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Chapter 597 - Kings 

“Ziling, what is the meaning of this?” A king level figure spoke, his face clearly discontent. “Your oldest son killed a core disciple of my clan, yet you still dare to yell at us?”

“You all better get out!” Shi Ziling roared. How could he not know what happened? If not for Shi Hao’s spiritual senses still remaining active and rousing him awake, he would have died in an underhanded manner. 

“Shi Ziling, don’t cross the line. Your eldest son killed a disciple under my clan’s direct line of descent. It is bad enough you aren’t punishing him, but you still speak like this. You are going too far!” The old woman who held the green wooden staff said with an overcast face. 

“Get lost!” Shi Ziling erupted with rage. His eldest son was already close to dying, yet someone still attacked and injured him. In the end, they even falsely accused him. Rage filled his chest. 

A qiang sounded. A golden spear appeared in his hands. Veins appeared on his arms as he gripped it tightly. There was no point in explaining anything else now. He was ready to fight!

“You… even want to use force?” Several experts’ faces fell. 

Two individuals even stepped forward to oppose him with equal harshness!

“Disappear, get out of here!” Qin Yining became angry as well. Her eyebrows stood vertically, and her large eyes were opened wide. She pointed at everyone and shouted, “If a single hair on Hao’er’s head is harmed, Immortal Mountain can forget about their sect in the lower realm!” 

The expressions of these people went cold. Even though they were angry, they all endured it. It was because Qin Yining’s identity wasn’t ordinary, and her bloodline in the higher realms won, so they were in control over everything. Apart from this, there was Qin Hao who had the immortal bone implanted as well, and he was still her child in the end. He was someone who will reach the realm of supreme being in the future!

The house became quiet. Those individuals backed up. The flame within the bronze lamp flickered about, making this room rather dark. Shi Hao went unconscious again. Every time, he could only remain conscious for a moment, and it was getting more and more serious. 

Shi Ziling sat beside the bed silently. He felt an extremely great pressure. What were they supposed to do?

“There’s not much time left. We can’t drag it on any longer. Hao’er is becoming weaker and weaker, and his time is running out.”

Shi Ziling’s voice was hoarse and filled with great pain. His eyes carried bloody lines. He suddenly stood up. 

“What are you going to do? Are you going to gouge out the bone of our other child? He… how will he feel? There’s even a chance of him dying! Are we to use his life in exchange for his older brother’s?” Qin Yining asked with tears in her eyes. 

“Are we supposed to just watch as Hao’er dies? With every passing minute, he will become much weaker. We have already dragged things on for an entire day!” Shi Ziling felt dejected. He looked outside the window into the misty night. The stars became dim and dark clouds drifted over, making the mood even more downcast. 

The candle flame went dim. The face of Shi Hao on the bed was pale. His eyes were closed. His body was becoming weaker and weaker. 

Shi Ziling tightened his fists and said, “That won’t do! Back then, we already turned our backs on him, not staying by his side. He was so young, forced to experience so many bloody events in the Martial Imperial manor alone, becoming so weak he nearly died. Later on, we placed him alone in Stone Village and never did what parents ought to do. We never properly took care of him. During these years, all of his accomplishments were earned through his own hard work. From such a young age, he left Stone Village on his own, fighting against all types of vicious birds and ferocious beasts in the great wastelands, fighting his way to power step by step.”

Shi Ziling took a deep breath and said, “He looks splendid with power that can shake the world, but exactly how much suffering and difficulties has he experienced during all of this? That was the result he fought for alone. Meanwhile, what did we do? We never took care of him, never completing our mission as parents. We haven’t done anything for him!”

Qin Yining weeped. She sat in front of the bed while holding Shi Hao’s hand, gently caressing it. As she watched his vitality become weaker and weaker, she felt as if she was suffocating.”

Their eldest son never hated them. He slaughtered his way into the Qin Clan alone, all for the sake of freeing them, not hesitating at all to fight a bloody battle against Immortal Mountain, one of the most powerful great sects. 

Qin Yining’s voice trembled as she said, “What exactly should we do? How miserable is Hao’er’s fate? This time, could it be that there’s truly no other way but to gouge out the bone of our other child, putting him in danger of death too? How tragic is this?”

“We already lost Hao’er once. Last time, we didn’t properly protect him, didn’t carry out our duty as parents. This time, are we supposed to look on helplessly as he departs this world? I will never be able to rest easy for the remainder of my life!” Even more bloody veins appeared in Shi Ziling’s eyes. 

“But what about our other child? How unfair and miserable is this for him?” Qin Yining said. 

“We can’t worry about that. If our second son feels inner turmoil then so be it. Rescuing Hao’er is the most important thing, or else he’s going to die immediately!” Shi Ziling had no idea what would end up happening after they did this. 

“Father, are you going to gouge out my bone?” The door pushed open. Qin Hao appeared, his face appearing calm. His eyes were deep as he stood there, no longer stepping forward. 

Shi Ziling opened his mouth. However, nothing came out. 

“That’s fine. Father, mother, if you two feel that this can save older brother, then come over and take my bone.” Qin Hao said. 

“Child, you don’t need to overthink things. In our hearts, you and your big brother are both equally important. We would never make you a sacrifice.” Qin Yining said while shedding tears, appearing incomparably pained. 

“Wasteland region Stone Country’s War King, Ming King, and Peng King have come to pay a visit. Please open the mountain gate!”

Right at this moment, a great voice rang through the skies, reaching the depths of Immortal Mountain. It was clear that the ones who came were supreme experts, raising up a great commotion. 

“Reporting, Stone Country’s people came. There are actually… three supreme experts!” Someone reported. 

Many of Immortal Mountain’s people’s faces changed. This was an era without deities, and even supreme experts were hard to find, yet Stone Country unexpectedly had three supreme experts. This made everyone shiver in fear. 

“Stone Country’s kings have arrived. Is this to deal with us?” The old woman who held the green wood staff became gloomy. She felt like this things weren’t looking good. 

Outside the mountain gate, the Ming King, War King, and Peng Nine stood together, and behind them were many powerful experts as well. They were all king level figures who wore armor that flickered with cold glint. Every single one of them carried a few wooden cases that contained precious medicines. 

The so-called Peng King was precisely Peng Nine. This was a title Shi Hao bestowed. 

“Kings, please come in.”

Eventually, the Qin Clan opened the mountain gate, inviting them in. They presumed that they came for Shi Hao, so it was likely that they weren’t here to fight. 

However, Immortal Mountain’s people felt alarmed. Three great supreme experts descended, every single of of them carrying diving magical artifacts. This truly exuded an intimidating pressure! If conflict broke out between them, then the results would be unimaginable. 

Meanwhile, there wasn’t a single ordinary soldier behind them. They were all king level figures. When a group like this showed up, they could definitely wipe out a great sect!

When something happened to Shi Hao, the War King, Peng Nine, and the others mobilized all forces to acquire all types of ancient treatments and asked great sects for holy medicines. They disregarded all costs. As long as they could cure Shi Hao, they were willing to pay any price. 

Today, they brought over large amounts of pill medicines and even obtained a stalk of holy medicine. This was to help preserve Shi Hao’s life. 

You have to understand that holy medicines were just too rare in this world. Only specific Archaic Divine Mountains and inheritances like Western Sect would have one. 

One could well imagine the price Peng Nine and the others had to pay before obtaining just one stalk!

As for other types of spiritual pills, there were too many to count. It had been accumulated into a huge heap, no longer seeming like medicines but instead like pouches of food. 

“Your Majesty!”


When the old kings saw Shi Hao’s deathly pale face, their voices all trembled and old tears fell. Was this still the world-shaking little Stone?

There were injuries all over his body, cracked like a piece of porcelain that might break apart at any moment. There wasn’t the slightest trace of blood in him. When compared to his former heroicness, his dominating valiance, it was just too far. 

Back then, Shi Hao entered the imperial palace alone in spite of the dangers to safe Qin Feng and several old kings, letting them live. Then, he continuosly fought alone against deities, ultimately falling to this state. 

“Your Majesty, you have to persevere and live!” An old king said. 

The room was full of people. They were all kings from Stone Country. However, Shi Hao’s eyes were closed, remaining unconscious. 

“Bring the bowl over and dissolve this half of a holy pill!” The War King spoke. 

Apart from a stalk of holy medicine, they also obtained half a pill. This was a holy grade medicine that possessed divine effectiveness. 

There wasn’t much time left. Qin Clan’s people sent over a jade bowl that scattered out spiritual essence. Multicolored light flickered about. 

The War King poured a bit of spiritual liquid inside to dissolve this holy pill. He had Shi Hao ingest it. This medicine could slow down organ failure and increase his vitality. 

“En, something’s not right. This bowl has a bit of spiritual essence stirring chaotically!” The War King was quite knowledgeable towards the medicinal dao, or else he wouldn’t be the one to dissolve the holy pill. 

He quickly removed the spiritual liquid, fixing it in the void and separating it from that bowl. He frowned and carefully looked at it. Soon after, he suddenly erupted with great fury. 

“Who was the one that brought this bowl over? Are you looking to die?” His eyes shot up vertically. Two streaks of divine radiance shot out from his eyes. 

Not even a normal supreme expert could see through it. If not for the War King acting extremely carefully and having seen one before, not even he would have noticed anything strange. 

“It looks like a spiritual bowl, but it is actually an ill luck bowl. There are curse patterns carved inside of it. If one continuously uses it, it will bring extremely great harm to the patient!”

When the War King said this, all of Stone Country’s kings erupted with anger. 

“You, get over here!” Peng Nine reached out a large hand and grabbed the neck of the individual that sent over the bowl with one movement, bringing him over. This individual’s eyes immediately rolled back and went unconscious. 

The old kings didn’t say much and directly searched his sea of consciousness. However, he was a subordinate and didn’t know the true matters. However, they unexpectedly found out another matter. 

“What, there was someone who tried to assassinate Stone Emperor, and it was His Majesty who personally stopped it?!” The Ming King suddenly stood up and roared in anger. 

“Qin Clan, do you all want to die? Do you want to be wiped out?!” The War King shouted even more loudly. His voice rang into the distance, making this entire palace shake. 

“Who is acting with such insolence? You dare to come to my Immortal Mountain and still act so unbridled?!” A reply sounded from the distance. A group of elders appeared. 

“You harmed my Stone Clan’s emperor, yet you still act so dignified. Are you looking to die?!” A comparatively ‘younger’ king level figure shouted. 

“My clan rescued the little Stone out of good intentions, yet you all haven’t repaid us with gratitude, but instead slander. What kind of reasoning is this?” The old woman who held the green wood staff said with a downcast face. 

“What dog fart rescuing?!” Peng Nine roared and directly took action, “Just from how you arrogantly call my Stone Country’s Emperor little Stone, I already know what you are thinking inside.”

He formed a Peng claw that was golden and sharp. It was incredibly large and immediately surrounded that area. 

“You dare?!” The old woman’s status was clearly not ordinary. She brandished her green wooden staff, a precious artifact, to defend herself. 

“Why woudn’t I dare?!” Peng Nine shouted. The golden Peng claw descended, breaking apart that green wood staff and grabbing her up in one go as if she was a little bird, almost ending her life just like that. 

“Impudent!” An enormous wave of pressure surged over. Qin Clan’s supreme expert took action. 

“It is you all who are impudent!” The Ming King took action, blasting him back. 

“Immortal Mountain, you all actually dare to injure our Emperor, and not only once. What exactly did you do to my Stone Clan’s emperor? Do you want to be wiped out?!” The War King was even more domineering. 

Shi Ziling and his wife guarded Shi Hao’s bed, not stopping them. They were also angry. They never expected these people to continuously play dirty tricks, actually daring to do this kind of stuff. 

“Truly unbridled. You dare to threaten to end my Immortal Mountain?” Qin Clan’s supreme expert said in anger. 

“So what if we wipe you all out? Do you think my Stone Country is scared of you all? To harm our clan’s emperor, it wouldn’t be a big deal to completely wipe out this place!” The War King roared coldly. 

Meanwhile, the Ming King and Peng King stepped up as well. They didn’t say anything. Divine magical artifacts appeared behind them, ready to release the most powerful attack at any moment. 

Everyone from Immortal Mountain shivered inwardly. These were three great supreme experts, the highest power in the current world! They could completely annihilate a great sect. 

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