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Chapter 607 - Flesh Memory

His eyes were brilliant, shining like an exploding sun. They released astonishing rays of light that rushed into the sky. The beams of light seemed to have substance, 

Meanwhile, the entire coffin smashed apart under the multicolored light, scattering into ashes. Those silver roots even more so began to shrink back. Many of the undecaying grass wilted. 

A powerful wave of energy spread outwards. Shi Hao’s flesh surged with blood energy that seeped out from every inch of his sparkling flesh. It gushed out like rivers, rushing towards the skies. 

Many children cried out in fear, falling on their bottoms. Even Ermeng, Pihou, and the others’ faces became pale. Meanwhile, Shi Linhu, Shi Feijiao and the other experts became fearful as well. They couldn’t help but fall back. 

On the grave, that wave of energy was too intense. It was as if a prehistoric vicious beast had revived and released its heaven shattering might. Every direction was shaken. This hill began to rumble with noise. 


One could see enormous cracks appear one after another, extending out from the grave on the hill. It rushed in all directions, almost causing the hill to collapse. 

Auspicious light surged in that area, as if a great sun was buried underneath the ground and decided to emerge now. Holy light surged violently, rising and falling like a great sea. Everything rushed outwards. 

“Child!” The old village chief cried out loudly. His body trembled emotionally. He reached out his hand towards the void to stroke that youth’s face. 

More than a year had passed already. How many times had he woken up from his dreams? He watched that child carry that little bowl while drinking beast milk, tottering about while walking towards the old chief. That child then grew up, his black hair fluttering behind him as he overlooked the world. 

The old village chief’s eyes became blurry, tears clouding his vision. He never thought that he would be able to meet Shi Hao in this world again, and actually see him return to life. 

“Careful, he still hasn’t completely awakened. Do not get too close.” Hairy Ball said. 

Hairy Ball and Little Red put up a barrier of light to block the resplendent divine splendor and heaven overflowing fluctuations in front of them, or else the villagers wouldn’t have been able to endure it. They would have all been blasted flying. 

The two of them were extremely shocked as well. Shi Hao’s blood energy was surging like an ocean, becoming more and more abundant. His flesh was also more sturdy than before. What was even more terrifying was that this disaster had become a type of self-improvement. 

All of the bones in his body were broken apart, and all of his flesh was hacked to pieces. They were then completely remodeled. He suffered the green bronze stain symbols’ attacks and corrosion, and then he experienced the supreme being blood’s cleansing, making him even tougher and full of life force. 

Finally, the brilliant light was restrained, and the divine radiance in his eyes disappeared. The amazing scene returned to normal. Those eyes were incomparably deep. 

Hairy Ball and Little Red released a breath. There shouldn’t be anymore accidents from here on out, right?

“Little Hao!”

The villagers cried out loudly. Many people threw themselves outwards. They had truly waited for too long. They were waiting this entire time, wishing that he could survive. 

“Yi, something’s not right.” Shi Linhu was astonished. His body swayed back and forth, and he seemed a bit dizzy. He almost directly fell onto the ground. 

The others were also shaken. In that instant, it was as if they had experienced a hundred lifetimes, as if they had stepped into the past and future. They felt perplexed, finding it difficult to free themselves from this feeling. 

“Back up!”

Hairy Ball and Little Red were both shocked. There wasn’t any energy being released from the grave, but there was still this type of power. It truly was formidable. They hurriedly took action, releasing auspicious and peaceful light to protect the villagers, bringing them back to observe safely from the distance. 

Beneath the grave, Shi Hao calmly laid there. His eyes were deep, and his breathing was stable. However, he didn’t stand up. 

“Child, what happened to you? Don’t scare us!” The old village chief felt worried. They had all already reached the critical moment, so he was truly praying that there wouldn’t be any more unexpected things. 

“Who am I?” Shi Hao’s deep eyes released life force, gradually reviving as if he had just woken up from a great dream. His fingers trembled. 

When everyone heard this, their minds all trembled, feeling incomparably nervous. He… what was going on? Could it be that there was some major problem?!

“Even though there isn’t any divine might fluctuation, this is the power of reincarnation. No one can get close to him. It is extremely dangerous. His entire being is currently in an irregular state,” said Little Red. 

The blazing radiance around Shi Hao’s body had already been restrained, so it was calm and peaceful here. However, Hairy Ball and the others could still sense an astonishing aura that made them fall into reincarnation. 

“I know what it is. Because the supreme being bone is missing, all of the symbols were engraved into his flesh, blood, and bones,” said Hairy Ball. 

Hairy Ball and Little Red came to an astonishing conclusion. During these years, Shi Hao’s consciousness didn’t surrender, remaining tenacious. His will to live was astonishingly powerful. This was also the reason why he was still full of supreme being blood even after it was about to run out. He completely transferred all of his hidden potential all for the sake of surviving and wiping out the curse. 

During this past year, even though Shi Hao was unconscious, his consciousness was struggling the entire time, merging with his flesh to continuously ‘reincarnate’!

“Even though the supreme being bone was lost, these types of symbols, these unmatched precious techniques had been used the entire time, engraving themselves onto his body.” 

“Maybe it can be said that he is using his body’s memory. These precious techniques merged together with his body so that even if he didn’t have that true bone, he didn’t need to worry too much.”

Based on their speculations, once Shi Hao finished comprehending and joining everything together, he would be able to display these precious techniques at will. There wouldn’t be any cooldown restrictions. It would be even more astonishing!

Using the body’s memory, this would make it an instinct, as natural as something like eating, drinking, or breathing. It would become a routine matter. This would make the technique more direct and terrifying. 

Of course, if things were to be taken another step forward and reach the pinnacle, then he needed to continue his comprehension and understanding. There would be a day when it would finally become an instinct. 

“His body can now be considered a treasure too. To use the flesh’s memory, turning it into instinct, this is an incredibly difficult and formidable thing…” Hairy Ball sighed lightly. 

They knew that if not for that green bronze rust’s existence, needing him to continuously use ‘reincarnation’ to resist it, using the supreme being blood to cleanse his flesh hundreds to thousands of times, and hovering between life and death for more than a year’s worth of time, this wouldn’t have been possible at all!

“The only thing that is slightly troublesome is that his supreme being blood might have dried up. His body has carried this type of symbol memory, so it is best if there is true blood to nourish it.” Little Red sighed and said. 

If there was abundant supreme being blood to nourish his flesh and bones, this type of instinct would quickly form!

“No harm, I’m sure this type of blood will appear again, just like in the past. It will bloom again and become even more powerful.” Hairy Ball seemed rather confident. It deeply understood Shi Hao’s past. 

“Yi, it seems like there is still a bit of supreme being blood left.” Little Red cried out in astonishment.

There was a bit of blood shining in Shi Hao’s chest like a red divine sun. It was bright red and replete with moisture. Radiance blossomed resplendently. It actually shone through his chest, bone and flesh. 

“It wants the supreme being bone’s position…” Hairy Ball was astonished. 

“What?!” Everyone in Stone Village was astonished. They all widened their eyes as they looked in that area. Their breathing became rushed and hurried. 


A wave of sword energy suddenly rushed out from Shi Hao’s body, hacking towards his chest. Then, gorgeous light illuminated this place, scattering that blood, making it depart from that area. 

“Was this done instinctively or inadvertently? His body removed it from that area, not allowing the true blood to take form there?!”

After this lump of blood scattered, it turned into scarlet multicolored light, flowing towards every part of his body. Then, it quickly ignited, continuously surging and carrying out the final baptism. 


Finally, Shi Hao suddenly opened his mouth, spitting out a blood arrow. This lump of supreme being blood turned into discarded blood. It rushed out, containing complex symbols within it. 

“Yi, what is this?” Shi Feijiao was astonished. He looked at the bright red blood that stuck to the undecaying grass. A bit of green light flickered about within. 

“What a powerful curse! It gathered together without scattering. Even at the final moments, it could concentrate together. However, it is no longer of any threat to Shi Hao. It has been completely defeated.” Hairy Ball sighed in amazement. 

These were the Immortal Palace’s curse symbols, the ‘seed symbol’ Huang Yu brought into the lower realm. It had been inserted into Shi Hao’s body back then, continuously proliferating until it almost took his life. 

Now, most of the green bronze rust symbols had been wiped out. The remaining symbols had been gathered together and expelled by the supreme being blood. It now truly appeared under the sunlight. 

“So this was that vile and harmful thing. It truly is hateful!” The villagers all carried resentment towards this terrifying curse power. They had undergone all types of suffering because of it. 

Stone Clan even more so used up all of their country’s power, using all types of methods to try and remove it, but ultimately failing to do so. 

“To save it like this, is Shi Hao going to leave it behind to research it himself? This is good too. He is going to enter the higher realms eventually and will inevitably fight against Immortal Palace. Understanding these symbols might allow him to find out a bit more about them,” said Hairy Ball. 

“Who am I… what is this place?” After spitting out this mouthful of blood, Shi Hao’s eyes became filled with more and more life force. It changed from brilliant to deep, and then to peaceful before finally becoming normal. 

“Child!” The old village chief cried out. 

“After reincarnating for so long, it’s about time to revive! Why aren’t you waking up yet? Hurry and detach yourself from it!” Hairy Ball and Little Red both shouted, using their great divine abilities to roar out with dao voices. 

Finally, the mysterious wave of energy on Shi Hao’s body scattered. The reincarnation force was collected. His eyes became clear, and then he closed his eyes, entering a state of deep thought. 

A hu sounded. He sat up. His eyes carried joy and tears as he looked at everyone. 

“Being alive is truly great!”

He became clear-headed again, understanding everything that happened. He knew where his body was. He could feel everyone’s nervousness and concern. Shi Hao had completely woken up now. 

“Child!” Those uncles, clan elders and others all shouted out. At this moment, everyone’s hearts were rapidly rising and falling. After being separated for more than a year, Shi Hao returned again.

“Little Uncle Hao!” A group of children directly threw themselves over. The little children  cried out loudly one after another, all feeling incomparably excited. They were like a group of monkeys. 

Dazhuang, Ermeng, Pihou and the others were howling like wolves. They all ran forward while laughing loudly. 

“Don’t be too excited. Let us make sure if there are still any reincarnations symbols flickering about, or else it will be extremely dangerous.” Hairy Ball stopped everyone. 

After all, that type of precious technique had been recorded within his flesh memory. In the future, it would turn into a type of instinct. Since he had just revived, if he didn’t properly grasp it, it might accidentally be activated right now. 

“It’s fine.” Shi Hao shook his head. 

He suddenly jumped up from the grave. His entire body was shining, and then he restrained it again. He stood on the ground with a smile on his face. His eyes were full of tears. 

During this past year, he could pretty much be considered dead. He had been buried within the grave after saying his goodbyes to everyone, entering the eternal darkness of reincarnation. He thought he would never be able to meet everyone again. 

Today, he was alive again. He could see light, see those he recognized. These people all belonged to his dearest family. 

Blood energy swirled within Shi Hao’s body, raging like a great river. Rumbling sounds would erupt as soon as he operated it. Brilliant multicolored light shone in a splendid and dazzling manner. 

Then, he quickly restrained his aura. His entire body was healthy, even becoming more powerful. 

The children were like naughty monkeys as they hung from his body, crawling up and down. They were all incredibly happy. 

“What a pity… He lost his supreme being bone, and the last bit of true blood has been burned up too.” Shi Feijiao said rather regretfully. 

Hairy Ball and Little Red nodded. They sighed slightly. If the true blood hadn’t dried up and nourished his body, the ‘flesh memory’ would have been even deeper, turning into an instinct. 

“Is the precious technique still there?” Shi Linhu and the others were extremely nervous. 

“My flesh recorded it, and before, the reincarnation symbols had already been engraved inside of my mind. Everything is still there!” Shi Hao said. He wiped away the tears on his face. 

“Good! I hope there is a day when the supreme being true blood reappears. At that time, the precious technique might undergo another rebirth, allowing the reincarnation to transcend, becoming even more powerful. At that time, it will definitely be world shaking!” Hairy Ball exclaimed, looking forward to that day. 

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