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Chapter 595 - World in Uproar

The mountain region rose and fell. Purple energy pervaded the air. Immortal Mountain was great and majestic. 

Mist curled peaks could be seen one after another. One could vaguely see a few ancient trees that were flowing with multicolored light. This place was like a paradise. 

The sound transmitted far into the distance, resounding through the mountain like thunder. However, Qin Hao’s reply never came. 

A dark red line could be seen at the corner of Shi Hao’s lips. Blood flowed out, and even if he swallowed it back down, it wouldn’t help. Just the slightest bit of force caused this, so it could be seen just how severe his injuries were. 

In the surroundings, everyone revealed looks of surprise. They could tell that the little Stone wouldn’t last much longer. He had fought a great battle against deities and paid an incredible price. He might die today!

“There were rumors stating that he went to fight against the most powerful deity. Could it be that he successfully killed the last deity?”

When they thought of this, the hearts of everyone in Immortal Mountain began to pound, feeling their souls trembling. How terrifying of a result was this? It was too shocking. 

If this proved to be true, then it would definitely be a miracle!

And it was also because of this that they were confident the little Stone wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Perhaps one more cut would end his life. 

The group of people gave each other a look. They secretly stored up power. If needed, they would work together to carry out the final fatal attack. 

Shi Hao’s expression was cold. His fingers slightly exerted force, and that supreme expert’s neck began to release ka cha sounds. Cracks appeared on the bones, leaving everyone shocked and so terrified their faces changed color. 

Immortal Mountain couldn’t stand this. If the last supreme expert died too, how were they supposed to exert any pressure in the lower realm? They couldn’t allow this supreme expert to die. 

“Stone Clan’s emperor, do not act too rashly. If there is something to say, we can discuss it.” An elder stepped forward in a rush, cupping his hand in apology, telling Shi Hao not to take action. 

The others all collected their auras before backing off. Even though the little Stone was gravely injured, if he was truly angered, killing the supreme expert in his hands wasn’t a problem. 

Shi Hao pointed outwards. Divine force surged, sealing that supreme expert, temporarily turning his body’s power into nothingness. The supreme expert’s face became incomparably pale, and his body was lightly trembling. 

“Younger brother, are you here? Come out so we can meet.” Shi Hao transmitted his voice again, using his foundational divine force. The sound of bone cracking could be heard, clearly cracking again. 

He was like broken chinaware. Even though he had been put together, the slightest bit of force would cause him to split apart again. He was in an extremely dangerous state. 

The sound of the sky shattering could be heard. A youngster wearing silver magical clothes appeared. He descended from the sky. His silver battle clothes shone, making him look holy and otherworldly. 

He was only twelve or thirteen years old, so he wasn’t old at all. However, he was incomparably quiet. When his eyes opened and closed, divine radiance seeped out. His black hair scattered outwards, making him look brave and heroic. This was precisely Qin Hao. 

Qin Hao frowned and said, “What happened to you?”

Shi Hao suppressed his injuries and said, “Have them all go away. I have things to say to you.”

Qin Hao nodded and said, “Follow me into Immortal Mountain.”

Even though these people bore hostility, they all suppressed their emotions and no longer stopped Shi Hao. 

On top of a mountain peak, a clear spring rippled about. Pine trees could be seen everywhere. The two brothers sat together. Shi Hao didn’t hide anything, telling him that his life was going to end soon. 

Qin Hao looked at him and said, “It cannot be cured?”

“I understand my current situation clearly. Even holy medicines are useless at this point.” Shi Hao shook his head. 

Qin Hao became silent. Then, he said, “What do you wish for me to do?”

“Take care of mother and father. I don’t have anyone else to ask.” When Shi Hao finished speaking this sentence, he stood up. He hadn’t known this little brother of his for a long time. The other party never liked to talk much, so he didn’t want to waste time here. 

“The world is so large. Who knows if there are some ancient methods that can save you.” Qin Hao spoke. 

“I know.” Shi Hao nodded. He gave his little brother another look. Qin Hao had to properly look after his mother and father… this was one of his heart’s greatest concern, something he felt the most unease towards. 

“Don’t worry. They will definitely live happily. Even if we entered the higher realms, no one would dare provoke us.” Qin Hao said. 

Shi Hao sighed lightly. His eyes contained a bit of reluctance. “Since that is the case, I feel reassured. Don’t tell them my things, just say that I went to cultivate in isolation. You all should head for the higher realms soon.”

He knew that now that the immortal bone was successfully planted in Qin Hao’s body, he was definitely going to leave. 

Meanwhile, he wasn’t willing to let his parents learn of his current situation. Otherwise, he would only leave behind sadness. He wanted to leave for the distance alone, and find a peaceful place to finally bury himself. 

Instead of leaving behind the sorrow of being forever separated by life and death, he would rather leave his parents with a lie, have them think that he was cultivating and temporarily left. 

Qin Hao looked at him without saying anything. They sank into a period of silence. 

“Alright!” Qin Hao nodded. 

Shi Hao walked out of Immortal Mountain along the bluestone road. He didn’t turn back. He wanted to find a peaceful place to wait for his final moment to come. 

Alone the way, no one stopped him, allowing him to leave. 

Outside the mountain gate, the world was incredibly wide. Boundless fields stretched outwards. Shi Hao stood here while watching the mountains and surging rivers. He suddenly felt some indecisiveness, not knowing where to go. 

“Returning to Stone Village isn’t a good choice either.” He sightly softly. 

“They will feel incredibly broken-hearted.” Qin Hao still followed out in the end, standing behind him and saying this. It was clear that he was talking about Shi Ziling and his wife. 

“It’s fine as long as you don’t tell them. Either way, you are going to go into the higher realms, so have them go with you.” Shi Hao didn’t turn around. 

He stood there for quite some time. He thought back to the things that happened in the past, deciding that it was still best to return to the great wastelands where Stone Village was. He would bury himself several tens of li away, but he wouldn’t let them see him. He wanted to remain in the place where he grew up. 

“Goodbye. I’m leaving.” He took to the air and headed towards the closest big city in search of an altar to help him travel back. 

Blackrock City was a rather large scale city. Because it was created from pitch black rocks, it received this name. 

“The altar was destroyed?” Shi Hao frowned. However, he had no choice. These altars had been worn down by years of improper care and developed some issues. 

He began to fiddle around with it. With the divine striking stone at his side during these years, he learned a bit about formations too. He wanted to try and fix it so he could open up a parth. 

It was because he truly didn’t have time to waste anymore. 

An hour later, the restoration was successful. His face was as pale as snow. He had become even weaker. He couldn’t wait any longer and needed to hurry back to the wasteland region. 

“Our child!”


Yelling voices sounded behind him that were full of worry and urgency. Two figures rushed over from midair. It was precisely Shi Ziling and his wife. 

They were extremely worried and troubled during these past few days. They were inside the wasteland region this entire time, chasing after Shi Hao. They felt a tremendous pressure weighing down on their hearts, fearing that some accident might happen that might cause him to die. 

However, they were always too late. After every battle, he would always travel far away to a different place. 

These past few days had left them both mentally and physically exhausted, almost feeling suffocated. They feared that they would never meet their eldest son again and be separated forever. 

It was because he was fighting against a deity. Deities that ignited their divine flames were extremely powerful, especially when it was seven of them. It was a situation of inevitable death. 

They spent these days in distress and worry. Only when they heard that he killed the final deity today did they release a breath of relief and raise their spirits. They didn’t know how he was doing. 

The entire world was in shock. His magnificent feat of slaughtering deities was being discussed everywhere. 

Meanwhile, Shi Ziling and his wife became even more worried. Fortunately, they learned a few things from Stone Country Imperial Palace’s imperial guards and deduced his destination from the symbols left behind on the ancestral altar. 

Fortunately, when they hurried over to Immortal Mountain, they learned that Shi Hao had just left. They hurriedly chased after him. 

Shi Hao felt the urge to open up a passageway and turn around to leave, but he couldn’t do it. He had already been discovered, so he probably couldn’t hide things any longer. If he turned around now, he would truly leave this life with regrets. 

“Hao’er, what happened?!” Qin Yining cried out in alarm. Her face was filled with terror. She grabbed his hand. When she saw his body that was cracked from head to toe with blood flowing everywhere from him, she was so horrified her hands and feet went cold. 

Qin Hao had also followed over. He was the one that lead the way. 

“Father, mother…” Shi Hao opened said. He smiled, feeling peaceful inwardly. However, he felt rather dizzy and fell down on the altar. 

“Hurry, hurry! Bring him back to Immortal Mountain and think of every way possible! Use all of the spiritual medicines and holy pills! We have to save Hao’er!” Shi Ziling roared as he hugged Shi Hao. 

“We already lost Hao’er once. This time we cannot lose him again! He has to survive!” Qin Yining cried out as tears flowed out from her eyes. 

They hugged Shi Hao and quickly headed towards Immortal Mountain. 

That day, the entire world was shaken. News finally spreads to the other regions. Shi Hao stood against the deities, successfully killing the final member of the seven deities, completing a heaven defying feat!

To have this type of accomplishments at his age was, without a doubt, something that surpassed the past and dazzled the present. Even if one didn’t call him the greatest figure, he wouldn’t be far from it. 

The entire world was in an uproar. Everyone found this hard to believe. He actually successfully slaughtered the deities, wiping out all seven of them. This was even more ridiculous than a legend! It was simply something out of a fantasy!

“The little Stone truly did it! Unbelievable! This will definitely become an important part of history, one that will be recorded forever!”

“This is a miracle, one that is impossible to ever duplicate! The little Stone is too astonishing! He will definitely become an unmatched supreme being! His future is limitless, and his accomplishments will be endless!”

The eight regions were in great commotion. Everyone was discussing passionately. The little Stone’s name made the world under heaven tremble. His prestige had reached an inconceivably high level. 

As the discussions went on, news of his body’s serious injuries were also leaked, leaving many people shocked. 

“What? The little Stone is about to die? He can’t live much longer?”

“That can’t be! He only has a few days left to live?!”

When this type of information spread, the world was in shock. The little Stone was so brilliant and outstanding, yet his life was reaching its end. This left everyone feeling rather baffled. They didn’t know what to say. 

“This is too much of a pity… Someone like the little Stone finally appeared after so many years, but he is going to die soon. The natural laws of heaven aren’t fair!”

Shi Hao was gravely injured this time because of fighting seven deities from the higher realms. Many inheritances were all feeling respect towards him. If he died, they would naturally feel sorrow for him. 

“Those who heaven love die young. He is still so young with astonishing natural talents. How can he fall so prematurely like this?!”

“Is this true?” Many people didn’t want to believe this. 

This youth rose to greatness like a shooting star, illuminating the great earth with his achievements. However, his time was just too short. How could such a dazzling individual pass away prematurely like this? It made many people sigh deeply. 

“The information shouldn’t be wrong. The little Stone is truly about to die. It is too much of a pity!”

“There are several elders in Stone Country who are doing everything they can to find all types of precious medicines and medicinal methods. As long as they could save him, they are willing to pay any price. “

The entire world was in commotion. The little Stone fought from one place to the next, killing six great deities and eliminating the lower realm’s calamity. However, he himself was about to die. Everyone became aware of this, and they were all discussing this matter. 

One day and two nights later, Shi Hao woke up from his coma. He quickly understood that the drop of golden liquid from the Sun God Tree he gave them earlier had been used on him, temporarily saving his life. However, he was still going to die soon. 

“Hao’er!” Qin Yining cried loudly. She held his head in embrace, tears continuously falling from her face. 

Now that things had reached this state, what methods were there left? They were simply at their wits end. According to the collaborative deductions of a few experts, he couldn’t be saved even if a true deity came. 

His body’s state was incredibly bad. He only had a few days left at most. 

During these two days, it was unknown just how many medicinal masters came. Some were great doctors that Stone Country asked to come, and even more were individuals that came on their own out of their deep respect for what the little Stone did. They all wished to save him, but they were left absolutely helpless.

“It isn’t that there isn’t a way, it is just that the price is too great.” An old medicine master and a few others spoke to Shi Ziling and his wife after backing off. 

“Sir, please save Hao’er. We are willing to pay the cost, whatever it is!” Qin Yining weeped. She no longer looked like the intelligent holy woman, instead looking just like an ordinary mother. She was in absolute distress. Tears blurred her eyes. 

“I… it is hard to say…”The old medicine master sighed. He shook his head. 

“I still must ask the great doctor to guide us. Do not have any misgivings. We will definitely do everything we can to help!” Shi Ziling urged and said. 

“I have learned that the second son had an immortal bone implanted inside of him. Perhaps it might be able to save the Stone Emperor.” The old medicine master said. 

“What?!” Qin Yining’s face went pale. The medicinal bowl in her hands fell onto the ground, releasing a loud and clear cracking sound. The medicinal soup splashed onto the ground. 

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