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Chapter 596 - Difficult Choice

The medicinal soup was splattered all over the ground. Broken pieces of the bowl were everywhere. It was a mess. 

Qin Yining’s face lost color. This life-saving method made her heart shake. They had to use their second son’s bone to save their eldest son, how could this be? 

Shi Ziling was also stupefied. He slowly calmed his heart and then asked, “Great doctor, are there any other methods apart from this?”

The Zhang Zhong shook his head. Even though he specialized in the art of healing, understanding profound symbols and secret methods, he still couldn't cure Shi Hao’s injuries. 

“Then this… wouldn’t it bring great problems to the other child?” Qin Yining asked with a trembling voice. 

Zhang Zhong didn’t say anything. There was perhaps only one way to cure Shi Hao, and that was to put the immortal bone into his body. 

“Great doctor, is there truly no other way?” Shi Ziling frowned. He naturally understood what the other party meant. The so-called drawing support from the immortal bone was definitely a transplantation. 

The risks involved in doing this were too great. For their second son, it was extremely dangerous. If an accident happened, there might even be fatal danger. 

“This old one’s skills are already poor. It was just a random thought.” Zhang Zhong said. These things were hard for him to speak about too, because the effects were too terrifying. It affected the futures of two youths. 

“How could this be? Why is life so cruel? Hao’er…” Qin Yining cried, feeling incomparably emotional as she hugged the eldest son on the bed. 

Shi Hao’s state was extremely terrible. From time to time, he would be clear-headed, and other times, he would faint. There were many bronze stain symbols in his body that brought him intense pain and devoured at his life force. 

Right now, his spiritual will separated from the outer world again, sinking into a state of unconsciousness. 

“If the primordial true bone inside Stone Emperor’s body wasn’t damaged, then he might heal on his own. Unfortunately, it has been greatly damaged.” Zhang Zhong said. 

The greatest problem with Shi Hao’s body was that there was an extra type of symbols in his body that was terrifyingly powerful. It had already combined with his flesh and bones. There was simply no way to get rid of it. 

Zhang Zhang and the other doctors weren’t the only ones that knew this. Shi Ziling and his wife understood this as well. No one in the lower realm could get rid of those natural law symbols. This curse came from a type of taboo bone text. 

“That bone in Stone Emperor’s body is broken up in hundreds to thousands of pieces. Even if it was pieced together, it is still broken. There is less than two-thirds of the original bone left over. It’s power is steeply declining and already not enough.” Zhang Zhong shook his head. 

This was reality. That bone in Shi Hao’s body had shattered. The symbols it released could not get rid of that curse. 

In this lower realm, there weren’t even deities, so what kind of power could defy the curse of one of Immortal Palace’s ‘great figures’?

Moreover, those symbols densely covered every inch of Shi Hao’s flesh and bones. Who dared to try and fix it? Once it exploded, Shi Hao’s body might be destroyed along with it. 

Perhaps that immortal bone was the only way. If it was implanted into Shi Hao’s body, allowing it to merge with him, even if it displayed its power, it wouldn’t harm his body. It could destroy the curse imprints. 

“Too cruel…” Qin Yining’s mind was trembling. To gouge out the bone of her second son to save Shi Hao, this was a great risk for both her children. 

In that instant, she felt incomparable suffering. Why did disaster have to befall them like this?

Shi Ziling took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down as much as possible. “Great doctor, please tell me how high the chances of success are. Exactly how much of a risk would it be?”

“If the immortal bone is implanted into Stone Emperor’s body, there is a sixty to seventy chance of success. It could allow him to revive, and in the future, his aptitude will be matchless, his achievements extraordinary.” Zhang Zhong gave a serious reply. 

“Only sixty to seventy percent chance of success?” Shi Ziling frowned. His heart rose and fell, finding it difficult to calm down. 

“Sixty to seventy percent chance is already quite high,” Zhang Zhong said. It wouldn’t be good for him to influence their decision too much, so he could only say this. 

Qin Yining closed her eyes, calming herself down. Then, she carefully thought to herself before saying, “Great doctor, I want to know how great the danger would be towards the second child.”

When he heard this question, Zhang Zhong could only sigh. “If this bone was your second son’s to begin with, then I would have certainty in removing it without harming him, and then borrowing it for its power.”

His senior apprentice had some relationship with Immortal Mountain. When Qin Hao had the bone implanted, that senior apprentice had been invited to carry out protection. He already learned from his senior apprentice that this bone came from the higher realms and that it hadn’t been implanted into Qin Hao’s body for a long time. Carrying out an operation again like this was a bit dangerous. 

Zhang Zhong thought carefully. Finally, he raised his head, explaining that if they tried to save Shi Hao under this type of situation, there might really be danger to Qin Hao’s life. 

“Thirty percent death, seventy percent healthy.” This was the conclusion he came to after carefully thinking things over. 

The success rate was already considered quite high. The main thing was that Qin Hao had already grown up. His vital energy was sufficient, and together with his astonishing natural aptitude, that was why there was a certain amount of certainty. 

However, it was still dangerous. This made Shi Ziling and his wife frown. They couldn’t calm down!

“Father, mother, I don’t need this type of rescue!” Shi Hao became clear-headed again. When he heard their discussion, he was greatly shaken. With his nature, how could he make others go so far to save him? 

This wasn’t fair for Qin Hao. He did not want this. Even if they tried to persuade him otherwise, he still wouldn’t agree. He would rather die!

Qin Yining cried. She hugged his arm while soundlessly shedding tears. The older son with which she had been separated for so many years, returned. They hadn’t even reunited for that long, yet this type of terrible thing happened. 

What exactly should they do? How were they supposed to save their eldest son? She was momentarily stumped for what to do, because both her sons were equally important. 

Soon after, Shi Hao fainted again. His body was just too weak. He had eaten all types of precious medicines and soaked in all types of spiritual liquids, but all of it could only temporarily stop him from dying. 

Shi Ziling and Qin Yining looked at each other, at a loss for what to do. They then invited other doctors over to discuss with them. 

The two individuals were both feeling incredibly worried. They wanted to ascertain what the chances of success really were and whether they could increase it any higher. In the end, the conclusions the doctors came to were practically the same. 

What were they supposed to do? They didn’t want to see Shi Hao die. They had already lost him once before! They grabbed him tightly, not wishing to let his life end. 

However, this was the same as gambling with their second son’s life, which wasn’t fair to Qin Hao at all. Not only did he have to lose the power of the immortal bone, he had to risk the chance of dying himself. 

The group of doctors withdrew. They couldn’t provide any biased opinions on this matter, because they couldn’t shoulder that type of responsibility. As for what the final decision would be, it was up to Shi Hao’s family to decide amongst themselves. 

Qin Hao silently appeared. He pushed open the door to the room and said, “Father, mother, I understand. If you all feel that I can save my older brother, then I have already made my preparations.”

When Qin Yining heard this, she immediately pulled him over. With tears flowing from her eyes, she said, “Mother won’t let anything dangerous happen to you! I won’t let you become a sacrifice!”

Shi Ziling also sighed. During these years, their second son always felt conflicted inwardly, feeling that his sole purpose of being born was to save his older brother who he had never met before. Now, this type of thing happened, so those weren’t just empty words anymore. 

That was why he also became silent, unable to make a decision. They were both equally important to him. How could he sacrifice his second son? They were both his children. 

Right now, Shi Ziling was only a normal father. He didn’t want anything anything unexpected to happen to his children or put them in danger. 

“Father, mother, I will listen to everything you guys decide on. I won’t resist anything that needs to be done. We can save older brother at any time.” After speaking, Qin Hao turned around and left. 

They looked at their unconscious oldest son, and then they looked at the second son that was walking out. The husband and wife felt extremely conflicted. What exactly were they supposed to do? This was a type of torment. 

“If we use that immortal bone, there is a sixty to seventy percent chance of being able to save Hao’er. In addition, out younger son will also have a seventy percent chance of being unaffected, able to live on without any harm.” 

After remaining silent for a long time, Shi Ziling spoke like this. 

“But there is a thirty percent chance of danger! We might lose our second son…” Qin Yining said quietly. 

Why did they have to make such a difficult decision? Their thoughts were all over the place. They didn’t want to lose either one of them. Their older son was going to die. If they didn’t make a decision soon, he would only become weaker and weaker. 

However, using their second son’s immortal bone in exchange for their oldest son’s life was too dangerous. Moreover, how would Qin Hao himself feel? 

“Heaven, why are you so cruel?!” Shi Ziling roared. 

Qin Yining silently shed tears, gently caressing the unconscious Shi Hao’s cheeks while muttering, “Mother wants to save you, but she doesn’t want to harm your younger brother either…”

The sun began to set. They didn’t end up making a decision this entire day. This was definitely unfavorable for Shi Hao. he was becoming weaker and weaker. 

That night, Shi Hao’s heart began to beat quickly. He suddenly opened his eyes. There was a female who was pointing at the area between his brows. She was trying to kill him! 

How could it have become like this? His mind shook. 

Even though he knew that he was definitely going to die, he didn’t want to die in this type of shady manner. He released a light shout. Blood flew out from his mouth, striking towards this individual. 

In addition, while enduring the great pain, his chest shone. A ka cha sounded. Another small piece of the supreme being bone chipped off as divine might erupted. 


A powerful energy surged. This woman cried out in alarm, immediately becoming much older after being swept through by the supreme being symbols. She turned into an old woman and could not budge an inch. 

Shi Hao focused his mind. His entire body was covered in blood as he picked her up and shouted, “Why are you doing this?”


The sound of space shattering sounded. Someone headed over with extreme speed. In addition, Shi Ziling and his wife were startled as well. They hadn’t left for that long, yet such shocking changes took place. 


The area between the woman’s brows split apart. Blood erupted. It was unknown what type of method she used, but she ended her life just like that. 

Shi Hao loosened his hand and laughed self mockingly, “Even though I am about to die, but my spiritual senses’ instincts are still here. Truly worthy of this little Stone title of mine.”

Many figures appeared in this room. Shi Ziling and his wife also hurried over. There were people crying in alarm. 

“Isn’t this Qin Lan, a core disciple of my Qin Clan? She came over to deliver you medicine out of goodwill, you… how could you kill her?” An elder shouted. 

Shi Hao wiped away the blood from the corners of his lips. He didn’t say a single word and laid down on the bed. 

“Child, what happened?” Qin Yining rushed over to stop that elder. 

“What happened? He killed Qin Lan! How could he do this? Even if he is unsatisfied with my Qin Clan, he doesn’t need to act so cruelly, right?” An old woman with a green wooden staff said hatefully. 

“Offending my Qin Clan again and again, do you think none of us dare to touch you?” Another person shouted. 

“Father, mother, send me back to Stone Country and let me die calmly and with dignity instead of in such a shady manner.” Shi Hao said peacefully. 

When Shi Ziling and his wife heard what he said, they immediately became furious. 

“Child, you have been wronged… are you blaming us?” Qin Yining stood up. Her eyes were red, and then she glared furiously at those Qin clansmen. 

“All of you better get lost!” Shi Ziling erupted with even greater fury, sending that woman flying with a kick. Her body blasted through the window and exploded in the courtyard. 

Shi Ziling and his wife understood that these people definitely heard some news, fearing that the immortal bone would truly be moved to Shi Hao’s body. They wanted to kill him before that happened!

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