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Chapter 598 - Sects’ Arrival

Meanwhile, behind the three supreme experts, those king level figures all pulled out their weapons. Their armors shone one after another. Their precious artifacts were chilly, releasing powerful killing intent. 

How powerful was this group of experts? Any one of them could be a granted the title of king in the present world. They all possessed power at the top of this world. When Immortal Mountain saw them all grouped up like this, Immortal Mountain was completely overshadowed. 

“Bullying my Stone Country like this and humiliating my Stone Emperor, all of you deserve to die!” A middle-aged king level figure said. His nature was more violent. In his hands was a heaven-might halberd. With a hong sound, he attacked first, hacking outwards. 

When they truly reached this point, Immortal Mountain’s elders instead felt apprehensive. They quickly moved out of the way. The main reason was because the other party was too powerful. Three great supreme experts were leading this group of king level figures, so there was truly a chance that they might be wiped. 


The great halberd’s tip swept out. Those individuals dodged out of the way. An enormous palace exploded, turning into broken pieces. 

“You all have crossed the line!” QIn Clan’s elder roared, but he was clearly not looking as imposing as before. He was unsure what would happen if a battle truly broke out, because Immortal Mountain might not necessarily have the advantage. They only had a single supreme expert. Even though they had formations to use, what level of magical artifacts did other party have? 

The three great supreme experts’ precious artifacts were shining like a resplendent sun. They released the aura of deities. A terrifying wave of energy rippled outwards. 

Even though the country protecting divine halberd and golden magical sword that Shi Hao used in the final battle had been damaged, there were other divine magical artifacts in Stone Country. They were now brought over!

Qin Clan’s supreme experts’ faces fell. Even though Immortal Mountain had magical artifacts like these, with only a single person to use them, how could they compare?

This was especially true since the formations were broken and in disorder from the previous great battle. Even if they activated all of them, they might not necessarily be able to block three supreme experts who held divine magical artifacts. 

“Humiliating my Stone Clan, today, we demand an explanation. If you don’t explain yourselves, then what harm is there in wiping out your inheritance today?!” The War King said coldly. 

“If Stone Emperor wasn’t injured, would you all have dared to act like this? Do not forget who it was that overturned your Immortal Mountain back then!” Peng Nine coldly exposed an old scar. While speaking, his hands forcefully tightened. That old woman cried out miserably as numerous bones broke. Then, she was tossed onto the ground. 

“You all…” The old woman’s face turned yellow, directly going unconscious. Her cultivation had been ruined!

“If you all won’t give us a satisfactory explanation, then a war it is. Who is my Stone Country scared of?!” The Ming King spoke. Even though he was already over a hundred years old, after breaking into the supreme expert realm, his vitality was still flourishing and he was full of imposing might. 

“You all…” A few elders from Qin Clan felt conflicted, as well as a bit of regret. 

Even such a hidden cursed bowl was discovered by a supreme expert. They were truly left helpless. 

It was because they were truly worried that Shi Ziling and his wife would put the immortal bone into Shi Hao’s body. As a result, they urgently wished for him to die, not wishing for his parents to make that choice. 

In the end, they clenched their teeth, pushing out an old servant whose cultivation wasn’t normal and saying that it was he who decided to do this without seeking anyone’s approval on the matter. 

Even though this was clearly a scapegoat that no one would believe, it was still enough to make the Qin Clansmen’s faces become unpleasant. How did they end up being forced to this state?

Today, they had to choose their actions carefully, because their fighting strength wasn’t comparable to before. This had never happened before!

Being forced to endure everything silently and push out this scapegoat was truly the same as taking a slap to the face. Every single individual’s face was burning hot. They felt furious inwardly, finding this difficult to accept. 

It was because they were Immortal Mountain, a sect that previously looked down on the eight regions for many eras. Today, they were actually given such a blow to the face like this and forced to take it. 

It was precisely at this time when footsteps sounded. A silver flame appeared on the road, closing in a manner that was neither fast or slow. A powerful and holy aura was being exuded. 

This was a youth who wore silver armor. He had an incredibly heroic appearance. Divine splendor scattered about him. It was as if a supreme heavenly deity descended into the lower realm. 

It was precisely Qin Hao. In his hands was a silver halberd. He pointed it forward, the weapon full of inviolable divine might!

His gaze was incredibly deep. “If you want to fight, do you think we are scared? I want to see who will wipe out the inheritance here!”


Stone Country’s king level figures released a snort. Would they be scared of a youth?

Qin Hao wore divine magical clothes. At this moment, his chest shone. Symbols erupted in large amounts, also a silver color. They were incomparably holy and pure, releasing terrifying fluctuations. 

The War King, Peng King, and the others were naturally fearless. However, they already knew that they needed this youth to save Shi Hao, so they didn’t treat his words as nothing. 

Shi Ziling and his wife sighed. Their second son came, so they had no choice but to stand up and try to mediate things. They couldn’t let the situation get any worse. 


Peng Nine took action, blasting that scapegoat to pieces with a single strike. Blood splashed out in all directions. 

At this moment, Qin Hao’s expression went rigid. 

On the other side, the faces of everyone from the Qin Clan darkened, and the veins on their foreheads jumped. However, they still endured it in the end. This palm felt as if it landed on everyone’s faces. 

Right at this moment, Shi Hao woke up. He widened his eyes and weakly said, “Father, mother, I don’t want the immortal bone. If it is like this, I would rather die!”

He looked at the War King, Peng Nine, and the others and said, “Escort me… back to Stone Country.”

“Hao’er!” Qin Yining grabbed his hand. How could they let him leave

Shi Hao weakly comforted, “Mother, don’t cry. Thank you for nurturing me with such love, but I can’t repay you. I truly don’t want little brother’s bone. I… experienced all of this already, so how can I make him go through the same thing?!”

Qin Yining cried loudly, feeling incomparable sorrow. 

Shi Ziling clenched his fists and roared in a low voice. This was an incredibly difficult decision no matter who had to make it. 

“War King, Peng King, carry me up.” Shi Hao said. His eyes lacked radiance, no longer appearing heroic and imposing. Right now, his condition was extremely grave. 

Several kings lifted him up, guarding at his side. 

“I already saw my father and mother. It was very warm here, so I don’t have any regrets left.” Shi Hao said softly to his parents. A trace of blood could be seen at the corners of his lips. Then, he turned around and looked at the old kings, “I still have two wishes. One is to return to Stone Country to look around, and the second is to bury myself not too far from Stone Village. I want to stay there.”

“Your Majesty!” The War King and the others felt incomparable sadness. 

This was originally the world’s most astonishing youth, yet he ended up in this kind of state. It truly made others feel sour at heart. He originally should have been extremely magnificent and rushed into the nine heavens, yet in the end, he was going to die an untimely death. 

“Your Majesty, you will definitely get better.”

“”We don’t know where Stone Village is. That place is isolated from the outside world. However, I believe Qingfeng will appear soon.” 

They didn’t know how to console him. Meanwhile, those king level figures all walked up as well, looking at him with great sadness. 

“Originally, he was definitely going to become a supreme being who no one could match. Why did it end up like this?!” They were all unwilling to accept this. They felt anger in Shi Hao’s place, feeling regret. 

“Let’s go, return to Stone Country.” Shi Hao said softly. Soon after, he went unconscious again, because he was too weak. 

“You cannot bring him away. There is no way that he can travel through the void in his current state. He can’t handle that type of torment.” Shi Ziling spoke to stop them. 

The War King, Ming King and the others nodded. Shi Hao’s condition was too terrible. There was no way they could bring him away, or else he might very well die along the way. 

Finally, the half holy pill was dissolved into fragrant medicinal liquid and poured into Shi Hao’s mouth. The supreme experts took action to help him refine the medicinal strength to treat his injured body. 

Early in the morning, sunlight scattered inside. It was full of vigorous energy. 

Shi Hao woke up. When he saw the morning multicolored light that filled the courtyard, he sighed. He remained silent, not saying anything. 

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. His condition seemed to have improved a bit. This made the great doctors quite shocked. 

“Reporting, there are guests who have arrived!”

Right at this moment, Immortal Mountain’s people received more guests. Some people had come to pay a visit. 

“Who is it?” The Qin Clansmen frowned, feeling greatly helpless. 

“Also people from the wasteland region!”

“Let it be, allow them in.”

Soon after, Xia Youyu, Xiao Tian, Zhou Yuhao, Yan Xin and the others from Heaven Mending Pavilion disciples came as a group. Even though their inheritance had been destroyed, quite a few people were still alive. 

When they heard that Shi Hao encountered a disaster, these people were all greatly shaken. The powerful little Stone who had splendid and endless prospects was actually going to die. They found this difficult to accept. 

Heaven Mending Pavilion could be rebuilt, and it was all because Shi Hao rose to power, sweeping through all directions, wiping out Western Tomb Beast Mountain and several other great enemies. 

Several dozen people came to meet him. 

“You all came…” Shi Hao smiled, but his complexion was extremely weak, causing these people to sigh. The previously high-spirited youth actually fell to this degree. It was clear that he didn’t have much life left in him. 

“You will get better!” Everyone said softly. They truly couldn’t bear to see him die. They were all feeling emotional. 

“Reporting, there are more guests at the gate.” Immortal Mountain’s higher level figures received another report. 

Soon after, the Nine-Headed Lion, Flame Crow, Rainbow Luan, and the others that Shi Hao met in the Hundred Shattering Mountains came. Apart from these, the Nine-Headed Lion’s ancestral grandfather Nine Spirit King also came. They looked incredibly sad, all of them feeling powerless without any way of rescuing Shi Hao. 

“Being able to see you all again already makes me extremely happy.” Shi Hao said. Even though his face was lacking color, his smile was still incredibly bright. 

“Fire Nation’s prince has arrived to pay a visit!”

“Great Mystery Sect’s sect master’s carriage has arrived!”

“Green Feather Race’s old sect master has arrived!”

“Spirit Race’s king level figures came to pay a visit!”

“Ocean Clan’s Green Flood Dragon supreme expert has arrived!”

For the next half day, Immortal Mountain’s gate seemed to have been trampled flat. People from great powers all over came to meet the little Stone one last time to see him off. 

How many inheritances were there? There might be thousands, maybe even more than ten thousand!

Not only were there great king level figures, there were even a few supreme experts. They had just made it past the great calamity and admired Shi Hao’s accomplishments. Without him, who knew how chaotic the lower realm would have been. No one would be spending their days well. 

Apart from the experts on land. Ocean Race’s cultivators came as well. 

That day, guests poured in endlessly. There were just too many people who came. Immortal Mountain’s housing almost couldn’t accommodate all of them. This was simply a grand occasion. Just how many people could enjoy this type of honor?

Everyone was greatly shaken. The little Stone’s influence was just too extraordinary. Even the Qin Clan felt a bit apprehensive. 

This time, Shi Hao eliminated seven deities, making many powers grateful. Everyone understood that without him, there would be a great disaster soon after. Every sect would have to obey the orders of the deities. 

Unfortunately, Shi Hao was going to fall. Even though today was a grand occasion, it wasn’t a happy thing. He was in such a critical state and about to die prematurely. Many people sighed. 

There were just too many people. In the end, Shi Ziling, War King, Peng Nine, and the others couldn’t help but stop them. They couldn’t let them visit him any longer, or else it would seriously worsen Shi Hao’s situation. 

People hurried over unendingly the entire day. Immortal Mountain was overcrowded. Most of them were here to pay Shi Hao a visit, but of course, there were a few who wanted to know whether he really was going to die. 

When night fell, Shi Hao’s small courtyard became peaceful. Normal people couldn’t come close at all. They were all stopped. 

“Stone Emperor, your body carries a sickness. No one knows exactly what will happen. Why don’t you take this chance to carve down the Kun Peng precious technique now to prevent it from dying out?”

Immortal Mountain’s masters could come over to visit, because they were still the owners of this place. However, they were being watched in secret by the War King, Shi Ziling and the others. It was a Qin Clan elder that said this just now. 

“What are you trying to say?!” Peng Nine immediately stood up to glare at them. 

The Ming King became furious, saying, “Stone Emperor spends most of his time unconscious and only has a bit of time when he is awake. He is always coughing out blood and in such a terrible state, yet you still dare to scheme against him? To have him waste his energy to carve down such complex and mysterious symbols, do you want to have him immediately die?!”

“Your Qin Clan truly are good at plotting!” The War King’s face fell, his chest filling with anger. He knew that the Qin Clan naturally wanted Shi Hao to give the supreme precious technique to Qin Hao. 

The old kings had always been enduring silently, because they truly needed that immortal bone to treat Shi Hao. Otherwise, they would have acted out a long time ago. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he stared blankly for a moment. Then, he indicated for them not to get angry. With a sigh, he said, “It’s my carelessness. I’ve always been unconscious, and even when I’m awake, I don’t have enough energy.” He paused for a moment and said, “Bring over a precious bone. I am going to carve the Kun Peng technique on it.”

“Your Majesty!” The War King, Peng Nine and the others were greatly alarmed. How complex and profound was the Kun Peng technique? It was definitely not something that could be casually carved. 

You have to understand that back then, when Shi Hao was observing this technique in the Northern Sea’s Kun Peng Nest, he spent several days of work before remembering the complex imprints that covered the sky like stars. 

And now, if he tried to carve down a technique like this in this type of state, he would definitely tire himself to death. 

“Hao’er, you must not!” Shi Ziling and his wife stopped him. They definitely couldn’t allow him to do this. 

“I already made the decision.” Shi Hao shook his head. He wanted to leave this technique behind for Stone Country. He also had to send a copy back to Stone Village. 

Even though the Willow Deity had cultivated it as well, after entering through those dao gates, its current whereabouts were completely unknown. He didn’t know if it was even still alive. 

He didn’t want the Kun Peng technique to be lost in inheritance. He wanted to leave it in this world. 

The bone had already arrived. No one could stop Shi Hao. That evening, he had everyone leave, and then he began to carefully inscribe the symbols. 

When Shi Ziling walked in, he noticed that there was blood all over his chest. He immediately cried out to forcefully stop him. 

“Your Majesty!” Several old kings trembled inwardly. They all did everything they could to oppose him, not willing for him to continue. 

“My condition isn’t too good and would always go unconscious. It seems like even if I do everything, I could only carve out half of the true mysteries.” Shi Hao sighed softly. 

When the sky was completely dark, Immortal Mountain was in a state of panic again, because another group of people came. This time, there were over a hundred. They all made a large racket, shouting as they rushed towards Shi Hao’s little courtyard. 

“Grandpa Chief!” Shi Hao threw aside the bone piece in his hands. His eyes became blurry, and his nose became sour. Almost everyone from Stone Village hurried over. 

The old chief Shi Yunfeng lead everyone, and behind him were Shi Feijiao, Shi Linghu, Qingfeng, Pihou, Huzi, and the others. There were also many uncles and aunts. 

This group was incredibly loud. Their eyes were all completely red, filling up the courtyard. Only a small group could enter the house. 

“Child, we’ve wronged you. Let’s go home!” The old village chief was trembling as he caressed Shi Hao’s head, just like how he did it when he was young. 

“You can’t be treated here and will only die! Let’s go back to the village. There will definitely be a way to treat you there!” Ermeng flipped out, not caring about what couldn’t be said here at all. 

“The village chief has said that our village still has many ancestral artifacts. If we put all those old things inside the cauldron, who knows if we might be able to make some immortal pill liquid. Let’s go back. We can’t stay here!” Dazhuang also roared. 

When Shi Hao heard this, he wanted to smile, but his eyes were already blurry. Warm liquid flowed down. 

It was clear that after Ermeng, Dazhuang and the others came to Immortal Mountain, they heard some things from those king level figures. 

“Let’s go home! Child, let’s go home!” Shi Linhu’s eyes were full of tears too as he spoke. 

Shi Hao wanted to smile, but tears flowed down his face. His heart felt extremely warm, but also filled with unwillingness. “Okay, let’s go home, let’s go back to Stone Village. I’ve missed all of you.”

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