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Chapter 593 - Little Stone's Death

Blood splashed out, the sparkling and translucent droplets brilliant and clear like blood diamonds. Only, they looked a bit bleak. Shi Hao's chest blasted open. He had a smile on his face and he looked calm, but deep down, he felt quite sad. 

"Is it all going to end just like this? Stone Village, goodbye, father, mother, goodbye…" He said softly. 

The blood was shockingly red, splashing out in all directions. Meanwhile, his chest bone ruptured, and after blasting apart, a terrifying, heaven collapsing aura erupted! 

Endless symbols rushed out, turning into an invincible immortal blade like radiance. The bronze immortal palace's void image was blasted through, becoming dim and indistinct. 

"No!" Huang Yu cried out in alarm. His face was as pale white as snow. This was the first time he felt such fear. He was truly terrified, feeling as if judgment day was descending. Even his heart was trembling. 

He frantically activated magical force. All of his body's vital energy was ignited, turning into the most foundational energy to support the bronze immortal palace in an attempt to help it solidify and reemerge. 

This was the only life saving symbol he had. If the Immortal Palace was destroyed, then he would undoubtedly die. He would be blasted through and forever die in the lower realm. 

"Immortal Palace descend!" Huang Yu screamed. 

After pouring countless endless foundation energy inside, that bronze palace really did become quite a bit more distinct. It displayed its power once again, once again projecting itself into the lower realm. 

Shi Hao remained calm. His chest sounded again, and the other bones had long ruptured. His supreme being bone was the only one that had only a bit of damage. It was just too firm!

This powerful bone had long taken form. It was difficult for external force to destroy it. Only if he wished to destroy it himself would it break apart. Finally… it exploded within his body. 


Shi Hao's body trembled violently. His face lacked color, and even his soul was trembling. The supreme being bone completely exploded and flew outwards!

This was an absolutely boundless power that made the world go dark and turned the sun and moon dim. It suppressed everything. A little figure sat on top of the shattered supreme being bone. It turned around and gave Shi hao a look, and then it rushed forward!

That was Shi Hao's dao, the natural laws produced innnately within his body. Now, it completely exploded without any chance of going back. It became a light of eradication that could destroy all living things. 

Ka cha!

The bronze immortal palace was broken through. It quickly broke down in this world, releasing waves of trembling sounds. It quickly grew dim, and then it scattered away, disappearing into nothingness. 

"Ah…" Huang Yu cried out loudly. His face was filled with fear. Who wasn't scared of death? Who could confront this face to face calmly? When the end came, many people would feel fear and reluctance. 

Immortal Palace's old servant came to the lower realm with great ambitions. He originally wanted to start a great campaign to unify the eight regions. He was going to find all of the legendary natural opportunities and rise to greatness from them!

He didn't cross realms just for Immortal Palace, but mainly for himself. He wanted to truly break through the shackles of life and step into a road that belonged to himself!

Only, at this moment, all of his aspirations seemed to dwindle down into nothingness. The moment that supreme being bone exploded, his dreams in the lower realm shattered, and his life had reached its end. 

"I am unwilling to accept this!" He felt anger, fear, hesitation, grievance, and helplessness, but it was all useless. There was no way for him to defend against this power. 


A piece of supreme being bone flew over, blasting through his chest and drawing forth a large amount of blood. A bloody hole was smashed apart. His flesh quickly broke apart. The boundless energy swept over, almost blasting him apart. 

In that final moment, Huang Yu absent-mindedly saw a youth's body break apart into several pieces. However, his face still carried a peaceful smile. The corners of his lips were stained with blood. He was staring at Huang Yu. 

Huang Yu felt great regret. It was precisely him who forced this youth into such a desperate situation, ultimately forcing him to throw his own life away either, making him feel this plight with no way out, this hopeless despair, sending him into a bottomless abyss. 

"No! I really don't want to die!" He screamed. His face was deathly pale and warped. He struggled with all of his power, but it was too difficult to struggle free. There was no way. 

The supreme being bone exploded. Endless energy surged over, smashing down like a wave. It slammed Huang Yu onto the ground, making his body split apart into pieces and erasing his life force. 

Huang Yu screamed miserably with terror and fear. He did everything he could to reach out and claw at the void, wishing for time to go back in reverse so that he could escape this terrifying situation. 


Another piece of supreme being bone flew over, piercing through his forehead. His head was completely blasted apart, shattered into pieces. Then, it began to burn!

"I actually died… The magical artifacts, methods, and everything else Immortal Palace passed down to me will never be used…" The primordial spirit inside of his skull was struggling as it teetered on the edge of scattering. 

"Seven deities descended into the lower realm, but all of them died. It truly is a pitiful end." He released a low cry. Then, he activated a piece of green copper rust within his primordial spirit, and with a cold voice, he shouted, "With the bronze palace's piece of rust, form the flower of a curse. Blossom for me!"

He was full of bitter resentment. Even though there was only a broken divine consciousness remaining, he still activated this life taking great technique, because he feared that Shi Hao might end up surviving through a fluke. 


The final few fragments of the supreme being bone flew over, completely annihilating Huang Yu. His flesh and primordial spirit both exploded, turning into ashes. Nothing remained. 

Shi Hao destroyed his own supreme being bone, so his mood was naturally extremely complicated. His body had long been blasted apart. His chest was completely missing. The area above his chest was in one piece, while everything below was in another. 

Then, under the terrifying fluctuations and light of destruction, he split up into pieces. Every part of his body began to crumble apart. His bones shattered and his flesh burst forth, sending scorching pain towards his entire body. 

He wasn't any better off than Huang Yu. What he was currently experiencing was a tearing apart of his own body, a self-destruction, a total disintegration of his physical body. 

In the void, piece after piece of bone blasted outwards. Flesh flew in all directions. The scene was extremely miserable. Shi Hao was on the verge of forever disappearing from this world. 

Even his skull was cracking apart. Blood flowed out from the space between his brows. His primordial spirit became dim, about to fall apart!

Once that portion was destroyed, even if a supreme being descended, it would be too difficult to help someone who lost their head. Losing all imprints was the same as completely erasing one's life from this world. 

It was clear that Shi Hao had stepped onto the path of extinction. 

During the final moment, Shi Hao closed his eyes. Many things emerged in his mind, flying past one after another as if they had just happened yesterday. Memories that were emotional, sad, helpless, joyous… there were just too many, leaving him feeling full of reluctance. 

When he was extremely young, he had his supreme being bone gouged out by his relatives. His small body dripped with blood, curling up alone on the ice cold bed. He asked his aunt again and again, why did she do this?

Soon after, he went to Stone Village, slowly growing up in a naive and innocent manner. Finally, he went into the great wastelands alone to start on his own journey. 

Hundred Shattering Mountains, Northern Sea Kun Peng Nest, Stone Capital's great battle, battle between two Stones, he walked here step by step, ultimately rising to great power!

The little Stone's name resounded through the world under the heavens. Who in the present world didn't know about him? Who hadn't heard of him yet?

He lost his parents when he was young, so he relied on himself, leaving a footprint with each step before arriving where he was today. He killed seven deities, unfortunately… he was going to fall as well in the end. 

The area between Shi Hao's brows cracked apart. Piece after piece of bone exploded. They were going to fall off and fly away. 

His heart was full of anxiousness. He looked at this world, feeling a longing and great reluctance. He softly said, "After walking out from Stone Village, I haven't been with my parents for that long. I truly wish to see them one more time…"

Only, he knew that he wouldn't have this chance. He was going to disappear from this world. 

Time seemed to have frozen in place. The little Stone was waiting, watching as he walked down the path of death, falling into eternal darkness. His eyes carried tears as well as a mournful expression. 

It was because at this final moment, he wasn't able to meet anyone. 

It was just like in the past, just like when he was little, lying alone on that little bed. Blood dripped out from his chest. There was no warmth, no loved ones to protect him. There was only coldness as he waited for death alone. 

He withered away alone, sad and dejected. He felt just as helpless as in the past. He felt a type of coldness and loss, and even more sorrow. 

"Why haven't I died yet?" Shi Hao said softly. He was watching himself die, sending himself out of this world and into an eternal sleep. 

However, for some reason, time seemed to have stopped for an incomparably long time. After his skull cracked, it didn't blast apart in all directions. His mind was still clear. 

"What is this?" He saw a green light. 

Specks of green multicolored light rippled outwards, scattering down onto his skull, stopping his wound from worsening. It repaired the cracks in his skull and made time seemingly freeze. 

Dense green multicolored light flowed about, binding around his skull. 

At the same time, the bone fragments, pieces of flesh, and the lower part of his body that had flown in all directions were all pulled back by a mysterious force. 

A green branch carrying beads of sparkling buds released a gentle radiance. It was precisely this branch that was reuniting all of his flesh and bone fragments, and then reorganizing them. 

"Willow Deity!

Shi Hao cried out. At this final moment, he felt a bit lonely and sad. He thought that he was going to leave this world alone without anyone knowing about it and never expected to sense a familiar aura. 

At the final moment, he saw this branch. He was happy and moved. His mood immediately improved by quite a bit. 

This wasn't the true Willow Deity, only a tender branch it left behind.

When Shi Hao left for the Northern Sea's Kun Peng Nest, the Willow Deity gifted him a piece of willow branch and told him to take care of it. If there was any danger, he could call on it, only, he never used it. 

However, now that the Willow Deity left through the Primordial Gate, this branch lost its effectiveness. He couldn't use it to call the Willow Deity anymore. 

In addition, over the passage of time, this branch grew dimmer, to the point of almost withering up. It was because the Willow Deity left this world, cutting off its connection with it. 

Shi Hao always carried this on him. Today, he sacrificed his own body, and then blasted apart the supreme being bone. It was a death with no chance of life, but he never expected that at the crucial moment, this branch would revive and radiate sparkling green light, guiding his flesh and bone back. 

The willow branch shone. Soft buds once again bloomed with life force one after another. They then separated from the branch, and while carrying specks of ripples, they entered Shi Hao's broken body and connected his shattered flesh. 

Reforming flesh and blood was actually an exaggerated phrase, because not even a divine medicine could necessarily do such a thing!

And today, the willow branch shed all of its soft shoots, using this to rejoin his flesh. It carried out a revival that restored his vitality. 

He was like a piece of chinaware that fell onto solid ground. After shattering, it was then pieced together and had its former appearance restored. Only, there were cracks all over his body!

This was a temporary binding of his body that might collapse and explode at any moment. 

Shi Hao's face was pale. Blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth as he laid on the mountain ground. He found it hard to believe that his flesh actually merged back together, reappearing in this mountain forest. 

Only, there were pieces of flesh, blood, and bone that already disappeared, so there were quite a few terrifying injuries on his body. His condition was too critical!

Soft shoots disappeared one after another. They recovered his injured body and closed the cracks, repairing the large bloody holes. 

The supreme being bone was also guided back, only now, it had lost a third of its original self. A portion had been burned in that terrifying storm of energy. This was the damaged remains. 

In addition, what remained of the supreme being bone was pieced together from many small fragments. 

Ka cha!

Suddenly, some of the bones in his body split apart again, breaking again. Meanwhile, his body was the same, almost falling apart into pieces on the mountain floor.

Shi Hao inspected himself, discovering that there were a few unique symbols on his bones and flesh that clashed with the willow branch's vitality. This was a type of natural law that was destroying his body. 

The scariest thing was that the destructive force of this natural law was incomparably great, even a bit more domineering than the restorative force of the soft branch. His flesh was no longer stable and was on the verge of falling apart again. 

"Immortal Palace's natural law merged with my body?" Shi Hao carefully inspected himself and unstood what was happening. His eyes grew dim, and he released a sigh. He was still going to die. 

Willow Deity had left. The branch he left behind was almost completely withered up. Even though it radiated with vitality again, it was life force. There weren't any powerful natural laws inside. 

Meanwhile, the natural laws of Immortal Palace merged together with his flesh, carrying out an all around destruction to completely kill him!

"It will still be difficult to escape death in the end. I was given a sliver of hope, leaving me with a damaged body all to satisfy my final wish to see the ones I wish to see…" He said to himself. 

Shi Hao took a deep breath. He knew that his life would end soon. Right now, he could still exist temporarily in this world for a brief period of time. He needed to seize this moment, or else he was truly going to be erased from existence.

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