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Chapter 604 - Unending Vitality

“Little Hao, how much I wish you would come alive again!” Dazhuang, Ermeng and the others came. They brought a bottle of wine and sat down here, drinking a glass. Then, they poured down a cup onto the grave. 

They were a few years older than Shi Hao, but Shi Hao’s constitution was strong even when they were little. At first, he still chased after their butts, but later on, he passed all of them. 

“I truly don’t want to believe that you’ve already left us. How can you just die?” Ermeng’s eyes turned red. 

Pihou, Huzi, and snot baby felt terrible as well. They continuously poured wine, cup after cup on the ground. In these three months, they would come here every few days and drink, wishing they could see Shi Hao again. 

Forget about the sincere feelings of growing up together, just the things Shi Hao did for the village already made him unforgettable. Their hearts felt stifled. 

“It really isn’t fair… Little Hao is lying here alone by himself, while that fellow is being called a world-shaking genius. Everyone is saying how he is unmatched under heaven. That was originally little Hao’s title,” said Pihou. 

Even though they grew up in Stone Village, they knew a few things about the outside world as well. It was because they always came to and from Stone Country Imperial Palace, so the information traveled freely. 

Because Qingfeng inherited the position of Stone Country Emperor, he always traveled back and forth netween these two places. 

“What do you guys think? Is there really reviving grass in this world? How great would it be if we found one? I really want little Hao to live…” Dazhuang spoke in a downcast manner. 

“I always felt as if he hadn’t left, almost as if he is still beside us,” Snot Baby said. He was the only child that was even smaller than Shi Hao back then, and today, he had also grown up. 

Finally, the carried each other up. While reeking of alcohol, they descended the hill and returned to Stone Village. 

If one were to ask who was the most broken-hearted in the village these past few days, it would definitely be Village Chief Shi Yunfeng. He had personally raised Shi Hao, so his feelings for him were similar to those towards a son. 

He truly couldn’t get over this and accept this result. During these three months, he seemed to have aged ten years. His hair was snow white, and he always appeared dejected and downcast. 

The old man would always sit at the front of the village alone, often for an entire day at a time. He wouldn’t respond even when the villagers called out to him. When everyone saw this, they all felt extremely sad. 

“Child, when you were brought over, you only reached my knee. You were so weak that you were going to die at any moment.” The old clan leader muttered. He looked at the courtyard, feeling as if he could still hear the weak infant’s crying. 

“Later on, you finally survived. We lived together, depending on each other. It truly was a time full of joy…” He sighed softly. Tears flowed down from his old eyes. He could vaguely see those large blinking eyes, the little fellow who tottered about as he walked around, pulling on the big red dog’s tail while releasing tender shouts. 

“Village chief, let’s go eat. Don’t feel bad anymore.” The villagers tried to advise him. Everyone was feeling extremely terrible. 

“I have no appetite.” The old man lowered his head, using his hand to caress a small pot. This was something that the little guy used every day back then, sneakily cooking beast milk in it to drink, to prevent others from finding out. 

Of course, how could everyone not know? The beast milk was all brought over by the uncles. 

“Grandpa Chief, what is outside those great mountains? I want to see for myself and leave the great wastelands.”

When he grew a bit older, Shi Hao already began to yearn for the outside world, wishing to explore it. 

These words still seemed to ring by his ears. Shi Yunfeng self blamingly shook his head. “I shouldn’t have agreed… We should have just lived here, never leaving this place. How great would that be? Something like this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Village chief, we know you feel terrible, but you have to eat something. Otherwise, we won’t eat either.” A group of children walked over with red eyes. They were worried for the old chief. 

“Alright, people have lives to live and days to pass. We cannot always dwell in the past.” Shi Yunfeng dejectedly stood up and said. 

Only, the villagers knew that it was too hard for him to dispel those thoughts. In fact, no one could forget Shi Hao. When they thought of him, they all felt bitter. 

There was still a small courtyard in the village where mourning also happened. Those were Shi Hao’s parents. During these three months, they had remained inside Stone Village and only left two days ago. Immortal Mountain had pressing matters, asking Qingfeng to send them the message to return. 

In the outside world, the Qin Clan was currently discussing in Immortal Mountain. They wanted Qin Hao to quickly ascend, because the heavenly path was going to be cut off soon. He would then forever lose the chance to do so. 

“I won’t go up.” Qin Yining shook her head. She felt extremely pained. She was going to stay in Stone Village, not wishing to leave the lower realm. 

When Shi Ziling heard this, his eyes released divine radiance. “I am going up!”

A flame had long been lit within him. It had been burning ferociously for more than three months. He wanted to go to the higher realms. There was going to be a day when he would wipe out those inheritances and demand an explanation. 

For the sake of revenge, he had to enter the higher realms. Even if he was filled with reluctance and regret, he still had to leave. 

“Alright, you go up. I’ll stay behind in Stone Village.” Qin Yining released a light sigh. 

“Mother, come together with us. Older brother also wished for you to be happy. He doesn’t want you to be broken-hearted,” Qin Hao advised. 

Qin Yining shook her head. She was overwhelmed by sorrow. 

Finally, Shi Ziling returned to Stone Village. He stood in front of that grave for an entire night. Then, he resolutely left. On his back was his own golden spear. He was going to the higher realms. 

“From here on out, I will immerse myself in bitter cultivation. I will no longer waste my time away. My pride, my ferocity, my core, let it all burn!” He sorrowfully roared. 

Shi Ziling and Qin Hao left. They followed a mysterious heavenly road and disappeared from this realm. 

Soon after, those noble ladies and geniuses from the higher realms also left one after another, permanently returning to the higher realms. They also brought more detailed and reliable information with them. 

This left their elders surprised, discussing with them. 

“From what I am hearing, that little Stone was extremely formidable. Even if he entered the higher realms, he would still shine brilliantly and suppress an area sooner or later.”

“He was truly formidable. However now, his little brother is even more formidable.”

“You are saying that little Stone had defeated the undefeated legend -- Dual Pupils?”


“Dual-pupils is known as an unmatched existence even in my higher realms. Recently, an eighteen or nineteen year old expert has also appeared in my higher realms, sweeping through all his peers in Heavenfall Province, known as unmatched in his generation. In the end, he entered Heavenfall Academy and fought a decisive battle against their ‘exceptional talent’. He seemed to have won and also joined Heavenfall Academy.”

Time passed quickly. More than half a year had already passed since Shi Hao passed away. During this period of time, regardless of whether it was Western Sect, Immortal Mountain, or the others, contacting the higher realms became more and more difficult. 

Along with the passage of time, it became harder and harder to communicate between the two realms. It was almost as if the connection had been cut off. 

The Qin Clan urged several times for Stone Country to contact and tell Qin Yining to go up. Otherwise, they would miss the chance and be forever separated. 

“Why is there more grass the more we cut here?!” Ermeng said. 

The hill was full of strange grass. It was full of vitality and incredibly hard to eliminate. Their roots were tough. It was almost impossible to get rid of them all. They would grow out again after a period of time had passed, surrounding that tomb. 

In addition, the spiritual essence here became much thicker. 

The villagers suspected that it was because Shi Hao took in many heavenly treasures and even more precious medicines, divine wine, and other items that contained large amounts of essence that the spiritual essence here became so rich after he died. 

“This grass is so strange. I have never seen this type of grass before in the great wastelands. How did it end up growing here?” Pihou was confused. This grass had only appeared after Shi Hao was buried. 

“How unfortunate, it isn’t revival grass.” Dazhuang said with a sigh. 

Another few months passed. Shi Hao had departed almost a year ago. Immortal Mountain sent someone to tell Qin Yining to return. This time, it was related to Shi Ziling and their second son. 

Qin Yining was going to go. While carrying sadness, she stood in front of this grave and said her goodbyes. She cried for an entire night. 

The Qin Clan sent a message that Shi Ziling was wounded in the higher realms, moreover extremely seriously. In addition, there were problems with Qin Hao as well, so they needed her to go up. 

“Ziling has been wounded. If Hao’er here finds out, he will definitely not be at peace. You should go.” The old chief Shi Yunfeng comforted. 

“I will send down true information about his father down to help Hao’er rest in peace.” Qin Yining said while crying. 

She was extremely emotional. The lower realm had brought her too many regrets. That day, she departed through one of Immortal Mountain’s old roads into the higher realms. 

Several days later, Immortal Mountain paid a huge price to satisfy her wish and communicate with the lower realm, sending down a message. 

This time, the lower realm Immortal Mountain didn’t hide the information. 

“Uncle Ziling was fine and had gone into isolation to cultivate. Only, the higher realms’ people wished for their holy woman to return, so they exaggerated a few things.” 

Dazhuang said in front of Shi Hao’s grave. 

“Qin Hao has demonstrated extraordinary skill in the higher realms. News of him having two supreme being bones wasn’t hidden. Many people found out, and as a result, a world shocking battle broke out!”

This was what Ermeng said. All of this information came from Immortal Mountain. 

Rumor has it that in a place where cultivation realms were suppressed to the same level, Qin Hao consecutively defeated five heavenly geniuses, defeating the talented individuals of many different provinces. It stirred up a huge commotion.  

As a result, Immortal Heavenly Deity personally dispatched a spiritual body to protect him, preventing other people from plotting against him. 

Qin Hao’s name resounded through a region. Many old inheritances in the southern areas learned of this, and a few great sects took action, wishing to be connected through marriage with Immortal Mountain, offering their sects’ heavenly ladies.

It was rumored that Qin Hao was cultivating bitterly in hopes of quickly rising up to power. He was going to participate in a great gathering, one that only the most powerful youngsters of their province could attend. Many great provinces were going to participate and carry out a contest. This was the battle of true young supreme beings. The few that win will enter a secret land that contained an unimaginably great natural opportunity!

“What a pity… Little Hao, you were originally going to enter the higher realms and demonstrate your brilliance, yet now…” Pihou and the others felt disappointed. 

In the blink of an eye, a year passed. The villagers all felt as if something wasn’t right. This hill’s spiritual essence was just too abundant and rich, becoming many times greater than in the past. 

“Little Uncle Hao, we came to see you again.” A group of children ascended the hill. They frequently took care of this grave, but the grass grew just too quickly. There was just too much to pull. 

“Yi, it’s that sparrow, it dropped seeds here. No wonder so much strange grass has grown here!” A child cried out in alarm while pointing forward. 

There was a Five-Colored Sparrow there. It wasn’t scared of people at all. It stood on the grave while throwing down a few seeds. It then lazily combed its own brightly-colored feathers. 

“Aiya, lowly bird, you are too evil! Bullying Uncle Hao ever since he was little, and then doing this now, even coming to his grave to behave rudely!”

The group of children were furious and rushed up to catch it. 

Of course, this was futile. Back then, Shi Hao chased it since he was little, yet he never touched a single feather on that Five-Colored Sparrow. He had even been provoked by that bird until he cried loudly. 

That was one of Shi Hao’s embarrassing moments, something he wasn’t willing to bring up the most. Even when he grew up and reached the Formation Arrangement Realm, he was still left with remaining grievance. He wanted to catch this strange Five-Colored Sparrow, but he never had the chance. This bird was incredibly lowly, always running away ahead of time. 

Chirp chirp...

The Five-Colored Sparrow cried out. After combing its beautiful feathers in a manner that wasn’t too fast or too slow, it arrogantly left. With a flap of its wings, it left behind five-colored light before flying towards the old date tree behind Stone Village. That was where its nest was. 

“Too hateful! Whenever we pull out the grass, it plants more!”

The group of children were so angry they cried out with wa wa sounds. They rushed down the mountain ran towards the village to catch this bird. In the end, they startled many adults. 

“What happened?” When the adults in Stone Village learned about this, they all felt rather strange. 

Then, everyone went to search for the Five-Colored Sparrow together. However, it was extremely slippery and was nowhere to be found. 

“What Five-Colored Sparrow? I never saw such a thing before. It seems a bit strange…” Hairy Ball said. Its injuries had pretty much been healed. 

It naturally knew that this bird existed. Back then, Shi Hao was filled with resentment and brought it with him to search through that bird’s nest. In the end, that lowly bird directly disappeared, so they never saw it. 

In the end, everyone arrived in the short mountain again. They couldn’t help but be shocked. The spiritual essence became even more rich, and specks of light began to ripple out from that tomb. 

“This… what happened?!” The old chief was moved the most. He was a cultivator as well, so he could feel that a wave of life force was reviving in the grave!

During these months, this grass grew extremely vigorously. Now, all of their roots shone like the tassels of a dragon. They even seemed to be moving. 

This grass was extremely special. The roots were especially thick. They were definitely not ordinary grass. Today, they became even more unordinary, releasing glowing radiance. 

“Let me take a look,” Hairy Ball said. His eyes released divine light. He stared here, and then he looked into the depths of the earth. 

Soon after, it was shocked!

Hairy Ball sensed a wave of strange fluctuations. 

“All of you, do not act rashly!” It seriously warned. Then, it brought out the bronze precious case that Shi Hao previously held. After opening it, that dual-pupil appeared. 

“That is…” It was deeply shaken. It used the dual-pupil to look inside. Below the ground was a layer of light that released a strand of vitality. It was precisely that coffin!

“Reincarnation… without experiencing life and death, how can one understand reincarnation? Could it be because of this reasoning?” Little Red also came. It was extremely shocked as well.

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