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Chapter 615 - Calming the Lower Realm

Wuwu… the sound of the bugle horn continuously sounded. The lazurite warship flew through the sky, departing from Western Sect into the distance, slowly disappearing.

Light flowed about brilliantly within the ship. There were all types of precious materials, spiritual medicines and other things, so much of them that they could be piled up into a small mountain. They released brilliant multicolored light, making it so bright here that it was hard to look straight at.

"Or harvest is too great! These ancient great sects really do have astonishing backing after all. Their accumulation is so deep. It really is astonishing!"

On the boat, the Ming King sighed with admiration. Great waves were stirring within his heart, so there was even less of a need to talk about the youngsters. There were just too many precious objects, enough for one to feel excited with just a single look. 

Stone Country couldn't be considered inferior, as it was an ancient divine country. However, when they were compared to Heaven Mending Sect and Western Sect, it truly dimmed in comparison!

"This cauldron isn't bad. It's a true deity magical artifact!" The Ming King was moved.

It was ancient looking and seemed to have experienced the vicissitudes of time. When a bowl of water was added, the liquid would waft out fragrance. It was unknown just how many precious medicines it had refined. 

Shi Hao also noticed this cauldron. It was obtained from Heaven Mending Sect. It was ashy brown in color, looking like it was carved from a piece of rock. There were astonishing symbols inside. This was an extremely rare find.

When it wasn't in use, it was only a foot in size. If the slightest flame was used to refine medicine, it would immediately become larger, becominging ancient and imposing. 

Shi Hao carefully gave everything a look. He decided to give this cauldron to Stone Village, using it to make up for their losses. He broke two of the village's ancestral artifacts. They were now in terrible shape after his fight with Immortal Palace's old servant. 

Then, Shi Hao picked up a bone sword, a rattan staff, as well as a fist-sized precious furnace that was entirely red in color. They were all swirling with divine patterns, powerful and mysterious. They were the best items out of the ancient divine level magical artifacts. 

Shi Hao handed them to Qinfeng, having him bring them back to Stone Village to protect the villagers. 

The War King, Ming King, and the others naturally weren't opposed to this. The two great sects were defeated by Shi Hao, and the rewards were extremely great. There were a few extremely formidable ancient magical artifacts on the boat that would be left for Stone Country. 

"What abundant spoils! I really never expected the spoils to be so great!" The Peng King sighed in admiration. Even though he was a supreme expert, he still found it hard to calm down. 

"Your Majesty, please select a weapon for yourself as well." The War King advised.

A row of weapons were displayed here, from supreme expert grade to divine grade. They all radiated precious splendor and flowed with brilliant colors. They were extremely formidable.

Shi Hao nodded. He was going to the higher realms, so he indeed needed a powerful magical artifact to protect himself. As for Stone Country's sect protecting precious artifacts, he didn't plan on taking them with him. 

He looked them over again and again. Several old kings accompanied him, introducing these magical artifacts' origins and uses. After breaking through the two holy lands, they understood a few things from the captives. 

Shi Hao swept his eyes over them. He felt as if they didn't really suit him. In the end, he pointed at a divine pool with sparkling vajra fluid in it that radiated a fantastic fragrance. 

"Then just this."

With a raise of his hand, he summoned the demonfall precious pestle from inside of the pool. This item was extremely mysterious, refined from the beast bone of an unknown creature. It was entirely dull without any luster. 

However, everyone knew that this was an ancient magical artifact that was extremely unordinary. It definitely came from the hands of a deity. 

When it entered his hands, Shi Hao immediately felt some weight. This precious pestle was only a foot in length, but it was several thousand jin in weight. Its material was special and strange after all. 

He lightly brandished this demonfall pestle that was refined from white bone about. Symbols immediately appeared, and there were astonishing fluctuations. A great mountain in front of him collapsed in a flash. 

"How powerful! This weapon isn't bad." The War King nodded.

"Found it!" Right at that moment, there were imperial guards that cried out. They were overjoyed as they brought over an ancient scroll. 

"golden body elixir's recipe?!" The Ming King's breathing became rushed. 

Heaven Mending Sect had a type of special liquid called golden body elixir that was priceless. Since ancient times, only core disciples like Yue Chan could take it in and soak in it. 

Stone Country cared a lot about this recipe. They had always been searching for it. At this moment, they found it among the pile of treasures. 

Its value was similar to the vajra elixir recipe. If it was used to refine the body, as long as one obtained enough divine liquid, they would obtain twice the results with half the effort. One's constitution would be raised to its peak. 

Back then, the dual-pupiled Shi Yi was able to possess sturdy flesh due to receiving large amounts of golden body elixir. It wasn't inferior to the precious body Shi Hao refined himself at all. 

"What a pity, this is damaged. There is only the upper half, missing the lower half. We can only use it as a reference." Shi Hao carefully looked it over after receiving it. He regretfully shook his head. 

The complete ancient recipe disappeared from the lower realm together with the death of that Heaven Mending Sect supreme expert. 

Just like precious techniques, divine ancient recipes were held by the most important individuals' hands, so it was difficult to steal. There was a restriction within his sea of consciousness, which, once attacked, would self-destruct. 

"Fortunately, we obtained the vajra elixir's recipe. This is worth rejoicing over!"

All things had a chance of failure. Being able to obtain an ancient recipe could already be considered quite lucky, enough to make Stone Race become more powerful. Wishing to obtain everything was quite impractical. 

If that was the case, the heaven itself might collapse. 

The lazurite warship crossed the 'region wall' and returned to the wasteland region. This raised a huge uproar. Stone Country travelled to other regions to carry out battles and returned victorious. The entire world was in commotion. 

One has to understand that they weren't attacking normal sects and were instead attacking the three great holy lands. They were all overturned. When news of this transmitted outwards, everyone found it unbelievable. 

It had to be mentioned that Heaven Mending Sect, Immortal Mountain, and Western Sect controlled the lower realm for who knew how many tens of thousands of years. They were known as undying. No one could defy them. 

Yet in the end, they had their mountain gates overturned and their foundations ruined!

"The little Stone is a legend! He actually revived from death and completely destroyed several holy lands. His name will definitely be recorded in the annals of history for thousands of years!"

This matter affected too much. It would inevitably leave behind a great mark in history.

Shi Hao was quite clear on the fact that being able to overthrow several holy lands was because this was an era without deities. Those other experts were all captured by the undying existence. 

Otherwise, if it was any other era, with experts that ignited their divine flames overseeing this place, there was no way they would be defeated like this. 

The lazurite warship did not return to Stone Country and instead travelled towards the western boundary. Wuwu sounds resounded through the great earth, leaving a few powers that it traveled past feeling greatly alarmed. 

They knew that the ship was heading for Little Western Paradise. There was still one last enemy inheritance that hadn't been wiped out yet. 

In this place, a Suan Ni wandered about. This was precisely one of Shi Hao's spiritual bodies. It had stood guard in Little Western Paradise this entire time, preventing the important figures of this sect from escaping. 

It didn't attack inside, because this place was quite special. Little Western Paradise was located inside of a small world. Right now, it had its entrance sealed, so it was completely isolated from the outside world.

"Perfect for testing out this precious pestle's power," said Shi Hao. He stood on the lazurite warship, his body shining and burning with divine force. Then, he fiercely activated the demonfall pestle. 


The bone precious pestle turned into a sphere of pure white light before rushing forward. With a hong sound, it smashed into the sealed stone gates. Endless symbols erupted. 

In that instant, trees in the nearby great wastelands exploded and mountain peaks split apart. They suffered from a powerful shockwave.

The surrounding mountain region became devoid of life. Everything was wiped out. Many mountain peaks had parts sliced off. The little world's entrance was definitely pierced through. 

"What a powerful magical artifact!" Shi Hao sighed with admiration. As for the others, they were all left stupefied. This weapon was definitely not ordinary. It could be considered a top item even among true deity level magical artifacts. 

"What a pity… when using it, there are Western Sect's unique symbols, so one will recognize it immediately." Shi Hao shook his head. This was a problem. 

The inside of Little Western Paradise was in chaos. A powerful enemy had appeared, so they were all panicking. Even their divine gate was broken through. They were facing an imminent catastrophe. 

Shi Hao took the lead in slaughtering inside. Soon after, he was angered, because he noticed a few vicious disciples. They were well known plunderers in the wasteland region. When he saw them, he immediately thought of the group of bandits that wreaked havoc in the great wastelands. 

"Kill!" He unleashed a great massacre.

What was rather surprising was that apart from the White Jade Dragon Elephant that had died, Little Western Paradise had another supreme expert. His strength wasn't bad, but he still couldn't escape death. 

This sect was definitely going to be uprooted. Regardless of whether it was from how they treated Stone Country or how they previously slaughtered those small tribes in the great wastelands, their conducts were incredibly vile. They needed to be punished and wiped out. 

Little Western Paradise didn't have that many divine materials, but their medicinal field was verdant and lush. Multicolored splendor shone brilliantly and fragrance assailed the nostrils. 

What was the most exciting was that there was still a fiery cave here. Inside were medicinal herbs like li fire spiritual flower, vermilion orchid, scarlet light grass, and others. There was also a swamp that nurtured Spiritblood Dragons, Scarlet Heaven Centipedes, Three-Footed Frogs and other spiritual creatures. 

"Bring them back to Stone Country to nurture. In the future, we don't have to worry about not having enough spiritual medicines anymore," said the Ming King. 

"We now have everything we need. All pill medicines under the supreme expert level can be refined. In addition, we can make a few more little rebirth pills." Shi Hao nodded. 

Little Western Sky's defeat also meant the defeat of all of the great enemies. As a result, Stone Country rose up in power. When news of this reached the rest of the world, everyone was trembling in shock!

Afterwards, a disciple from Stone Country Capital City's Li family was left in charge of dealing with Little Western Paradise's aftermath. His name was Li Baiding and he had cultivated in the sect before. He assumed control over the final mess. 

As a result, Little Western Paradise was reduced into being one of Stone Country's cities and accepted Stone Country's laws. 

Stone Country was flourishing with activity. Along with Shi Hao's revival and overturning of several holy lands, they inspired awe throughout the world. They no longer had any adversaries. 

"It's almost time to go." Shi Hao stood at the center of the central heavenly palace and sighed lightly. 

The outside world was in a state of commotion. The entire world was discussing this topic fervently. 

Shi Hao didn't care about these things. He went into isolation to refine medicine. Before leaving, he had a few more things to do. 

The imperial palace was dense with spiritual essence. All types of spiritual herbs were gathered, and quite a few rare mineral ores were brought into the palace. Apart from this, spiritual bugs and other things had been prepared. 

In the following half a month, Shi Hao continuously refined pills furnace after furnace. There were quite a few that were handed over to Qingfeng to bring back to Stone Village. There was also a batch left for Stone Country. 

Finally, he refined a few precious little nirvana pills. This was a priceless pill medicine that could promote a king level figure to a supreme expert!

"I should leave and find my own destiny." Shi Hao said. He stretched out his body, stopping his medicine refinement. 

The War King, Peng King, Qingfeng and the others all wanted him to stay behind a bit longer. However, when they opened their mouths, they didn't know what to say. Shi Hao was going to leave for the higher realms and find a heavenly path. He was going to seek his own dao, so no one could stop him. 

"Your Majesty!" The old kings all felt emotional. Since Shi Hao rose to power, to his death, and then to his revival, too many things had happened. It was hard to forget. 

"You aren't going to Stone Village to take one last look?" Qingfeng was choking with emotions, asking while crying. This separation might be eternal. They might never see each other again. 

"It's best if I don't. There will only be sadness. I should just leave like this," said Shi Hao. 

"Stone Emperor!" Many kings came to send Shi Hao off. They were all filled with reluctance. A few individuals' eyes carried tears. 

This was especially true for those young experts. They felt extremely reluctant. Shi Hao had brought them with him to break into those holy lands. They swept through everything before them and flattened the world, making their hearts experience great emotions. They were filled with respect and admiration. 

"Goodbye!" Shi Hao turned around and then took large steps into the distance. 

The kings' hearts felt sour, but they couldn't stop him. 

Qingfeng was also shedding tears. He called out in a loud voice, "You have to take care of yourself… Village chief, uncles, and our childhood companions are all unwilling to part with you! Will we be able to meet again in this life?"

Shi Hao hesitated. His eyes became blurry, and his nose became sore, but he still didn't turn around. Then, he disappeared. 

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