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Chapter 605 - Undecaying Grass

Without experiencing life and death, how could he understand reincarnation? When everyone in Stone Village heard what was said, they were all shocked. The old village chief was even trembling, his mouth hung wide open. 

“You… What are you saying? Is this true?” Shi Linhu’s chest rose and fell. His eyes widened, revealing a look of disbelief. 

Even though Little Red didn’t speak too much, it still left everyone shocked. Everyone in Stone Village felt their chests rising and falling. They all clenched their fists and looked at it. 

“I am only speculating too,” said Little Red. It was about to recover as well. Its wings had regrown, and its entire body was replete with brilliant red radiance, as if it was carved out of red gemstones. It was only the size of a fist, but it was incredibly beautiful. 

The grave was shining from within. It was extremely auspicious and peaceful, producing a special wave of energy. 

“You should come and take a look!” Hairy Ball indicated for it to come over. The dual-pupil in its hand shone resplendently, shining into the tomb and reflecting the true scene. The earth covering the coffin couldn’t stop the dual-pupil’s sight. 

“Yi, what kind of grass is this?” Little Red was shocked. Apart from feeling a wave of reincarnation power, it never expected to see a world underneath the ground that was especially mysterious. The roots of this grass were like dragon tassels. They were extremely long, extending all the way into the ground and wrapping themselves around the coffin and releasing sparkling radiance. 

The roots were pure white like jade. They wrapped themselves around the wooden coffin like ropes, binding it up layer after layer like a cocoon. They released a layer of light and produced mysterious fluctuations. 

“Do not reach out your divine senses.” Little Red warned. 

It was because it noticed that some of the villagers couldn’t hold themselves back any longer, using their divine wills to search underground. If they only relied on their own cultivations, it would most likely end in failure. 

Sure enough, Ermeng released a cry of fear. He couldn’t hold himself back and explored inside on his own. As a result, his entire being went rigid, as if he was having an out-of-body experience. 

“Ermeng, what happened to you?”

“Duo!” Hairy Ball released a grunt. It was as if thunder struck down on everyone’s ears, making his body tremble. His eyes restored their radiance, revealing a wave of horror. 

“I… think I was in a reincarnation. In the blink of an eye, I could see hundreds to thousands worlds back there. It was all very blurry, very terrifying, I… I forgot about it all!” Ermeng seemed like he had woken up from a dream. Finally, he became clear headed, grabbing his head while his body trembled lightly. Only then did he fully break free. 

Everyone became shocked. All of the children were moved behind the adults, because an accident might happen if they got too close to the tomb. 

Most of the villagers understood cultivation, and quite a few individuals’ current cultivations weren’t weak. However, no one rushed forward. They carefully observed the situation. A wave of excitement stirred within their minds. 

“Child, I knew… that you wouldn’t leave. You wouldn’t be willing to leave us behind. You are definitely still here!” The old village chief was shaking, tears continuously flying out from his old eyes. 

He felt the worst out of everyone here, because it was he who raised Shi Hao. He had never taken a wife, nor did he have any descendants. He had invested all of his hopes and love into Shi Hao. 

“Little Hao, are you still here? Hurry up and wake up.” Dazhuang emotionally shouted, his eyes turning red. No one was willing to accept the fact that Shi Hao had already been dead for an entire year. 

The mound shone. The energy fluctuations that were released from inside became more and more powerful. Hairy Ball and Little Red had everyone back up, telling them not to get too close. 

“Not even the dual-pupil could completely see through this. It is definitely not ordinary.” Little Red sighed in amazement. 

The hundreds to thousands stalks of silver grass were thick and long. They wrapped themselves around the coffin, swirling about like stellar streams. Specks of light shone brightly everywhere. It was extremely bizarre. Not even the dual pupil could see through it. The roots and mysterious reincarnation fluctuations blocked everything. 

What kind of changes were happening in this coffin exactly? No one was willing act recklessly out of fear of destroying this situation and stirring up unwanted accidents. 

“This grass is a bit similar to the revival grass recorded in the bone texts, but it’s different.” Little Red observed this strange grass. 

On the ground, the grass leaves were emerald green, but they didn’t release any rich fragrance or brilliant radiance, not appearing that special at all. Only the roots that wrapped around the coffin were unordinary, shining brightly at this moment. 

Hairy Ball plucked a leaf and placed it into its mouth. He slowly chewed it, carefully sampling it. He was incredibly shocked. “It makes one feel absent-minded, as if they are going to fall into reincarnation.”

There was a type of grass called revival grass in this world. It was known as a rare divine grass . In the entire history of the lower realm, there had only been a single stalk. 

Rumors had it that it was brought into the higher realms. It could exchange the flesh and bones of the dead into those of the living, possessing unimaginable mysterious powers!

Once this grass matured, blue and green multicolored light would overflow into the heavens like a great wave. This would all come from a single stalk of grass. One could imagine just how strange and powerful it was. 

Apart from this, there was another type of grass that was named reincarnation. When one sucked on it, they would enter a state of reincarnation. It was the strangest and most mysterious type of phenomenon. 

This type of grass only grew in the underworld. They had only appeared several incidences since the ancient times. If one had it, they would gain endless experiences. 

Of course, it was extremely dangerous. A single mistake would cause one to fall into eternal reincarnation, and from there on their divine senses would collapse. 

“This isn’t reincarnation grass or revival grass. The medicinal efficacy is far from being comparable to them. However, these possess a few of their characteristics.” This was the conclusion Hairy Ball and Little Red came to. 

The villagers were all extremely shocked, but they simultaneously began to feel happy. They saw hope. This grass was so special, so could it be that it was slowly changing the situation inside the tomb?

“I remember. This shouldn’t be undecaying grass, right?” Hairy Ball was shocked. 

“It… might very well be that grass!” Little Red nodded, also revealing its shock. 

Rumors had it that there were two unrivaled experts who had joined together to breed a type of undying grass. It was known to be undying, and its name was astonishing. It signified that when one ate it, they would possess immortality. 

Of course, this was only a legend from the higher realms. 

In addition, Hairy Ball and Little Red’s ancestors were both extremely great, or else they definitely wouldn’t have learned about this at all. They had spoken to their descendants about it before, so the descendant’s offspring gained some understanding towards this as well. 

“One of the experts obtained revival grass, and then another unmatched giant obtained reincarnation grass. The two relied on these two grass to breed undying grass, but in the end, it resulted in failure.”

Undying grass was too heavenly defying and rarely seen in this world. 

In the end, they produced a type of grass that contained characteristics of both revival and reincarnation grass. It was then named undecaying grass. 

If someone was gravely injured and this grass was used as treatment, it could make sure that the body didn’t decay and the spirit didn’t scatter. It would maintain a type of stable state. 

Of course, it couldn’t cure that individual either. They would only be stuck in an ‘undecaying’ state.

Undecaying and undying didn’t have that much of a difference, but the difference in their medicinal effects was too great. It was far from being as powerful as their parent grasses too. As a result, both of these unrivaled experts both felt embarrassed and didn’t publically announce its existence. They had only mentioned it to their descendants. 

“I really never expected something like this would happen! They were never leaked outwards, but the final unknown grass appeared in the lower realm. Who brought this down here? Little Red said to itself. 

“That shouldn’t be! It is extremely hard for this type of grass to grow. Wasn’t it rumored to only grow in ancient lands like true dragon or divine phoenix nests?” Hairy Ball frowned. It thought of a few legends. 

Items that contained spirituality could only grew in strange precious lands, and this undecaying grass’ requirements were especially great. 

They grew in a lush and verdant manner all over the hill. This grass was flourishing with vitality as it continuously grew all around the tomb’s surroundings. It left everyone here astonished. 

Regardless of whether it was the revival grass or reincarnation grass, it would be hard to find a true second one. Many people began to speculate if they were unique existences, because the differences in medicinal efficacy were too different. 

When compared like this, even though there was so much here, they could still see that it was far from being divine grass.

Of course, if it wasn’t compared to those two grass, it was still extremely amazing!

“Look, the soil here is a bit special too, separating into black and white colors. I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t look carefully.” Hairy Ball squatted on the ground and carefully looked at the soil. 

“No wonder… It must have been that Five-Colored Sparrow that brought over this soil.” Little Red nodded. 

“Could it be that it knows a place similar to a true dragon or divine phoenix nest?!” Hairy Ball became a bit stirred up. 

Undecaying grass definitely couldn’t grow in any normal place. It even brought over soil that could grow undecaying grass! This Five-Colored Sparrow definitely knew an incredible place. 

“That Five-Colored Sparrow could actually find this type of grass, it is definitely extraordinary!” Little Red said. 

They were truly shocked. Just what kind of background did that bird have? They never saw it once. It was just too slippery, always in hiding. 

The main thing was that it rarely appeared in recent years. They didn’t know where it was staying. 

The villagers’ spirits had already been raised. From their discussions, they learned that Shi Hao might be able to survive. This kind of grass was preserving his life force, preventing him from decaying. 

“It will still depend on himself in the end. This grass could only maintain his state from a year ago,” Little Red said with a downcast voice. 

That day, a great commotion broke out in Stone Village. Villagers men, women, young, and old all hurried over. Everyone was pleasantly surprised. They rushed up the hill and surrounded this place. 

A year had already passed, yet there was still this type of news. It was just inconceivable!

“Little Uncle Hao really can survive?” The children all became excited, especially those little fellows that found the Five-Colored Sparrow planting those ‘grass seeds’. They were running and jumping around, feeling extremely happy, as if they did something great. 

There were reincarnation symbols before in Shi Hao’s body, and now, this type of energy was rippling outwards. It naturally filled everyone with hope and incomparable happiness. 

It was because this was an omen of revival!

“This has to be a secret. It cannot be spread into the outside world!” Shi Feijiao said, fearing that an accident might happen partway. 

“I am going to personally protect this place!” Quite a few of the wrinkles on Village Chief Shi Yunfeng’s face seemed to have faded away instantly. He wiped away his old tears and roared with laughter. His previously downcast mood was immediately wiped way. This seemed to have an affect on the others as well. 

From this day forth, Stone Village cut off all connection with the outside world, sealing up that ancestral altar. No one could come in or out of the village, including Stone Country. 

Quite a few people were protecting that hill, watching for any changes. All of the villagers felt incomparably nervous. 

However, after careful consideration, Hairy Ball and Little Red remained in Stone Village, not approaching this spot out of fear of alarming that Five-Colored Sparrow. 

No one knew if the Five-Colored Sparrow still had other methods. If it no longer appeared because of their actions, then that would not be good. 

However, the villagers didn’t need to worry, because this bird had never paid them much attention in the past. 

Sure enough, this Five-Colored Sparrow appeared a few more times. It acted extremely arrogantly, stopping on top of the burial mound as if it sensed something before flying way. 

“Many thanks to the divine bird!”

The villagers all went on their knees. It was already quite evident that this Five-Colored Sparrow saved Shi Hao!

Two months passed in an instant. Stone Village no longer communicated with the outside world. Everyone was paying close attention and protecting the hill. They felt more and more nervous. 

“Yi, the grave split open!” Ermeng cried out loudly. 

The soil split apart. Auspicious light seeped out through the cracks, flourishing even more brilliantly than before. The spiritual essence here was so rich that it didn’t dissolve. 

The old village chief’s movements were quick and efficient. He seemed to have even more strength than the robust young men, shoving aside Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the others to rush forward. He took out that dual-pupil and carefully inspected this place. 

“The cocoon underground has broken apart!” His breathing became rushed. 

The roots of the silvery white and sparkling undecaying grass were thick and long as they wrapped themselves around the coffin. They were releasing a gentle and soft light. Right now, quite a few of them snapped, revealing the coffin within. 

Shi Yunfeng carefully looked inside. He discovered that the coffin had also cracked, and a body could already be seen inside too. 

Shi Feijiao and the others were greatly moved. They activated the dual-pupil together, making everything more clear so they could see the scene inside the coffin. 

Dense mist rose in that place. All types of multicolored light pervaded the air. Shi Hao was lying inside, his complexion rosy and full of life!

“There are symbols flickering about on his body!”

Pihou cried out in alarm. On Shi Hao’s body, there were a few mysterious symbols that would flow out from time to time. In addition, various parts of this body shone resplendently with divine radiance. 

“Aiya, his arms are turning a golden color!”

“Yi, something’s not right. Why is his palm turning a purple color?”

Everyone became extremely nervous, but also stirred up. They were all hoping for a miracle to happen. 

“Ah! He is breathing, Little Hao is alive! I saw a stream of white energy flow out from his mouth and nose!”

The villagers were all pleasantly surprised. Quite a few people cried out loudly. This place immediately erupted into a great uproar. 

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