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Chapter 594 - Not Much Life Left

He stood up. Many cracks appeared on his body as soon as he walked out a few steps, and blood immediately began to flow outwards. Half of his body became red. His injuries were terrifyingly severe. 

He was just like a broken piece of delicate chinaware. Even though he had been pieced together, the slightest movements might cause the fragments to separate. 

Shi Hao’s expression was drab, lacking vitality. Blood was even trickling out from the area between his brows. His body was in an extremely terrible state. How was he supposed to travel this long journey? It was quite likely that he would die along the way. 

He sat on the ground, holding that willow branch and focusing all of his attention on absorbing and refining it. All of the tender shoots came off, entering his body. The branch was also breaking apart into green light to nourish his flesh and bones. 

Soon after, the entire willow branch disappeared. A bit of color returned to his face. 

“There is the natural law of life inside this vigorous vitality?” He was shocked. He felt a mighty force from this willow branch. There was a natural law after all!

Only, this ruined natural law was finite, with most of it a type of divine medicine like life essence and not the natural laws and symbols of orderly power. 

Despite this being the case, Shi Hao still felt quite a bit better. Many of his body’s injuries closed, and all of his bones merged together, slowly growing again as if they were going to merge back together. 

He inspected himself again. After remaining silent for a long time, he then released a light sigh. Immortal Palace’s natural law was still there, and its destructive force was incessantly battering his body. If this continued, he was still going to fall. There was no way for him to bring it under permanent control!

In addition, he discovered that a few special symbols appeared on his flesh and bones. When he carefully inspected them, they were like copper rust, rough and mottled green. 

This was piece of rust from the bronze immortal palace that had been refined into a curse symbol. It was strange and mysterious. Once it made contact with someone, that individual would inevitably fall. 

If it were not for this branch that was full of life force left behind by the Willow Deity, he would have died a long time ago. 

Despite this being the case, this branch could only recombine his flesh and bones. It couldn’t cure this curse. As such, if this persisted, he would definitely become weak and die under torment. 

“The entire branch was refined. My vitality has improved a bit temporarily, but I don’t have much time. I have to make the most of it.” He staggered outwards. He found the bronze precious case nearby, as well as a few damaged and broken weapons. 

This time, his losses were disastrous!

After the desperate battle reached that state, he was truly left with no choice. Even he himself was ruined and his supreme being bone blasted apart, let alone these weapons. 

Every step he took sent great pain to his chest. Cold sweat poured outwards. The supreme being bone had already broken apart, and even though it had been pieced together, only two-thirds remained. 

This left him in an extremely critical condition. Back then, he had already lost his supreme being bone once and almost died as a result. This was his foundation, the root of his dao. If he lost it again, it was the same as losing his origin. 

The only fortunate thing was that the strand of divine blood was still there, precisely the blood that nourished the supreme being bone. Otherwise, if this was lost too, he could forget about everything else, because his body would have immediately withered away and entered the most terrifying state. 

He had experienced this before, during his youth!

Shi Hao thought to himself as he walked. “Willow Deity had said before that once I reach a certain realm, the bone in my body will only become shackles that will hold me back.”

He was trying to decide whether or not to directly guide the supreme being blood to all parts of his body, no longer having it nourish this bone and instead instilling it into every bone in his body. 

This was an extremely reckless idea. Doing this was the same as abandoning his supreme being bone. No one knew what would be the result of attempting something like this. 

However, Shi Hao quickly shook his head. He didn’t have much time and couldn’t afford to torment himself like this. If he did this, he might immediately pass away. 

After all, the supreme being bone was too important. It was where his foundation rested. If he acted rashly, no longer nourishing it with the divine blood, there would definitely be huge problems. 

“Time to leave.”

Shi Hao staggered forward. Then, he flew into the sky, rushing into the distance. Blood continuously flowed out from the corners of his lips. As soon as he used divine force, pain would erupt from all parts of his body. 

This situation was definitely not good. He doubted whether or not he would even meet his loved ones before his death. He might not reach where he wished to go at all. 

“Yi, who is the one that just left? He looks a lot like Stone Country’s emperor!”

“There were news that he carried out a final battle against the seventh deity, fighting from Fire Nation all the way outside to unknown whereabouts. Could it be that… he won?!”

There were a few cultivators that passed this place. They were extremely shocked. 

They descended to Three Life Mountain. When they entered the mountain range, they were immediately stupefied. The ruins left behind by the great battle were just too terrifying! Many mountains were turned into ashes, and many high peaks shattered. A divine battle clearly took place here!

“Heavens! Could it be that Shi Hao won? Did he kill the last and most powerful deity? Is he trying to defy the heavens?!”

Several individuals were moved. They all revealed expressions of disbelief. 

Shi Hao sped along the entire time. Where exactly was he supposed to go? He had just left Stone Country not long ago and met his close relatives. Right now, he really wished to see his parents one last time. 

After all, after leaving for so many years, they didn’t even stay together that many days. In the end, blood is still thicker than water. Right now, he truly wished to remain by his parents side for a while. Afterwards, he would leave and find himself a place of final rest. 

He sped along, his first destination was Stone Country Imperial Capital so he could use its altar. Otherwise, how was he supposed to cross such a huge distance?

“Your Majesty, you…”

When they saw Shi Hao descend from the sky while covered in blood, the imperial guards were all stupefied. Their bodies trembled uncontrollably. What was going on with the Human Emperor? His entire body was covered in injuries, and he was close to death. 

Everyone gathered around, calling for medicine masters to treat him. An emperor of a country being injured to this degree was truly a terrifying and shocking sight. 

“Your Majesty, the final deity…” The guards asked with doubt. 

“He was killed by me.” Shi Hao replied. He handed the broken country protecting divine halberd and broken true deity magical sword over to them. 

He sank into a moment of silence. There was no time left, or else he would have definitely fetched a few divine magical artifacts from Western Sect and the other places to make up for their losses. 

Those great sects all descended from the higher realms to kill him, so he naturally wanted an explanation. 

“Your Majesty, where are you going?” The guards saw that he was going to leave. They were all shocked. 

“I am going on a long journey.” Shi Hao said. 

When he stood on the altar, he hesitated again, feeling even a bit indecisive as for what to do. His eyes grew dim. He said to himself, “If I go see my parents, even though I can satisfy my wishes, they will definitely be worried and feel pained…”

Shi Hao felt miserable. He truly wished to see his parents, but he felt that if he went to see them now, he would only leave them with sadness, grief, and suffering. 

He didn’t have much time left. When he thought about how his parents would feel, he immediately stopped. His face became incomparably dark and gloomy, and his heart ached. Could it be that he couldn’t see his parents anymore? 

However, he truly wished to see them one last time, even if it was just a glance. 

“I’ll just take one last look at them from the distance. I won’t let them see me, and then I’ll leave, find a quiet place to bury myself so that others won’t know of my death.”

Shi Hao said emotionally. His heart was rather sore as he gazed into the horizon. 

He stood there quietly for a moment. When he thought of his parents, he also thought of his younger brother. He said to himself, “I need to pay him a visit.”

There were some things that couldn’t be said to his parents. He couldn’t face them, couldn’t let them feel broken-hearted. However, he could tell Qin Hao, entrusting him with the task of taking care of his father and mother in the future. 

“Perhaps I shouldn’t see my parents, but I can visit him in Immortal Mountain!” He made his decision. 

Shi Hao knew that Shi Ziling and his wife were in the wasteland region, searching for him. They definitely didn’t return to Immortal Mountain yet. 

“I wish to see them, yet I am unable to.” The little Stone said with a soft voice. A wave of sadness swept over him. 

He activated the altar and rushed into the passageway before disappearing from Stone Country Imperial Capital. 

“Did you know? The little Stone defied the heavens! He killed the last deity!”

“Stone Emperor isn’t more than fifteen or sixteen in age, yet he slaughtered a deity! He killed the most powerful Huang Yu and completely stopped a disaster from happening!”

News spread from Three Life Mountain, Stone Country Imperial Palace and resounded through the world!

Every single cultivator in the wasteland region was left gaping and speechless. A youth unexpectedly slaughtered deities one after another, killing seven in total, wiping out all of these powerful existences that ignited their divine flames. What kind of accomplishment was this? It was so glorious that it left everyone trembling and in disbelief!

The little Stone was breathtaking. He left everyone absolutely speechless. He was an existence that shocked both the past and present. How many people could compare to him?

The entire world was quickly shaken. Every single country was trembling, and all cultivators were discussing this fervently. News traveled in all directions. Even a portion of people in the other great regions found out. 

Immortal Mountain was just as imposing as before. Purple energy rose and an everlasting aura pervaded the air. This was an extremely wonderful place. 

Even though that Five Phase Mountain was no longer there, this was still a piece of divine earth, a place known as one of the world’s best cultivation lands. 

His battle robes were stained with blood. His body was covered in cracks and flowing with blood, worsening by the second. It was not easy for him to make it this far. 

“Who are you?” The expert protecting the mountain gate shouted. Then, his eyes quickly widened. He cried out in alarm, “Little Stone?!”

The people here were immediately stupefied, and then they began to back away bit by bit. This youth had left Immortal Mountain with too deep of an impression. Back then, out of anger, he overturned Five Phase Mountain, shocking all eight regions!

Information immediately travelled into the depths of the pure land, alerting all of the experts here. 

“It’s you, little Stone, you dare to come stir up trouble in my Immortal Mountain?!” An expert shouted with an overcast face. 

The others all expressed their agreement, revealing killing intent. They all harbored great hostility against him. 

Shi Hao wiped away the blood from the corners of his lips and said, “I didn’t come here to fight. Please ask my younger brother to come out. I have some words to tell him.”

“Yi, something’s not right. He seems to be wounded, and extremely seriously!” Someone said in a low voice. 

The young expert revealed a look of shock. He had previously heard that Shi Hao was going to fight against a deity. Could it be that he was injured, damaging his foundation. He could clearly feel that the little Stone’s aura was weak, and his body covered with cracks, as if he was going to fall at any moment. 

A few people gave each other a look, and then they walked forward together, releasing powerful divine might. 


There was a wave of aura that was especially horrifying that poured over, causing a bloody smell to surge from Shi Hao’s throat. Blood had surged up. 

Even though Immortal Mountain had suffered a disaster, there were still some hiding supreme experts that were alive. Right now, they flourished with power, pressuring him with their auras. 

“He’s wounded! We might be able to get rid of him!” Someone said softly, revealing a look of excitement. 

Moreover, that supreme expert already walked out, appeaing at the mountain gate and looking over coldly. 

“I already said that I was not going to fight you all. Do not force me!” Shi Hao said with a heavy voice. Right now, his thoughts were complicated. He had just slaughtered deities, yet he was going to be taken advantage of by this group of people?

The atmosphere changed, becoming extremely tense!

Some of Immortal Mountain’s people wished to use this chance to suppress him. They revealed unusual expressions, and their minds were shaking. Quite a few people wanted to give it a try!

“Little Stone, your situation doesn’t look too good. Could it be that you are about to die?” Someone said with a sneer. 

“Even in such a state, you wish to step all over my Immortal Mountain?” Cold intent seeped out from that supreme expert’s face. He walked closer step by step, exuding a powerful pressure from his body. He didn’t show the slightest bit of goodwill and was ready to attack at any moment. 

“When a tiger falls, even dogs begin to act domineeringly…” Shi Hao said softly. Any other day, these people wouldn’t dare act so indiscriminately. His brows stood up straight, and then he said, “I already said that I came to see my younger brother. Do not force me!”

“Heng!” That supreme expert released a snort. When he thought of the great grudge of Shi Hao overturning Immortal Mountain, his face immediately fell even further. A group of people followed behind him. 

They displayed their might to pressure Shi Hao. The tremendous force made blood flow out from the corners of his lips again. 

“He truly can’t hold on much longer. His vitality has been completely exhausted, and he might die soon.” Someone said softly, seeming extremely excited. 

“Even if I am injured, I am still not someone you all can humiliate. I’ve even killed several deities, so how can I let you all act so wantonly?!” Shi Hao shouted. He forcefully endured the pain. He activated his supreme being bone. With a hong sound, large amounts of symbols flew out, covering this group of people within. 

Meanwhile, blood flowed out from his chest, and a light sound sounded. A small piece of the supreme being bone chipped off. 


The group of people cried out in alarm, all of them horrified. They directly became unbearably old. 

Shi Hao’s body flashed past and arrived in front of this group. He picked up that supreme expert, and with some force from his five fingers, he almost twisted his neck apart. Blood flowed out, and he almost fainted on the spot. 

“I even killed deities, yet a supreme expert like you dare to bully me when I’m weak?!” When Shi Hao spoke up to here, he took a deep breath. Then, he transmitted a message inside, saying, “Younger brother, come out to see me!”

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