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Chapter 612 - Sovereign Descends

Winds swept through all directions. A supreme expert died in Stone Country Capital. This raised a huge sensation that left all sides astonished!

In this era without deities and few supreme experts, supreme experts were the highest level of existence, yet in the end, that individual was grabbed out of the sky in one go. It was just too astonishing. 

Who exactly accomplished this? Everyone found it hard to think of who could have done this. 

The only one that could use the archaic vicious ten's precious technique and carry out this type of accomplishment was the little Stone. However, he was the first one to be thrown out of their minds, because he had already died. This was something everyone knew about. 

"In the blink of an eye, a year has already passed. The little Stone has already fallen for such a long time..."

When they suddenly thought about the past, many people felt disappointed and frustrated. 

Because of this disturbance, many people couldn't help but think of him. They all felt that it was a pity. It was like the most brilliant flower withered away, leaving behind ruins and regret. 

"If Shi Hao was still alive, what would he be like? I fear that many people would feel uneasy, especially those great sects."

Even after Shi Hao's death, people were still talking about him. Stories of his accomplishments were still brought up, and everything was due to the deja vu Kun Peng technique. 

A few youngsters' expressions became complicated. Shi Hao's existence was like a great mountain weighing down on their minds. No one could compare to him. He had already died for more than a year, but his life still had such a great influence on the world.

Meanwhile, the thoughts of a few even younger youth were wandering all over the place, because their elders, senior brothers and sisters were all talking about that person. The glory of his former days was still present. 

A great storm was brewing in the outside world. Many people were speculating and commenting on this matter. 

Inside Stone Country's Imperial Palace, Shi Hao sat with his legs crossed, appearing solemn and dignified. Around him, ten great heavenly passages were opened. They released an undying aura. The lights all linked up together. 

"Heavens! These are His Majesty's ten great heavenly passages!" A few imperial guards cried out in alarm, all of them excited and shocked. This was the first time they saw Shi Hao display them. 

Even the War King, Peng Nine, and the others were shocked. They couldn't help but sigh in admiration. For Shi Hao to be able to reach this day, it was definitely not a fluke. He reached the peak of every single cultivation realm, making him terrifying to the extreme. 

There were ten great heavenly passages there, all of them shining. Every single one was larger and more vast than an ordinary cultivator's heavenly passage. They linked up like that into an undying divine ring, appearing terrifying to the extreme. 

Shi Hao sat there, appearing solemn and dignified. Inside the ten great heavenly passages were the Kun Peng, Suan Ni, Vermilion Bird, and others, floating up and down. Following a grunt from him, these creatures all rushed out. 

A loud explosion sounded. A great sound rang through this place. Terrifying auras rushed into the heavens. He was releasing his own 'spiritual bodies', letting them walk out of the heavenly passages. 

"Your Majesty, be careful! Even though the spiritual bodies are powerful, if you travel into the great regions separately like this, problems might occur!" Peng Nine warned. 

The Ming King nodded and said, "Those great sects have stood tall since the ancient times until now, so there is definitely a reason for their glory. Your Majesty has to be careful!"

They were quite worried. If he only sent out his spiritual body, then if the other party used some true deity divine artifact, or even ancient magical artifact, then a single spirit body might encounter dangers and bring damage to his true body's foundational energy. 

Shi Hao nodded and said, "I understand. The reason I am sending out my spiritual bodies first is to locate those supreme experts and prevent them from fleeing. I won't act rashly." 

"Then that's good!" The old kings all nodded. 

Inside the heavenly palace, a Kun Peng looked in all directions. Its body shrunk down into a foot in size, and then it turned into a streak of divine light before shooting outwards. It ascended the ancestral altar and headed for the northern sea!

Shi Hao discovered from that supreme expert's sea of consciousness that there were two powers that participated in the last operation from the Ocean Race. One was a Gray Flood Dragon supreme expert, and the other was a Sea Demon Race supreme expert. 

These two supreme experts had grudges against Shi Hao before, especially the gray flood dragon supreme expert. During the chaotic battle of the Northern Sea, it had tried to kill Shi Hao several times, but in the end, it had one of its spiritual bodies killed by Shi Hao. 

A Kun Peng directly flew towards the Northern Sea for these two.

Then, a purple gold Suan Ni roared. Electrical radiance crackled about it. It was originally huge and swirling with symbols, but now, it shrunk, becoming less than a meter in size. It ascended the ancestral altar, heading for Little Western Paradise. 

Shi Hao never thought that this sect would also take action and deal with Stone Country! This was definitely unforgivable!

He didn't have any good feelings towards Little Western Paradise from the start. Back then, before he even left into the great wastelands and cultivated in Stone Village, he encountered a few roaming bandits that were associated with this group. 

For the sake of finding the supreme being divine treasury, they massacred many tribes in the great wastelands. Their hands were stained with blood. Shi Hao had personally wiped out a batch before and also killed a golden guardian spirit, a pangolin. 

"Little Western Paradise was actually going to take action as well. Truly hateful!" The War King said. Fortunately, Shi Hao learned about it first, or else they wouldn't have known that this type of power also joined in. 

"They have a very close relationship with Western Sect. During the ancient years, they came from the same source, so this time, they definitely participated due to their relationship with the Western Sect," said Peng Nine. 


A Vermilion Bird spread its wings, its entire body was incomparably red. It left through that ancestral altar and headed for the Western sect. 

Then, a human shaped spiritual body appeared, one that carried the broken black sword. It headed for Immortal Mountain!

Finally, a True Phoenix with brilliant feathers appeared. It raised its head and cried towards the sky. It left through the altar towards Heaven Mending Sect. 

Shi Hao's several great spiritual bodies left one after another to lock onto those sects' supreme experts to prevent them from escaping first. If this level of character was going to escape, then they would definitely bring about a disaster in the future. 

He set his resolution to deal with these great sects, so he naturally wouldn't let those main culprits leave. They were all going to be killed clean!

Everyone's eyes were dazzling as they watched Shi Hao release several spiritual bodies. Their powers were heaven overflowing. They were now truly going to take action. What followed would definitely be a crazy storm!

That day, several great sects received the bone books that were sent out. They all trembled endlessly. 

"A supreme expert actually died? What exactly happened?"

The hardest thing for them to accept was that Stone Country threatened them in reverse, demanding that they hand over their sect protecting precious artifacts, saying that they were ominous objects and that a blood disaster would occur if they didn;t. 

This was intolerable. Their words of threat were sent back untouched and with even more intimidation. 

"Who exactly is that person? Doesn't Heaven Mending Sect and Little Western Paradise each have a supreme expert in Stone Country? Ask them to investigate this thoroughly!"

Stone Country, within a mountain ridge, a temporary cave dwelling had been established. Inside sat two creatures. Hazy light surrounded them, making them look like deities. A powerful aura was being exuded around them. 

One of them had a body that was spotlessly white like jade. Even though he was humanoid, his nose was extremely long, and he had a shining pair of teeth. This was the expert from Little Western Paradise, a White Jade Dragon Elephant.

This creature was an auspicious beast of its sect!

The other individual had white hair but a youthful appearance, a human. He was currently breathing in and out, and while doing so, draconic energy was coming in and out of his mouth and nose. This was clearly a formidable expert. 

If Shi Hao saw this individual, he definitely would have recognized him. Back then, when he fought against the big Stone in the Void God Realm, this individual had taken action with Grandma Xihua to kill him. It was precisely a supreme expert from Heaven Mending Sect. 

Back then, this individual used curse power, an extremely strange type of power, almost affecting Shi Hao's dao. 

"Go, let's take a look to see exactly what kind of deity appeared in Stone Clan." They stopped their long breathing and stood up, hurrying over towards Stone Country Imperial Capital. 

There was still a set amount of distance from Stone Country Imperial City, but the two stopped moving. Heaven Mending Sect's elder laughed coldly and said, "We aren't going to take risks and are just going to stay outside. Watch how I teach them a bloody lesson!"

He decisively used curse power to kill a few important people in Stone Country and throw the imperial capital into chaos. It was impossible to guard against. The corners of his mouth grinned, revealing snow white teeth, appearing cruel and merciless. 

"Did you guys just come?" A cold voice sounded. In that instant, both supreme experts' bodies went rigid. They were both horrified. That voice was too clear, as if it sounded right by their ears. 

They were still quite far from Stone Country Capital City, but they were discovered so quickly! This was too terrifying!

"This is…"

A streak of light swept out from Stone Country Imperial Palace. They had no way of avoiding it. It was an eye that could penetrate through everything. It was precisely Shi Hao who was controlling that dual-pupil. 

"Once I kill these two, I can go on my way and punish those sects." Shi Hao said to himself. He walked out from the imperial palace step by step in the void, arriving high in the skies. 

He killed a supreme expert, so he naturally knew who was trying to deal with the Stone Clan. He knew that there were still two supreme experts inside the country's borders and had been waiting for a while already. 

This voice was extremely clear, resounding through the skies of Stone Country and startling many cultivators. 

"Who is that person?!" Everyone saw a hazy figure that was tightly wrapped within layers of mists, one that seemed quite young appear high up in the sky. 

Immediately afterwards, Heaven Mending Sect and Little Western Paradise's supreme experts were horrified. They saw Shi Hao's true appearance. They couldn't help but scream out loudly, feeling as if they saw a ghost!

"How can this be? You… are still alive!" They all felt their fine hairs stand up straight. The instant they saw Shi Hao's true appearance, cold sweat ran all the way down from their heads down to their feet. This was too shocking!

This person had clearly died! Everyone in the world knew about it, so how could he still be alive?


They didn't think about staying for a moment, turning around and leaving. The little Stone reappeared, leaving them completely shaken. They didn't have any intention of fighting a decisive battle. Their only wish was to flee as far as possible.


Shi Hao's speed was extremely fast. Kun Peng wings appeared, and heavenly overflowing divine might swept outwards. He possessed extreme speed, cutting off their route of retreat instantly!

Meanwhile, the War King, Ming King, Peng King and others appeared as well, bringing their imperial guards. They appeared high up in the sky and exuded tremendous power and pressure. 

"Who is that?" Many people from Stone Country Capital City stared at Shi Hao's figure, feeling greatly puzzled. Bright mists surrounded that place, making it a bit indistinct. However, they felt a bit of deja vu. 


The two great supreme experts shouted out loud, wishing to break free from this place. 

Shi Hao's wings moved, and then with a loud sound, yin and yang energies swirled together before sweeping out like a sea. They were immediately shaken to the point where blood shot out from their mouths. 

A battle immediately broke out. It was incredibly fierce and tyrannical, shaking heaven and earth. 


They had just exchanged attacks, yet Little Western Paradise's supreme expert already cried out miserably. The pair of sparkling white ivory teeth were broken off, landing in Shi Hao's hands. He tossed them over to the Ming King and the others. 

"You… how could you still be in this world?" The White Jade Dragon Elephant was unwilling to accept this. 

"Stone Emperor, you… exactly how did you survive?" Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert's heart was pounding. He truly couldn't understand why this dead person was able to appear again. 

When these words were spoken, Stone Country Imperial City was shaken. This news was too astonishing. It was too hard to believe!

"You want to perform a curse? You alone aren't enough!" Shi Hao coldly said. He raised his hand, sending out electrical radiance like an ocean. It swept out with pi li pa la sounds. All of the curse power was wiped out. 

"Ah…" Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert cried out miserably. Half of his body was scorched black. 

This battle was without any suspense. The White Jade Dragon Elephant was killed first, and then the head of the Heaven Mending Sect's supreme expert tumbled down. Blood flowed about. Both of these supreme experts' lives ended. 

"Is this true?!" Stone Country Capital City erupted into an uproar. The little Stone had reappeared! This shocked everyone. This was just like something out of a legend. It was just too astonishing!

News traveled out, leaving all of Stone Country shaken. It quickly spread outwards. 

That very day, news spreads through every region. Some great sects were attacked, the instigators being a Suan Ni, Vermilion Bird, True Phoenix, and others. News even came from the ocean that a Kun Peng descended and hunted down a Gray Flood Dragon supreme expert. 

The world was in an uproar. What was going on?

"I know what happened, perhaps the little Stone truly revived. The Suan Ni, Vermilion Bird, and Kun Peng are all his spiritual bodies!" Someone suddenly understood with a flash and trembled uncontrollably. 

"What is going on with the True Phoenix? I never heard of him cultivating this precious technique!"

"This proves something else. Back then, rumors had it that he captured fairy Yue Chan, and now, it seems to be true! He obtained this damaged precious technique from her."

That day, the entire world was shaken. Everyone found this somewhat difficult to believe, but they couldn't help but develop doubts. Could it be that Shi Hao truly returned to life?

This was too shocking! The entire world was astonished!

A supreme being youth that had disappeared for more than a year reappeared. There was nothing more ridiculous or shocking than this. 

"Is it truly the little Stone? Heavens! What happened? He was actually able to survive and reappear!"

"This is crazy! In just a day, he moved out with several spiritual bodies and suppressed several great sects. How domineering is this?!"

"This really is like a sovereign descending! A single person could deal with several great sects, choosing to take action all in one day!"

Everyone was speculating about what could have happened. Discussions broke out everywhere with commotions breaking out in every area. 

Meanwhile, Shi Hao's true body already went on its way, heading towards these sects to pay them each a visit and show them his power!

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