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Chapter 606 - Resurrection

A strand of white energy flowed out from Shi Hao’s mouth and nose that looked like immortal energy. It was accompanied with auspicious and multicolored light. It continuously moved through his mouth and nose along with his breathing. 

This wasn’t an illusion. The villagers could clearly see it through the dual-pupil. Ermeng, Pihou, Huzi, and the others were about to shed tears of joy. They had already waited for such a long time. Were they truly going to see a miracle?!

Shi Hao’s flesh didn’t decay. His complexion was rosy, not like how deathly pale it was before, without any color at all. His current self had radiated an extremely powerful wave of vitality. 

There were portions of his body that would flow with light from time to time, radiating waves of vitality. 

Half of his body turned a golden color, and then it turned into a pitch black color. Then, a moment later, it then turned into a purple color… it was continuously changing. 

“What was going on here? I felt a flourishing wave of energy, a surging of divine force. Is this a type of transformation?” Dazhuang asked. 

Right now, everyone was waiting with expectations. They truly wished the person inside that coffin would immediately wake up. 

Hairy Ball and Little Red were startled. They immediately rushed over and carefully observed the situation. They were startled as well. They were certain that Shi Hao’s body was full of life force and that he was about to resurrect!

This was a miracle! After remaining dormant for a year, he still had a chance to survive!

Undecaying grass maintained his body’s state, leaving it in an undecaying state and not letting his condition worsen. Of course, if one truly wanted to live, they would still have to rely on themself.

Perhaps the Five-Colored Sparrow had done something, but his experience in his life and death reincarnation, as well as his will to live, were definitely extremely important during the critical moment. 

“The wounds of Little Hao’s body are still there. They haven’t closed yet,” said Snot Baby. 

There were still quite a few bloody traces on Shi Hao’s body that didn’t disappear. However, there was still light flowing through his body, slowly moisturizing those areas. 

“It is because of the undecaying grass. It made sure his flesh didn’t change. Life force has just begun to reappear in his body. If those wounds are to truly close, he still needs time,” Hairy Ball said. 

In the following few days, the grave split apart. The white roots on the coffin completely came of. Strands of radiance seeped out from Shi Hao’s body and clouds of multicolored mists surged. 

“Those medicines he ate still served some purpose.” Little Red said with a sigh. 

A year ago, Shi Hao was dying. Regardless of whether it was Stone Country or Stone Village, they both brought out the highest grade precious medicines for him to eat to preserve his life. 

Back then, they didn’t do that much, but in reality, they were still effective. Endless vitality had been infused into his body, and all of it had been stored until now. 

Holy medicine, divine wine, immortal spring, elder wood praying mat, silver peaches, Sun God Tree’s golden liquid… which one of them weren’t world-shaking precious medicines? They were simply priceless!

When all of this merged together, they formed a mass of unimaginable life force!

All of this existed in his flesh, nourishing his body this past year to fight off the bronze rust symbols. The medicines were extremely useful. 

At the very least, he didn’t have to worry about withering away. There was an exuberant wave of life force and spiritual essence within his body. He didn’t have to worry about his body drying up at all. He was full of foundational energy. 

“They were hiddenly displaying their effects. These divine substances sorted out his blood vessels and flesh. They were incredibly useful!” Hairy Ball sighed and said. 

“He experienced life and death, undergoing reincarnation. The symbols of his body revived, fighting against the power of the curse and gradually gaining the upper hand. This is the main reason why he was able to make it this far!”


An intense fluctuation sound could be heard. Auspicious multicolored light rushed outwards, flying out from the tomb from within the coffin. 

The villagers could clearly see divine light swirling about Shi Hao’s body. His flesh was surging with vitality, and his breathing became steady. The white mists coming out from his mouth and nose were like immortal energy!

That was, without a doubt, an innate source. 

Shi Hao calmly laid there. A wave of energy emerged from his body. His chest began to rise and fall. Then, dong dong sounds could be heard, leaving everyone quite shocked. 

Even Hairy Ball and Little Red were emotionally moved. This was his heart that had started beating. It was powerful and full of force. It was as if someone was beating down on a drum. 

In that instant, Shi Hao’s flesh flowed with a layer of mysterious radiance, making his flesh sparkling and translucent as if it was formed from immortal gold. It surged with auspicious radiance. 

Dong, dong...

The sound of his heart pounding became more and more powerful. It sounded extremely heavy, as if heavenly lightning was rumbling. This was a bit terrifying. 

“How terrifying! Little Uncle’s heart is so strong! We can’t even stand still!” A few children backed up, their faces a bit pale from being shaken up like this. 

This was truly astonishing. This heartbeat indicated that his powerful blood energy was reviving. It was simply as if an enormous beast was awakening. 

Shi Hao’s chest shone, especially his heart. It became like a fiery divine furnace, releasing dazzling scarlet multicolored radiance. Spiritual essence roiled, surging unendingly. 

“There are still cracks in his broken bones that haven’t grown back. However, this isn’t a problem. Once he revives, everything can be cured.”

“The biggest problem is the supreme being bone. He truly did lose it.”

Hairy Ball and Little Red discussed this among themselves. They exclaimed in admiration towards Shi Hao’s flesh. It was definitely powerful. Unfortunately, that bone was missing. 

“It might not necessarily be a bad thing. The scene of reincarnation has clearly just happened, so I feel like even if he loses that bone, there wouldn’t be too many problems either.”

“Yi, what is that?!”

Hairy Ball was astonished. It pointed at Shi Hao’s bones. With the dual-pupils it could naturally see what was happening. 

During the battle back then, Shi Hao’s body was blasted into pieces. All of the bones in his body were broken, and today, there were still cracks that hadn’t been healed yet. 

Hairy Ball discovered that light flowed between the cracks of those bones, nurturing those broken bones. 

“It’s supreme being blood!” Little Red cried out in astonishment. 

When these words were spoken, Stone Village’s people were all moved. They all paid close attention and carefully observed this place. They cared a lot about this situation. 

Shi Hao lost his supreme being bone, but because of it, a young expert with two immortal bones was produced. Right now, his younger brother had already left the higher realms shaken, leaving the villagers all feeling uncomfortable inside. 

Now that they heard that Shi Hao’s body still had supreme being blood, many people immediately felt hope. They were all greatly moved. 

This blood was extremely special. It possessed sparkling luster and shone like red multicolored light as it flowed between the cracks of his bones, nurturing these broken bones and making them more and more sparkling and translucent. 

This wasn’t all. This blood had entered his flesh as well, flowing into his injuries and continuously rebuilding his body. 

“This is…” Even Hairy Ball widened his eyes. This was supreme being blood! It actually flowed towards every part of his body!

What happened? How could this type of transformation happen? 

The villagers were all incomparably shocked. What kind of result would this bring? Their hearts were all jumping with thump thump sounds. 

“This brat truly dares to act so recklessly! Was this done on purpose or brought about inadvertently?” Little Red was a bit speechless, feeling that this was a bit ridiculous. 

To guide supreme being bone blood that was bright like scarlet multicolored light to every part of his body and nourish his bone and flesh was truly daring. It might cripple himself,but might bring about a great opportunity as well. 

“Something seems off!” Hairy Ball frowned, because it saw the green bronze rust symbols. They were still there and not completely eradicated. 

This was the great power of that ‘great figure’ from Immortal Palace. This individual rarely met opponents in this world, so how could the curse symbols it carved be that easy to eliminate? This was even more true after Shi Hao exploded his own supreme being bone. 

“It should be able to eliminate the curse, it’s just that the price that has to be paid is too great.” Little Red said with a sigh. It finally understood what had happened during this past year. 

Shi Hao’s supreme being bone had continuously been burning. Even though there wasn’t much left over, it continuously fought against the curse to wash away and completely eliminate it. 

“This blood was withered up, but then it erupted with vitality again, contending against curse symbols and continuously cutting them down. Now, quite a bit of the green bronze rust have been overcome!

One could see that the supreme being blood seemed to be burning, entering every inch of his flesh and bones, continuously cleansing every part of Shi Hao’s flesh. 

Hairy Ball frowned and said, “But the consumption is too great. If he was in his peak state, then it would still be fine but he had already lost that bone. If not for having the immortal spring, Kun Peng wine, golden liquid and other items left in his body, he would have likely dried up.” 

“This… if the curse is completely eradicated, will there be any supreme being blood left over?” Little Red was a bit doubtful. 

“Success results in a curse, defeat also ends up in a curse. Natural luck and dangers truly coexist…”

It was precisely because the green bronze rust’s symbols covered every part of Shi Hao’s body that the supreme being blood circulated like this, rushing towards every inch of his flesh to cleanse and eliminate this curse. 

Meanwhile, those broken bones, wounds, and other areas were all crucial areas that had to be cleansed. 

“Precisely, what you said is correct. If not for the Immortal Palace’s symbols covering every part of his body, guiding the supreme being blood into every part of his body would have been extremely difficult.”

The body was the most mysterious part. Carrying out this type of cleansing so rashly might result in huge problems. 

Right now, these symbols were like light beacons, shining brightly and guiding the supreme being blood forward, waiting to be wiped out and replaced. 

During this process, Shi Hao’s flesh gradually adapted bit by bit, slowly supporting everything. This became the base of this natural opportunity. 

“You absolutely must not wait until all of the green bronze rust symbols are wiped out. This type of blood will dry up too, and when that happens, it will become extremely troublesome. The gains would not make up for the losses!”

“No harm. Back then, Shi Hao had his bone gouged gouged out as well, and then all of his supreme being blood was even removed. However, his true blood still reappeared. What kind of mysterious symbols would appear now? Maybe it’ll be even more world-shaking!”

“If it can be reborn, then it would be simply unimaginable!”

Hairy Ball and Little Red were awaiting in expectation. They were getting excited just from this discussion. They knew that the most important thing was still the supreme being blood. As long as it was still there to nourish his body, everything else could be reborn. 

And this time, this type of blood nurtured every part of Shi Hao’s blood and flesh. 

When the villagers heard this, they all felt their hearts and minds rising and falling intensely. They were hoping for Shi Hao’s revival, waiting for him to become even more powerful. 

There was always dense multicolored light curling around the tomb. The radiance became more and more brilliant, and auspicious energy continuously surged, as if it was an immortal tomb. 

Shi Hao was continuously changing. The life force around his body was becoming more and more powerful. The only thing left was for him to sit up. The vitality of his body had practically been restored. 

All types of light swirled about his body resplendently. 

His limbs turned into golden light from time to time, and his heart would also sometimes become like a divine furnace, scarlet and brilliant. All types of radiance seeped out from from his body. His flesh became more and more brilliant, shining like a divine lamp. 

“Don’t worry. This just means that his flesh is powerful, that it is reconstructing and his bones are rejoining. Everything is taking a turn for the better. The divine medicines that are stored in his body are slowly dissolving and cleansing his entire body,” Hairy Ball explained. 

Everyone guarded this place just like that, not willing to leave. 

Everyone knew that when the green bronze rust symbols were completely eliminated, Shi Hao would revive and truly come alive!

Another several days passed. A wave of resplendent light rose. It was as if a sun erupted from deep underground. With a hong sound, the grave collapsed, completely disappearing. 

At the same time, that coffin cracked apart. Shi Hao suddenly opened his eyes!

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