Country together. Otherwise, a great disaster would happen. 

At this moment, the lazurite great boat descended. The mist on the boat scattered, revealing a figure that faced Immortal Mountain. An uproar immediately broke out. 

"What? That is… Shi Hao?!"

Everyone in front of the Qin Clan's gate were shocked. They all stared with open mouths and stupefied expressions, not daring to believe what they were looking at. 

News were spreading from the wasteland region, but Immortal Mountain only heard a bit of rumors. How could they believe such a thing? However, now… the living person appeared!

"Impossible! He died a year ago!" An elder cried out loudly, unable to accept this reality. You have to understand that they understood more than the others. Qin Yining had previously stayed in that so-called 'Stone Village', not willing to head into the higher realms because of Shi Hao's grave. If Shi Hao was still alive, why would she do something like that? 

Now that Shi Hao came here again, his heart was sighing with sorrow. Without saying anything, he directly swept his eyes over the Qin Clan's higher level figures. 

Everyone's minds trembled. Their bodies broke out into a cold shiver. When they thought about the things from a year ago, they all felt incomparably fearful. At that time, they practically harmed Shi Hao to death!

Now, he actually appeared, alive. This was definitely a huge disaster!

This place had been broken through before. The divine formations protecting the mountains were damaged, so Stone Clan didn't have much to fear. The War King, Peng King, and the others were already enough to break in. 

"You all should rejoice. This time, we aren't going to extremes, leaving behind a path of life for you guys." The Ming King said. "Hand over all of your sect protecting precious artifacts!"

"Impossible!" This group of individuals from the Qin Clan all held weapons in their hands. Waves of anger surged in their hearts. They had always been the ones to intimidate the rest of the world. When had they ever had their gates be attacked like this before?

"The individuals that colluded with those great sects all have to pay the price. If you want to live, then immediately cripple your own cultivations," said the Ming King. 

"Also, the ones that participated in the conspiracy a year ago against Stone Emperor, come out right now!" The Peng King added. 

In that instant, everyone in the Qin Clan was shocked and angry. They were shaking in anger. The powerful Immortal Mountain actually fell to this state, to be threatened and warned like this by others?

"How can my Immortal Mountain tolerate your impudence!" A middle-aged individual shouted loudly, his eyes containing icy coldness. 

"Just a trifling declining Immortal Mountain, yet you still want to stir up a storm? Do you all not understand the current situation?" The Peng King spoke, making a group of people's faces immediately turn red. A wave of anger swelled within them. 

Immortal Mountain already fell to this state, being looked down by others like this and not treated with any importance. It truly made them burn with anger. 

This was a type of humiliation. Forget about everything else, just the fact that Stone Country took the initiative to attack them today was already the same as a slap to their faces. 

Before, they had even thought about overturning this ancient country. They never thought that it would be flipped over today, having their own gates attacked, forcing them to compromise to avoid a disaster. 

"Close the mountain gates and start up the great formations. Kill all intruders that dare to charge in!" Immortal Mountain's supreme expert shouted, giving this order. 

Qin Clan's important characters all retreated. They all felt extremely annoyed. They were going to use their great formations to attack, letting these intruders pay the price of blood. 

"Just some damaged magical formations, yet you dare to make such a display?" The Ming King roared with laughter. 

At this moment, multicolored light flashed in Shi Hao's hair. The divine striking stone flew out, descending together with the three great supreme experts to directly break through the formation. 

"What?" The Qin Clansmen all cried out in alarm. 

It seemed like it only took a moment for the mountain gate to come crashing down. Under the guidance of the divine striking stone, the three great supreme experts broke through the mountain gates in a short period of time and were about to overturn this place. 

Smoke and dust rose everywhere. Rubble flew about chaotically. 

Immortal Mountain's gate collapsed. This was definitely a major event that would leave long lasting impacts. There was someone who actually dared to do such a thing, moreover succeeding!


Immortal Mountain's supreme expert's face immediately fell. With a divine magical artifact in his hand, he took to the air. He wanted to use the great killing weapon in his hands to immediately kill the three great supreme experts. 

However, he was set up for disappointment. The three great supreme experts each held an ancient magical artifact in their hands. They were all left behind by deities. All of them erupted with radiance and hacked forward. 

"You all just wait. As long as I don't die, there will be a day when Stone Country will be eradicated!" He spoke hatefully inside. He activated the divine magical artifact to escape into the void. 

At this moment, Shi Hao made a move. His large sleeves moved, and with a honglong sound, heaven overflowing waves surged. He brought out Stone Country's silver medicinal cauldron and directly surrounded him with it. 

"You…" Qin Clan's supreme expert cried out in alarm. Right at that moment, the magical artifact in his hands broke free from his control. It was sucked away by that cauldron. 

Meanwhile, the sleeves of Shi Hao's robes flung outwards, blasting him until he coughed out large amounts of blood. His body spun about before once again falling into Immortal Mountain. He couldn't escape at all. 

The War King and Peng King gave each other a look in tacit understanding. They ruthlessly activated their magical artifacts, sending them blasting down towards Immortal Mountain's sole supreme expert. 

These were divine magical artifacts. At this moment, they completely erupted with power. Multicolored light erupted in tens of thousands of streaks. Auspicious radiance blossomed in all directions, lighting up this place brilliantly. The terrifying power made many people fall weakly onto the ground. 

"No!" The Qin Clan's supreme expert cried out loudly. He ignited his essence blood, trying to defend himself and escape from this place.

"Unfortunately, in front of these type of magical artifacts, his struggles were futile. He was swept by the two magical artifacts, exploding on the spot and turning into a bloody mist. His body and soul were both wiped out. 

The two old kings were calm and indifferent. Since they decided to take action, how could they let this supreme expert go? It would inevitably only bring about future disasters. 

The following battle was without any suspense. Immortal Mountain was already in tatters. Even though they were glorious in the past, the current mountain protecting formations were all damaged, so they didn't have the ability to protect this sect at all. 

"You all dared to scheme against my Stone Country and harm Stone Emperor a year ago. Everything will be settled now!"


Shouts of killing resounded through the skies. The three great supreme experts led thousands of younger experts directly into Immortal Mountain, sweeping through this place. All those that dared to rebel were killed without mercy. 

That day, Immortal Mountain was broken through. The higher level figures were completely wiped out, and the number of casualties was great. 

The ones that tried to harm Shi Hao to death before were all found by the three old kings and killed. All those that colluded with the great sects to deal with Stone Country were all killed as well. 

After this battle, the Qin Clan was completely ruined. They were completely struck off the list of holy lands, their lower realm sect completely collapsed, never to rise again. 

If not for the fact that Qin Yining was Shi Hao's mother, this inheritance might have been completely wiped out. 

Unfortunately, their spoils of war were extremely few. Apart from a few divine magical artifacts, there weren't any divine materials, spiritual medicines, or other things, because the little Pagoda had already eaten them all back then. 

"Western Sect and Heaven Mending Sect aren't ordinary. They had never been broken through by others before. They had existed since the ancient times, so their accumulation is astonishing. They definitely have many divine objects!" The Peng King said. 

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